Win at Teaching Online Courses in 2016

Phil Ebiner, Video Creator |

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11 Videos (1h 2m)
    • Sneak Peek

    • Who is Phil Ebiner

    • Choosing Your First Course Topic

    • Teaching a Flagship or Niche Course Topic

    • Equipment I Use to Create Online Courses

    • How to Write a Course Title that Sells

    • How to Price Your Courses

    • Using Email Marketing to Sell Courses

    • Using YouTube to Sell Courses

    • How to Increase Student Interaction (and why this is a good idea)

    • How to Self-Host an Online Course


About This Class

Want to make thousands teaching online courses?

Interested in teaching courses on Udemy, Skillshare, or any other online course platform?

Want to teach courses on a self-hosted Teachable (formerly UseFedora), Zippy Courses, or Patience site?

Bestselling Udemy instructor Phil Ebiner gives you his best advice for teaching online courses in 2016.

This mini-course will teach you:

  • How to choose your first online course topic
  • Should you create a flagship or niche course?
  • The equipment that I use for creating courses
  • How to choose a course title that will sell more
  • How to price your courses on Udemy and elsewhere
  • How to write promotional announcements that sell
  • How to increase interaction in your courses
  • How to make more money by self-hosting your course

Please enjoy this course. I hope you truly enjoy it!


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Good info.
Great Info, presented in a logical and implementable format.
Ruthanne Koyama

Helping others live well, live happy, live long

This was loaded with great tips learned via real-world experience. I regret not taking notes while watching but I may just watch this again.
Pearl C

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Phil Ebiner

Video Creator |

My passion is inspiring people through online courses. I've been creating things (videos, photos, businesses, projects) since I was a young child. I've created (produced, shot, edited) thousands of videos over the past five years. Now it is time to teach you!

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