Wheel of the Year Tarot Spread and Timing | Heidi Snelgrove | Skillshare

Wheel of the Year Tarot Spread and Timing

Heidi Snelgrove, All you wanted to know about Tarot

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8 Videos (36m)
    • Wheel of the Year Information

    • The Spread Layout

    • The Big Picture

    • The Seasons

    • Month by Month of the Cards

    • Putting it all together

    • Refocusing a Reading

    • What's Next?


About This Class

Master this advance Tarot Spread class to work with spreads that deal with timing.  We will walk through the spread while looking at how timings work.  It is something readers get asked for often but it can be something readers shy away from because making a querent understand that timing is not an exact thing.  This class also talks about how to help a querent refocus a reading with an outcome they do not like.





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Heidi Snelgrove

All you wanted to know about Tarot

Hi. I'm Heidi. Sometimes I go by MysticTree. I have been reading tarot for over 30 years. I was the editor of the first paper Tarot Magazine and have been teaching and writing about Tarot for over 20 years. I am excited to be offering Tarot Classes here on Skillshare. .

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