Whiteboard Animate like a Pro using Photoshop, Premiere Pro, OBS Studio and Toonboom Harmony | Christopher Leach | Skillshare

Whiteboard Animate like a Pro using Photoshop, Premiere Pro, OBS Studio and Toonboom Harmony

Christopher Leach, Never Give UP

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9 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Setting up Screen Capture Software

    • 3. Cleaning up your Line Art With Toonboom Harmony

    • 4. Photoshop Line Trace Process

    • 5. Green Screen Removal

    • 6. Blending Clips

    • 7. Scale Clip to Scene Resolution

    • 8. Adding a Vignette

    • 9. Export and Conclusion


About This Class

This class shows how to create unique whiteboard animations with a personal touch only limited by your artistic talent. This will be a 5 Part Video Class, so stay tuned. Great for Explainer Videos, Advertisements and Story Telling

During this class students will learn the following- Setting up OBS software for Screen Capture, Line art Clean up in Toonboom Harmony, Setting up Photoshop for Whiteboard animation, Post Production including green screen removal in Adobe Premiere.

At the end of this course you should be able to produce whiteboard animations with complete creative control over the end result.

This class is created using a system I have personally developed while I had to create a white board animation, that saves time yet keep my creative freedom in tact. It took me 3 months to develop, you will learn it in a few minutes.

My name is Christopher Leach and I am the animation director at CG&Emate multimedia design studio with 10 years of animation experience. You can visit my site at cgemate.com to get in contact with me.

My Class is for all persons who desire to learn- but having the ability to draw will be beneficial. See you in class.


1. Intro: Hello. Hello. Hello. My name is Christopher Legion Army, the animation director at CG. Anime It Today I'll be sharing few Some things concerning the concept off whiteboard, animation, whiteboard, Animation is the concept off. Taking a drawing and watching at that drawing draws its sell. I have been in the animation industry for over 10 years on the tips and tricks that have to share with you are going to be some really sweet awesome tricks. Now, what were an emission is one of the best means off communicating a message because it has this capability off grasping a person's attention for a fairly long time span, which makes it a very awesome medium for storytelling. So I'll be sharing with you a technique I developed for creating awesome Barbara Animation . I remember the first time was told Weber Animation. I was told you have to do it frame by frame little by little, and I was saying to myself that takes too much time. So a sat down on the thought over it from months trying to find out what would be the best quickest way of doing it. That will also give the best results. So I hope you have fun together as we learn about this awesome medium. See you there 2. Setting up Screen Capture Software: All right, We're gonna look at the software or be estudio. In order to download obeah studio, you have to go to all be as project dot com again. Mobius project dot com on there you would download Obi Estudio. It's free and easy to use isn't install. And it's a wonderful, wonderful program. All right, we're going to do We're going to set up our O. B s studio to screen capture our software now, just a tip. You want to have a screen that is very high resolution, so four case green would be perfect. But even if you don't have that great of a screen, there are some trace you can still use toe boost your resolution inside off, Premier. We're gonna look at those as well. All right, So forth. We're gonna go to our settings now. My centers are gonna be great out because right now I'm recording. But generally you would want to set your video parameters. For example, they have my campus at number 2019. 80. It would also want to set either location that you're gonna be recording to. I'm ready. Recording to my videos on the quality would be high quality. Once you have those sets, that is no set up actual system. All you have to know is that there are scenes and their sources. Once I've ever seen King of what you're seeing as an empty canvas and never gonna put stuff onto the campus we're gonna put that would be our sources. So what kind of sources do we have? If you look at the plus same down here and click that plus sign, you have audio input, capture audio, open capture bro's or color stores display capture game capture image, media source scene techs You don't capture device windows Capture group. There's something different types off basic and as. But for this, when I want it display, capture this play capture, which means that the entire screen is going to be captured in video format the way we're doing our white board, any mission if you look closely as they moved my course around, So is there also Kherson moving in the background a small way dot moving. But as we're doing our web our animation, we don't want our brush to be seen. You want our breasts are are cursor to be invisible. You wanna turn this capture Crestor. Oh, Now, even though I'm moving my most, there's no most moving in the background. That's very important press. Okay, that's the first step to set up O. B s studio far recorded, and everything else is set up. Really? Just come back Toby s and press record. 3. Cleaning up your Line Art With Toonboom Harmony: Hello. Hello. Hello, everyone way are once again looking at whiteboard animation. And today we're looking a little bit at the cleanup process off the whiteboard animation. So we're into harmony right now, I want to introduce you to a couple of tools. Gonna look at different base. We can clean up our work. Yes, it kind of is possible to do your clean up in four shop, but when you're doing it for some is a bit more tedious. You tend to have to try to make sure the lines are more exact because then you have a love erasing to do and generally is a longer process. So let me show you how easy is in to boot. All right, let's get some basic navigation out of the week. If you want to zoom in, you depress the number two. If you want to zoom out, you present the number one. Likewise, you can also use your scribble for zooming in on out. Next, you can press control and all that allows you to turn the screen around on. Lastly, my press in space bar, you can pan your screen from left to right. Good. So right now We need some tools that we can use for creating our clean Leinart. You have some choices. You have the pencil tool, you have the brush tool. He also have some ellipses. You can use your line tool, and I think about the lane tool. If you press control, you can actually bend your line up and down really, really handy. If you need to use that quickly for some clean up and you have your polly lying tool, you can use a draw your ships by pulling the handle. The good thing about the brush tool as well is that you can make life easier while you're drawing by turning on the stabilizer from off toe average. That would give you cleaner Leinart. And if you change it from average to pull string, you have a little string. They can pull your lane around, mix like very easy when it comes to having nice, clean lines. I believe that now there is something else that's really, really nice. Called the cutter on is very, very powerful for quickly cleaning up your work. If they use the brush tool and draw two lanes that criss cross each other like that and then I'll do the same thing with the pent soul tool that's compared them. They look identical. But if I pressed T, the letter T quickly struck across them like that. Then what happens is that we have nice, clean cut, quick, simple, easy for cleanup versus the pencil tool that was brushed just now. But with the pencil tool in a crisscross, we see we get the little gaps appearing, which is not completely ideal. There is a way to get a room that's but basically begin, but those nice, clean, sharp cut you are gonna use the brush tool to make your lanes. But there's a difference if I use the brush tool for editing. If I click on this button, which is the Contour editor on, I took on my line. Noticed that in the the I'm able to edit the inside of my line by Editor Lee that. But if you want to edit to the brush, the brush and it's are on the outside because entity thickness and thinness of your brush, which is cool too right now for cleanup, isn't like that would be a big disadvantage for the brush versus the pencil But recently never to was added, which is the centerline editor, which gives the brush the exact same abilities that the pencil line does Alice still keep the? Then that's off your piece of right now for clean up. The best tool would be the brush tool. Birth is the pencil to seven. And now do some clean up on our sketch art quickly. So here we go. It's clean up time. - Alrighty . Then we have just come to the end of our session and what I'm gonna do before the beginning of the next session, I'm gonna go into water shop and trump in that color. So in our next session, we're gonna do we gonna set up all the photos up layers for the actual recording process off the white board. 4. Photoshop Line Trace Process: today, we'll be looking at the actual white board an emission process re carding off the drawing off the work. All right, At this point we're gonna be doing, we're gonna be cleaning up the arm where we're gonna use the magic one tool to make a selection that would then be used for raising on drawing the lanes. So we have the later work. Want that every pixel of the line art will be selected. So we have two ways you can press the Leinart and selected, but when we do that, generally, it wouldn't select every single pixel. I'm gonna do this quick demonstration to show you that if I just add a few colors here and there when it is time to select the pixels, we just catch, like everything we want. So suppose you want just like everything. What would we do? Well, what we could do instead, instead of trying to select on individual color using the magic one tool, we can select the outside. That should be the waiters, you know, that that selects everything on the old side. And then we're gonna ember this election right? Click and select in verse. That was select all of the pixels on the inside. What is the next step? We have to create a nuclear somebody just quickly select the whole side of the lane Art. That should be the white area. Then who? Inverse that selection. Let me just create a new Lear here. So that's the lane earlier. Make sure my tolerance is off to zero because you want only the way to be selected. So tolerant. Zero now, right Click Select inverse number of Manu Earlier. Onda, I'm gonna paint that bright green a neon green. Know this So you will have an idea what we're doing. I picnic green and so that I'm gonna erase the green. And as I raise the green, Then the lane art was show underneath. So you have the green layer that we have the lane earlier, below that See on at the point off. This is the Mr that the Lane Art Lear is completely covered. I agree. We don't want any semblance off that letter earlier to peep through the green. I'm gonna add a mask to this. No, Now I added a mask. A draw on the mask. Clear it. He raises the green area. No press X Then I will be painted weight on the mask. Clear on it will bring that back. So X rays is from the mass layer. On day X again means you're drawing a white. And that brings back the mask. No, we have that that mission you. The tests were no testing the joint we want to do you want to draw on the mask? Clear and nice and smooth. Take your time and draw over that Green Lear wonderfully, then. Excellent. So at this point, I am going to speed up a bit and we're going to get through this process of removing all of the green from the drawing. Now, the question is, why are we doing this? Thought is that you're gonna take this recorded afterwards into premier. Everyone remove the green using green screen movie, which then medium theory. Wherever there is green, we will be seeing white eso. It will appear as if the drawing is drawing itself. Now is to be noted that earlier I did the same thing toe my color layer is part of me. So I did that also to the cull earlier, I created a new layer above it. And opinion that lira green as well on the savory ridden the green for the light not live. Gonna raise the green bar the color earlier as well. You want to put your green screen and your Leinart in a group, then the means can and color art in a group and in skin and a background in a group. That way you can strictly and easily turn different groups on and off. All right, we'll finish of the Leinart. Now we're gonna do the same thing. Bar the color are so here I am. You raising the windscreen area on the color are on. Remember, we are not put in the lane art with this way. Turn off the Leinart. And we're right now just coloring and the color art. What we're gonna do in the next section we're going toe, raise them so that they back at the same time in the editing process. But for now, we just want to make sure that the color art on Leinart they are completely separated that way we have less issues to deal with in the editing process. All right, so, in conclusion, this is what we did again. Whatever is that you want to be drawn or you select the outside of that area you want to be drawn on, then you right click select inverse on. Then you create a new layer on. Then you paint that new layer in that area. I selected green, and then you wouldn't put a mask on to that of the mask onto that. They were gonna present a mask on E on drawn the mass, which then raises the green area. And while this is going on, we have in the background Obi Estudio Ricard, in our work with our cursor sets to invisible. All right, see you the next video. 5. Green Screen Removal: we have officially come to the end of our whiteboard. An emission session. Whoa! We could feel good about that. Just one last thing we need to do. We need to do our posts, work cleaning up the green screen. So as we discussed last class, we would have been creating green copies off all of our Lears so we could remove it via the green screen effect in Premiere Pro. So we are in Premiere Pro. Now you're going to click on your video clip Goto effects type in ultra key, and you're going to drag the AL Turkey effect onto the clip. Then you going to go over to your effects controls, Take your color picker and click on the green screen and boom right away. We see something has happened. We have just removed all of the green. So we have some blacks Suren through. We don't want any black store through that. Black is actually the invisible background, which is there is nothing there. So what we're gonna have to do, we're going to have to create a color. Matt saw that the transparent area Well Oh, wait. A stroll through instead off black. So we're going to right. Click anywhere in the bin area, which is this area here. Right Click New a term color, Matt. New color, Matt and I'm gonna choose the color. Pure white are You can use the color picker Andi just to make sure and let the color of the white area in your work. And we will just place this white color mat underneath, as you can see instantly. All the area that would be transparent is no white. That was just black in the weight, but it's still seen something faded looking hair laws off our green screens. So we're going to go into our ultra key on the take those values so that we will have pure white showing instead of any halo effect. So we have some options we can work with at the open Our ultra key. Let's trade the choke. It's Addison chalked that news that it would expand the area that is being transparent. Let's turn up the contrast that we anything that Speedy Green will still be considered as green and will be taken note and we go and check back about the composite on. It is perfect. Sometimes it isn't exactly perfect. So you might want to play around. The set is a bit until you find what works best for you to generally would play around with the mark cleanup that you will even test stuff instead of the match generation on DA. Yeah, I always remember where protested test inside of the Alfa Channel. The Alpha Channel shows you exactly what is transparent on what is or P. That's the purpose of the Aboriginal. What about the composite? Andi? It's perfect. Know what's happening here You're seeing there any press? Please, if it seems you were getting halos but rather see that just the program program works, they press stop. It shows you what is actually happening. Which means that we don't see anything when it stopped. So it's fight is perfect. So once we explore this, you will have our whiteboard animation done awesome. 6. Blending Clips: Hello. Hello. Hello. Once again, we're looking at the Whiteboard Animation Concepts and we right now deliver if the adding the color into the lander large were doing in the previous video the previous section. So to do that, we're gonna cut our clips up, use a knife tool to cut our clip and we drag our drawing up will go to an area where our color ends. There's a cup there as well. Place another, cut their with our knife tool and then we'll bring it around to start somewhere after the drug would have started. Right now we see the droids on top of were not seen, any of the color story through below. So we're gonna do We're going to go to our drawing layer and change the blended mood off are drawing near so that it blends differently. So similarly, how you have blending modes in four shop you have the same type of blending modes Also insight off premier, which is really, really cool. So we're going to go to our blending modes at the top, go to O capacity, then marching from normal to multiply again, changed from normal to multiple a and now we're seeing the color on the dry and being drawn at the same time. Awesome 7. Scale Clip to Scene Resolution: okay, Time to re side to screen for things not to do. Gonna set this sequence into a new sequence are there? When we say that new sequence to resize it, we're going to go to our effects. I we're going to go to Crop, we're taping Crop, and we're going to grab the crop effect and drop it on to our clip. Now, we're gonna go into our effects compartment going to go through our crop, and we're going to change the left top right on bottom values, which would crop off all the information we don't want. And as I said, if you have a four K screen, this would be much, much better means that your work will be much cleaner, at least going down toe, maybe 2080 screen. So I'm gonna cripple all the information I don't want by these handles on. Then I'm going to we scale it again. So here I am, affecting the positions change in position handles to get more centered on. Then I'm going to just scale it up. Good 8. Adding a Vignette: so in closing the last is we have to worry about now would be adding our vignette, which is very easy. All you have to do to have been yet. Take your sequence right Click Mick New sequence from current clip Onda Go to effects the mutual color Been yet other bottom and change the handles. I usually would change the bottom handle first. We should give me a better idea, as the wise actually happening with or vignette. Now, doesn't that look nice? It gives a nice, sweet finish to your work. 9. Export and Conclusion: okay from here. All of you to do then is to exports, and we are finished. So? So, in order to export, to go to file export media and you would just change a setting in there, you'll change your former. To put it in will be 8.264 Very good format. You can also then use that you're de submission. Set your names. Make sure is set to render a maximum quality. Then you export so they have it. You've just come to the end of a whiteboard on the mission. And here we see our Weber animation. This is what our finished product looks like. This is what your should look like. It was great being here of you. I look forward to seeing what you produced.