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Wing Chun Kuen Awakening: Scientific Errors of Mainstream Wing Chun

Ashton S., Author of Wing Chun Kuen Awakening.

Wing Chun Kuen Awakening: Scientific Errors of Mainstream Wing Chun

Ashton S., Author of Wing Chun Kuen Awakening.

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6 Lessons (1h 18m)
    • 1. Lecture 1 Introduction

    • 2. Lecture 2 Brief Introduction of Smart Research Wing Chun

    • 3. Lecture 3 Mainstream Wing Chun

    • 4. Lecture 4 Problems of Mainstream 1

    • 5. Lecture 5 Problems of Mainstream 2

    • 6. Lecture 6 Debunk the Mainstream Wing Chun

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About This Class

If you wish to know how valid is this Smart Research Wing Chun, this is our YouTube video

This is a partial course of our online course, Wing Chun Kuen Awakening; after you have finished this course, if you wish to learn the scientific version of Wing Chun, you may google for more information of "Wing Chun Kuen Awakening" or "Smart Research Wing Chun".

Why are there so many YouTube videos that show those who practice the mainstream Wing Chun and Jeet Kuen Do being defeated by other martial artists? This course answers it.

This course re-educate the students of mainstream Wing Chun by using logical arguments and scientific observations to show them that the claims and doctrines of the mainstream Wing Chun are invalid.

This is the ultimate disclosure that scientifically explains Bruce Lee and Yip Man were practicing Wing Chun unscientifically and wrongly - the Wing Chun that they practiced is categorized as mainstream Wing Chun in this course.

Since the time of Bruce Lee and Yip Man, the mainstream Wing Chun has been pushed toward the status of a superstar martial art. Many fans bypass critical thinking and believe right away that the instruction is definitely correct and it is a valid martial art. However, in the recent years, more videos of mainstream Wing Chun vs other martial arts are on YouTube and there are many videos depicting the mainstream Wing Chun practitioners failing to use their techniques successfully on non-Wing Chun fighters. Most of the time, the mainstream Wing Chun practitioners are clumsier than an untrained fighter. And this is phenomenon is happening at different countries throughout different times.

Smart Research Wing Chun had conducted an in-depth scientific research and uncovered that the mainstream Wing Chun instruction is unscientific because the way that the techniques are performed is unscientific, unworkable and harmful to the biomechanics. After understanding the truth, you will be ready to learn the scientific version of Wing Chun.

Take up this course to find out what's wrong with the mainstream Wing Chun!

  • This course is based on our ebook, Wing Chun Kuen Awakening.
  • Smart Research Wing Chun is a group that research ancient martial arts with scientific approach.
  • Smart Research Wing Chun group's mission is to restore the efficacy of ancient martial arts.
  • We had taught students from Europe and Asia and conducted workshop in India.

Note: The other parts of the curriculum mentioned in the video refer to our full course which is not available on Skillshare. You may search for Smart Research Wing Chun on your search engine for more information of our full course.

Meet Your Teacher

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Ashton S.

Author of Wing Chun Kuen Awakening.


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1. Lecture 1 Introduction: Thank you for the pictures off this cost hope touch this cost can and reach our experience off the landing winter. You may be a new come off winter and maybe someone was practicing winter right now. Maybe some of its not practicing ritual right now. Maybe fence off which movies or you may be a defense off Kroosee. It doesn't matter whether you are from this groups of people. I hope that this our costs can be useful for you. Now let's go through the objectives off this course. We would like to instill the core idea off how which ought to be for you. And if you are protesting the mission winter 10 minutes Right now, we hope that this cause can fix the problems that you're facing If you're practicing the tenets wrongly and we would like to teach you how to count I only such different Russians off wintry throughout this cost. I mean usedto. Would we still I on me? I used to be because it's meant to represent this group. Smart research winching me and what I'm presenting here is the space on the research off over how costly space on our e book when shrinking awakening. This causes the practical vision off the E book, and we try to kick this car's simple to the point. I'll be doing so. Demonstrate that by what person who can't perform the to the Druze for the exercises by herself without needing a partner if you want. If you wish to, you can get a known toe practiced lynching with you. Most off the tennis. That's way Sri Up isn't team. They're meant for you to test them for yourself some other things to take you off. It's the definition off snap with such mentoring and the mixture. Richard Smart message. When Truman is our progress, it is different from the extreme winter to make sure return other kind of instructions that you can find the marketplace. He'll be categorized them as one kind of construction, which is the mainstream, which in this solo matron instruction for those civic eyes so that kind off doctrines profile off Smart Research Region group were no nest Smart Research Special Group are my research group. We have years of experience in the research of ancient that's such as being true in other my shots. We are loved the feel Or maybe we could be the only group that tests are fightings. With the scientific approach thistles the flow off our curriculum. We will have a basic introduction off in. True for you, Dan. We will show you how toe debunk the museum entry instruction by unraveling the Errol's. After that, we gonna introduced the ideas off smart with such wintry. And lastly, we will conclude what's the correct way to practice ventured. But you need to prepare for this cost. You need second in my set and thinking skills to happy another allies to techniques. If you have the training partner, you will be very ideal because you can't protester techniques together. You have plans to do starting tests. Do consider using protective gifts for two. Step us before we continue. Kylie, post the video and go true. The slights off disclaimer 2. Lecture 2 Brief Introduction of Smart Research Wing Chun: this lecture, this other objectives that we let covered we will cover. Must this program about we will highlight the difference itself. It's not research. Return at the mystery mention. This is what smart Mrs Richards about for this program. The research always comes for us, and we always try to be scientific and watch where we performed the 10. And thus we do not follow instruction planning. We also try to be infection with how we use our time for training practice, because we want to get it up for us. And we try to use the Reese effort to get the maximum result with our training protests. This is a slight which contrast smokes that Richard and Mr Minchin smokes differentially spaces, space straps to be sent if an illogical and stretched to be efficient for the mainstream region. It's not really distressed small on that space and doesn't really care about science and logic. And that is what was being superstitious. Some things and people who are producing this off, which should kind off, brand conscious. And of course, the tenants may not be a couple. This shows how so this as much smarts that trumping developed is that correct expression often use religion the scientific, because its users scientific method for the tests office off the tenants. It also shows he also uses ah control tests to check whether the techniques are all the habit. Assistance are correct, and we also use critical thinking toe end up ice, the training. I'm curious. And, of course, the techniques. The results that we used Father such include different versions off winter from the mainstream hatred. You also use different my shots as references, and eventually we use science and logic toe few toe unsteady ing off My shots for this case is wintry. While the benefits up, learning smart with search function can really fast D papers fast result the instructions reliable because it's been tested scientifically because of all the points above safe money and type. 3. Lecture 3 Mainstream Wing Chun: that just gives off these lectures to understand these two picks. How do you mean should become killers? And why are there many? Fallen was over the world, according to Foot Low and Some Stories, which was founded by another. And she taught it to this lady caught in winter, who use it to fight off a bad kind or some bad guys and later on a guy by the name off down son. Improved mention in the modern days where Joan wasn't actually meet more popular by perhaps our Brucie because out he learned it from eight months and Trotta modern times. The disciples are utterly need other masters, other any just had me, which account more and more popular. Non s attending helped with a mix trump adjust to market. Marcia costs us to the public. Most of the distribution schools may attribute there the success off process based on the relationships in direct relationship. So maybe that relationships that they have with my shop movie star, his teacher and off course Oh, you simply play a part. News people are close magazines, movies, boots and in Connect and other solo for media also helped to promote this mainstream returned to the public and also true there were off mouth. Oh, that here season as exaggerated stories below me have better impression off which this mixed reaction and on your chip give me also fine the demonstration so far, this cheese saw, which is meant to be used. That's a way off promoting the efficiency of which nice double the traditionalist me tried to demonstrate that they can't, says the motives off their opponents. General creams off Nuestra mentioned traditionalists. This may be what they claim to be able to do. Oh, what they claim to be efficient. Number one. They are capable off assessing the openness and conscious of cheese or training. Number two. The off son rely on their so called shot this path to profound US self defense techniques because it's more efficient for them. Their mystery. Madrid instructions. Dizzy s IPO, literally the power generated is doubtful enough to send someone flying, Maybe their energy maybe generated from the elbow. Off we turn. It's a soft my shot. You have to rely on softness to overcome your opponents efficiently. Makes you mention is spoken by inefficient. They are many accounts to back it up such as their personal stories or maybe legends. And that s a trump. You are some questions which you should ask yourself before you're slightly. I don't like this extra victory. Is it proven scientifically combatively that produce repeatable results off success is the science investigator and irritated. 4. Lecture 4 Problems of Mainstream 1: these are the object is for this lecture will be analyzing the performance off season extreme Yushin and after in the past 76 from teachers, you should be able tow reorganize soap leaves about it. Now let's look at how credible is this next room, Matron? Most of the times where when you travel, look out information about this. An extra mention. You may not find credible sources that show that is your school, Marcia. So how do they often try to boost their productivity's Is true girls associations with? Well, we start separately somewhere that seekers. And also, if this ihsaa surely book about my shot, you should be able to see their followers off this much shot coming well, even Don't take me not be some famous lost this. But the fact is, there is almost no fear. We get over stops and another thing took enough. They have lof childress about our whole scientific De Marsha are ISS Bihar. However, however, the size is kind of improbable. For some ministers, they have closer to resolve a Banerjee's center. Actually, etcetera is not truly scientific because you cover to see that so effects being bookable in real life. But the problems off this next generation construction except that this is the structure, had a distinct end up now, no secretive manner. If this is this was true and this is true. Then it's that you have four people, might and me have accurate information the tablets, because the rests off the training groups might mean, Don't know what ratcheting sharita, right? They don't have to less change from distance between the friend. Our winters goes, they don't meet up and has changed their ideas about the tendons. For instance, if I I think that this time slots Fortis for Papacy voting that tells us for purpose, how do we do You think they're supposed to be executed in another way? So if we don't need out, how do we know we striked right? You do capable inconsistent instruction like there's about that stink. Even previously, the synthetic could mean could have a different meaning to another to a particular instructor. So it is so far by, says the punch, one must let me think that the patch is supposed to be performed this lemon and other Muslim may thing that the parts should be escorted in the not a matter. So we strike originally. How should it be? Think about help. Could one tell me? It comes amid different tenants. It's also said that it takes mental yes toe learn Master this mystery matron, it is truly over. A couple more shots shouldn't take many years for it to be work About what? About those who are letting boxing Correct a. Another one shops If you send maybe your kids to let Marcia do you want to see them being able to do some defense when they reach your age? Only be when they wish. Do what it takes menace to see this I just think that are doing to be workable. Do think that the ancient invention guys would have been better such And my shot Underperforming s kida many cranks the engine is a formidable But when you check out your you already see the mixed reaction guys anybody use the 10 the census 40 on nor merchandise underperforming. You can see this on YouTube and usually the backups span over the kids. So what? What What can you see from that? You mean you mean seats? Something with this may shoot me trip vs no. In truth, the oil companies No. 1 to 10. It's been used and to be trimmed. The mutual richer, traditional, merely brought true travel. Fight Mention Richard plus Islam. Mention instead of brawling this guy this week Mr Mission Guy My end up using people see our enemy. So if it's much, are his mystery mission wasin the workable? Why wish we rely on people? 16 0 a The last point to highlight the so called sensitivity People from cheese out doesn't think with passion against long wintry fighters. So what? Staying power on the students? The waist tight? Because you know some students. My, my half of it is spent many years with the school, but this get it's capable of performing if efficient self defense techniques at the same time. Off wasting time he stepped. They still have to pay for the are our school fees So they always think amount? Yes, well, eventually disturbed. Don't sesame cept fast. Excuse. So what's the problem? No one is asking the question beside us. Why is this mainstream waiting on a couple? Most people made jumped over conclusion There is out of that, but they forgot to end the mice the root causes so eventually no one very nose out of causes. The following Simon's flick it This is the first assignment. So what you have to do is to such fought off performance off the extra mention you to look up this when Trump Assis no ventured fighters shoe named How chunk you and gives this other forms off mention. Also look up, she saw observed. How do they perform there? Was this such for instructional video itself? Mr. Whicher, while you're doing off the birth, tried to such 20 confessions or intention to see how? How does one particular school performing differently from another school with the comments off other observers? While you're watching those videos? Importantly, observed This that is, speak power, which ration mobility, food, free tea and other attributes off the mystery wintry tradition. It's what they are sparring. Also observe whether they are using uh, makes you mature. Tubby's Do you responding a seven to repeat the saying a Simon like a Simon one. But this time, such for the performance off part of martial 60 especially Chinese. My shots for all Oriente mashups, for instance, corrupt a hunka tiki or you could such. You can search for other much, Marcia says. Well, my boxing observed how they fight the hottest spot if they have farms, observed how at the funds being performed. Suture such a particle. Russians off the same particular Marcia, for instance. Touching me have different precious You may check putting performed. Also the doctor comments of other observers and by the previous a size. Observe. Just be companions. Power Reach reassuring mobility through NTT. It's a truck and also observe it did capable Using tennis in action. Final assignment. Assignment tree Just want to be gives off brawls on YouTube. This may be people who are treating untrained, wash healthy fight, spar with comments off at observers and also observed their performance in terms of better speak power, which were shared more quality everyday. 5. Lecture 5 Problems of Mainstream 2: this other object is for this lecture will be analyzing the performance office next remission. And after in about 70 60 meters, you should be able, tow, reorganize so police about it. But the problems off this next election instruction It's been said that this is the structure had an instinct and that no, in a secretive manner. If this is, this was true. And this is true. You have four people might and me have accurately Michelle the techniques because the rests off the training groups. My I mean, I don't know what a cheating cheater, right? They don't have to less change from distance between the friend. Our winters goes toe meet up and has changed their ideas about the tendons, for instance, It all right? I think that this time slots forties for Papacy everything that passes for purpose. How do we do You think that's supposed to be executed in another way? So if we don't meet up, how do we know we striked, right? Do you come up inconsistent instruction? But there's about that stink. Even previously, the Satanic could mean cafferty for meaning to another to a particular instructor. So it is so far by, says the punch. One must let me think that the passion is supposed to be performed this then it and other Muslim May thing that the party should be escorted in the another matter. So he's right originally, how should it be? Think about it. How could one tell me? It comes amid different tendons. It's also open said that it takes Met Yes, toe learn Master This mystery metric it is truly over. A couple more shots shouldn't take many years for a to be workable. What about those who are lending boxing? Corrupt? A. Another one shops? If you're saying maybe your kids to let Marcia, do you want to see that being able to do some defense when they which for wage Or maybe when they wish? Do what? Ex menace to see this. I just think that are doing to be workable. Do you think that the ancient Gration guys would have been such and in fact, if my shot underperforming s kid down? Many cranks the engine. It's a formidable shot. But when you check out your chick, you already see the mixed reaction guys anybody use the tennis. US is 40 on Norwich in guys. This is ending to Mr Entrant versus other or into Marshall's. That's compared their farms groups, techniques with M balance and coordination. If you are practicing them, Mr Mention, then you feel well to try other Moonshots. You should notice a few tins. First of all, we should notice dead once a stretch to the other. More shots. You have more on natural and scientific forms. Andrews and the tennis Did Iverson results present for the way that they used the tenants and bodies are more natural. Where else for the mission. Winter in petitioners When the true a strike but they block a punch wouldn't move around the often Jim Jim jamming their limbs. That means that they can be reproduced sufficient and all adequate force. Block our block a punch to block a kick or to throw a punch. And their coordination is quite a bit in a way that become moves Move around easily. Do you feel very robotic? Well, see, if you are producing other Marsha's, you will feel this most nursing in the execution off your tendons for Isabel, when when you truly tiki we'll do is so corrupt a block, you're just moving for Naturally, your dreams are not jack together by the mainstream media freshness. No, let's look it Mission which Impressionists persists really does so pro. Okay, if you compare small Pretty Sister makes to mention versus someone who do not know anything , you would notice that the world who's not practicing any much are are especially. It was not practicing. Interest has a better coordination. For instance, if this bus this polo but true slept, it's filled with our just because the way that he uses his body's natural. But if you're the compare this performance against mainstream region guy, you will notice that this Mission Region guy is a neighborhood is acceptable off slapping someone powerful because the body is the body but can exist coral. The main reason for this is because those who practice the mystery mansion has they have occupied shirt expression off techniques. The way that they use their body mechanics is on the truth. Therefore, they're not ableto diva scientific blocks his price, and you can even properly first, this is not ready. Happening toe also do not know how to spar. Oh, do not know any much are what 6. Lecture 6 Debunk the Mainstream Wing Chun: but the objectives off this lecture, you will find out. You will find out how big smile of such come about into assistance. You'll also find out what is the patient's happened meat for its mainstream country. We will also disclose the mistakes off Tom Instrumentation. Then we wouldn't introduce to seditious by Small for such venture. And finally we Williams for you. How to use deceptive Fish solutions to address the profits off the mainstream. Coming ology before we begin the some criminologist issue, which you should know before we cross it. Okay, so Westminster mention the definition of Mr Mutual is any winter instruction that recommends the literal imprint Mente Shin off satellite and try anger. Curis Expression off his tetanus is artificial smart research Winter is the correction off mission Richard. It does not have the literal implementation upset the line and triangular Juries. His expression off tennis. It's not true artificial expression, but does this mean it means literal implementation off tennis based on fantasies, which is unrealistic use of body mechanics and natural on scientific, robotic and not economic natural expression. The implementation of Tennessee's based on really state secret sins off honey proper bus stations. Yusof body mechanics is too was natural. Nous strives to use economic attendings. Smiles such winter versus Mr Minchin. Smarter situation is scientific based. We try to investigate the tenis, and we also try to perform the tennis a scientifically as possible. Where I was for the miss you mention practice space, a lineage based that Mr the students basically follow whatever the teachers are teaching, even if the tenets on scientific, smarter search mission, it's natural, a scientific them. Is that the way that you performed the tennis he has? He has to be a scientific right? So we did you keep a soccer ball that we did. You troll basketball? Where us for Mr Mention The tennis are on natural and scientific there. So artificial like tennis, actually me are making the traditionalist robotic the smart such maturity. It's also more like other much eyes because off us compound two sites. But the mystery mention doesn't conform to the known sense because that the way that they preach their physics or other scientific, difficult scientific childress actually unscientific smart research return because it is natural because we use ah, a scientific method to troubleshoot their tenants. Our approach is that she probably closer to the original green chili for the mission insurance because everybody has a different opinion off the 10 10. It should be those who are protesting the mission. Winter in and up, deviating from torture. No mention now we kept the creams off the Mr Mention practitioners debunking t So the mainstream teachers schools tend to teach distance tiger that you can use that she's out training to train their sensitivity so that they can sense the intentions off helpfulness. Can they really do that? Dan says No. How do we know this? Because if they try cheese out with entering opponents or fighters one training winch in, they are not able to sense they are. It hurts. Ah, the way that they are going to defend themselves if you send him so that she's so it's not working. It's working in me work between them because they're having the same behavior if you get what I mean but off, I mean, if you have two, should nurse who produced the mainstream intrude upon cheese out together, they're capable of detecting each other's intention because they're doing the same thing. But if you have some of was not trying in this mystery Mitri to spar with them or maybe let them since their arms. This mystery which one guys will not be able to to assess their arms. Devil This screen. It's debunk debunking the cream that they're being efficient by staying with the shop. This cloth, Although this is true by thing with their shutters path you are you are being deficient. It does not really apply on the mystery. Mention petitioners because they're doing things wrongly are differently from what we understand based on science. The reasons, because their strikes are the techniques like power resistance and true speak. How do we prove this? You can try asking them to block your punches can trade, asking them to throw some punches and other strikes and compared their performance with other much artists. Are they able to outperform others? If the results on showing negative performances, this means that what they're saying it's not true. Keep banging their claim that this is it to learn this mystery winter. If it's easy, why should it take many years to profess it? Think carefully about it. It is easy. You are supposed to be able to muster it or perfect the My Shot Fuster. But was it ticking menus? And we don't really see people who have perfected this mystery winter in appearing anywhere . And why are there so many lousy performance serves by those seniors off Mr Minchin on YouTube? And if you compare someone who is training Adam and another my shot for one year vs one, you're in ministry wintry Who do think it's better if you go to about since school and look for someone who strength up in passing for one year versus summer? Was training the mainstream in true for one year? Do you smoke efficient in self defense? We have debunked this clean right now, be talking to claim that they can generate powerful strikes. True, the unique ways off generating power. Try comparing their power versus an entry person who can t people a stronger punch. It is out there, most off the time and the triples and catty reverse from a punch. How do we prove that you can try hitting on a punching pat and see who could get even stronger punch if they have such a powerful way off hurting others? Watch we seeing them locking up opponents on your two. Based on these evidence, we have debunked. They're clean debunking to claim that winter is soft and this is useful for overcoming del Pulis with our to the previous light in some way, we have used that to debunk this. If this is if what they're saying is true, well, then, no, why are, you know, having adequate strength toe struck ahead and they also have in court strength to block it , divert incoming texts by having such an inadequate strength to perform the tennis? How can your softness be good enough to put that self? So we have to bunk this clean, debunking the claim that makes this mission interest for cover and efficient. And there are many accounts to back it up. If we look at what's everything those who are practicing this mission winter and even those who are protesting for a long time just don't be capable off doing a proper self defense. And if this mission region is indictable in the past or cover Lee, why are there no reputable stellar performance from Step four? Louis. Now, if you compared this mission in June with with some other Chinese, my shots or maybe other martial arts. You can see that something is amiss. Look at those who are practising karate. They have similar scientific strikes and blocks you. You actually know that if you if they were to block your punch in my heart your arm If they passed you you might sustain abetting jewelry The the performances not disputable but we look at the mystery wintering guys. You can tell that their performances on scientific for instance there turns out you can tell that Okay You you think that you can block my punch But actually my punch can come true They are Chim Chim Pash. You can tell that it's not really going to hurt you no matter, no matter how many pan chest they try to True, it can really all match the single punch that you are going to true And then if you are untrained So we have debunked this clean this lack trusting what other Everest committed by the instrument your petition ists They have misinterpreted attendance off winter that created artificial not such victories and there's a practiced their phones tenants artificially and a certificate pretentious. I said number one because off off the birth gaming experience implements like so shoulders picking back Vicky aching knees so and so forth. But I should say fat number two. The detainees are not bookable, for instance, because off the wrong use off the body mechanics, they have weak strikes, blocks, a steady body and clumsy footwork. This problems affect their form. It's such as there speed, power, reach that lists and the way the way that that they positioned themselves do you in combat . So let's look at what we mean by being on scientific where they practiced. They are soon in tell. You tend to emphasis on everything between the center line. This is three artificial implementation off center like jewelry. Some people may also overemphasize on 10 implementation off artificial triangle, of course. Do so Oh, preached the inside feet to resolve our global energy Re snap to generate power s a truck. They also have ah doctrine which stances that this should keep their apples in what's towards the centre mind and doing there practised they may have much on the floor toe no fish anger today moving to for this particular Drew s mission previously because off all those artificial doctrines. They have to stop the party. McKay's all those. Let's look at what is wrong with the way that they practiced their forms. For instance, junior talk. They believe that are the ship that their Centenary issue rescue 10 minutes meeting center like, for instance, the way that the baby will deliver the punch. They place the punch within the set off the around the chest before the launch it up. This is wrong because so the human body doesn't allow us to from 10 expecting the center in an artificial manner. And oh, some. So maybe off that also obsessed, We thought that idea off triangle one particular group me tell those students toe imagined as a triangle and they are, should be. Between this tranquil, there's a belief that energy can be generated from the elbow. Oh, wish that the way that they practiced their Druze or combos are on scientific. For instance, we look at the we did profound the data or Jima with 10 cell and a punch. This on one side of it because you can't tell, you can tell that these tempos are weak. You can't really hooked anyone a country block a punch from a normal person, especially the Jima, even though, if you turn your body used to get heat the Susan and allergic to descriptive feeding off experiencing the corrupt body McKinnon's for the mystery winching petition is when they spar or whenever they try to use their techniques it fears are still they have tennis balls between the elbows and knees. This is the reason why they can, very as that strength, when they tried to block when they tried to heat and so on, so forth. If you do not know, how do they feel where when they try to use that, going to techniques? Try to grab a tennis bar right now and place it between your elbows, Rick the board between your elbow and do the same thing with Young's and then try to start with someone this in this manner, you should notice that once you're in the position off sparring with the balls between the joints, you you should feel that you are becoming more clumsy than ever. Roll solutions. So how does this nation mention guts? Try to softer province. Look, number one day Matures does stick to the mystery Mention like some people may believe. Okay, it's not looking right now, probably because I'm in the wrong leaving manage change to another language some people may believe or perhaps have no, but this long enough. I need more time in more practice and therefore staying with the since, or maybe another sport. But it's still that makes true under the same makes mention. Good. Now go to disco. I mean, Mr Mitchell, practioners may up to miss other techniques in tow What they're doing because they believe or ricin. It's not working because it needs to evolved. Okay, all they believe that some hold the the full and the guard may be out there that the party needs to adopt the car. Far gotten from keep out, seeing our boxing or other mashups the memories of what they are doing. This is because the can use damage to with which attend. It's in come back, which are now, as I mean, what is an artificial that, like this, is a natural and scientific Tony. The body is supporting the technique off slept this artificial. He's tried to do the center line Tony, As you can see, his elbow, is close to the center off the body days also in artificial technique. As you can see this, this movement, which is unscientific, there's no purpose. So there's the outcome. We'll deliver the site of technique. The body with is supporting the strike. Never. He has the power to hurt someone nice. The centerline. Kenny, it's on me. You see if I really don't force because the I miss Jones so you can really hurt your open. In this way, this is what's happening. The Mystery Winter. There's also another satanic. It's not move anymore to slip. It's not generating sufficient power toe opponent. Let's use corrupted to explain. Why is the mystery Mention on scientific and what is smart research? Mention scientific. Now this guy is going toe the foam Crotty Tunney's This is natural and scientific, way off punching. He did not align his face to the sun amputees off his body before he believe that punch is that he's just did you. But the pash, naturally and because of this dis punches powerful as his body weight is supporting his punch, I think for the way that he's delivering this block, the body week is so so supporting the the And as you can see, he just deflected a patch. The words descent office, body. But he did not position these. Um here. Do you see that happening? No, he just profound this tiny directly. And that charity. Same for this tiny apart to us. This area has just block a block away. That punch. Now we're going to check out the artificial way off. Escaped in the text. Do you see that? His purposely positioning this punch around the serial before he finished it. Here. This is like way that the mystery which in Gaza, the Levering there there are winter and punch. No, the centerline teary about this is son scientific regular Because your body mechanics is malfunctioning if you punch in this manner and the punch is not supported by the body weight, See, now he's trying to petitioned Ease around, sent off the body before he has cubes. This block. Same for this block and this block. You see if you would who s cute? Your techniques in this manner, it's it's not going to be scientific anymore. And your poor noone Can a tree get you every soft? Um, Ustream wintered so we cannot conclude that it is. But if you showed is unscientific, it can germ your muscles and limbs because off those artificial fury's and it can also be stopped your behavior. Because off off the errors of both, you have no at your self defense capability. So this mission in Troon does not have self defense value, so no less Okay, the mystery mean training soon in tow s you can see from here. Why is it wrong? It's because the mission which in guys try to position punched to what? They're sent off their body and don't you know? And you can see what what would happen is that but off their limbs, I mean arms here they are actually jamming each other. This is the reason why you see those mystery winching guys incapable off delivering powerful sh rice are incapable off blocking. Incoming attest additionally, and at the same time by position, the links in the center who also cost you to have difficulty with your balance. She as just check out what's wrong, Tommy String, Winter Sunni. You can see he's trying to align the techniques to what's descent off the body. By doing this, he is corrupting his techniques on his spotting. But can it is small functioning? So what does this mean? It actually means that you're using. You're links wrongly UK managing that. Oh, it's like you try to have a tennis ball between your elbow and young knees. Yanni's here. It's making you more clumsy. Then, before you learn day so mainstream winter, this is the reason why those neutral winter and guys are thinking that this country should be soft. Actually, it's not soft. The reason why they think that it's office because they are limbs are malfunctioning. Okay, so there's no power and no resistance in whatever they're doing. This is a video that explains prior to the mystery.