White Foxgloves Watercolor: Shaping Whites With Spice Of Life | Olga Peregood | Skillshare

White Foxgloves Watercolor: Shaping Whites With Spice Of Life

Olga Peregood, Speaks: ENGLISH | РУCCКИЙ

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6 Videos (16m)
    • White Foxgloves Watercolor: Shaping Whites With Spice Of Life

    • Welcome

    • Shaping whites with spice of life

    • Passing throught doubts and starting to really see

    • Final!

    • Teacher's Thoughts


About This Class


This demonstration of painting white foxgloves from my garden in Belarus was laying for year and waiting for editing and finally published. This is my new 6th class here on Skillshare!

Using palette is deep and cold but white foxgloves on final painting don't look cold. So glad to guide you trough common doubts on how to move next and start to really see your subject in beautiful wash. Still wonder how just 15 minutes class include so much tips and tricks how to paint white subject on white piece of paper!

I wish you get a wonderful insights and ideas for your art in this class!

Followed by her popular class on Skillshare "Watercolor Treasure Chest: 7 Techniques For Amazing Watercolors"





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Olga Peregood


Olga Peregood, professional artists and watercolor adventurer, shares her enthusiasm for her favorite medium - watercolor. Her style is very playful. No drawing, no sketching - and beautiful flowers, animals, landscapes are beautifully appearing! Follow this very talented artist how she does magic on a paper in the most beautiful of mediums - watercolor.

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