Win With Money: Four Steps to Take Control of Your Finances | James Conole | Skillshare

Win With Money: Four Steps to Take Control of Your Finances

James Conole, Certified Financial Planner™

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11 Videos (59m)
    • Introduction

    • Step 1 - Create a Budget

    • Budget Project (Part 1)

    • Budget Project (Part 2)

    • Step 2 - Pay Off Debt

    • Pay Off Debt Project

    • Step 3 - Build an Emergency Fund

    • Step 4 - Build Wealth (Why Invest)

    • Step 4 - Build Wealth (How to Invest)

    • Step 4 - Build Wealth (Where to Invest)

    • Conclusion

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About This Class

Most people feel out of control with their money. They have the intelligence and the drive, but they just don't know where to start when it comes to making smart decisions with their money. 

This class provides a simple framework to help people get organized, create a plan, and take control over their financial future. Students can expect to learn:

1. How to create a budget and actually stick to it.

2. The best strategies for paying off debt and staying out of debt. 

3. How to create an emergency fund and why it's so important.

4. How to build wealth for retirement and more. 





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James Conole

Certified Financial Planner™

James Conole is a Certified Financial Planner(TM), holds an MBA in Finance, and is the Founder of Root Financial Partners, a San Diego-based financial planning firm. After providing financial advice to thousands of people from all different financial backgrounds, James discovered a similarity between those who succeed and those who don't. His mission is to help people approach money in a way that allows them to succeed and enjoy the freedom that comes with that success.

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