Why Teaching on Skillshare is Exciting!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 84 Skillshare Classes

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    • Ss1 why I am excited about teaching on Skillshare

    • Getting started doing the work to make a skillshare class


About This Class

Take this class to see why I am excited about taking my teaching on Skillshare to the next level!

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Generally exciting and inspiring to see Jerry coming back to teaching and doing what he does best!
Michael Suppo

Your Superhero on Skillshare - www.suppoman.com

Jerry has been developing courses for years and has found Skillshare to be one of the best places to share his knowledge.
Happy to see you here Jerry! Let me know if you want to connect to share what is working for me as SS instructor. ;)
Diego Davila

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 84 Skillshare Classes

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