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Why You Should Use Drupal - An Introduction and Installation for Beginners

teacher avatar Zane Sensenig, Creative Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Why you should use Drupal

    • 3. The Easiest Way to Install Drupal

    • 4. An Overview of the Drupal Interface

    • 5. Setting Yourself Up for Success in Drupal

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About This Class


Drupal is the second largest CMS in the world, currently hosting over 500,000 live websites — historically, there have been over 1 million installs of Drupal since its inception. Now is a great time to level up your skills!

What to Expect from this Course

This is the first class in a series of courses designed to help beginners, novice users and experts level up their Drupal skills. You will learn...

  • The BIGGEST difference between Drupal and WordPress - Why Drupal might be the option for your organization
  • An overview of the interface and system
  • Options for installing Drupal and getting started
  • How to set yourself up for success

Meet Your Teacher

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Zane Sensenig

Creative Entrepreneur


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1. Course Introduction: welcome to this introductory video on Drew Pool, where we will take a quick beginners look at the system and I'll show you the easiest way to go about installing Drew pulse so you can get started learning right away. My name is a nine, and I will be your instructor throughout this course. If you can't tell by the photo, I am a developer and designer. I also consider myself to be a lifelong learner, and I feel that lifelong learning is a skill that everybody getting into the field of design and development should possess. I hold a bachelors of science in Web and interactive media, which basically means I did my undergraduate degree in design, development and marketing for the Web. Before I started teaching online, I had a five year career in droop, allow and higher education. Throughout my time in higher education, I was involved in over 50 high impact Web design and development projects, and I had a brief stint in graduate school where I was studying to earn a master's of education. Fortunately, I didn't get to finish that, however, I still have the skills and I feel that my bachelors degree as well, Aziz, my experience researching and working in higher education makes me uniquely qualified to teach Web development online. Throughout this course, we will cover three main topics. First, we will do an overview of why you or your organization may consider droop ALS over the other choices for content management systems. Number two will go over what I believe is the easiest method for installing drew pool so that you can get started learning right way. And finally, we will go over how you can set yourself up for success within Drew Paul, Thank you so much. And I look forward to learning with you throughout the other videos in this course. 2. Why you should use Drupal: Welcome back. I'm excited to get into this video with you. This is going to be an interesting one in this video. I'm going to make the case for why you or your organization might want to choosed Rupel over, say, WordPress Juma or any other content management system. So here we're on drew Peled dot org's. This is a website that you will be using Ah lot if you get into Drew People. There are a ton of resource is here, and actually this home page is not really one of the pages that you'll spend time on, most likely, but for this video, it's kind of perfect to start off. So Drew Polis kind of pivoted their strategy. Here. Teoh try to bring the system into the mainstream. You can see it has really nice front end animations. And what's cool is if you are fall into one of these three categories, they have sort of like a sales pitch or, you know, just some useful information for why you, as a person one of these roles, might want to give Drew pull shot. Drew People is incredibly popular, not as popular as WordPress. However, there have been over one million installs of the CMS, and currently there are over 500,000 websites across the Internet That air hosted withdrew pool. So it's an incredibly active community. Many people feel that they can't get into Drew pool unless they have a background in programming or computer science, or they've already worked in the industry, and now they need something sort of more hefty. But the reality is that Drew people is built on a community of developers already. So what that means is, if you are trying to get into love development or if you already know a little bit of HTML and CSS and maybe some JavaScript once you get into Drew Paul, pretty much any question that you need an answer for is already available on drew paul dot org's. And if it's not available in Drew, pulled out a warg. It's certainly available on Stack overflow or on YouTube or on countless other online Resource is So point number one for why you might want to use Rupel is you're not a back end programmer. You don't have a ton of programming experience, and that's okay because, like I just described, there is pretty much an answer for any problem that you will run into on drew people. But beyond that, if you if there if you run into a unique situation where you just can't figure it out, there's nothing online. The community is so active that if you post a one dribble dot org or you post on stack overflow, you will get an answer from somebody. And they're probably hundreds of thousands of developers who are waiting to help you and waiting to answer your question. So that's point number one. So for Point number two, let's scroll down and take a look at this next section on dribble dot org's You can see they have dying. Incredible job of breaking down different industries that have use cases and examples of using drew pool. I'm going to select higher education. And so point number two for why you're you or your organization, might want to used Rupel is that you work in higher education, right? So you can see here on the drew pool dot warg landing page for higher ed. 71% of the top 100 universities used Rupel, and that is the case. If you didn't watch the introduction. That's OK, but when I was working in industry, I worked in higher education and I was at a huge institution. Almost every website at this institution was on dribble. So you can if you're interested and getting mawr into this and you're in higher education, I encourage you to go on drew Pool Organ Read through this industry section on higher ed, but you might already know that. So why is droop also good for higher education? Well, it's simple. Higher education is an industry that has an enormous amount of data, an enormous amount of red tape, an enormous amount of custom requirements and a huge learning gap between developers in let's say, working at an agency and developers who are working in higher education. So what Drew people does an incredibly good job of is categorizing systems that have a need for content architecture. So if you have a department website, let's say let's say you work at a university and you're in charge of the department website . Drew pool is gonna be a fantastic option because you're going to be able to do a large amount of content architecture simply within the system, so That's point number two is higher education, and for what it's worth, there are a number of other really huge websites that are on droop away, one of which is the Weather Channel. Sure, most of you have heard of that, and as well as Nbcuniversal, which is a new one for me, I didn't know that. So while Drew, people might not be as big or as popular as WordPress. Clearly it's credible, and clearly they're huge organizations that are running this system. Okay, so let's take a look at built with dot com. This is a fantastic tool if you are somewhere on the Internet and you really like a website that you found yourself on and you're not sure what they built their website with, literally, you just goto built with dot com and type in whatever website you want to check out. Okay, so let's go ahead and check out the Web technology trends and then go to content management systems. All right, And so, as you can see here currently, droop. ALS is the number two CMS in the world, and actually, it's not as close as you may think. Um number WP engine. That's WordPress see panel. I'm I wouldn't even classify that as CMS and Google search appliance. Not something I'd throw into the category of CMS Jundallah, Squarespace, blogger, unbalance and wicks. Sure, Absolutely. These could be considered. CMS is or website builders. But the point I'm making here is Drew Polis far and away the number two choice for using a CMS. So what's click on Drew? Pull in. Just take a quick look at some of these statistics here. So, you know, I'm not just pulling this all out of thin air, so let's take a look. So this is the droop. Will usage, statistics screen and on the right, you can see site totals. Right now they're over 500,000 live websites. Two over. Well, about half of them are in the United States and you can see her. Historically, there are 1.7 million drew pols insults. That's pretty incredible. Down here, you can see droop allies won a number of awards on built with, so I hope that was helpful. And I definitely recommend checking out, built with and sort of playing around with it. It's definitely useful tool. So given all of that information, Why would you want to choose Droop a little over WordPress To recap Drew Paul has an incredibly active and lively developer community. If you're not a developer and you need to build a dynamic back end or build a website that's more than just HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There is an incredible amount of information available online that will help you solve pretty much any drew pool related problem that you might have. Number two is you might work in higher education. 71% of the top 100 institutions of higher learning use in the United States used Rupel and number three. It is the most formidable opponent to WordPress. So essentially, what I'm saying is, if you need a traditional CMS and you just don't want to use WordPress, you really should look a truthful. So why would you want to use a WordPress? And why are there more WordPress sites online? And to be fair, there are far and away more WordPress sites. It's not even close. I think it's something like over there over 30% more WordPress sites, and that's incredible because they're currently as we just saw, 500,000 active installs online of dribble. Well, the main reason for WordPress is the front end experience as well as the user. Experience is considerably and historically has been considerably better than Drew Paul. Another reason why you might want to use WordPress as opposed Rupel, is that you're a blogger, so blogging is incredibly popular, and it has been, since you know, the turn of the century. So it makes sense it a large portion of the Internet is actually run on WordPress. So if I haven't lost you and you still are interested in droop allow as your potential CMS , I encourage you to click on the next video and I'll show you how to install the system. 3. The Easiest Way to Install Drupal: all rights. Welcome back in this video, we're gonna cover how to go about installing Drew Pilate. I'm gonna go over the standard method that most people use to install Drew people. Then I'm going to show you why there's an easier way to do this. That involves Onley clicking a few buttons and this is not gimmicky or a scam or anything. This is truly the quickest way to get started with Rupel, in my opinion. All right, So if we go to Google and we type in how Teoh install Triple eight, what you will find is a number of links pointing to droop a warg, which is a fantastic site and fantastic resource. If you're getting started, withdrew people and you're looking toe sort of do a deeper dive on the technical aspects. There's a ton of information and resource is on. Drew pulled out or and I would highly recommend it. So let's go to installing drip away and take a look at what we have, so you can see right off the bat. Chapter three of the Drew Pilate user's guide cover server requirements, additional tools preparing for the installation and running the installation script Chapter four covers the next steps that should be doing after the installation script has been completed. Still with me. Okay, lets keep going before Drew Plate installation. You need a server. You need a Web server with the database and PHP. Step one. Get the code step to install dependencies with composer What's Composer. If you're new to Web development, that's probably confusing, especially if you read If you installed her. Updated the code based using get, then install required PHP libraries with composer except three created database. What The database step for configuring your installation. What's PHP. Step five. Run the installer Step six. Status check. Add composer to an existing site. What is the true Pilate quicks? Okay, you get the point. This is confusing. There's a better way to do this. So I highly recommend using site ground. And before I get into this, I want Teoh explain that there is a link in the description of this video. If you choose to use my link to sign up for site grounds, not only do you get a huge discount, but it also helps me build more videos, and I do get a small commission. However, I want to tell you that I've been As you know, if you've seen the Inter, I've been a Web developer for five years, and I would never promote anything that I haven't used or I don't use myself. And I've been using Site ground now for about six months, and I have to say it's incredibly powerful, incredibly user friendly and very easy to use, so I can't say enough good things about it. And with site ground instead of having to go through this ridiculous set up list, they have one click installer. And also, if you're not into Drew people, there's WordPress. But you're here for triple, so let's get started. So if you go to the bottom of this description, click on the Link. You'll come to this page, select reliable Web hosting and get started cause we're using Drew pool from here, you can literally get started for 3 95 a month again. See you get this special price if you use my link. This is I don't know. What is that, like 60 70% savings. It's pretty good. So with this plan, you get one website I'm actually on. I believe the Goa geek personally, but I key. I don't remember. Um but you can absolutely get started with one website and do everything that we're talking about in this video for 3 95 months. So let me show you what you really need here. Let's go ahead and just compare hosting features. You can see the grow big and the go geek. Of course, you get what you pay for, you get unlimited websites. The biggest thing that's holding you back on this start up is you only get one site. But again, if you're if you're just starting out, it doesn't really matter if you're going to start doing freelancing, at least go with grow big. But the key There are two key points that you'll need to really be successful in the beginning and installing triple this way One is this free CMS installation. So we have that and then number two. All this other stuff is great, by the way. But number two is under solutions for developers free ssh and sftp access and I will explain exactly what that is in another video. But this is the other key part for Drew people. So we have those things we're gonna choose. Plan. You can see you have a choice of either paying for 12 months or one month and make a lot more sense to go 12 months. Okay, Already have Web hosting with site ground. So I'm going to skip by this. But once you pay and you get through this screen, you're gonna go ahead and click on Websites Select New Website From here, this is really where the magic starts toe happen. You don't even need to have a domain name to use this. You don't have to in a domain name is like google dot com. Those costs around 15 to $20 a year. So you can with this with site ground method of built of installing a truthful site, you can completely skip over that and select temporary domain. It's part of the reason why I really love it. You can see down here that site ground actually gives you their own your own custom domain here that you can use to develop your site for yourself. And if you work with clients, this acts as a staging site. So what that means is, you can you can pass this domain along to them without having to go live right away. They can check out what you've done. Suggest changes in whatever and you move through your process without having to have a live domain. So it's it's a huge benefit. These are things that would take a ton of time to set up if you were doing this all from scratch. But with site ground, you literally can just click, click, click through the interface and have it done. So let's select start a new website. Then we're going to select other. And from this screen, we're gonna type in Drew people in the last here, and I will just go ahead and fill this out and click. Continue. You're gonna skip by SG site scanner. I don't use it. I really don't recommend it. If you're really concerned about monitoring your site at this stage, go for it. But this is maybe something you'd want to add on later in the process. I don't use it, so I'm just gonna go ahead and hit finish, okay? And when the site installer has finished, you will see this screen right here. And I don't know if you just heard that notification. But you'll also get an email with your log in info and everything that you will need to get started. So let's see what this is done for us. So let's go to this site and you can see up here. This is the staging domain, and we have a brand new droop. A website. This is pretty awesome. So I'm gonna go ahead and log in and we're gonna use the information we put in to start log in and here we go. This is a droop away. Eight, Fully ready to use and go website. Pretty awesome. All right, go ahead and follow along with the steps. In this video, you will have your fresh Struble site ready to go. And then you can continue on with the rest of this training. Siri's. I'll see you in the next video. 4. An Overview of the Drupal Interface: Hello, everybody. Welcome back in this video, we're going to introduce the Drew pull interface and become a little bit more comfortable with navigating around. So to start, we have a fresh droop, a website which we built using site grounds in the previous video. If you haven't checked that out, definitely go back and check that out. So the first area to start when getting into drew people and the first term that you need to know is the administration bar. So this black bar and this white bar at the bottom here, This is the administration bar, and that's exactly what it's called. This is where you will navigate throughout the triple interface. You can see we have a content section, which is where you will manage the content, add edit, delete anything that's on the website. We have a structure link. This is where you creates advanced features for your group will cite, like content types, blocks, menus and a ton of other things. I have an entire video on structure and content. Next, his appearance. This is a fun menu window. This is where you can configure themes and make your site look modern. The next link is the extend button, and this is where you will add modules to your group. Will cite. Modules are sort of like apples. There's an app for that concept modules or something that you can use in truthful to extend the site functionality, as you can see there. Next up, we have the configuration link. This is where you, ah, change like this title my website, as well as some of the other sort of underlying information about your site. Also, this title appear for search engines. This is where you'll configure that we have the people link that's pretty basic. This is where you'll manage roles and set permissions, the reports and the help Less important. But as you begin to dive into the droop will development. Perhaps the reports will be a section of dribble that you'll be using a little bit more. Okay, so this serves as a brief overview of the Drew pull interface your homework before you start. The next video is to click around the interface. Remember, we created a staging site using site ground. So while a lot of these menu items might be a little scarier, a little frightening because there's a lot of information. Andrew Pool. There's literally nothing you can dio that would put yourself at a disadvantage at this point. If you break the site, that's okay. You just going to cite ground, delete the site and make a new one? So that's homework. Item number one is to click around and see for yourself what these interface menus hold The other piece of homework that I would like you to do before you watch. The next video is to click on configuration, go to basic site settings and change the site name to whatever you would like to call this . So I'm going to call it skill share. Drew People development. Once you've changed that, maybe you need to change your info as well your email as well. Go ahead and click save configuration. You'll know that you're your change has been made. If you see this green success status message. Okay. Click around the interface, set your site name and then join me in the next video. See you then. 5. Setting Yourself Up for Success in Drupal: all right. Hello, everybody. Welcome back. In this final video, we will cover a few keys that you can take to set yourself up for success in Drew Pool. Now, the 1st 1 is that Drew people is a bit of a notorious environment. A lot of things can go wrong and a lot of things will go wrong. This is widely known in the droop all community. However, the best way to mitigate this problem is to actually do what we've already done, which is to make sure that when you're starting out, you're in a test environment. That test environment can be on your local machine. Or it can be on the Web through something like site grounds, as we've done in the previous videos. Along with that point errors, Andrew, people are a lot scarier than they seem. So I'm going to show you one air that came out of the box as soon as we installed this site that we can easily fix. And this will be point number two for setting yourself up for success. Andrew, people we are not using SS l meaning this is H t t. P. And not http s, which stands for secure. See, we don't have that set up on this site. We get all these errors, right? If you followed along with the site ground method of installing drew pool The easiest way Teoh to make sure that your site is on https is to go ahead and go over to cite ground and log into your account. Once you've logged in, click on websites and find the website that you're working on and select site tools. You will be taken to a dashboard screen from here. Go down, Teoh Security and SSL Manager. Okay, so make sure that you have your domain that we've created, selected and you can see by default site. Ground is not install SSL for you, so select the drop down menu and in the list of options, make sure you select Let's encrypt. That's a free SSL service. Click get. And what this will do is site ground will actually go out and install an SSL certificate for you. Now, this is really powerful. This is something that if you were at a large organization or you were trying to do this on your own, you would have to have some sort of systems administration skills to be ableto perform this task again with site ground. It's a one click install. Okay, great. And once you're SSL certificate has been installed, you will see this screen and now you can see down in sight ground that we have we indeed Do you have an SSL certificate installed on our I don't mean so there is one more step that we have to dio. And that is we have to ensure that https is enforced on the website. So it is possible to have an SSL certificate but not force your website to be on https. So? So fix that We simply need to click on https and force in the list. Make sure to just select that little check button. And now our site is secure, at least with https. So if we go back to our site and click reload, you'll notice that you will have to re log in. But right here you can see that our connection is now secure and we are forced to be on https, which is exactly what you want. So let's log back in. Okay? Now that we have ssl installed on our website the next step you can take to set yourself up for success. Andrew Pool is to make sure that you're using ah proper code editor. So there are two options that I highly recommend for this, and either one will work. They're both free. The first is sublime text. This is a fantastic code editor, and it comes with a package manager, which is a key points to understand. A package manager enables you to add APS or packages onto the code editor, which in turn makes it more powerful. So what that means is sublime comes by default as basically like just a blank generic code editor. But the package manager feature allows you to turn it into a powerful set of tools. And this seems true for the next recommended code editor that I would suggest you check out and that is visual studio code RVs Code V s code is a little bit more involved right out of the box. It has more things included. However, it's the co knitter that I use, probably more than any of the others. It's produced by Microsoft, but be on that it has the same package manager, that sublime text us or the same sort of concepts that sublime text does with their package manager. So you can pretty much turn visual, studio code and sublime text for that matter into anything that you wanted to be. Both are free to download, so I would suggest checking out both of these options, seeing which one you like and then installing one of these editors so that you can follow along with the next set of tutorials in this whole video, Siri's Step 34 Setting yourself up for success is really an optional step because in Drew pool what you'll need at some point. Unfortunately, as you begin to used Rupel and I say unfortunately, because this is really kind of like Dark Ages. But at some point you'll really need a terminal window t get into drew pool. And while there is a terminal by default included in your Mac if you use Mac and also if you're a Windows user on your window, it's really boring. And it's not really like a modern tool that I would recommend for me. Something like Hyper terminal is the best way to go. That's what I use. Hyper is the same exact idea and you'll you'll kind of see a pattern here. But basically, hyper is free to download for whatever platform you're using and out of the box. It's kind of just a generic terminal, but there are extensions and configuration options that you can use to make this application into whatever you want it to be. Okay, great. So once you have done those three steps and you feel comfortable with everything that we've done in this video, Siri's please feel free to move on to the next lesson in which we will learn how to turn this. This generic stock drew pull site into a modern website. Thanks so much for watching this first course in my Drew pool. Siri's and I hope that you'll stick around, and I hope that I'll see you in the next. Of course, take care