Wire Wrapped Jewelry Making : Create Unique Pendant using Single Wire Wrapping Technique | Gopi Dave | Skillshare

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Making : Create Unique Pendant using Single Wire Wrapping Technique

Gopi Dave, Wire Wrapped Jewelry Maker

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Making : Create Unique Pendant using Single Wire Wrapping Technique

Gopi Dave, Wire Wrapped Jewelry Maker

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7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials and Tools

    • 3. Single Wire Coiling Technique

    • 4. Flow Pendant Part 1

    • 5. Flow Pendant Part 2

    • 6. Flow Pendant Part 3

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to this Wire Wrapped Jewelry Making class. This class focuses on creating a strong foundation for beginners who are interested in learning wire wrapping. You will weave, sculpt and transform the wire to create beautiful jewelry!!

What will we learn :

  • We will learn to handle the wires and different tools.
  • We will learn the technique of weaving over single base wire.
  • With these few basic skills and techniques we will create the beautiful -- Flow Pendant --
  • As part of the bonus lecture we will learn to make our own  -- Cord Necklace --

I am sure you will enjoy this class and lean lots of techniques..


  • Students will need to purchase the necessary Tools, Wires and Beads. Watch the preview lectures to get a list of supplies requires.
  • You need a desire for learning to create unique jewelry and some time for practicing the skills 

This Class is perfect for you if :

  • You are an absolute beginner with no experience in jewelry making
  • Beginner wire wrapping artists who are looking to experiment with various new styles.
  • All of you who want to take their jewelry making skills to the next level.

Let us start learning to wire wrap!!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gopi Dave

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Maker


Hi, I'm Gopi. 

I am an architect turned jewelry maker based in artisan’s country India.

I have been making jewelry for almost 16 years now.I absolutely love jewelry making. 

Since last few years Wire Wrapping has been my focus for creating jewelry. I sell unique Wire wrapped jewelry and Wire Wrap Tutorials on my ETSY shop : ArtsvilleHandcrafted 

I started experimenting with wires and I realized that with wire wrapping I can make more intricate and more complex designs, I can manipulate the wire to create the designs I imagine.. Once I became a mom a few years back I started jewelry making full time. Wire wrapping relaxes me. It is a perfect outlet for my creativity. 

I have always enjoyed teaching so I finally started sha... See full profile

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1. Introduction: architect based here in the artisans country, haven't making gelatin for last 16 years now. And absolutely love. I still remember the first time I came across like that thing on Instagram. I fell in love with this technique, off reality making in staking. I started experimenting with Miles and soon realized that I can create morning things and much more intricate designs. Using I can manipulate the bar to create the designs that imagine relaxes me and let me experience like once I became a mom a few years back, I started making reality for anything I have always enjoyed teaching. So I finally started teaching this beautiful technique off, which has endless, unfortunately, to everyone who wants to explode. The creativity wrapping lensman interact with students from around the world, and I absolutely enjoyed that. My closes and students focus on creating a strong foundation by guiding the students towards writing their own stories with this is a beginner's class. Absolutely anyone conjoined this clasp it off, knowing you will just need a few basic supplies list eight in the class, that's it. And using those and the techniques we will learn in the class, you will be able to create the flow pendant as the first step towards learning the techniques for wiretapping. We will start by learning toe handling the vile with alone toe. We were over a single vial. And using these techniques, we will create the flow pendant. This pending design is the perfect one to start your wiretapping journey. If you're ready, then let this get started. 2. Materials and Tools : you let us know. Look at the materials and tools used in the class. We will fall to be learning the waving technique over single wire coils. Bottle we will need for AP engaged around that soft while off orange or tens and two. Metals in length. 28 gauge around bed. Soft, vile, 24 inches or 62 centimeters long In terms off tools, We need a chain north Pleyel or black nose pliers and flex cutters to cut the fires. Little then create the flu pendants. Was it there will be needing it engaged around the soft, vile, off 18 or 20 centimeters long. Twenties gauge around dead soft, vile off. Pretty easy in or 1 38 centimeters long. 20 To gaze around that soft while off three age or 7.5 centimeters long, we will need a teardrop shaped flat lead with a vertical hole two centimeters long, and we will need 13 downbeat you. Can you any beat off your choice for dependent in terms off tools we will be needing. Jane knows, piles a round nose pliers and tell us tractors 3. Single Wire Coiling Technique: let us know. Lawn toe coy Over. Single These vile We need six inch long. 18. Gauge me while on a 20 gauge leaving vile We'll be leaving my and perpendicular to the left side by the end off these vile old Formally attend the section point off both files and start to beat with the longer handoff leaving violence in clockwise direction. Well, what BB file. So with each rotation we have won you over the beast file, you can see a coil is being formed over the bees while keep pressing the weave together to get the clothes of you Security shorter. And I'm leaving again over to the I side with the shorter and vile got whatever little bit X trying the end Find parity and which in los pliers that the end would be back off the oil We can press together with nylon Joe applies also, the tangles will be formed which need to be removed before it tightens Street Dundee, Vaio and again continue. Do coy people stated a dumb to get the best results, depressing the views to make them as close as possible. The view can slide as the bees viol is around in ship. So if the believing is a delight and and we are to be used, the facilities that occurs to be since the long goodbye. So we slide the lever to the left side by your aims and review untangled of even viral before it tightened every few rotation. Make sure the patients do not get overlap. Flight the view to the right and continue to be you. The view has to be tied with the base vile. Once done, cut the extra, leaving vile, ducked the bio and using chain nose pliers towards the back off T file. Now I live alone. How to add extra B. Take a newbie for freezing while because the language slash matters and dark again to oil in a similar manner for a few irritations and tighten the vile and using Gino's Pleyel continue to relieve a gain for a few rotations. Now what? We will do it. Slide both of youse towards each other and repeat the views such type boat side and meat to form one rotation off TV. I tend the endpoint together, using pliers. The fate it really difficult to say that we have added another vier through the original coy 4. Flow Pendant Part 1: let us create the flow pendants using Bengal via coiling technique, we will use a P engaged around bio as being while state of nine inches Finland and a 28 page around viol Asil leaving vile. The spiral is three feet inland. Start full boat wires for Fendick Euler toe each other towards the right side end. We were forced to be in the short of Ireland over the bees vials to secure, leaving vile STAI de vile end using Jane no slyly and took the end point towards the back. Now this will continue to view with the longer leaving behind additives inconvenient view, vendor, toilet towards the right We will slide the cory toward the left side buyer and and we will continue to coil over the beef. Vile Keep pressing the coils to get off. Keep gentle pensions on the leaving vials to get the best results continue to view for the entire island off leaving viol typing out aside and again use chain North Lyles and active Ira and properly oil is now ready We have 3.5 inches off oy on the beach while now that our oil is really we will make the bill and create a basic flew off dependent in the next lecture 5. Flow Pendant Part 2: Now that our oil is ready, let us create the bill and add the main flow off dependent. Plied the oil down towards the right side by I. We're using a two centimeter long slack meeting. Teardrop shape. We want to win the half inches off. Clear bass viol towards the left end. Buster Be through the bees. Vile on top of the bead market. One centimeter over the bass viol. Holy Toby! Smile Just about the math point with Gino suppliers. Fold of ire towards right Using a round nose pliers, please. The vile I got tickets Portion on the round nose Pleyel, go! The viol overdose knows to get a loop Di di Vaio anger over the central base Vile one use chain North Pleyel That will make it much easier. But I d vile and once and then again, to figurative ire and properly Toby I doing two rotations over the central bees. Vile the device and the backside. Our Luke Bayliss now ready? No! Who did the deed in a way that the Bayliss perpendicular to the bead? In this way we will now work with the bottom coiled while don't divide to the left. We will now behind forming or circles in counterclockwise direction. SOCO generally keep adjusting Jakov using the fingers called the vile and bring the Vire back to the stone. This is our fourth circle, I just as much of needed. We will now create a small or in a circle in the same direction. So press formally at the intersection point on top and again go in counterclockwise direction and bring device back at the centre off the stone we almost done. We just need a bit off coils and then we will finish dependent with a beard in the next lecture. 6. Flow Pendant Part 3: let us add some coil and then finished depending. Now our oil has ended this point and we have clean these vile. So we will need to add some oil. Take 18 injured leaving while hold the living. My up off a nickel, It'd be file. Pick your the right side via and the these vile Continue to call for the entire island off leaving vile applied the coil down. Once done to meet the traditional coils, make sure that the joint is not seen very clearly. Type in the joint and both side viral. And now go using this file. So take Divi up over the beer creator. Small counterclockwise loop on the viral, please. The loop on the bottom of the bead. Take divided up to the starting point off the beard. Please sit on the left out the side and go the vile and over the central B file and clockwise direction. Laptop on rotation. Just look using Jane. Most flyer Chris, cured of ire, hangs with the second drop over the central. These while now we will add a bead in the stop gap which we have. So take a three inch long piece off 22 gauge vile past the B through the vile, making sure that is only two centimeters toward the right. With the first, pick your delight side shorter. Hang off this file to wrap the shorter hang at top off the beat for two rotations. All this time, make sure that the beer position is proper. And who did I side vile, formerly with the fingers. Once the topping the secure, we will perhaps at the bottom. Christie longer favored by your end, we will wrap our five rotations and secure device, and towards the back codependent is now ready. 7. Final Thoughts: I hope you enjoyed leaving the flow pendant in this class. The flow pregnant turns out really dedicate every time this artisan pendant is designed toe act friend, unlike line with a pop of color. Oh, and all this, Will I do it? Jump Fire Cupping is all about manipulating the vials. It is important to learn to be properly to give proper calls and proper ship. The flow pennant is the perfect designed to start learning to buy them. This design pieces the basic techniques off by wrapping on violin practice will make your skills more refined and you need patients will take your violating skills to the next level . All of my classes for level two. As we progress to advanced levels with a long tow, we've on my people based buyers using different weaving techniques and create more complicated rules. Thank you for taking the class with me. I hope to see you soon in some of my other classes