William Morris Style: three ways of Creating a Botanical Pattern in Photoshop and by hand

Anna Sokolova, Artist, illustrator, designer

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15 Videos (1h 43m)
    • Intro

    • Materials

    • Pattern Rules

    • Inspiration and Outline

    • Texturing

    • Scanning and Inking Outline

    • Coloring

    • Adding Details

    • Part I Repeat Pattern

    • Part II Seamless Pattern

    • Part III Analog Pattern

    • Cutting

    • Xerox and Taping

    • Your Task

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

In this class I'll show you how to create a beautiful William Morris inspired pattern in three different techniques. We’ll begin with a simple repeat pattern using Offset filter in Photoshop and continue with more intuitive seamless pattern. In the third part I’ll show you how to create 100% analog motif just with a Xerox and your imagination:)

By the end of this 100-minute class you’ll learn some important principles of pattern design and will be able to incorporate it in your own work. Both advanced and beginner creatives can find valuable insights in this class. 

Lessons include:

  • Inspiration advice
  • Digital inking and colouring
  • Pattern design tips
  • Repeat pattern
  • Seamless pattern
  • 100% Hand-drawn analog pattern

And there is a GIVEAWAY! Post your pattern design before 31th of August for a chance to win a beautiful Italian notebook and one more surprise from me!;)

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Best class teach the whole process of pattern drawing and texture and seamless skill .After study you can make your own pattern.I also love the vintage style books and photos the teacher introduce to us.I am going to us the skill I learned to make fabric design or T shirt design.
Anna is very talented. It's wonderful to see a combination of traditional and digital skills being used.
Chris Heath

Writer | Designer | Illustrator

Really cool classes, well explained and keep you interested in the content :D
Kasia Banasiak






Anna Sokolova

Artist, illustrator, designer

Anna Sokolova is Berlin-based illustrator, designer and art director.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, she produced commercial art projects while attending Peter The Great Polytechnic University. After graduating with a major in Publishing, she returned to the university for an advanced degree in design.

Anna has over ten years of design and illustration experience working for clients in America, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France, Denmark, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Finland.

Her goal for every project is to produce unique designs and illustrations that set the client apart and impact the desired markets.

A member of the NYC Society of Illustrators, Anna often cooperates with other international and local professionals to achieve the highest quality designs and illustrations.

Follow Anna's work on InstagramTwitter or Fb