Why Most People Fail - In Business & In Life (Part 2)

Mike Iser, You can be do or have anything you want!

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4 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction

    • The Water Pump Story

    • Most Don't 'BELIEVE'

    • People Don't Do Enough of This + Wrap Up


About This Class

Are you stuck in your business? Not sure what you need to do next?  Not achieving the goals you want as fast as you would like?

In the upcoming videos, we're going to look at the common reasons people fail in business and in life.

Once you've completed this class, you will know what the most important things are to focus on to take your business or life to the next level.

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***Note: This is Part 2, if you missed part 1, click below:

Why Most People Fail - In Business & In Life (Part 1)

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Great communicator, I like how you dissect the problem into parts and gives solutions with real examples that anyone can understand ! The kind of instructor that I want to listen to in other areas too !





Mike Iser

You can be do or have anything you want!

Hey everyone!

The 3 areas which I am producing videos on are:

Internet Marketing Self Development/Self-Help Weightloss/Muscle Building

When not at my day job, some of the passions I pursue are internet marketing, self development and bodybuilding.

I'll be teaching you the success tactics/techniques and principles I have picked up in all of the above fields and sharing it with you throughout the courses I release here on Skillshare.

If you have any questions about m...

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