Why Use LinkedIn as a business tool in 2020 & Beyond Introduction | Teddy Burriss | Skillshare

Why Use LinkedIn as a business tool in 2020 & Beyond Introduction

Teddy Burriss, LinkedIn Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Speaker

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17 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. LinkedIn Statistics & Perspectives

    • 3. Introduce the Teacher

    • 4. Top 6 Areas of LinkedIn

    • 5. LinkedIn Profile Best Practices

    • 6. LinkedIn Network Best Practices

    • 7. LinkedIn Engagement Best Practices

    • 8. Benefits of using LinkedIn Search

    • 9. Benefits of LinkedIn Company Pages

    • 10. LinkedIn Groups can be useful

    • 11. Summarize the 6 Key Areas of LinkedIn

    • 12. Build a LinkedIn Profile Processes

    • 13. Build a LinkedIn Network Processes

    • 14. Build a Professional Reputation Processes

    • 15. Prospecting Processes

    • 16. Practice & Work the Processes

    • 17. Closing Remarks


About This Class

This course is an introduction to why you should consider seriously using LinkedIn as a business tool in your business.

I introduce you to 9 reasons why LinkedIn is an important business tool and then I drill into 6 areas of LinkedIn you may want to consider using.

I then dig deeper into 4 high-level activities you may want to begin doing on LinkedIn in order to reap the rewards of using LinkedIn as a business tool.

This course is designed as a primer before taking my next 4-5 courses regarding very tactical and action-oriented uses of LinkedIn.

I developed this course with the goal of getting my students to understand the Why before beginning to learn how.

Watch these video clips and take on the class activity before moving forward into the next series of courses.

As an added value to the students of this class, here is my newest ebook

20 Questions about LinkedIn and the Answers you need to know

Look for my other classes regarding using LinkedIn as a business tool. 


1. Class Introduction: Hey, this is Teddy burdensome, linked in strategist and trainer, And this is sort of a primer course where the introductory course to linked in and my intent is to really get you to understand the potential of using linked as a business tool and then the understand six high level areas of linked and that you should be participated in and using and learning. And then I'm a drill a little bit deeper into four very focused areas of linked in and give you a few more tips about how to get value out of using Lengthen is a business tool. Now again, this is a primer course. It's really just an introductory. The follow up will be the courses that I'm creating of regarding how to build a linked in profile, how to build linked in network, how to engage on lengthen, maybe how to prospect don't link in most of going to do a course here on using Lengthen Sales Navigator, and it's the sum of all of these courses that once you pay attention to him and study him and and do the place activity that I will throw down IE challenges, then you will develop yourself is what I refer to as a linked in professional. So I hope you enjoy this primer course. I hope you enjoy the ideas. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions in the course. Engage with me in any way because at the end of the day, my purpose is to help you become a linked in professional using lengthen as a business tool . 2. LinkedIn Statistics & Perspectives: Hey, this is Teddy Burst your linked in strategist and trainer, and this course is going to introduce you to why you should be using Link tens of business told today and in the future, pretty much regardless of whatever your role or your industry is. I'm a predominantly positioned this conversation around nine reasons. We'll talk about these nine reasons up front, and then I'll dig into them a little bit deeper in the rest of the course. But let's talk about the nine reasons Reason Number one. There are nearly 675 million linked in members out there, and that's and there are two new members every second. Now the U. S is the most is the largest, with about 167 million people. But there are other countries that are highly representative linked in India being number two, about 65 million. Now there are over 30 million companies listed. His 20 million jobs is a great place to be. If you're looking for a job or of your job, have job opportunities, you're looking for talent. You'd be out there so people can find your jobs and there are over 90,000 schools listed on linked as well. Here's the second reason Lincoln is the world's largest and most respected professional networking site, all industries across all spectrums of business, predominately B two b. But the B two c business Consumer Network is highly represented at this, an area that most people are not paying attention to and should be all levels of employment from Frontline. The board of directors of Venture Capital's listed a referenced out there there. There's divers, content, diverse groups, diverse conversations going on. There's something for everyone, and there is no hierarchy. As always, you come to the conversations in length in with something meaningful. His reason. Number three. I can see 52 million companies listed out there. Okay, and the reason why share that is because knowing how to find the company's, then you can then find the people in the rose in those companies that you're interested in getting into conversations with you could pay attention to those companies, and you could pay attention to those individuals. It's a really powerful researching toe. His reason. Number four. The content on LinkedIn is highly indexed, thus discoverable, not only on linked in but also on Google. You can use Hashtags to show up in the relevant group of conversation, and you get searched for this hashtags. You could build a powerful brand based on what you produce, what you curate and what you share on linked in. And you could also find people who are relevant to those conversations that content people that you may be interested in learning more about or getting into direct conversation with . And you can stay aware of industry trends by following specific hashtags really again. Another perspective of the power of the market research. His reason. Number five. It's a powerful referral network again. When you build a good Brando lengthen and you start connecting in meaningful ways and using linked in search, you can find people who can introduce you to other people more powerful than that. When you start using, lengthen effectively and building a relevant network in building your brand, you get end up getting what I refer to his anonymous introductions. People will tell others you need to hunt down Teddy. That really is a very rewarding area of using linked in an inappropriate way, and by the way, I'm all about warm introductions because I no longer want to cold Call his reason. Number five Professional branding by your words and actions. I lived this and I love it when you we are what we do, what we say and what we engage on in life, as well as on LinkedIn and other social media. So when you get into a purposeful process of sharing and, more importantly, engaging on lengthen, this creates an opportunity for your target. Already has to find you trust you, respect you. His reason. Number seven Lengthen Search engine is a powerful and really fabulous research tool. 13 Unique filters just in basic linked in you can use blue and search strings and basic lengthen. You could create focus search criteria to get the best results and build your ah workable list. And better than that, you can create save searches said Every week linked in. Send you an email says Here's new people need look at now about away. The basic linked in subscription free has a limited number of search results you can get, but that's that is still something you can work with when you norm to do it right. Reason. Number eight. It's a powerful recruiting tool. And this works both ways on both sides of the recruiting table of talent acquisition table . You know the old problem of finding a needle in a haystack? Well, it gets easier of link Dead. Yeah, you have 675 million people. But again, using the search tools and filters and using your network. Then you can find the right candidates or find the right jobs through search and through your network. His reason. Number nine people do business with those they trust and respect. When you use linked in to build a very focused professional presence, your profile. You created an opportunity for people to understand you better when you use lengthen to grow again a highly relevant network again. You're getting mawr of the right people into your network so that you can get the right people to see who you are, what you do when you use link. Then to share and more portly, engage all relevant content again. You're created an opportunity for your brand to be shown and discovered so people will in time learn to trust and respect you based on your content, your network and who you say you're through your profile When you integrate the use of lengthen it your day to day routine, it can create a great opportunity for your brand to shine, thus be trusted and respected based on who you say you are and what you do now. Understanding these nine little tips is Step one to figure out how to get the greatest value out of what I call this business toll, and the rest of this class will dig in a little bit deeper and we'll show some areas of linked and will talk about these different areas so that you can walk away from this course with a little bit of insight and ideas and tactics. To start using lengthen is a business toll. 3. Introduce the Teacher: Okay, so now we talked about why you might want to use Link. Dan, let's talk about some of things you can do on linked in to create real business value. And I'm a dig a little deeper into some six high level areas like Dan somebody a little deeper and a four sets. The best practices that you could be used to create value using link, tens of business all so a little bit about me. I guess Teddy bears have a Lincoln strategists when strategy to me means I play with it all the time to figure out the best ways to get value from it. And then I tried as a trainer, I trained people on how to do it, and I've been doing this for a long time. I started learning linked in in 2005 through seven. Oh, if I through 10 and then you know I had built up a pretty decent book of business in Lengthen played a huge role in that for me. Ah, big pipeline again linked in played a role in that. And then I decided to stop selling I t solutions and go on a journey teaching people how to use this, and I've been doing it pretty much full time since late 2010. I started doing it in 2000 and nine, and I Don, author of a blogger of video for a YouTube channel, do all kinds of stuff and my conversations pretty pretty much about one thing and one thing only, and that's lengthen. 4. Top 6 Areas of LinkedIn: So let's look at the top six areas of lengthen that you could be using, and you could be doing things with to get value from first of all, your personal profile, your linked in profile. Okay, when we talk about some ideas about how to make it focused, make it impactful. Make it relevant and informative to your most important viewer, or what mark in your 1st 2 is your target audience. Second area of lengthen is your network. When you get very purposeful about accepting invites, sending invites, asking for introductions, managing your lengthen network. Then you can create huge value around your network and Lincoln and beyond the sorrows. The third areas. You know, the whole concept about content content in your personal news. Feed your company pages, content events, content groups, you know, not only produce it in curating and sharing content, but engaging content. That's the Relationship development area of Lincoln. The next areas of search tools the sauce, the algorithms, how to use the 13 filters mastering save searches. You paying attention to the analytics that you get on linked in ah and you get analytics in all of different areas, depending upon your subscription, but even the basic length and yet some analytics that'll work paying attention to. I'm not a huge fan of linked in groups, but I think it is important to pay attention. Them linked is committed. They've said over and over again to rebuilding, linked in groups so they is worthwhile to be in them and pay attention. It's not a huge part of my business processes. Today, in the last area of linked in that I talked about a little bit. Is your on your company page. You know the idea of sharing content, giving content and paying attention to who engages in your content? These the six big areas that will talk about a little bit in this course to help you get value. 5. LinkedIn Profile Best Practices: All right, let's talk about the linked in profile best practices. Number one. You have to focus your linked in profile on your most important viewer. Too many people spend a lot of time building a linked in profile in light and thinking. They're talking to everybody and they're not your only you only want to build a profile focused on your ideal. Play it your target audience or what I refer to as your most important viewer. All the content in your linked in profile needs to be relevant to who you are and what you do today. It's very purposeful to remove content that is irrelevant. Remove content that does not support or represent you as you want to be represented today. They brochure not resume passed on Lee. Share the past again where it's relevant or shows professional growth to who you are today again, I repeat, think brochure. Don't think resume. Ford Motor Company's brochures for their 2020 F 3 50 is all about that model. The 2020 f 3 50 It's not about the 2018 model, and it's not about the F 1 50 It's about the 2020 f 3 50 You think the same way of your linked in profile. You need to think about and determine one of the right keywords for you to be using on your linked in profile and use those keys deliberately as often as you can in well written sentences is a another one having a profile picture? Haven't current accurate ICS accessibility and your contact information appropriate certifications appropriate, You know, relevant community service activity. There's a lot to different areas your linked in profile get to use appropriately, but the profile picture, contact information, certifications and your involvement in your community are important. Spell check grammar Spell Jack Grammar Review It updated. Don't need to say the words Spell check and grammar again. You want to find out how big issue that is good linked into a search for Mayor M. A N g E r. It's astounding. I mean bangers air out there and as your business changes as your roles change as your careers change, you need to go back to your linked in profile. An update to keep it current. These air a few impactful, best practices around building linked in profile. They could help you get the greatest value from building a decent profile 6. LinkedIn Network Best Practices: All right. Now let's talk about the next one. Building a meaningful linked in network about few best practices here. Number one meets someone new every day of your life. I'm a huge advocate of Meet someone new every day of your life and that includes connecting with them on lengthen where relevant and appropriate. Huge, huge, Best practice here's own, Never sent a LinkedIn invite someone who does not know you. Now I'm a little bit salt on this one. This is a best practice, but I'm pretty purposeful. But I really want to connect with somebody. I'm not going to send them an invite, I'm gonna ask. Someone introduced me, that person far more rewarding that saying the invites out every Tom, Dick and Harry who does not know you or who do not know you. Here's another one that all the invites you get you again do not need to connect with every Tom, Dick and Harry out there. So figure out who that person is, how they're relevant. You want to have a diverse network, you don't have an interesting network, and you also want to connect with what's referred to his influencers. But you need to vet all your invites. So you understand who that person is and what role they play in your business or you play in their business or career. Strive to get to know the most relevant connections. I'm not a huge fan of collecting business cars here. There are right here collecting business cards. Just let him sit on my desk. That doesn't make me money. Doesn't help grow my business. That's saying they were linked in amount. Advocate of just collect connecting with her body and period just connected. Try to get the you know, the ones who are the most relevant to you and how you do that as depend upon your level relationship today or how it could grow so you. But you've got to try to get to know the most relevant connections so you can move a connection into a conversation into an opportunity. There's no engage immediately simple, quickly and differently. Based on the connection again backed by up to the previous item, your most relevant connections, my engagement, my immediate engagement's gonna be different with someone who is highly relevant to me that it is with someone who is not highly relevant. So if someone connects with me and I believe they're our could potentially be a client, that my level engagement's gonna be a little different than somebody who connects Avi, who only wants to follow me and learn my stuff. So it's hugely important to think about engaged immediately the right way. Here's my last tip in this segment that is to develop, nurture and help your network in different ways. This is hugely important. It's called networking for Mutual Benefit. It's not all about grip it and grand and collecting business cards linked in connection to find ways to sell your widget. It's about connecting with people on developing and nurture the relationship in some meaningful way relevant to the potential in the opportunity. And then you'll discover the potential and the opportunity through the development and the nurturing of the relationships 7. LinkedIn Engagement Best Practices: Here's the next area developing a professional reputational Lincoln. Now this is important because people do business with people they trust, respect and light. And that level of trust, respect and likability comes through our engagement. So is 2020. Content still is important? I don't care what industry you're in. People want to consume content. They wanna learn, they want to be engaged. They want to be excited. They want to find ideas. So we have to be producers and developers. And, sure, Raiders of content that people want sharing relevant and useful content that are most important viewer can get value from. That's critical now. We don't need toe be a newspaper or television station or radio station. But our most important viewers looking to us for ideas, so it to provide them with that. With those ideas where we can, and as often as we can sustain, we need find ways not only to share content, but look for ways to get into conversations, find conversations that again are relevant, us relevant, a most important viewer, maybe from our most important viewers, and get into those conversations where that's in our personal profile. The company pages events group content wherever we can get involved in the conversations again to reiterate the content you share, an engaged on must be relevant to who you are and what you do and focused on your most important viewer that's absolutely critical. Otherwise, you're diminishing your brand. You're distracting your target audience or you're attracting the wrong people. Relevance is critical, and I love this edict that I live by right. Try to live by and never do. Sayer engaged on linked in in any Way. You don't want to be seen, heard or perceived oven life. Think about I could say deposit as well. Always do. Say it. Engage in ways that you want to be seen, heard or perceived openly, absolutely critical. 8. Benefits of using LinkedIn Search: So here's another area that of the top six. Pay attention to search tools. Figure out master. The search tools they're powerful when you learn to use them really are useful. The 13 different search filters and linked in basic to begin with, learn to use the Boolean search strengths. It's really a powerful way to search not only in the top line linked in search box, but also entitles in other areas in lengthen. It's fast. It is easy learned once you get your practice and experiment with it. It's got all kinds of abilities across most areas of lengthen people Cos groups content jobs, etcetera. So learn how to get in the way you learn to play in practice with him. You save searches is a really powerful tool available to all of us, including basically users. You have three search safe search strings and every week and get email from Lake Dan. Say, here's some new people you may want to look at, in my opinion, and the most powerful function of lengthen is the ability to search. Find the right people in the right companies in the right regions, in the right industries, in the right rolls, and then find people you know who can introduce you. Those people 9. Benefits of LinkedIn Company Pages: so linked in company pages is the other areas important to pay attention to everybody. Every company can have a linked and company page about everybody to have a baby. But you need to know what you gonna do with and how you gonna raise it. They're gonna grow it. Taken on, nurtured. Take care of it. Same thing with company pages. Just having a company page doesn't create any value. But having a company page that you manage could create value for your most important viewer and for yourself. So created company page and get your employees to connect to it. Shared, useful and relevant content with your followers. Company pages generate followers and you want more followers? What followers do you want? Your most important viewers, the ones who are highly relevant to you and your business create content and share it there . And more and more people may want to come and see what you have to share. Years linked in search to find other companies that you might wanna learn about company pages. A really cool is a great little focal point for your target audience to learn more about you and for you to learn more about individual companies. Follow active company pages to stay aware of your clients and your prospects. Heck, maybe even your peers. But if they're not active, you know why you want to click on Follow doesn't get Jenny value, but maybe they will start becoming active. Maybe, you know, pay attention, engage of your client. Engage of your prospect through company pages to nurture the connections. Now I get it. Most of us a company pages are all managed by the market apartment, not by other divisions. But there are ways to engage on a company page to pull your most important viewer. Your prospect, your client, into the conversations on their own pages and lastly, about company pages is a great place to find new employees who work at existing companies or worked at previously worked at those companies. And you can find the best connections through these companies and so that you could figure out a way. How do I get into a conversation with these people? 10. LinkedIn Groups can be useful: now not a huge fan of linked in groups I think they're worth paying attention to. The Lincoln has committed to investing money into groups and making them mawr of functional , more attractive mawr. Interesting for people to be a part of. We're really hoping they're gonna follow through on that commitment. They're two million plus groups on LinkedIn. There's a group for everything you could imagine across all areas of business in life that a group could have as many as a 1,000,000 members. There are a few groups out there that have 56 700,000 members, those huge groups. Sometimes they get, they get run over, and there are no value at that point. But the point is, you could make a large group. Groups have are typically all about people with a similar interest. Different, maybe different ideas and different perspectives related to that interest is really great place to find, you know, for groups that are active, find good ideas and good perspectives that we haven't thought about in the context of a specific area, business or life discussions could be of interest and a great place to be discovered. If you jump into the conversations. Most of it will think that way. You get into groups and they don't think about you know how to best be found is to show up somebody else's conversation, not just constantly barfing out your own stuff in groups, which is one of the reasons why groups diminish because people started using them inappropriately. Last point about groups is the greatest value of groups is the relevance of the network of people in the groups. 11. Summarize the 6 Key Areas of LinkedIn: so number one, you've got to build your profile. You've got invest time in building the right profile so that your most important viewer, when they look at your linked in profile, they're not confused. That's hugely important to make sure that when they look at your profile there clear as to who you are and what you do relevant to them. Second thing, you've got to grow your lengthen network and I earlier said, make a new connection Every day you've got to be purposely growing purposefully growing your LinkedIn network and very meaningful ways. Third thing is, you've got to get into a practice that you can sustain of a flip the words engaging on relevant content and sharing useful relevant content so that your brand congrats. So based on your content and you could be discovered based on the conversations that you get into, then the other area did. You gotta learn how to master the lengthen search tools again. 675 million people, 56 million companies except etcetera. The algorithms. The search algorithms of the research ability is just absolutely phenomenal, but we've gotta experience them to be able to master them and maybe I'm still not a big fan of lengthen groups. I don't want you to ignore them. Is to join relevant groups that you can find new ideas, new perspectives and new people. And lastly in these six areas, years linked in company pages and pay attention to other company pages for research and for your own company page to help your most important viewer. 12. Build a LinkedIn Profile Processes: All right, let's get a little bit deeper. Let's talk about business processes using Lincoln. Alright, so that's four areas of four primary steps of the overall process or set of processes that you need to think about, and Number one is building your linked in profile. You go a little bit deeper and talk about the impactful way you could build linked in profile and get value out of using. Linked is a business tool. Number two. Growing your network. Talk a little deeper about how to grow your network, some actions that you could be taking to get value out of lengthened by growing your network number. Three. Grow your reputation again a little bit deeper, some ideas and best practices in a process that you may want to consider to make link. Kenmore Impact avoid and last one is prospecting for companies, and people are not gonna dig too deep into that. But we want to talk a little bit about some processes that you might want to consider using that could get you value using like days business tal. All right, so there's the words building a keyword rich, linked in profile. That's the magic not just building a profile. Keyword rich. Now the only way you can build a keyword rich, linked in profile is if you're Claire on two things. First of all, who is your most important viewer? Often when I asked people who their most important furious, they talk about industry or company tight. They don't talk about a person in a particular role in a particular industry, in particular company. You need drive it down to the human Who is the person? Okay, social media, human, human network, not human to business or business to human. It's human to human. So knowing of your most important viewer is issue criteria. Number one. That criteria number two is what are the key words. The phrases that are important to that most important viewer in the context of what you do for them when you can get that figured out by the way it takes time is a journey, not a race. When you get that figured out, then you can move forward and create a really impactful linked in profile. And then you look at the 11 different areas of your other LinkedIn profile to figure out where can you tell stories share ideas and insights using these keywords in such a way, your most important viewers gonna want toe, learn mawr and become clear. You can write your headline your about section, which used to be called your summary section. Your experience sections all the different sections under publications. Populate your skills, get recommendation, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera again thinking keywords, thinking, telling stories, sharing insights focused on your most important viewer. All the content on your LinkedIn profile must be relevant if you have content and stories from your pass and different roles. When you were a cat wrestler and now you know your ah on Oil Tycoon, you gotta get rid of all that old stuff. Nobody cares about what you did back then, unless it's relevant to what you do today or shows professional growth critical. Most people think resume. They don't think brochure, and you have test keyword richness. There's lots of ways of doing that. You taking drop your linked in profile on the world document or do a search on your keywords or doing your on another word cloud to a Google search or lengthen search and see if you show up. Test your keyword richness over time as you move forward. And remember, I gotta say it's again. It's a journey, not a race. If you rush it, you will fail miserably. 13. Build a LinkedIn Network Processes: All right, let's talk about building a meaningful lengthen network. Let's get a little deeper into that. What that means your first of all. Remember this. This is a new philosophy for many people. Lead with give Not need. My first book is called Networking for Mutual Benefit. It's all about the context of leading with Give. Do Not Get permission to talk about me later. Lead with Give Otherwise can connect broadly and diverse. Lee don't connect just with your clients. Now I get There's lots of different ways people think about this. People think about different ways to connect a link in all time. I want you to think broadly and diverse, Lee, but purposefully, purposefully, really would get you a much richer network when you think that way. Just thinking about connecting with people who may be my next client that won't work. Never invite someone who doesn't know you were talking about this earlier. Get them to know you first. There's ways of doing that. You can ask for an introduction from someone in a mutual connection. That's a powerful way doing that. Another powerful way do that is a bump into them on social find content. They have a linked in or twitter of their blow over YouTube or wherever and engage in their content. I call that bumping into them powerful way to get them to know you now when you have permission, which means you've led with give, you could ask your network to introduce you to others. Now have a new off perspective buy shares called the Anonymous Introduction. This is where people I've never met introduced me to people I've yet to meet, people I've never met or talked to. That's powerful. And the reason that happens. I've gotten permission I've given, given them permission. But I've gotten permission for the introduced me because they see my content. They they learn for me or they end or they like my perspectives. It's an important way of a different, important perspective about network. You don't like that, and you have to care about your network because if you don't care about your network, they won't care about you. And here's what I mean about that. Don't disrespect your network. Don't ask your network to help you over and over and over again unless you're doing the same thing for them to begin with you don't get permission to ask for anything until you first done something to help them. And by the way, this whole idea about lead with give and building a meaningful network, you leave with give of new expectations. You don't do something for somebody today with the expectation that they're doing something for you tomorrow that will fail. So care about your network and they'll care about you. And if you're networking appropriately, your building relations appropriately. If you're leading with, give appropriately that is a form of asking for permission. You will get permission to talk about yourself and your business, but I'm pretty blunt. I ask permission for that and very meaningful, purposeful ways. Ask for permission and they're more likely to want to hear your story. 14. Build a Professional Reputation Processes: Now let's talk about building a professional and a personal reputation, usually so your reputation in life is a result of your actions and your words that's powerful. It's also really, really true, and not only in life but also on social media and in this context linked it. So it's important for you. Think about what are my actions, What am I doing? And what are the words I'm using? So I had this. Another ethnic I live by has never engaged on irrelevant content. If it's irrelevant to me, I will not touch it. I can't touch it here that don't want to distract others from the things that are important and relevant to me in the context of my most important viewer. Specifically, the linked in it is not relevant. I don't touch it. Now. I touch a broad stroke of content that's relevant to me in Rome, to my industry, my business, my network, my friends, my peers, my clients except center. So it's important for me to think about. If it's not relevant, don't touch it, and I again will Onley share content that's relevant and of use to my clients and my prospects. I e my most important viewers. Very purposeful before he hit that post button that ask myself, Is it relevant? And is it useful? Have an acronym I call true T R u H e transparent, relevant, useful, honest and engaging. It doesn't fit true. It doesn't go on my news feed. It doesn't go in my company. Page doesn't go on my YouTube channel. It's gotta be true. Have a adopted a 90 10 rule on 90% of the content that I share is not about Teddy, not about Burrows consultant. It is highly relevant to my most important viewer, useful with them. True to them, Timber set the time. One in 10. It may be about me, my business, my workshops, my seminars, my programs. But 90% of time. It's not about me just a little bit about me. Every now, then and by the way I say it's a journey, not a race. This is an investment of time. This is marketing 101 So you've got to come out with a process that you can sustain to keep the work going. The rewards will come if you are consistent about some process, and some sustainable activity. I promise you you'll get anonymous introductions. You'll get people saying, Oh, my God. And he had talked to you, Teddy. But you've gotta constantly building your professional reputation and your personal reputation. Think about the people that you trust and respect. Think about the people that you see on lengthen that you like. You like their style. You like what they do for you. And if you see people were doing stuff that you like, think about could you emulate them, not copy em, Emulate. Maybe their methods could be methods that you can implement. 15. Prospecting Processes: LinkedIn's a powerful prospecting toe. So if you gonna use linked in for research, you've gotta understand how to do it. I love linked in for research. I do not do prospecting. I do research. That's my very deliberate thought process and what I'm doing. Use a link it. So I'm researching to find companies in industries in regions and then find the people in those companies that have roles that I want to talk to or have a conversation with or get connected to. Searching for influencers. Searching for my peers. I can pay attention, them, searching for knowledge and ideas and perspectives content, different companies doing things differently, different people and in the same roles doing things differently. It's how we learn is we search for people were doing things that then similar Well, I'm doing what we're doing and how are they doing it differently? I refer to Does this look for people who play in your sandbox with your toys, or look for people who play in your sandbox with slightly different toys or they're playing with the same two ways, but they're using them differently. Well, this is really cool. This old model of research on linked in searching for companies, groups, organizations, associations, schools certain when you could figure out a use search to find all of this richness that's out there. You congrats. Go from this richness. Five people who can introduce you to other people, not just for business. Maybe just for ideation, maybe just a new friend, maybe a new collaborator, maybe a new business partner, maybe a new employees. I don't know. I often use these words you never know until you start. So you've got to start. You never know the value of a connection, Do you make it? You never know the value of conversation to get into it. So start finding ways to get into conversations with different people. If you're gonna use lengthen for prospecting. You've got a master, the search tools and you've got to set up saved searches. Save so much time when you create saved searches very focused, purposeful in the areas that you want to do business in and have lengthen, send you knew people and meet those criteria. Really cool wave. Usually pretty much anything in life was the value from it. What happened when we do what we need to do when we do what we know we need to do. So I use this race, do the work consistently and reap the rewards of the researching, the connecting and getting into meaningful conversations by way. Minimise co calls. I don't cold call anybody. I asked for introductions. I bump into people. Then I get into conversations. No cold calling for me anymore. There's only because I've achieved some level Burlington Network that has helped me pretty much in lemonade cocoa. 16. Practice & Work the Processes: this is important. You've gotta practice the process and you gotta work. The process built work on building your linked in profile and refining it. Getting it Mawr and Mawr and Mawr and Mawr focused on your most important viewer using the right keywords when I first built my linked in profile one to refer to myself as a networking strategy. So I built this whole model around Teddy Burst networking strategist. Now I still refer to myself. Is that but not all my marketing content. So when I built my LinkedIn profile based on that, a nobody knew what that WAAS be. Nobody was looking for that. And so my LinkedIn profile was not working. So I had to pivot, make an adjustment, and I changed my key words. That changed the way I presented myself. I still do the same stuff. I just use words that are important to my most important viewer. So you've got to refine that building your network. You've got to keep your lengthen network growing. There is no magic number about how many you should have. It's a new connection every day because you never know who that next person is. You connect with that maybe vitally important to your business on your career. So you've got to keep it growing you. It's absolutely vital. And I promise you that one day you're gonna connect with someone you to go. Oh, my God. I would never have met this person if I didn't first meet this person before that before that this person before that this person, etcetera, etcetera, work the process, practiced the process. Keep your reputation growing based on the content that you get in conversations one or the content you share, the information you give. You've got to keep practicing. There's not one piece of content that the answer everything. There's lots of different ways and whether their articles or simple posts or motivational poster or videos or images, articles, your curate articles, you write, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. You become trusted and respected as authority in your industry, based on the content that you touch and you share. You've got to keep doing that, and you've got to do research to find new knowledge, new companies, new people, new ideas that can help you grow your business. It's a business tool that we have to use in these different ways. to keep create value. And it's not like we have to spend hours every day, minutes, a few minutes, every day on and on and on. Regular regular regular. We don't jump on our telephone once a month and have a phone call in, Solve our business problems and create business value. No, we use our phone on a regular basis throughout the day. We use email on a regular basis throughout the day. We get into conversations with different people on a regular basis every day. Lake beds, a business tool. We need a use it on a regular basis every day. 17. Closing Remarks: people create business value using linked. And every day I do firsthand myself and a lot of my clients do. And I just recently did a ah campaign where I collected 11 success stories about people, different people, different industry, different roles that they created success using linked it. It's because they use it, not because they have it. Okay, so my lengthen proof I'll today it just tested. This is February 2nd 2020. I get 700 profile views every day, every month. Okay, that's a low number for me, but it's a good number for me. That's 21 2200 profile views. Every 90 days I get an email or a linked in message weekly. I got a phone call last night on Friday night from a guy. I want to talk to me on a Saturday about a potential opportunity, and I've never talked to this guy before, But I promise you he found me a link that it could happen for you as well. I asked for and get worthwhile prospecting introductions daily on a regular basis. I will send someone an email, someone that I have some level relationship with. I will ask them, Introduce me to someone else and they do it and you could do this to. And this is critical. I do not have to validate myself with references or letters of recommendations anymore. My lengthen profile and my content in my lengthen recommendations and my engagement validates me. It's really, really powerful when you think about it in this way. Too often, people think I need all of these testimonials and I get it. I like testimonials as well, but testimonials by themselves does not create value. What does create value is a well scripted presentation of who you are. What you do focus to your most important viewer and content engagement relevant to them. I'm Teddy Burress Millington strategist and trainer, and if I can help you in any way, don't hesitate to say hi, and I hope you take time. Look at the other courses that I have out here that can help you use LinkedIn as a business all