Will Bitcoin Rise To $3000 In 2017? | Tim Smith | Skillshare

Will Bitcoin Rise To $3000 In 2017?

Tim Smith, Top Instructor - Tech & Money

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2 Videos (7m)
    • Introduction and Summary

    • What Bitcoin Tells Us This Week


About This Class

Course Requirements

Due to the financial nature of this course, you must read this warning about failure in trading.  Do not ever trade anything with the expectation of a return, as losses as guaranteed.

Course Details

In the class, Retire Early With Cryptocurrencies, we began 2017 by looking at this question.  So that new students and others could have full access to this video series, I started this new class for the year 2017.  This series of videos covers:

  • The cases that argue in favor of bitcoin reaching $3000 in 2017
  • The cases that argue against bitcoin reaching $3000 in 2017
  • The cases that could go either way
  • The teacher's price expectation based on what happens with bitcoin and its technology
  • The chart patterns the teacher is aiming to trade.
  • The biggest mistake that some bitcoinaires are making with bitcoin.
  • One other cryptocurrency that the teacher is watching and possibly buying when the price is right.
  • One "other" investment opportunity that teacher is watching and possibly building in 2017
  • A mid year bonus video for students, along with possible other bonuses if a trading opportunity pops up that the teacher likes.


In order to get the most out of this course:

  1. Take notes and watch each video multiple times.
  2. Become a regular reader of FinTekNeeks - all written content on the site is free.
  3. If you're a premium student, since you have unlimited access to all other courses, I would highly suggest watching the course, Retire Early With Cryptocurrencies.





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Tim Smith

Top Instructor - Tech & Money

I am a regular columnist at FinTekNeeks.

I'm excited about explaining deep technical topics and cryptocurrencies in a clear manner. Many students, readers and clients of mine have noticed that both of these communities are full of jargon that confuses people who are new. These communities prevent new people from entering because rather than bringing the technology to new people, they encumber new learners with terms they don't grasp.

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