Wintry Watercolor Woods Two Ways | Alison Kolesar | Skillshare

Wintry Watercolor Woods Two Ways

Alison Kolesar, Artist and Illustrator

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6 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction

    • Materials

    • First Technique: Adding Paint

    • Know Your Paints

    • Second Technique: Removing Paint

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class


In this class I demonstrate two different foundational techniques in watercolor - building layers and removing paint - and show how each one can be used to paint a lovely, atmospheric picture of winter woodlands.

I start with a brief introduction to materials and then demonstrate the first method, starting with an overall wash and then building up color on the trees. That method could be described as additive (though the technical term is glazing). The second method is subtractive. I start with a deeper colored background and then gradually remove paint on the trees until ghostly trunks emerge.





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Alison Kolesar

Artist and Illustrator

I've worked as an artist and illustrator for many years although my academic training was in history and art history. I've illustrated over a 100 books, mostly how-tos on crafts and gardening. I also love to paint in watercolor and create collages as well as making papier mache birds, painting rocks, and creating paper jewelry. You can see some of my work at my Etsy store, Alisonsart as well as my website

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