Why and How to Create Case Studies | Mike Hanson | Skillshare

Why and How to Create Case Studies

Mike Hanson, The NO BS B2B Copywriter

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10 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. What is a Case Study?

    • 2. Hardcopy vs Video Case Studies

    • 3. Who Uses Case Studies?

    • 4. Case Study Benefits

    • 5. Prepare to Create a Case Study

    • 6. Design the Case Study Subject Interview

    • 7. Interview tips: Who Participates?

    • 8. Write the Case Study "That Works for You"

    • 9. Written Case Study Advantages & Disadvantages

    • 10. Case Study Examples and Idea Sources


About This Class

If you're fairly new in marketing, particularly in multi-billion dollar business to business (B2B) sales, your skill at creating Case Studies will hugely enhance your success. This course shows you why this skill is important to your career and how to master it.

In 10 short video segments, you'll learn how to capture the power of Case Studies and grow rapidly as a go-to B2B marketer. Your clients will benefit. So will your team members and employers. You too, in every important way for your career.


Go for it!

Creating powerful B2B Case Studies enabled me to help many small to medium-sized clients collectively add over $200,000,000.00 in new B2B sales revenue. And that number continues to rise.

Why not capture Case Study power for your benefit?