Wire Wrapped Jewelry Set - Necklace and Bracelet | Jessica Barst | Skillshare

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Set - Necklace and Bracelet

Jessica Barst, Jewelry Designer + Instructor @ JewelryTutorialHQ

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6 Videos (22m)
    • About this Workshop

    • Tools and Supplies

    • Making Wrapped Loops

    • Connecting Wrapped Loops

    • Troubleshooting Wrapped Loops

    • Measuring and Finishing the Piece


About This Class

Learn to make a gorgeous wire wrapped bracelet or necklace in under 30 minutes!

This course is for great for everyone - even beginners with little or no experience working with wire.

You will learn:

  • proper tools and materials
  • how to form wire wrapped loops
  • the trick for getting perfect loops every time
  • how to connect your loops
  • how to add a clasp and finish the bracelet
  • common mistakes and how to correct them

Join now and make yourself a beautiful bracelet and necklace to wear today!

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Very clear instructions including troubleshooting
Excellent explanation... Loved it!
Thanks for the class! Really clear instructions and the pace is just right.





Jessica Barst

Jewelry Designer + Instructor @ JewelryTutorialHQ

I'm Jessica and I love to teach! I am the proud owner of JewelryTutorialHQ.com which I began several years ago to share my passion for jewelry making with others. I have a thriving YouTube channel with over 50,000 subscribers that enjoy learning various jewelry making techniques from my videos. I teach live jewelry making classes in Dallas, Texas as well as online jewelry making workshops for students all over the world!

I am also a professional freelance jewelry designer, drawing deta...

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