Whimsical Faces: Drawing Basics

Jessica Sanders, Artist, Instructor, Designer

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13 Videos (1h 3m)
    • Welcome :)

    • Supplies

    • Book Recommendations

    • Basic Proportions

    • Face Drawing Part 1

    • Face Drawing Part 2

    • Face Drawing Part 3

    • Face Drawing Part 4

    • Face Drawing Part 5

    • Face Drawing Part 6

    • Face Drawing Part 7

    • Project & Thank you!

    • Bonus: A Bit About My Drawing Journey

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About This Class


Hi, I’m Jessica Sanders, a self-taught mixed media artist who loves exploring art and sharing it with you!

In my new class, Whimsical Faces: Drawing Basics, I will teach you the basics of how I draw whimsical faces. I love keeping it loose and abstract, yet having a touch of realism in my art.  I want to share that process with you, and the skills you need to create your own whimsical faces.

In this beginner drawing class:

  1. We will walk through the supplies, resources I’ve been using to learn to draw faces, and I will do a short journal flip to share a bit of my journey of drawing faces.  
  2. We will learn very simple proportions for faces.  
  3. For the project demonstration, I will take you step-by-step through a monochromatic drawing, sharing my process and tips along the way.  I have created bite-sized sections for this drawing so that you can draw with me!  Simply pause the class, draw, then continue watching.
  4. Last, but not least, it’s project time!  - this is my favorite part!!  I want to see your process and your practice :)   

As always, let go and enjoy the process!  Don’t be afraid of making mistakes!   Everyone makes mistakes, it is part of the learning process.  The key to improving is to keep going - accept your “mistakes” and move on!  Keep practicing.  You can do this!!

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Very informative and easy to follow. A good beginner's class.
Jessica is a wonderful instructor. Super clear and fun :) I really enjoyed this and will probably watch it again so I can follow along to her expertise once more before I start to try on my own. <3 Thank you!
I love your work! Very inspiring!





Jessica Sanders

Artist, Instructor, Designer

Jessica Sanders

Artist, Instructor, Designer

Hello, my friends!  

I've just posted a Bonus Lesson in my class, Watercolor with Me: Loose and Juicy Summer Fruit Slices :)  I love cherries!  Especially fresh cherries :)  So, I decided cherries would be a great summer fruit to paint, and you might like to watch...maybe YOU will even paint cherries!!  Wouldn't that be awesome?!


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