Why SMART Goals Fail and How to Fix Them | Ed Stanfield | Skillshare

Why SMART Goals Fail and How to Fix Them

Ed Stanfield

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8 Videos (41m)
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About This Class

SMART goal and objective setting methods have been in use for decades. More often than not - the goals and objectives fail to meet their targets.

Does a process conceived pre-internet still work today? 

This short class shows you how to improve the basic SMART process and also introduces 4 new concepts that go beyond SMART to address objective setting in the internet age. 

These lessons will give you skills and tools to apply to every project, goal, and objective. The result will be a dramatic improvement in actual vs forecast results - no more projects that are 10% complete with 90% of the budget spent. 

Learn more here: A Cleaner Desk





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I've managed projects using SMART methods for over 30 years in a variety of roles:

Engineer, Project Manager, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Business Founder, IT Manager, Executive.

Working for a global telecom company, co-founding a small business and now working as a solopreneur gives me a broad perspective on managing the SMART process.

I know the challenges of the manager, the individual contributor and the people that are starting a business and functioning in both roles...

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