Wicked Simple Decluttering: Purging Excess Stuff

Lillie James, Less stuff, more passion and creativity.

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10 Videos (40m)
    • Intro and a Quick Win

    • Setting Goals

    • Jettisoning the Junk

    • Closet Purge Basics

    • Free Spaces

    • Pantry Purge

    • Not My Books!

    • Craftsperson's Bane

    • Emotional Attachments

    • Wrap Up


About This Class


Paring down your stuff and getting rid of clutter is an ongoing process. My goal is to help you break the process down into simple tasks that don't seem so daunting. I'll give you tools to help determine what should stay and what should go and to let go of things that no longer serve you. I'll talk about options for dealing with the excess stuff. There is also a segment about purging craft and raw materials...a VERY hard thing for us creative types to do. There may be tears and teeth gnashing..it's ok, we've all been there.

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I have been cleaning up after other hoarders for the last two years. I can tell you to take everything she says to heart. I know what you are thinking, I'm not that bad. literally, that's what they all say. it has a habit of creeping up on you and only gets worse. This course is full of truths and practical advice to help you turn around and get on the path to a relaxing clutter free environment.





Lillie James

Less stuff, more passion and creativity.

Organizational Coach, Costume designer, Entrepreneur, Leatherworker, Woodworker, Metalwork dabbler, Fiber arts interest-haver, Soap-maker, Publishing Inventory Knowledge-gatherer, Swordswoman, Pirate, Spearwoman, Celt, Medieval enthusiast, wandering soul, mischief-maker and accidental inspirer of many.

I am never more happy than when I am creating things. I was raised by a family of creatives and teachers, so the words "I can't" were forbidden to my childhood. My goal is to make creati...

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