Winter Color Trends 2019/2020 - Learn to Mix Beautiful Color Schemes | Irina Trzaskos | Skillshare

Winter Color Trends 2019/2020 - Learn to Mix Beautiful Color Schemes

Irina Trzaskos, Watercolor Artist & Illustrator

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7 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Winter Color Story 1

    • 4. Winter Color Story 2

    • 5. Winter Color Story 3

    • 6. Winter Color Story 4

    • 7. Last Thoughts


About This Class


Welcome to the class! Do you love color as much as I do? In this watercolor class, you will learn how to mix four trendy winter color schemes. I am so excited to share with you the latest color trends, so you can continue building your successful art portfolio. Mixing colors is so relaxing, also it trains your eyes to see more color hues and as a result, become a better artist. I enjoyed so much creating this class and I hope you will enjoy watching it and painting along.

Have a creative and colorful Winter!

x Irina. 


1. Introduction: Hi. I need an address. Cas Electrical artist and illustrator. Welcome to my skills Church channel. Here you'll find a big collection off watercolor classes for beginners. Whether it is just around the corner and in this class, I want to share with you winter colored friends on to show you how much mix up in Mother all my classes and filmed in the real time so you can follow along if you're new to this general welcome and thank you for turning. That's a follow button on top and let's get back to 2. Supplies: So in this class you don't need a lot off supplies. We'll need your water card pains. Whatever pains you have, however, I will be posting Which kind of means I'm using in the project section of a course on how big repeating it from because, uhm, union what a paint ballot. What it will be mixing with carbs. Abrashi, Favorited brush your most comfortable with working in Doesn't matter can be natural is completely synthetic. What summer works for you van, you need watercolor paper. I suggested using the paper which Aaron normally using for her pain. Thanks. So you can see the results for your future paintings. I am usually cotton paper in the shapes A life of his kind of exercises. What you can use some a sketchbook. This is a schedule painted myself also using with paper I usually use So if you have a skin spoke with colors are here I take some notes. Oh, some experiments, something work something doesn't. So if you have a schedule just for cars, that's great. It's always good to have. So that's all the supplies you need on a paper towel. Let's get stuck too 3. Winter Color Story 1 : so the first color palette winter color palette will explore today is a warm color palette . So forward, of course, the of the winter holidays are about the red green, some lights. So we'll try to reflect always in this color story. So she makes are red will need to make some carmine red with cardinal mad Garman Head is a holder color off red and government. It is any Woodrow Grant with red we would use in primary colors and I will edge it a little bit off. Conman orange. Not so much. So now my turn to oranges. So a little more carbon red and Cardinal Ratchet. Now it needs a little bit more orange. So a status out when you need to have this injury orange it around. This kind of Fred is some train to this year like injury. So what you have here, Issa mix off government rent a course type of head. It's like my gentle but a little bit warmer cotton you murdered, which is in your drawer Red and Cartman orange. I'll be listing all the colors I have in my palette. In the project section of across. However, try to use the car, so you already have. So he was a cold read, and you will grow older and in the words, but see which what's result you'll get next. We need a beach card, so we'll make some Garmin red, which is a cold type of Fred. Where can you orange 100 a lot of water checked. We need to have more orange than carbon in this car and a lot of water, because when you're a lighter and the city is out, we have a soft, beautiful beach called like this. So here we have got a minute and can you orange? And don't forget your water whenever they want their color to be lighter just at worker chit. Next. One. Accent Sonia Golden orange. So majestic straight golden orange from if you have whiteness, What their cars. And if you don't have called the orange in New York calling for that, even just take some cardinal orange you have, or anyone did. You have and makes like with yellow and makes it with condom yellow, if you have it, or any yellow you have in your part, I said, is that you get a golden orange car this will be using for lights or any other exits in our future artwork. Next color we need is a very teach that could getting, however, instead of use and classic. Crean will makes course in Korean work till, and it has to be pretty dark, so we'll use plus water and more paint. So I'm taking from classic green. It's, um, about here and add some till cheap, which is some in white hats. Watercolor seal is called a sewer bull and also will be giving all the codes all the names on links in the probably exception of a glass if you're interested exactly in the scholar. So I said result again, this beautiful, a huge green. It's not avoiding class in green. It's on you, contemporary. You offering very used in the A car transfer fees here. So we have class in Korean. They see its way warmer, and Teoh, which is called a zero rabbu. This is the color between green. So next time you and Jim mix, we need a letter Hugh off these for these Carter story, so we'll just at a little bit more teal and add more water, and this result will get this beautiful means color so you can see how beautiful office colors look together. Also. Former accents you can use black or even better if you have pains. Great. It's a very dark gray, uh, on his state to use it for accents when you'll be creates and illustrations with this car story. And of course, because it's winter, you can use plans it off white also for details. So that's how I show what. So for obvious so gallantly just aged hippies. We want that this is a top of what This is white and visas pains. From today and again, I'll give you over. Covered S IPASS in the project section of class. 4. Winter Color Story 2: So next winter color study will have some neutral colors and some cooler color spent Bavis a color palette for next. So let's start with the dark blue and too great. A beautiful dark blue will need genetics and Gerald Green would violet So that is a little bit overwhelming. Asa pigment uh, it often happens when you and violence it takes over the entire off other colors. So I'm aging more emerald green. Okay, I'm now a little more violent. So a citizen, it'll get a dark, beautiful dark We had some weather. So you concede here. So if you have painting the winter tonight, what's no obvious blue? Want to be perfect? Okay, so we have here Emerald green next with violet Emerald green is a cold Hugh off green. Next we need a bright pink. So Otik my gentle and we'll diluted with water. You can see how beautiful piece two colors look together. So it's just my gentle way water, You know, before that I'm next again when you'd bright blue so for eight years Teoh and they'll mix it with water. So this is the next color for our college story. So Teal would want their next one year. The soft quarter coverage. Bela's office, cold winter covers. So for coral will make some Cartman. But at were some cardinal Orange to my Children, she said, some more carbon. And a lot of what if you need to, makes the water if you order color, so getting too muted, you don't like it when he had more orange. Are they just change for water? Said someone ordered to change because it's to requirement and deluded with a lot of water . So here we have Carmen hand with orange, and it's a little muted because our water was brew and I like it. So it's Carmen red with orange and at a little bit of boot. If you wanna this model, if you want, it should be a muted like mine. So next will take a V s mix from the lower half. I had some cardamom orange it just a little bit. That's the result. We get a beautiful great college. So here we have Violet. If we would makes it from scratch and that all Gideon and Godman Orange and another color, we get in this mix and gets the college story will need some brown how happened? But I always see yellow used. So to warm from this card pull at. That's why we'll add some violent it. So these are our neutrals. So we have our cool cars and are neutrals. Oh, this work well together. So we have here Roy Sienna and violent. 5. Winter Color Story 3: for next winter cover story will need a reach. Blue reach, our golden color and some Rich Rod's So it's a teach winter call. Efird. So for beautiful blue will mix some teal. We have cut it off. Violet, Andrea, get this are dark but at the same time bright enough blue collar. So we have to deal with a drop off while it so you feel mutilates and colors were. If you'll be creating illustrations with this color parts, if you're brave enough suggested to use this beautiful do us a background and when all the other colors will have eso picture on this beautiful bedroom. So the extreme you and a golden cover. And if you want a golden color in weather color without using actual and gold paint of them , you'll be using a rossia. So just from the paint, I'm modulating. Give it of water. Well, a little bit. Andre. Get his age beautiful, brownish yellow. Call it. You can see how wonderful wish to look together, so this is just a little sienna. Next, I need a beautiful Red Jimmy's color palette and will be using caught him in the hand. However, we wanted to be a little bit warmer soberly and in just a drop off orange tipped march. Justin Trump and the game would know too much water. I did a little more orange because it's still pretty cold. Yes, he says. The red I was looking for. So it's Oh, it's not the class it could had. It's a warmer shed. Look out! So we have got him in here and Cardinal Orange I'm not a lot of water. Next time you're the green and for a big green and fixed and this move will be mixing Naples yellow. So we have this group and not a lot. Just a little bit off Naples hero on a surface out would get with greyish green, which will work great with another All the other colors in this car story. So here we have teal violet and then we aided some neighborhoods. So if you don't have Naples low, you can add some yellow joker. Also, we need a doctor. So to make order, Yo bro Rosiana that will actually it violet you many indigenous for excess. For example, if you will be underlying branches with this so golden proud, then you'll wanna add some racy and violent Teoh at shows or accidents or detect. So this is how it looks in transition. So they have violent. There was here beautiful. So also for accents. Don't hesitate. Yours black Black is a very wintery car, so if you want to use it, just use it. I am usually using pains. Great and of course, white. What details are always beautiful in winter. So he says, What I lost my pencil on visas just pays gray. So this is all wrong at each winter collar story, I hope youll be using it. 6. Winter Color Story 4: saying the last winter color study will have some noodles combined with to drive cars. So when you will be creating illustrations with this so car story tragedy, use Muslim, you would rose and just for the focus points use of a bright colors and not the other way out. So our first natural it's the base. If you want to use it as background or like as big objects in your illustrations, it would be the best. It's a good day. I love great. I think it's a very elegant and beautiful car, so to create there Oh, my eyes Hugh Off Great will be using ultra Marine boot and God knew Morning. This is a complimentary car, so leases would be easiest, and most on this recipe for a beautiful gray car. So if you want a little cooler, you add more ultramarine boo. If you want it warmer, you add more common orange. And if you wanted oh, like that, you have somewhat there. That's what I m doing and some guac. So here we have timeless recipe for a beautiful gray, full term it in blue and a condom orange. Another neutral color years will take um, yellow. We'll neutralize it were it's complimentary. Caraway violet. So for the yellow will take Naples CEO and you bend a drop off Justin. Drop off violent. It guided tillage. No, I need more hell, so we harvest new a job yellow. It's some when you and win Very picture lights. Somewhere far, far away beds. How long it'd look. Still, we have violent here at Naples. You okay? Next. Let's mix of brother called me because it's Gator to neutral in here. So let's take a call. Could you met? Mix it with a condom orange, and once again, we'll get our 10 gene. That transit is here. Card or draw. Winter season. So it's a car between red and orange banquets, so we have God number Dad and Cardinal orange mix together. Next red color will be a deal with a drop off Violet. A beautiful blue. I think we didn't pick us so colorful it. Let's just diluted with a little more water. So here we have teal and Violet and the last neutral comin over used, and this cover story is so brown, you should and so we'll take quite remember out, and we'll add a little bit of this glue chant. All this makes. So that's the color we get. So they have got no Matt and best of cars, teal and but and once again, don't hesitate to use black and white for your accents. 7. Last Thoughts: Thank you for joining me in this class. I hope for the chance to make some color. Sydney, if you like the quest, please leave a review on the project. Your project section of the class. If you're setting your project and instagram, please take me so I can see a pitiful artwork and they'll see in the next class my