Why we take photographs: Move to Improve your composition. | Brett Styles | Skillshare

Why we take photographs: Move to Improve your composition.

Brett Styles, Photographer

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7 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction

    • Put away your Camera

    • Move your Viewpoint

    • See the Whole Image

    • What the Mind Sees

    • Missed Opportunities

    • Conclusion: Putting it all together


About This Class

With so many courses out there that teach you how to take a photo or improve it, I wanted to bring people back to the ground roots, away from the technical aspects and focus on the aesthetics of 'why we take a photo'.

  • When we look through our camera/phone, what drives us to choose this subject and placement?
  • Are we too emotionally attached to key subject that we ignore the other elements of composition

I will teach you how to look at a subject as a pro photographer does before you press the shutter and understand what creates the difference between a snapshot and a piece of photographic art. Join me on the journey.

A key point of difference between an amateur photographer and a professional is that the professional examines every aspect in the frame where the amateur tends to concentrate on the main subject.





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Brett Styles


Over the 15+ years I have worked in Photography, I have run studios specializing in portraiture and commercial work. I like to travel so also shoot stock and have recently managed to combine my scuba diving with photography. I cover a broad range always wanting to improve on my craft. I have mentored photographers one on one and in groups and Skillshare adds a new dimension to teaching photography classes.

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