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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Intro Windows Day by Day

    • 2. Search for Apps

    • 3. 2 windows 10 day by day remove apps from startmenu SLS

    • 4. Create a Link on your Desktop

    • 5. Some File Explorer Magic

    • 6. ... File Explorer Magic 2

    • 7. ... and File Explorer Magic 3

    • 8. Easily Create

    • 9. What to do with Folders

    • 10. Brush up your Windows 10

    • 11. Easily search and find Files

    • 12. Where it all comes together

    • 13. Delete and restore Files

    • 14. What you can see in your Document

    • 15. Make it smaller!

    • 16. Show File Types

    • 17. What to do when nothing works anymore

    • 18. Multi-Tasking

    • 19. Outro & Project

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About This Class


There are things you need every day. And if you don't know how to do them - well, then you are lost! 

So here is your short and sweet class which shows you on the point what to do next and how to do it. 

We cover it all from using the File Explorer to the Apps in your Startmenu as well as the Taskbar.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Markus Korsten

Get to know your Computer with ease!


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1. Intro Windows Day by Day: Welcome to the Windows 10 course day by day. In this course, we're going into all the toss you need to do every day from searching for APs to removing abs from start menu. Create Yngling Z on your desktop or checking your file Explorer and learning more about your file explorer. We will also create something in a document in word at, and we will save that and explore the properties and all that kind of stuff you will need every day so and roll now in their day by day course for Windows 10. 2. Search for Apps: So now let's get to a short cut about how to find APS on your Windows computer on to do so . You can now just click here in search window on. Then you type in the name off your app, for example. We're looking for Calendar, and it doesn't matter every type. It's small letters or in capital letters. Just typing in the first letters marks the app dark here, so and now I can just click, enter and the calendar will start. And if that doesn't work, if I haven't found the right app yet, I can always. For example, if I was looking for calculate, I can always use my left mouse and click that one, and it will start as well. So that is how you can find APS pretty quick. If you need them more off, you may want to put them on your desk. 3. 2 windows 10 day by day remove apps from startmenu SLS : So now let's talk about the start menu. When you click here on your window, you will see your start menu was all the different APS you may have here in your start menu , and you can customize them totally to you need. So now we have a look at how to remove these APS on how to pin them from, or how to de install them from your computer. So let's do a right click here, and you can just your settings First of all, I'm pinned from start menu. Ever click on that, It just go. And if I click through rate, click and click on Uninstall, it will uninstall the whole prep program from my computer. So when I would click that now, soda would go completely. 4. Create a Link on your Desktop: So now let's search for an app and put it as a connection on the desktop. So, for example, we're looking for a note pet, and we want no patter appear on the desktop. So for for that you do right, click on your APP and click open fire location that will open the file location on your hard drive. And now you need to press the multi and the left mouse key and then dragon, drop it to your guest. Up on what happened is you will see a connection with this program on your desktop. I just cannot double click and start the program. 5. Some File Explorer Magic: So now let's talk about the heart of your computer, and that is the file. Explore the Explorer is the place where all your folders are and where all your files are on. Let's why you really need to get familiar with that one so you can access your Explorer by clicking, whether here on the yellow folder and just do that or you can't, you have ah different way to access it, just like going here on your window. Do a right click and then click file Explorer and the same window will open. So now you have all the frequent Fuller's. You open all the time, and that is why those are here on top or hear your recent files you have open. That's why they're showing up here. What you can do now is you can, for example, click on this PC if you are looking for something special and searched your whole computer by clicking here and adding just a word. Whatever you are looking for on and if you want to know more about your hard drive, you can choose that one is the local disk. You see that here in the windows sign and do a right click and then you go to a proper cheese on this window will open. What you see now is your hard drive. It says your local disk and it tells you how much space is already used on your hard drive on how much free space you have there. You can see that even better. Here, you can see that most off the space here is free and just a little bit off. This blue is already used, so once you have checked that, you can just click OK on, it's gone again. 6. ... File Explorer Magic 2: So let's stay in the file. Explorer on dumb. When we're here, we can search for whatever. So I just type in cow for calendar on. You will see whatever has C A l in the file name will be listed here, so and you can also see that here it will show up much more. I want this is ready. It just takes a while. Andi, if we would need that really? Now we could simply leave it searching while you can check for whatever you are looking for here. And when you're done, make sure you click your the X to remove the word you are searching for. And then it will stop. So the next thing you need to know is that you have not just folders would also sub folder . So when it for example, click on pictures Onda, then I click here on safe pictures. I have more full is personal fools like Boston, New York and San Francisco. I have just created you can then at your of pictures from Bust New York or San Francisco right into these folders. Or you can create more sub for Wallace. And that will be your structure actually. So when you look here on top, you will know, See where your fuller is. It's in this PC off court than under pictures. On that, we went to the full of safe pictures and then we would go to one folder, Whatever we're looking for, like some when I click now on New York, you will see that New York also is here on top. So you see the hole search way where you can click on each of thes and then jump one folder above. You can also do that here with these little arrows. So when I click here, I go back to where I just war or here and click for water. The thing is always the same. But you know where to move on, how to get to the full of you are looking for. The thing is always the same. But you see okay named Esther 7. ... and File Explorer Magic 3: so back in the file Explorer, you see, there's a lot we can do here on day when you have opened the file Explorer. You have this view, and you have some more view. CIA. So click here on the view. Tap an event. Click on navigation pane, and when you do that this year will open. You can. For example, click on show. All folders on the menu here will open all the folders on your computer. This is really handy. For example, if you want to jump from one folder to the other, you can just click here and there, and you are wherever you want to be so really handy on. Remember, if you want to go back, just click here onto your back where you just were. And no, another gimmick. Another trick. You can do Onda, for example, when you have opened one window and you want to have another window open or another folder open, don't want to close that one. Usually, you would just click here on have that one open, but what you also can do. You can click your control key and double click on the folder, and it will open in another window. That's really handy 8. Easily Create: so once again, we want to open an application for that. We go here in the search window on a type in worth pad. That's the small variation off words you already know. And then just click here on the app or just press the enter key and so say so. Now you can hear type your text into whatever you want to. I just type something. And once you are ready or once you're down, you want you safe the file. And for that you click Whether here on the file and it opens the context menu or you click here on the little disc totally up to you. I just know Click Save. I haven't will ask me where I want to save my document, so I make that a little bit bigger. And then I say, I want to save it on my desktop, and I just name it Hello, Onda. And then I can also choose. Watch what text format I wanted years so you can leave it as it is. Here is a rich text format that's okay. You can open that in all devices you may have. You can also, if you're using open office. You may want you just choose this file format or text document. Really, it doesn't matter because it's a simple text file. So now look like safe and to close the application because I'm ready. I'm done with that. I just click you on top right on the red X again. And here you can see you have the text document. I can not clothes that once again I just click the praise you move. It doesn't matter for you right now. So you know this is your tax document. Hello. You can even work when it once again when you double click it, it will open in the taxed again and in the app again. Yeah, she's word Pat on. Here is the file you just created. 9. What to do with Folders: So let's move a little bit deeper into fire management. And for that we create a new folder because you need to be able to sort your files so you can do that. What I'm doing now in whatever full you want to, we go to that in a second. Just do right. Click. I think like you on New on, Then click Fuller and I just shoes the name document just because I want to move my document. Hello And you the folder. Andi, That's it. Let's do that again. I drag and drop it with my left mouse. Back to the deck s stop Unclos that And now I market with my left mouse and then just drag it over the folder and leave. And now it's inside. My folder here is a hell of a document. So on what I was talking about, you can create a new full or whoever you are on your computer. Just do a right click on new UN Choose Again folder. That's pretty much it. So you can create as many full as you want you are. You can create as many sub folders as you want to, so we are now in the folder document And I can now create a new one and say it's called Hello. And now I have a folder Hello on a document hallow! And I can move my document when I've market and it's blue and move it into the folder document into the folder Hallow. So just move it over it and let it go. And now you see, I have full of document the folder. Hello? And in my fuller hello, there is a document halal. 10. Brush up your Windows 10: So when you have worked for a while with your computer will have taunts off folders off course on. For that we want to change the Eiken because we want to have a better overview on. And when your windows time you can do that very easily. So just do a right click on your folder and choose properties. And for that go to customize Andi When you were there, you have two options. You can choose a folder picture, so just click here, choose file, and then we go to the pictures folder and the theories I have chosen before. And just click one off the pictures and click open and, of course, click apply. What happens now is that the folder turns into a folder with the picture you have chosen. So anyone would know. Now that this is a folder with pictures, you can do something else as well. You can simply change the icon. And for that, just click here on folder. I comes here change. I come and it will open all the icons which are already on your computer. And you can scroll here between these and you have tons of different icons. You can choose from you can even at your own. But I gathered will go too far by now we just choose one off the Aikens which are already there. So for example, choose the star because it's pretty different or the tree. And then just click OK on again applied. And now your folder will turn into a little stars. Click OK, aren't you? See here now our hello folder has a star I can 11. Easily search and find Files: As I said, you will have tons off folders and documents a new computer and want You were there and you have a lot of documents you will need to find them. And for that we have the windows search on to find something. You just click here and now let's search for the hello document. And I know just type hello on a renamed it I named it with With Hello was a instead often e so simply to have a different names and the folder. And now you see, there's a folder called Hello on their documents called Hello on when I'm looking out for my document. I didn't just mark that and it will open, and then it opened the document we have created. 12. Where it all comes together: Windows 10 has a pretty good dialogue, which is called settings where King go wherever you need you. So to find that, just go here for a search Windows on type in set and you will find settings here on top and just choose that and and it will open a very good dialogue. So from here, you can go the system devices, networking, Internet. You can personalize what we already it with a background. You can go to your account all these other settings here, so really good to know how to find the windows settings. 13. Delete and restore Files: so now want to tidy up our computer? So we have worked here around, and now we have this hell folder and we have the Hello document on. I want to get rid of both and to do that and just press the left mouse and mark those files or to file in the folder. And then I drag and drop it into your my recycle bin here. So it's gone and really, really make it gum. I would have to empty the recycle business well, but for now, I want to show you how I restore the facts. What? DoubleClick, The recycle bin. And then I can whether click with the right mouse here and click restore. Or it can simply drag and drop with my left mouth and pulled over again. Move it back to the vast stop. Let me close that again. And now Mark was left mouth unp pulled again in terms of recycled and and now I would empty my recycle bin and then would be gone forever. So just click here empty recycle bin. It will ask me again. I really want to leave that Yes, I want it 14. What you can see in your Document: I just recreated the document. Hello? Just to make sure health something to show your No to create the properties. So let's do a right click on the document and choose properties unjust. When you have that, you can of course, have a look at the properties and now you have several options. Here's the general security detail on previous words and various versions would mean you have half the document and saved it again and again. So you have previous worsens off the documents. Nothing we need right now we just want to look at the general tap. So first of all, here on top, I can rename my documents so I can just say my hello document So and now I can say OK, open with word pet. I don't have to. I can choose another program if I have another program which opens rich tax documents on. I was just changed that and change that for all these documents A hat And now I have the location where my document it store it. And as you see, it's on s stop. And here I can't even protected and shoes read only so nobody can change this document again. And I can hide the document and go trade wants if I want you. I don't want to do that right now. You just should know that we can rename the document here that we can change the program. We used to open the file with and off course. We can see how big the document is and where on our computer. You can find it on. Once you're done, click. OK, Aren't you see the rename worked? 15. Make it smaller!: So now let's talk about compressing and decompressing a folder. So to do that you create a sip full. You don't need an extra program for that. You already have that included into your windows. And for that, we go here to our file management and then click on the Pictures folder because there I have the scenery pictures. Let me open that on, Do you see? It already has, Ah, 28 megabyte, and when I sip a folder on compromise it, it will get smaller. And to do that, I just click the left mouse, mark them all and then do a right click and click here, sent to and compressed Zip folder. So let's do that. And now you see the dialogue on you can rename it, and now I have my photo here just to right click and let's go to properties, as we just learned, and you see how big it is now. It's not much smaller. It's just a little bit, but at least it is, and you have all the files to together, and when you want to send that wherever to your friend or whatever, you have a folder with the documents And now I see here a type of Ah, so that's changed it. I just click in there and I just change that. Okay? Yeah, that's it. How do you compromise your folders on? If you want to decompress it again to unset pit, we just need you pull it on the desktop just because I already have the same pictures in this folder here. So let me close that. Andi, let's unzip the folder. Just double click, and you say OK, using this EP file explorer and click, OK, I can even say you always use this app. Of course. What else should I use? And then it will unset on. I have all my pictures in here. So let me show you that there is the picture we have just used. Okay, Now I can't. Okay, say open with photos and you will see the pictures which were already in the folder 16. Show File Types: So when I am on my desktop and I have a file here, you don't know what kind of father is except you who were over it. And now you see, it's a rich tax document. But if you always want to see the file extension, you can have that as well. Already handy if you have different file types. For example, if you have images or whatever, so let's go through the file Explorer just marked Whatever fully you want, you and I click you on top view. Andi details on When you have there click options on here. You can click on view again and just squirrel down. Andi, Now you can say out with a file here with own check this box So hide extensions for a noun file types. I don't want to hide the extensions now, so I take up the error here and then I click apply and OK, and when I close it now you can see that your document has not that rt f at the end up for other first will have s well 17. What to do when nothing works anymore: Sometimes you have several programs open on your computer. That's pretty normal when you are working and switching between the one on other app. And I have simulating that and have opened three APS here Etch, of course. And this one And here. So whatever you have opened just to show you here on day, sometimes the program crashes and you can't go on with your work. And for that you need the top manager. Go here, bottom left and click, right mouth. And then she was task manager. Once you have opened your task manager, you see what APS are actually running. And here, in this case, it's alarm and Clark the maps. And of course, Microsoft Etch so and do no. No. Which program has caused the crash? You can click here on more details, and you will see how much memory and CPU thes programs need. And when a program has crashed, may done here it to a CPU 19 understand or use a lot off memory, whatever that is, you can see that here and now you can just mark the program and then click and torsk and thes program, as you could see here just closes, let me show you again. Click on maps and then and task and you see, that's gonna swell. And that will save memory. And that was safe. CPU. Almost probably you computer won't crash again. 18. Multi-Tasking: So when you're working with your computer, you have most appropriate more than one EP open, and this goes ahead was several windows you have. So with Windows 10 you can sort this window. So let's open some APS Does matter which one right now and now you have them all overlapping with each other, but will understand. You can sort that pretty well. We'll just move it to the right, and you see it source automatically all three wooden nose on When you click into one. You have that on top, and you can switch between the two windows on if you need the cert one, you just click in the task or on it and, for example, movie to the right and, you know, have all street windows beside each other. And when you click into the little picture, you can open that again and make that bigger. You can even drag and drop it when these APs on dumb make the one or other bigger. So whatever you need here. No, they just beside each other and what you can also do. You can close everything from here. Just do a right click once a close window, or you can just choose the axe and everything will be gone again. 19. Outro & Project: Congratulations. You've done it. You managed windows 10 day by day. You already now all the day by day task. You need to figure on your computer. And no, you just have a small project to do. And really, you can do it. It's not that hard. Open your word, pet type in some words and save it on your desktop computer and do a screenshot on posted in the project gallery. It really helps us and as instructors to oh, yeah, due to get a project from you and would be awesome if you upload your project and leave a review. Thanks very much. And I hope to see you in the next course.