Windows Server 2012 Administration

Paul H, Expert IT Instructor

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25 Videos (1h 45m)
    • Instructor Introduction & Course Overview

    • How to get your first IT Job

    • Download & Install VM Manager

    • Download Server 2012

    • Creating a Virtual Machine

    • Installing Microsoft Windows Server 2012

    • What is a VM (Virtual Machine)?

    • Adding Active Directory Domain Services Role

    • Add & Configure Second HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

    • Create a Windows Share Drive

    • Organizational Units

    • Create & Delete User Accounts

    • Resetting User Passwords

    • Download Windows 10 for FREE

    • Create a Virtual Machine & Installing Microsoft Windows 10

    • Join our Windows 10 Workstation to our Domain

    • How to Create and Manage Groups in Active Directory

    • How to Create User Accounts in Active Directory

    • How to Disable User Accounts in Active Directory

    • Create GPO & Logon Script for Disabled Users OU

    • Create / Map a Projects (P) drive for our domain users

    • Place files on Domain User's Computers

    • Set users Desktop Background

    • Deploy Software with Group Policy

    • Course Conclusion


About This Class

This course will give you critical skills necessary to succeed in the Information Technology field.

Companies everywhere are looking for people who have SKILLS! Many people are graduating college and looking for an job but are unable to secure a position because they don't have any practical experience.

This course will give you the SKILLS you need in order to get into the IT field. I will be covering a myriad of topics including how to setup Windows Server 2012, how to build a domain controller, and how to work in Active Directory and Group Policy.

If you are looking to get hands-on experience THIS IS the course for you. Stop waiting and enroll now!

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I have learnt so much in less than two hours that I could ever learn in a semester. Thank you so much and I will go over this course again and again.
Very usable, relevant material for the newbie or expert.





Paul H

Expert IT Instructor

Paul is a young IT Professional with over 7 years of experience currently working as a Network Administrator in contract support of various Federal Agencies in the United States.

Paul began his career by volunteering his computer skills at his local church at the age of 16. He identified a technology problem the church was having and designed a system to fix it - he was encouraged by other IT Professionals at the church to learn as much as he could and to write it all down on his resume even though his experience wasn't paid. He was later picked up by a large DoD contracting company as an Intern and from there moved to another Large company to work full time.

Since the start of his paid career Paul has been growing professionally and has constantly pushed himself to learn more and grow his skill-set on the job as well as at home. Paul notes that he is very thankful to have had the good fortune of working alongside highly motivated and talented professionals who constantly inspired and pushed him to take challenges head-on and to make EVERYTHING you can from any opportunity given to you while on the job. His motto is "Any job is what you make of it. You write your own resume and paycheck by your drive to succeed." Paul has continued to work in the IT field and is currently working as a Network Administrator. He is constantly pushing himself to learn new technologies and broaden his skill-set.

Paul's goal on Udemy is to help YOU get an IT job. The fact is that most entry level IT jobs (Help Desk) in the NCR are paying only 10k under the median HOUSE HOLD income from just ONE entry level job and a much higher potential to double or tripple the median house hold income throughout one's career. The IT field is viewed as very difficult to get into, but if you have the skills you WILL get hired.