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Which career information underline in a resume

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8 Videos (28m)
    • Bad Words for a resume. What are?

    • Avoid the bad words

    • Know: Do(s) and Dont(s) write in your CV

    • Prepare before you

    • Describe your career achievements

    • Strong career information in your CV

    • Ideal length of your resume

    • Your resume has all the necessary information to be hiring


About This Class

One of the biggest factors that can determine the success of job search and the application or CV of job seekers is the information they give about their career.

There are many hints and tips online to find yourself with an effective resume book. A particular problem in the minds of those who work is: what is the ideal length of your resume?

There are people to send the resumes that are 30 pages that come with copies of various certificates! If you continue to do so, you could make a big mistake. Remember, however, that you do not have to write an autobiography, it is useful to have a resume that is concise but much elaborated.

 Join this class and know which career information underline in a resume!






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