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Why Teaching on Skillshare is Exciting!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Ss1 why I am excited about teaching on Skillshare

    • 2. Getting started doing the work to make a skillshare class

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About This Class

Take this class to see why I am excited about taking my teaching on Skillshare to the next level!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Ss1 why I am excited about teaching on Skillshare: why I think teaching on skill share is a great opportunity to do every day. I'm jury BNFL. I'm grateful. This is the first video I filmed exclusively for skill share, and I'm planning starting today to do new classes on skill share each day. What I hope is that this review of my first year teaching on skill share will give you an idea off. What potential is available on skill share? And I hope I'll show you some of the reasons I'm excited about skill share. So this is my skill share dot com slash teacher stats. So I went up here and I looked on my teacher stats. I'm grateful Skill shares paid $5700 which is amazing because earning that kind of money has been very difficult on most websites. Most of the places I've taught online earning the 1st $5000 has been very difficult and on skill. Share, by comparison, has been relatively easy, so I'll show you the data on my skill share account. Now the amazing thing is, I've just kind of passively done skill share at this point. I've made courses for other websites and then just tried to put them together and throw them up on skill share. This is the first video I've actually made just for skill share, and I'm now seeing that skill share is the best opportunity. I have to work with 1/3 party, two as a partner to make my video courses. That's what's really exciting. So even though you could say I haven't taken skill share very seriously, whereas I've taken teaching on other websites and taking teaching on my own website, making audiobooks seriously skill shares just been something I kind of did through together at the last minute. Tried to quickly test out. But now I've tested skill. Share enough that skill share is ready for a daily work commitment. Skill shares ready for the big time, so to speak, in my mind, skill shares ready for my full time and attention. Now here's what's amazing. I haven't hardly put anything new. Late Land skills show I've put around 30 something courses on skill share, most of which I produced for other websites, all of which I produced to make on other websites. And I just threw them up on skill share because why not? Let's see if they do anything. And I've been amazed that the royalties I've earned on skill share even though I have not done anything specifically for skill share yet. So this to me I've tested skill share out for a year. I could say I've done the minimum. Honestly, I've done the minimum on skill. Share and skills to share has still compensated me really well for it. So these little royalties I've got doing the minimum This motivates me. I want to see what I can earn doing the maximum. What can I learn? If I put a new class every day on skills share, I bet I can earn ah, lot more porting our new class on skill share every single day. In fact, I would guess I learnt 100 times more. Given enough time, several years, maybe I would guess I can earn my effort. I've put only about 1% of my effort in the skill share if I've put some more effort into skill. Sure, I think there's a great opportunity and there's several reasons. So I've looked around skill share ah lot. There's one thing that's really nice about skill share skills. Sharp actually gives a $10 referral every time I send someone over is the subscriber for skill share. Now, I haven't even tried on my referrals and I've got to referrals now, one of them. I just used my own link yesterday to sign up. I feel if I'm going to teach as a premium instructor, I'm only going to make premium videos available for your paid member. I ought to be a paid member myself and watch other people's videos, too. So I just signed up. I figured I might as well use my own affiliate link to make sure it works. So I just signed up yesterday. It instantly notifies me within just a few hours that I've signed up in that the have a pending payout. Then according to date, and then one of my students on you to me, I don't even know how he found my skill share account. One of my students on you to me actually went and signed up over here. Now I work with him as a freelancer, so I have no idea how he even came over and found my skill share account. But skill share this $10 for every referral when I used to teach on another website, I estimate I brought at least 10,000 new paying students into their website. Now think about that. If I bought 10,000 new students in the skill share that be $100,000. I'm not saying I do that in the next week or two, but over several years I think I have the ability to bring 10,000 new students to skill share. Now that's $10 I get just for them signing up. This, then, is just for students watching. The most powerful thing I've found in teaching 70 plus courses online is that doing teaching consistently each day making new videos every day. You give people in the habit of watching some of your classes every single day. I think skill share provides an ideal platform for this, and I have not done this at all. Yet on my classes I have not had any consistency in putting new classes up, and still skill shares provided a great reimbursement for what I have done. I have talked to some other instructors who are making much more than I've made so far, and they're taking skill share seriously there putting up new videos on skill share on a regular basis. So I'm really excited to get started both with the referral program and then with making new courses on skill share. I think there's a great opportunity today to take skill share seriously, so I'll show you how I'm getting started with that here. 2. Getting started doing the work to make a skillshare class: The amazing thing is that even though what you see on skill share here that I've earned 5700 and I've got all these visitors and followers, which is amazing, I've never created a skill share course myself. My friend Joseph actually made this account for me because I paid Joseph toe work for me for over a year and iced said, Joe, get my courses up everywhere you can. He made this account on my behalf, and Joe actually did all of the work putting all the courses up on my behalf. Now that I'm not teaching on any other websites, I'm not making other courses for other websites besides my own. Now I'm just doing this on skill share for the very first time myself. Which is crazy because thousands of people already spent hours watching my videos on skill share, and I've never done anything except, say to Joe to go put them up there. So here's my initial experience just getting started with the teaching in her face. After having used the teaching in her face on lots of other websites. I like that I can just quickly upload videos here so you can see the last video here. I want to edit the title here now Why? And now I know my exact naming. I want to name it in exact accordance with the file name, so it automatically goes up here. So I'm already learning little tips and tricks to save time getting this course published. So on this very first lesson here, I like that the videos air simple and easy. And this is nice because I have a great recording set up in here that I do for live streaming. I can pretty much just do the same thing. I do what I try and do. I'll show more about this in another course. I have wire cast up here. I just hit the recording button. I start talking. I hit stopping the courting button and then I upload it from there. I've got practice making thousands of videos online. That gives me the ability to just talk smooth, not always perfect, but pretty good, with no script without having to sit there and crunching on every single detail until I'm absolutely sure it's perfect. I've learned that it's better to put out a lot of things that are pretty good than to try and put out a few things that are perfect until you know exactly which areas you should really put the time and energy to make something that is perfect. But no matter how much you edit something, it never gets to be perfect. So it to me, one of the most important things I've learned teaching online is be willing to show my imperfections that, willing to be a little bit vulnerable, to ramble a little bit sometimes to repeat and really let an idea sink in, that I'm trying to teach to get some criticism that my courses suck because they're not perfect in exchange for getting lots of people saying your courses so honest and genuine. I love that about them. So I'm taking that same approach on skill share, which is proven to be really effective teaching everywhere else. So I've got this first video up and skill shares. Minimum for classes is 10 minutes, while the maximums 25. So I'm planning all of my skill share classes to be 10 to 25 minutes long, and I say planning, I'm really planning to just produce 10 to 25 minutes of skill share classes each damn not actually sing their writing them all out. I'm trusting that if I love doing the work on skill share, then it will get up there within the requirements. So I first made the last video. I recorded it. Now, between the videos I've recorded here, I picked a quick title and skill share. Seems to prefer short titles, because if you then start doing these ah longer title, you notice that gets dashes quickly. So I obviously have a problem rambling sometimes and making things longer and trying to get every single keyword in what I'm going to try and skill shares making short, nice class titles. And I've titled this Why teaching on skill shares. Exciting Because that's exactly what I am experiencing today. After a year of just having my friend Joe put my videos up and create the teachable, all the things you see on here jury is not perfect. Go back and edit and no, I know it's love Perfect. Joe did create my teachable account where I host all the course on my website. Also, after a year of just having all of this happen with Joe doing the work for me. I feel that's the best honest tiling make. I'm excited about teaching on skill share after all of the other people who are looking at other videos. I put a title up that I hope is exciting for other people that communicates what the classes. Now I've made the class description here short, and if I go to publish it and skill share says it's not long enough, then I'll ADM or same thing with a class project I've reviewed and set up a class project. I would like you to essentially do the exact same thing today. Then I'm doing skill share. After all the things I haven't even paid attention to online skill shares suddenly developed into something. Now I finally see that skill shares an amazing opportunity, an opportunity, as I've been searching desperately for a new platform to teach on every single day because teaching on my website is just it's not a great way to go for teaching every day. I want some word a partner with I can teach on every day and skill share seems like a great opportunity to put a new video class up every single day and do some good for the community . So I that's my project. And that's what I'm just completing this project of fewer. I looked around in my life. I prayed and I saw the opportunity that was already in front of me. Amazing. Here. I'm looking for some new website. I'm already in the middle of what I need. See if you can find something today that you are already in the middle of what you need. See if you can learn and discover the opportunity you already have in front of you. So that's the last step to make a class project. And I hear my daughter and my wife for home. So I'm going to end this class for today. I value your feedback on it, and I'm going to continue making new classes with us often as I can. Thank you for watching this, and I hope you've enjoyed the class