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Winning checkmate patterns and strategies

teacher avatar Benjamin Corcoran, Experienced Chess Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Intro to the Checkmate Course

    • 2. Rolling Rook Strategy

    • 3. Advance Rolling Rook checkmate

    • 4. QueenKingVsKinglesson

    • 5. Lone Rook and King strategies

    • 6. Back Rank Checkmate patterns

    • 7. Checkmate in one lesson and puzzles

    • 8. Congratulations on completing checkmate course

    • 9. Intro to Checkmates for Skillshare

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About This Class

The best and fun exciting way of playing chess is putting your opponents in checkmate. If you can't win, then the game can't be fun. So in this course, I'll be teaching some of the most simple strategies of putting someone in checkmate and finding those hidden positions that can end with a checkmate. Even better, I'll be giving a link to my lesson practice where you can practice what is in this course and you don't need a membership for it.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Benjamin Corcoran

Experienced Chess Coach


I'm a Tournament chess player, director, organizer, and tutor from Waukesha, Wisconsin. Just west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.     

Currently, working on lesson planning to improve my  lessons overall and to help my students win tournaments. For over 10+ years I've taught to 50+ chess students. 

       Most of my students go on to participate in local open and scholastic tournament with impressive results including winning a reserve section, winning state for their grade levels, and taken down chess Experts/Masters. Currently today I have a half dozen of formal students with ratings of 1500-1800. One formal student got an invite to play for team USA for their age group.

My Long Term goal is to be a successful chess  &nbs... See full profile

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1. Intro to the Checkmate Course: Hi everyone. My name is Vegemite Corcoran, and I'm from bends with And it's 2021. Exciting, right? Brand new year. This is awesome and width is brand new year and 2021, I got a brand new course about check mates. I'm going to help you guys from your beginner level all the way up to, to advance on how to checkmate your opponents. We're gonna learn some of the most basics to hire and on the different types of CheckMate south there. And then we're gonna go over some strategies like the electric fence or what I like to call it a rolling workmates, keener, rook verse, cane, queening, K-NN versus Kane. Some checkmate. One puzzles, some check mates, and two puzzles. You got it all here. I'm going to be showing you guys a lot examples. I mean, it puts, checkmate is best part of chats, right? Putting your points and checkmate. So here in this course, I'm going to give you the ways of how you put your opponents and checkmate and making it easy and fun. That's the number one goal. So what are you waiting for joining my course today? Thank you. 2. Rolling Rook Strategy: Hi, welcome. This is Ben from benzo here with a video of the rolling workmates. Okay, so what we're doing here is making footsteps. You see these two works here. They have to be kinda like on a diagonal here or this diagonal, okay? So you can never have them side by side like this, or a side-by-side like that. Because it will not work. Making will just go back and forth and it will not be able to, you know, check me. And plus the rooks will be blocking each other from doing the CheckMate. Okay, so let's see here. Now this cane cannot move forward, otherwise he's walking to check. This is illegal if Iraq's here, you tell them, hey, that's illegal, you can't walk into Czech. So you have to go back. So now we're trying to push the Qin all way back over here. So first one is verb, make him footsteps were putting this foot forward right here. So now we're jacking them and he can't go here. Now, if he made a big footstep like this while he's known check. Okay. You want to make just a rubber stamp, Not a big stuff. Okay. Now he's in check. Yes, go backwards. So now let's make another footstep here. He can't go forward as illegal and you're checking them so he has to go backwards, another foot backwards or forwards? It forwards. So when we're moving forwards, he's moving backwards. Right foot forwards, he's moving backwards, left foot forward, he's moving backwards. Right foot forward, Lucundus, check. He can't go anywhere. And this recovers here, making a wall that is checkmate. Because there's this square, this square, this square, this square and this square are all covered by the rooks and he's been checked. So that is what we call a checkmate. Okay, get rid for part two. 3. Advance Rolling Rook checkmate: Maybe there is bent again for part two. So this time we're keeping them on light squares, just show that can happen. Squares two, part one on people's own dark squares. So as long as they're on a diagonal like this, it'll work. Keep them like right here will not work. Because for example, unthinking comes over here. Well, you can't give a Checki can't go here because he came logins take you. So we're gonna take that back and OK. And if you just go check here, he can go here, check here, he can go here. And now you have to do some like here and do it a different way poet, we're just going to move back and forth. It's going to go here. Check here, it's going to go here, check here. And you go here and check and it's not gonna work. So what we're going to bring the came back here and put them back in their original spot. And if we get to some crazy pending part, were you check the cane? Like Here he comes here. You realize, well, I had to protect my rooks. That's not gonna work because he comes back here. You don't know what to do. Check comes here and check as not going to work. That's why you can never put them next to each other. And they came back here and make sure that on a diagonal so they're not blocking each other. So they can keep on checking the cane and move where they need to move out. So okay, let's say this king gets aggressive and starts attacking him. Person is he's going to move closer to you so you can attack you. Now we're gonna go with the right foot to check. He has to move forward. Left foot check, he has to move forward. Now we know that this rook connect go here because it can, can take, because its records not protecting. So what can we do? We can just move this rook to the other side over here. Now, this cane comes over here. You can just go and check again or you can brand the recto side. Let's just do the other side Quickly. Okay, now, King comes closer, right foot, it comes over here. Now. We can do the same thing. And this rope over here, because he's right here. He attacks us to spread this to the other side. And a goal is when the king gets too close to Iraq's ran the rooks, the other sides we can keep on pushing back. And when he comes after us, left foot comes over here, right foot comes over here, left foot, and it's checkmate. Something that's simple. Ok. Now, also if you want, Let's say we get in this position right here. You just checked him and he comes right here. You can move your probe to the other side like so. We know if he moves right here, you bring this over here. What if he moves right here? You can go and check like this. Because this cane connect, go forward because of this rock here. So he has to choose where you want to go. He comes over here. He's too far away from this row. We can bring this like this to attack him. He can't go forward, so you can only go backwards. We realize that he's really close to this square. So now we can will disrupt to those side. He comes back, check, comes back, right foot, comes back, check a risky with the left foot and is checkmate because he's in check. He can't go here, please don't check. Can't go run away because it's telling check. You can't just jump off the board. And this whole South rank is check. So that's it. That's checkmate. Thank you for watching and have an awesome day. 4. QueenKingVsKinglesson: A, This is bound from bonds little chess here with another video. And what we're going to go over today is the king and queen versus Cain and games. And I have a lesson study guide you guys can use on lead chess. So the link will be below. And I'm going to show you what it looks like. I'm sorry, here. Okay. I have a total nine chapters, so you can just use the link below. But what I do is the backwards method. I show you the very ending where it looks like here. As you can see, that Keynes highlighting the three circles which the other came here cannot go too. He's blocked off. And this queen can easily just go into the circle right here and deliver all helpers meat. Or the queen can go to one these two squares. Deliverable op amp crank made, which then it came can't advance. So just give me a little example like that. And then it's going to show you the simple strategy coming from the ending. So we're gonna go over the first three here. Chapter two is called Walking the king. Because here you've got the cane in the corner. Okay? And what you wanna do is walk your cane up. Well, you gotta make sure your queen is here. Blacking the second last RNC, leaving this keen, only a couple scores will walk. Okay. And explains here, once you leave him called spaces, you can just walk up the board. And let's pull up Chapter three here. So here you can actually play the game. And all you're gonna do is just walk your Canaan after you leave them a couple of spaces, you have to leave them from substance spaces. You can just bring your cane up and then you can deliver a checkmate. Okay? And that's how you're doing. So chapter four here. Chapter four here is explaining. Before you bring your cane up, is you have to leave the kinsmen space and explains that if the king goes into the corner here, you do not want to go into these two spaces with your tween. These would be bad squares because they deliver still mate. Instead of checkmate. So of the king goes into corner, you want to leave the cannon couple spaces. So example, if he goes, HA, you might as well just go to D7 and allow him only those squares. J4 is also an option. Okay. And you can click on any of these and they'll give me a reasons what they are calling up some and a stalemate. Stalemates. And then once you've got that, then you can bring your cane up. Now you can actually practice it. You see the king goes there. So either most likely you want to let them, let them have some of these squares here. So what you do is bring your queen here and guard this. Now you burn your kale. And then you can just deliver a checkmate. Either here or here are good. Let's go here. Because the king cannot go to any of these. So this is the night shadow strategy. What you wanna do is get your queen 2-1 and those squares. And where it's actually pretending, it's a night at the given moment against the black king. And then once you get to those squares, then you're going to play the copycat 2f. For example. If Queen goes to F3, it's in a night shadow, then all you do is just copy the king. He goes to D4. You copy as move goes up, you go, goes to decide. You go to set those up. You go, goes there, oh, there goes a, b seven. You've got a queen, c five. And then depending on what he does, if he goes into a corner, you leave them couple squares, but you do not, do not stalemate him. This is chapter seven here you get the practice. And probably the best way to start off as playing C2. Now if you'd goes down in that angle, I will just reset it. And probably just go to S4, just find a new and night Square to go to. So in this way you can copy how now we're going to put it all together. And you know, all the steps. Step one is to do the night shadow. Okay, and then play the copycat game until the king gets into the corner and then you just leave him a couple of spaces, right? You have to give them some space. Then he bring your cane up, walk the Kindle, and then deliver checkmate. Last and not least. Let's play this. As you can see here. I am keeping mind distance in the night shadow. He goes right there. So I know I cannot go here or here because l we still makes. So I'm going to come back here and leave him some squares. And you just bring your Kindle and then deliver checkmate either way. So let's go here. So that is it. Thank you for watching. I'll see you at the next video. 5. Lone Rook and King strategies: Now, let's look for the rook one. Now, the roof should be pretty simple to, well, the queen is the easiest because we played it. Follow games of works could be a little tougher because there's not as powerful as the Queen, but it's still pretty simple, Okay? Now if it's white to move first, then you want to do is bring the risk down, a little bit down. Ok? And why? Because look at this. Now we take the rook here and we made, yes, a wall, we made a brick wall, right? Kind of Samson as this one right here. Okay, just imagine that. Ok. So what do we returned to do now is There's makes sure that this enemy, King Murray here can never go up. Okay, that's what we wanna do here. And if it king gets close to, close to our rook, swing or up to the other side. So that's our main goal. So he's coming to chase Iraq. You burn are came closer. He comes over here. But now look at this. He's too close to our rook. Is too close to our rook, so we have to bring our route to the other side of the board. So remember that if all you want you rooks as far away from the enemy, Cain is possible so to swim, to elicit. And another thing you would like to do, as long as you've got this wall here. Remember this, if this enemy Cain is on the right side of our Keen, we want the work to be on the opposite side. But a fees, whatever sad that Qin is against our kin are rooks on the other side, pretty much. So now we got this position and he's strand chases down. Now he's over here. Okay, so we wasted a line moves. We could have done something like Waiting move. We'll see then second. Okay. Okay. Now he's too close. Well, we wanna do swim to the o side. Now remember last time this Cain was maybe on this side of arcane. That means this rook would've been over a here instead file, instead. It's the vice versa. So this enemy Keynes Now on the left side we wanna looks to be on the right side. Okay? Now, once we got this, that kids get to come here and we have a direct opposition. It's our move. We got our enemy and cane right here. And I give him right, we've gotten right here. And use an opposition where if he's being attacked at all, you cannot move up to any of these squares because our Keynes guarding those. And remember it canes can't stand side by side. So we got our MOOC, we have this app position. We can simply just check the king, right? You check the Keane. We have all these three squares blacked and this whole rank here. Now he has to be forced to move backwards any one of these squares, okay? So that's what we wanna do. He's getting closer, but now we want to bring our team closer to him. He's a good Chase Iraq, we swing their work to the other side, okay? Now, once these in the same position, we know we have all these squares covered. We want to move our rook down here to attack the king. Because he can't do anything else. So check your gums over here. You come over here, you tax our work. We swim up to the other side, or at least on either side of cane as long as we're not too close to it and making it comes here. Same deal. We attack right here because all these three are covered. And we attacked became, give it a right arrow, any color arrow, it doesn't matter. It comes over here. We protect, becomes here. Now. We play the way move y, well, let's bring it back. Absolutely King, you know, it's black to move. He plays over here. Now, if we would move over here, he will move back over here and make things confusing, right? So it makes life simple. If this enemy Qin moves over here, you know, we just move our rook over here to play the waiting game. Now, if he moves over here, check, right? He's doesn't wanna do that. So we're gonna chase them down. We're gonna heat comes over here, check. Bam. Okay, who moves down? Because we got to saw brick wall. You're remember a brick wall? And brick wall. Yes. So ok. Now we bring closer our gain. It moves over here. Check same deal. He comes closer, start chasing them, kane. Good. Chases the Qin Chai, stay with him. Now he just moves OPS the way we're going to try to keep up with him now he moves this way. What's going on? Well, if you have fees doing this little game going back and forth and you can't get in states still. Well, it fits your move in this position. S1, D0, the side. As simple as that, if he's messing around with you, swim, ALL decide. So, you know, whatever side he is of your kin, you're on the other side. So then you force him to move in front of your cane? He tries to run away, tries runaway, bam, checkmate, GameOver. Ok. So hopefully that part was easy. Now, that's called swinging to the other side. Now here's another method. Last one, a little bit more difficult for you guys. So just try to remember to same thing and the brick method, you know, this one might be more difficult or easier. Okay. Now, what if the canes in front of your cane and he attacks in Iraq like this. Good question. You could swing to the other side, which I taught you, okay? But this is another method you can think of. You're gonna just bring your rook back. Okay? So you can either switch to the other side, are bringing work back, but you have to be just close enough to your kin where it can't really move up right here. Okay, let's do this, okay? Yes, your rook SB close enough to your keen to do this. So when you move up, you can't really go up because you've got this whole thing covered here. And your cane has these squares covered. So that means he is forced to come this way. And when he does bam checking, you know, we're moving them backwards now. We attack where we're protecting a rook moves over here, we move here, but now he's attacking. What did we do? Well, we're close enough, at least. So otherwise, if this can is right here instead, and this rook was right here instead, this method would not really work because the cane cannot protect that far of a distance. He cannot protect this square if it's Stef our distance, if everybody moves one square to the right, we can not do it because the king cannot protect that square has to be a little bit closer so we can move our rock here and the kin is protecting this square, but not that square. Okay? So we got this rock here, making another wall here. And we've got these squares covered. So now I can move back here. Check, okay. Moving back and forth, he attacks, what do we do? You can either bring them broke up one or over here or over here. It does not adder. Okay, so, and once again we got the score is covered. So what are the changes moves down. You just bring your came down. And now you're covering the same two squares and got the same thing, right? Just like that. Usually we just have our cane or there are Enrique move here, but if he moves down here, then we just follow him, okay? Like that. So we just covered the same sin. So once ever he comes here, then we do that check and move with our rook on this square. But if he keeps on moving down, we keep a movement art came down until he gets into the opposition. Like here. Cover. Again the position he attacks, we just move our work doesn't matter where as long as it's on that file. This file right here. Okay, anywhere, well, okay, sorry, is that any one of these squares you can move back. Ok. And it was their check. False. P plays that game again. And what he's hoping for as we come this way. Then he'll come this way and make just a whole thing and confusing. So instead we have this position and SAR mold. Well, so we play the way to move. So then we know it's his move in the same position almost. Thens checkmate. So hopefully you guys learned from this video and hopefully it was entertaining. And please click like if you liked this video, if you want to learn more. And I'll do my best to make it as entertaining as possible. Thank you. 6. Back Rank Checkmate patterns: A, This is banned from benzoate chess here with another video. And today we're going over backward and check mates. So I'm gonna go over some simple problems and then some more difficult problems. This diagram I have is my created lesson and interactive lesson that you guys can actually practice after this video. So what is a back rink? It back rink is when the item mean keen or your king is on the last rank. So this rank back here is considered a battery. And a Kindle overhears conservative Hayek rink on this or here. Anytime you're on the edge of the board is concerted back rink and a background check meds usually when you're being checked in a back RNC. For example, the skin here is blocked by these three pawns. And he has nowhere to go. So this broken. Come here, deliver I a checkmate. This is considered a back RNC checkmate. Okay? Now we're gonna go to the next problem. You can actually pull a backlink checkmate off. Even we are down to material when you're losing. For example, here, black has an extra queen and can simply also give you a background checkmate. Alright? But here it is white to move. So white can simply play. Rip comes here, give a check that it Caine, Caine can't really go anywhere. And the rook xy stretches out even longer. So this is also considered a background checkmate. So here is the third problem. And actually either side can pull off a checkmate, even a back rank. So it is possible that it's depending on who's move it is, can actually win this game. So it's pretty simple if it was white to move, like we did last time. The only difference is there's extra rook here. But rook can pretty much just come here as a simple checkmate for white in the background. So here, what Black and do, like we just mentioned, is throws a queen right there since it's protected by the rook also. And that's our twofold attack versus the one defender. So we're gonna go ahead and place queen here for a check. It is not made yet. Wait, could resign. But wait, could just take also. But now the second attacker is taking him back. And this is considered a backlink checkmate for the black side. So here we're looking at a problem where we're going to try to solve for both sides. So if it was white to move here, this should be a very simple. And actually this can happen in two ways. One, white rock can just take, and I'll just be a simple back rank. Or you can also do it with a queen, which in this problem, it's going to ask you to do it with the Queen, Queen right there. Checkmate. In this problem here, we can see that white can easily just do that. Check me at like we've seen previously with this problem. Or it was just checkmate. But if we flip sides, black can actually pull off a twofold attack, like we talked about earlier. And we have a queen and a rook attacking this rook. Or we only have, our white only has one defenders. So it's either attack in a square or a piece twice versus the one defender on that square root piece. So for this problem, only, you can take with either piece first. You can do the queen takes, rook takes back and rook check mates. Or we'll just go with your uptakes. Rural takes back and Queen stakes for the CheckMate when you guys do your problem. Okay? And here's the next problem. And from the famous quote by a national master down in the Florida area, national master tills. He set a famous quote, sometimes you have to pin it to win it. Okay? And in this position, we have another backpack checkmate, but you have to really calculate. So here we have this nice pen. And you would think Bishop takes queen is the best way to play. You win material. But you're only weighing in all your getting back everything to upon. Okay. And in this position you can exit, deliver a backend checkmate, since you get that pin, you could actually go this way. Give a check. Well, we're pinning, Right? So let's give a check. And we have a checkmate that queen connect, take cause of this pen. Ok. Now we're going to another puzzle here of a backlink checkmate. There's probably quite a few ways you can deliver checkmate here. And I can take you two to four moves. And you can do a multiple different ways. I mean, you do have the bishop and Queen lining up here, so that's just a way of doing an attack. But why not do the very, very simple way of you will look at the whole board. There's really nothing on this background other than this rock. If you look at our rock, we hit this rook. We're checking the king. Then this broadcast and move back. And we have a checkmate and two AM. Wham, bam, C. To move checkmate for back rank, checkmate should be pretty simple. Okay, here's another problem of a backlink. There's a lot more pieces. Sometimes it happens when there's a lot of pieces on the board. So with a very hard look and taking your time, you can find those very quickly. And it goes with a simple rook check here. As a checkmate check and its mate. Here's another puzzle. Do we have a pin? Give you a second to think about it. See if you can spot the backlink checkmate. It is white to move. I'm gonna give you the answer and ten, you can pause for if you want to take longer. Otherwise, I do the countdown. I'm gonna give you the answer, 10987654321. Ok. We have this nice pen here. So why not take the roof and go for a checkmate, right? Bam, rook to D8, checkmate. Last but not least, this is the last puzzle, all of this video. So here is a tricky but possible with our help of a pin. Okay? Sometimes pins really helped with these back rings. So I'll give you time to look at it. And if you want, pause your video. Otherwise, I'm gonna do a 10 second countdown before it plates, so you have ten seconds to pause and try solving it for yourself. Otherwise, 10987654321, ready or not? Here comes a checkmate. We have this awesome bishop here, pinning the night to the king. So that cane can't really move anywhere. Well, the knight can't move anywhere because it's an append. And this night xy guards to these two squares. And this rook guards here. So the Qin's actually traps right now. He can't do anything. But if you looked at all of these arrows, it should be a really big hint of what's the checkmate. You got it. Rook comes right here, supported by the nights for the CheckMate, right? And this night cannot take back because of this pin here. Crazy, Hey, okay, so that's it for this video. There might be more puzzles added to this study, which will be interactions that you can just try out for yourself, okay? And for more different patterns of backwards for you to try out, okay? You'll be given the link to solve these puzzles. And remember, repetition. Builds all the patterns down and you'll memorize these patterns Lot easier. And you'll be able to put your opponents and background check mates and when more chess games. So thank you for watching and see you next time. 7. Checkmate in one lesson and puzzles: Hey there, this is banned from bundle of chess here with another video. This is the checkmate in one puzzles that I have that I give to my students. And after this lesson than there is a total of nine more problems. That is the challenge that you guys can work on. So I'm going to show you guys this video. This is all on lead chess. And you don't need to have a membership. You can just get this link that I'll be sending you. So here we go. After these nine, you can try the other nine on your own. So this is the example. I'm telling you here that either the Queen or rule can give a checkmate. And we're doing a, what I call the feeding cattle setup where it's kinda like a triangle or a half triangle. Okay? And there's a little space here, here and here. But it can write. So what these checkmate, so what you wanna do is look for where McCain Can and connect goto right now the king canonical to this square because of the Queen, the square because the record queen or this query because Queen, rook ordinate. But it can still go here. So we had to stop the kinda the goal there. So what we do is we can either bring the rook here to give the check and tech the last square which will be made, which is supported by the queen here, right? Or we can even do the queen here. Check, cover that last part, which were covered by the rook. Okay? So we can go over these examples. This is just an example one. So now you go gotta race all these circles. Now we can go to the next chapter here, try mating with the queen. I'm going to go into this one. So here you just mate with a queen. You can see that the rook is lined up here. So we're going to bring our queen in. And as a checkmate, that cane now can't go here, here, or here. And this queen is protected by their work. Okay? Also this square is blocking the candy. Can't take your own piece. Now we're gonna try, we're through the Queen's protecting that square. So now the rook can go here and give a checkmate, right? Okay. Next problem. Here's a challenge for you. It is white to move. You gotta look at everything with the cane has. So as of right now, this enemy Cain is being blocked by his own Pong. And he can't go here because of the bishop. Can't go here because the bishop, but he has these two free squares right? Now if we really look at everything. We have this square for the rook and go there and give check to the back rank. And then all squares will be covered. So if we move here is check and mate, okay? V1, you can always try this out when you get to leach us. Okay? Here's another problem. It is white to move. I'll see if we can solve this one. I'll give you guys five seconds. You guys can pause and try solving it by yourself. Otherwise, you don't pause it when it come to five. And then I'm gonna give you the answer, 54321. Okay? Since it's white to move and its checkmated one, as we can tell. As cane here, can't go here because of the Archbishop, but it has three hour to free squares, right? There. Currently are rook is being blocked by the night. So what can we do? Well, if the Night Moves, we cover those two squares. So you've got to get rid of this. Since he saved there. Last thing we have to do is after carbon needs two squares which turned red, we just needed attack the cane and then it'll be a checkmate. So what we can do there, get rid of all of these arrows, and then take this night and jump right here, which will be attacking the king. Ok? Erase all of these locally circles. So we go here and now we're checking the king, right? We're hitting came with check. He can't go here or here because the rook, and he can't go here because the bishop, Okay, change, that's right. So that is a checkmate, a square number six, the canes in a corner. Hopefully this one's a little bit simpler. So this one's going to be white to move again, pause your video. And I'm going to start counting the five, so we're down from five. So okay. If you haven't pause yet, I'm gonna give you the answer in 54321. Ok? This gain here, he's not been attacked. He can't go here because of the rook. He can't go here because of the rook, and he can't go here because this knights in a way. So right now, the night or the cane is safe. For the moment. He's not been checked. He's bought to be checkmated. And if he had a free move, the night will just run away. Right? But we got this lovely ROC here and this name. Change that attack in the square. So if he's supporting that square, the move our rooks here are our rook to check the king. And now the cane is in red. He's being checked. He can't go here because the rooks, they're being protected bentonite. And he can't go there because it protects and the knights blocking away. So that's checkmate. Number seven here, but we got we delayed it by a couple of moves. Okay? This one's a little bit trickier. This one's very hard to see. So it is white to move here. Usually you can't get checked mates with this many nights. Only nights. It's very hard to force this, but as possible. So it's white's move, checkmate in one move. I'll give you guys time to pause, but I'm gonna start coming down from five. So and then I'm gonna give you guys an answer. So 543, 21. Ok. So as we can see, the Qin is say, safer now because he zinc Greene, he's not being checked. We have our night here. He's attacking. These 23 squares are now the main important ones are the 2D right next to the king, okay? And this cane here, it's also being blocked by these two nights. So he only has six squares, her five squares around him. This one save. So if it was blacks to move, he can just move right here. But we want to attack decane and this other square here. So this night moving here will be incorrect because it's only attack and King. But if we move the night here, will be attacking the cane and the other safe square. So if we move the night now they can't isn't checkmate. Because it kind of looks like this. It's knights attacking here, here. It's nice attacking here and here. So all of these squares are covered. He's been checked and his other tonight's or blocking his way. Okay. Number 12 says it's quiz number one here, but so we got were on eight, we got this 12344 more. Okay, here it is. White to move. This is another tricky one. See if you can solve this one on your own. Whites move checkmate at one. I'll give you five seconds to pause and try to find it. If not, I'll give you the answer in 54321. Ok, so here, as you can see, this can look savory now he's not being checked. View, look at everything. You can go into this square. He can't go this square because the night, and he can't go to this square root because it's at night. He can't go to this query because the rook or this square, because the Iraq, he can't go to this square because the Qin, okay. So only, only has one real move if it was black to move, he can escape. But we can actually eliminate this by placing our rook right here. Okay? So we move our rooks right here, or rook. We went from here to here. And actually now this night protects the rook. And the cane has nautical. These two squares are covered by the night and the rock. This is by the, by the rook, by the cane father rook. And he's being checked by the rook. Also, his own work is blocking him in. And this night is being protected by the king. And so this is considered checkmate in one move. Ok. And I title this one, tricky, tricky, tricky one. Okay? Here it is, white to move. You're trying to find a checkmate and one, this looks pretty much impossible. But your plane from the white side, and you're playing from the white side of the board, okay? So it's white's move. I'll give you five seconds to pause. Otherwise, I'll give you the answer. 54321. Okay. Didn't pause. Here is the answer. There's can't look safe for the various. This very second Can't go here because the king, the king protects, needs to, and the cane protects the bishop. The bishop actually attacks these two squares around the king. But the cane has 1-2-3 free squares, right? So how do we stop? We're the kings at right now and attack all three squares. So that is the question. That erase all the arrows per second because I have way too many arrows. So these are the three squares that black can, can move to any sapere e is at. So in one move we have to cover all four squares. This is very difficult until you know it. Then sir, simple. Here is the answer. We're going to push our pawn to promote. And you can select any four you want during your games. But 90 some percent time you want the Queen. And Queen promotion leads to a checkmate because a queen attacks all three squares and the king. So that means these three plus the Kanner covered. And the bishop covers these two. White cane comes these two, and the white cane protects the bishop. So that is a checkmate. Let's look for more tricks. Ok, I'm going to be a little quicker on solving this. It has white to move. I'll give you five seconds to pause. 54321. Ok. Why to move here? And the answer is, this pond goes up one. Okay? The reason is because we have this bishop hidden attacking this diagonal. We have this bishop already attacking this diagonal which attacks these two squares. Squares is covered by the pond right now. And this rope covers these squares. So we need and this can protect that squares. So we've got this card, so we know we need those two squares covered with a pawn push. Now is attacking here, which covers this square, is bishops covering this diagonal which attacks this square. Hits that came with check and covers at this work Texas way, which covers these two squares as Qin force here, which covers these two squares. And this bishop covers a square. So that is a checkmate. Last but not least. Can we get a checkmate or stalemate in this position? It is up to you. There's actually two ways you can do this. Okay? So I'll give it, it's white to move. I'll give the answer. And if you don't pause, and if you pause, go ahead. But here it is, 54321. Ok? There's two answers here. One is night jumping here to attack the King, which is a checkmate. Because he's being checked especially appears covered by the king. The bishop is attacking these two squares and it came to covering the White Cain's carbon needs two squares. So that'll be a checkmate. The other way, which we have on this interaction. It will say this is a wrong move. Lca also correct is played. Another move which is night to F6. It's gone right here. Check a risky. This is correct also 97, which was here. So these two are correct moves. But to advance, he got at play here. Okay? So that's a check and does the same thing. All other squares are being covered. So that's a checkmate. Okay? So that's it for this video. And here we're on Number 11. And you should have nine or problems starting with Quiz One, 234. And it goes all the way down to nine. So it is your turn to try and solve the other nine. So we just went through all of these here. And you got nine more developed. Thank you for watching and I'll see you again on the next video. 8. Congratulations on completing checkmate course: Hey, this has been from benzoate chest here again, I want to say, congratulations, thank you for making it to the very end. The goal is to practice these as often as possible with these different positions. And just by watching the videos now you need something to do your exercise with. So what I have are my study guides, my exercise platform that I have, the amusing, it's free. You don't need to join. If you create your own log and that's up to you, but you don't even need to join. You don't even need a username. I got this. Leach has account, my own study guides. And the problems that we have in this course are there. And you can use that as your interaction. Workload, your practice, how you can practice all the time, can even do these problems over the board if you want. But if you want to play against computers and these different positions, you can actually go to this Leach has accounts are not competent study guide that I have with a link and descriptions below. Just go to those on the part. So you want to work on whether it's the different types of end game strategies of Czech, meaning your opponents with the ropes are Queens, or even just a checkmate in one or two puzzles. So you can practice those all you want. My suggestion is that first time through some of those, maybe just starting off with the first checkmate. Some ones, if you're having troubles. Number two, you go to check myths and one, you work on that two or three times a week, for example, Monday and Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Monday and Thursday, you go through that whole list and then you'll go back to that a week later. And then do that a couple times. And then eventually a month later at that way you're just building that memory in your head of those patterns. And then eventually you'll do that. And with the CheckMate, some twos and the different type of strategies, you do it two or three times in the first week, then you do a onetime that falling couple weeks and then do it a month later. And you're going to build a long-term memory in your head. So that way you can easily find those positions and check me your opponents. So I'll remember. I get those links below. And last but not least, please leave a comment and rate this course, okay, I will respond to you guys as soon as I can with your comments. And if you guys have any other questions, you can always message me too and I'll try to reply to any questions or comments. Kind of, but thank you for joining my class and congratulations on making it to the end. Thank you. 9. Intro to Checkmates for Skillshare: Hi everyone. My name is Benjamin Corcoran and I'm from bends low And it's 2021. Exciting, right? Brand new year. This is awesome and width is brand new year in 2021, I got a brand new course about check mates. I'm going to help you guys from your beginner level all the way up to immediate, to advance on how to checkmate your opponents. We're going to learn some of the most basics to hire and on the different types of CheckMate south there. And then we're gonna go over some strategies like the electric fence or what I like to call it a rolling workmates, kinda rook verse Kane and K-NN versus cane. Some checkmate or one puzzles, some checkmate and two puzzles. You got it all here. I'm going to be showing you guys a lot examples. I mean, it puts, checkmate is best part of chats, right? Putting your opponents and checkmate. So here in this course, I'm going to give you the ways of how you put your opponents and CheckMate can make an easy and fun. That's the number one goal. So what are you waiting for? Join my course today. Thank you.