Why You Need To White Balance And Create Camera Profiles For Optimum Color

DENIS LEMAY, Photographer

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3 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Why Camera Custom Profile And Custom White Balance

    • 2. Creating Camera Custom Profile In Lightroom

    • 3. Custom Camera Profile In Adobe Camera Raw


About This Class

Most manufacturers offer standard profiles with their cameras, and your RAW processing software may even offer a profile for your exact model. But if you are looking for true, accurate color, you need to create a custom profile based on the RAW output from your camera in your shooting conditions.

Although it is possible to get the color you want through custom image editing, the faster, easier and more consistent method is to start with good color from a custom profile; then apply your subjective edits.

Custom profiles can be especially useful when editing a lot of images that all need to be consistent, like from a big event or a catalog shoot. If you are shooting an event with multiple cameras, ColorChecker Passport will minimize color differences by providing a starting point for each image in all of the cameras. Then, back at the studio, you can make all of your creative color edits from the same starting point.

This is a three segment tutorial:

  • Why custom camera profile and custom white balance.
  • Creating camera profile in Lightroom.
  • Custom camera profile in Adobe Camera Raw.