White Rice 2 Ways: Simple White Rice and Party Rice | Lana Petruzzi | Skillshare

White Rice 2 Ways: Simple White Rice and Party Rice

Lana Petruzzi, Gluten Free Baker. English, Italian & Portuguese

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2 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Basic Everyday Rice

    • 2. Party Rice


About This Class

In this class, I will teach you 2 of my favorite ways to make rice.

In Brazil, we are very particular with our rice. Some families like their rice with onions and garlic. Other families like their rice soft. Some even like to burn the rice slightly. Everyone has their own prefrence. I'll be sharing my favorite simple recipe: with garlic paste and the rice is cooked al dente.

From this basic rice, I can make a more fancy, party rice. This recipe is very flexible. You can take out ingredients as well as add new ones. It tastes amazing hot, cold, with chicken, and fish. It can be prepared 2 days before your party.





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Lana Petruzzi

Gluten Free Baker. English, Italian & Portuguese

My passion in life has always been cooking. I'm a trained chef and a self taught gluten free baker. For the past 16 years, I've had some major food allergies to soy sauce, chocolate, and gluten. I'm a former chocoholic so I think I may have deserved that one, but gluten was really hard on me for a while. I had to adapt all of my old recipes into new, gluten free ones, and some of my recipes are also dairy free. I love creating new recipes and being gluten free challenges my culinary abilities...

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