Whatsapp for Business | A Gamechanger for Small Businesses | Megs Hollis | Skillshare

Whatsapp for Business | A Gamechanger for Small Businesses

Megs Hollis, Let's #dodigitalbetter

Whatsapp for Business | A Gamechanger for Small Businesses

Megs Hollis, Let's #dodigitalbetter

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5 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction to Whatsapp for Business

    • 2. Exciting Features & Functionality

    • 3. Whatsapp for Business vs. Whatsapp API

    • 4. Whatsapp Pay

    • 5. Thank you for joining me!

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About This Class

Ever wondered what Whatsapp for Business does and how you can use it to explode your small business? In this masterclass, I will take you through the key functionality in Whatsapp for Business and what it means from a mobile marketing standpoint. I have witnessed the meteoric growth of this app over the last two years, with the immense interest evident from the people who find and engage with my content on Youtube. I am confident that the more people who know about Whatsapp for Business and its powerful arsenal of tools it offers, the more widespread it will become. 

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Megs Hollis

Let's #dodigitalbetter


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1. Introduction to Whatsapp for Business: Hello everyone and welcome to this course all about WhatsApp for business. Now, what is my interest in WhatsApp for business Exactly, Well, I'm actually a YouTube API, makes videos all about digital marketing. And I've experienced over the last two years, my WhatsApp for business of videos will consistently perform the base because people are so curious as to what this platform can offer them and their business. Now, I live in South Africa and because we're a developing market, we do see quite a lot of shift in terms of heart e-commerce as Dan and we actually often referred to as m-commerce. So mobile marketing or mobile commerce is especially kind of permits alter our economies because we have a large informal sector. But whether you are from a developing nation or a Western nation, you'll see that WhatsApp is slowly creeping into our lives more and more and fundamentally altering the way that we do business. So I'm really keen, It's a sedan and unpack, this nifty tool with you guys today and how we can really use it to revolutionize how you do business. So first things first, we're going to unpack what the key differences are between WhatsApp and WhatsApp for business. And this lies in the functionality of whites Apple business. It has a whole layer of additional functionality that is not present on our normal WhatsApp. And so that is of course what makes it so exciting for small businesses. But first things first, it's actually just chat about the fact that initially it was launched from an Android only perspective. But it is most definitely available the Android and iOS, and it is completely free. So no additional fees. There's nothing that she needs to be aware of before you download WhatsApp for business. The one thing that it does cause a lot of confusion, which I'm just going to get right out the way off the bat. And that is the fact that you can have whatsapp and what's ethical business running on the same phone. However, please note that they need to be linked to different numbers. So you cannot have WhatsApp and WhatsApp for business around him over the same number, you need to have two separate ones. So for example, you could have your normal some cod and have that be linked to your WhatsApp. And then you would buy a secondary, some COD. And you don't have to have that sum caught in your phone necessarily. You don't need a deal. Some phone, you just need to have access to that number to receive the onetime pin that you initially will get when you install WhatsApp for business. And then you can kind of disregard that some Simcott bearing in mind. Some cuts do of course expire after a certain period of time. So just being cognizant of that and making sure that it doesn't expire while it's live in your role. So with that kind of carrying out the way, let's hop straight into what's helpful businesses functionality. 2. Exciting Features & Functionality : The part that gets me really excited is the WhatsApp for business functionality. So when oneself for business was initially launched, there were a handful of key functions which made it one app from WhatsApp in a business sense. But now I think it's quite plain to see that there are a number of really essential functionalities that juvenile wind, if you are doing any kind of business on WhatsApp. So let's start with that. So when you like into your WhatsApp for business, you are going to see an additional tab called business tools. And this is where things get really interesting. So under business tools, you are going to see about eight additional functions. So the first is the business profile. This is pretty much like think of what you populate into a Facebook page, a little bit of a blurb, logo and so forth to tell people more about your business. That's kind of the purpose of the business profile. Then you get the catalogue which allows you to showcase your products and services individually. And this is one of the newer functionalities that I believe really does make WhatsApp for business a game-changer. Then you have four new messaging tools. The first of which is an away message, the second is a greeting message which will welcome new customers automatically. Third is quick applies, which allows you to reuse frequent messages. And then finally, labels, which allows you to colour coordinates and label the inbound queries that you're getting on your WhatsApp for business line. In terms of other tools, there are two additional tools that you can look at using and that's linked to cancer and a short link. So linked accounts is actually linking your WhatsApp for business profile to your Facebook page. And a short link is what is going to allow you to share your short link with your customers so that they can easily start a conversation with you. And that'll be in the form of sharing the link, cocking the link, or actually initiating a QR code. What gets people to your WhatsApp for business profile. So that is really your business profile. So in terms of WhatsApp catalog versus where things really started to get really, really great for e-commerce and as I said, m-commerce. So the catalog is fabulous because it allows you to add images, item names, prices, descriptions, you are as an item curves. So essentially what you're able to do with the catalog functionality is creates a many shopping experience which encodes or e-commerce platform. And bear in mind that you still need to have a checkout page on your website. So it's not to say that people can easily check out natively within what's app. That they can get a really good sense of your menu. They can possibly put in an order. They just might not be able to pay just yet. Once a pair we're going to get to at the end of this course that is not officially or globally launched yet. It's been launched in two countries. So at least here in Brazil or India, it's unlikely that you'd be able to complete the purchase journey on WhatsApp for business. But you can see that it's really fantastic forming those leads and getting people to the point where they're going to convert. 3. Whatsapp for Business vs. Whatsapp API: So something that also causes a lot of confusion that I loved to clear up right here is the difference between the WhatsApp API and WhatsApp for business. So WhatsApp for business, as you can see, is basically a parallel app which enables you to have a little bit more tools at your fingertips when it comes to WhatsApp is intended for small businesses. So I can't imagine that a large corporation would necessarily derived huge impact from WhatsApp for businesses, an app. However, small business owners who do a lot of kind of messaging on WhatsApp already. This is really going to be a game changer for them. If you have requirements which are and above the functionality which we've just run through it. When in regards to WhatsApp for business, it is likely that in fact the water API is what you're looking for. So the API is actually what allows you to do some really exciting things with the WhatsApp platform. So this would require some sort of custom development. So you would need a developer who really understands what's going on in regards to water. And it will allow you to build custom user flows. So we see often with airlines. So airlines, for example, would want to issue your boarding pass, give you updates on whether your flight on time or not. And sadly that just doesn't. And WhatsApp for business. So you can see that the key or core use case of WhatsApp or business is small businesses, medium businesses who already use normal last WhatsApp quite extensively versus the WhatsApp API, which is really trying to walk you through a quite a lot more complicated user, Jamie. So I hope that that kind of clarifies the core differences between those two. So the first misconception that I'd like to address in regards to WhatsApp for business is in terms of the so-called push messaging capabilities. So the expectation of a lot of people when I start speaking to them, OK. What's up for business is that it'll allow you spray and pray kind of auction. So to message everyone in your phone book and send them your menu and just save a lot of those heart bond kind of messages. And that's not exactly how this works. So in the same way that with a Broadcast Group on your personal WhatsApp, You can actually only have 256 contacts receive a broadcast message. Groups similarly work in the exact same way. You can, of course, set up groups, but people can leave those at any time. So it's not to say that WhatsApp for business is necessarily going to give you a broader set of options in terms of students up there. So Facebook, which owns Whatsapp, has kind of made it its mission to ensure that these are high quality interactions within WhatsApp as facilitating. So what this means is that it has preferential, that people are contacting you and you are then offering them that's really high level of customer service through the tools on WhatsApp for business. Or if you've chosen to go that what's our API? Read through the Watson API and really have this one-on-one and meaningful conversation. It's not a bad like an SMS or text kind of campaign where you are pushing your message out there and sending to lots and lots of people. So something to kind of ponder is the fact that you can set up a broadcast message, but if someone hasn't saved you in the phone book, they're not going to receive your comes at all. So you will essentially see one tick to show that that message has been sent. But you'll never see that second ticket. That person hasn't saved you in their phone book. So it's really helpful in mitigating people not receiving this kind of unsolicited, these unsolicited messages or unsolicited spam. And so it's important to note that Facebook really does keep that at the core of everything that they're trying to do with WhatsApp. And other thing that you cannot do with WhatsApp for business. And people think that maybe you would be able to be able to disable the fact that people can still call you onwards Apple business. So they can call or video call you at any time if you are using WhatsApp for business. And so if you don't want this, unfortunately there's no real way around it. Because by periods in the white circle present profile, you're basically telling people to engage with you and that's one major part of that engagement. Other thing that's worth thinking about is if you have multiple staff members and you're not just a one man band, is it possible to actually have multiple accounts linked to the same number? Sadly, at this stage it's not. So one key person would actually have the phone, the WhatsApp for business phone, and that would be the only person that can actually send messages. It's not like you can have team members that can engage from the various devices. It really is kind of all listed to the one phone number. So I hope that that also doesn't put you off WhatsApp for business. It just obviously means that the person with the phone linked to the account is the one that's going to be in charge of the room is doing nothing. And a final misconception that people asked me a lot of art is what central business surveys. So people really wanna gone at what experienced people are having with their business and they want to use WhatsApp in order to facilitate this. So it's a great question. But sadly, you will need to still use a third-party tools. So for example, Survey Monkey or Google forms, you could actually incorporate a link, maybe even in your quick replied that at the end of the transaction, you say to the consumer, please give us a testimonial or recommend us or give us a net promoter score. So it's not to say that it's not possible, it's just that, that functionality would still sit a little bit outside of WhatsApp for business. 4. Whatsapp Pay : Let's talk about what a tap pay. And I am sure you are all dying to get your hands on WhatsApp pair because for me this is really what's going to unleash the true potential of WhatsApp for business. So essentially what's happening is what's our pay is available in India. That's after it was released as an initial pilot. There were a lot of concerns from the courts and the bands, which is kind of prohibited of full rollouts. And so I think, and I mean, this is my speculation, but Facebook then turned to result, which is another developing market which has a great WhatsApp penalty. And it tried to do a nationwide launch there. And what happened exactly the same thing that had happened in India with the bags and the kind of governing bodies are very cautious around this whatsapp pay concept. So that is something obviously to be mindful of that if it does launch in your country, it may be quite some time before it is kinda ubiquitous and very readily available. But we're hoping that these kind of core pilots that are running in these various countries are gonna enable Facebook to have a bit more of a blueprint in terms of how to actually do these big roles. But what exactly is Facebook or WhatsApp pay? So it is such exciting functionality, it's basically intended for B2B use, so it's less applicable to WhatsApp or business. That's still very much there. So what the kind of core use case would be if you and I went to the movies and I wanted to pay you back for my seconds. I could then just WhatsApp you my whatever my date is to you and it put them at pair. So of course, I would have linked a credit card or a debit card to this account and it would allow me to quite seamless V8 transactors you and there would be no transaction fees in that instance. But I'm guessing that were WhatsApp is planning on making as many as of course, transactions which would charge you a similar feel like you would be used if you swipe your card and emergent. So it's really going to open up a whole host of possibilities. But as I say, these kind of governing bodies and legislation, legislative challenges are posing to be quite a difficult thing for Facebook and WhatsApp to overcome at present. So in terms of the spread peer messaging that you were hoping for it and do not despair because I still believe that broadcast messaging and group messaging is going to give you an edge as an organization. I'll explain to you exactly what I mean. So a large organization wouldn't even possibly have more than 256 consumers necessarily. So if you are on an HR team, you can in essence add turning 56 staff members to your accompany group. And you can change the settings on WhatsApp so that only your HR admins or your kind of internal communications team I able to post and you then have the opportunity to send as many updates as you like throughout the day or a week. Obviously, not to kinda frustrate your employees. That you can really keep a finger on the pulse in terms of new stories and what you want your staff to know that. And in the same way that we've discussed how potentially you could use surveys. This would serve in an incredibly useful fashion to someone like HR and an employee engagement seems to actually unpack how your employees are feeling if there's ways that you can better serve them as well as assuring things like websites update. So we've loaded a new blog post or for example, beautiful video content, the radius so much that you can do that doesn't require you to necessarily reach or consumers of bed, rather, it could actually be channeled into that employee engagement component that most businesses often battle once I pull where that's going to work in the exact same way on WhatsApp for business as it does for your normal WhatsApp. And I would highly recommend using this because it really makes typing so much easier to actually link us up to a computer instead of having it just linked to your phone. So it needs to be in range and you need to have lengthened. Bad. Other than that, I mean, whatsapp for web is really a useful tool regardless of which WhatsApp platform you're engaged and on. And I wouldn't forget about it in the business sense either. 5. Thank you for joining me! : And then he really is the core or introduction to WhatsApp or business that I wanted to give to you guys today. I really hope that it was super valuable. If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear about it. So please do let me know how you found the course and how you find WhatsApp for business isn't something that you use within your small business. Or you may be looking at the WhatsApp API and really lead to understand where you are in your WhatsApp Janie. And until next time I cannot wait to see you in our next course so that we can continue to do digital data as well. What exactly is your assignment? Well, I'm so glad you asked. So your assignment so simple. All I would like you to do is to set up a WhatsApp for business or profile, upload your profile picture, populate your description, your URL, your e-mail address. Just get it as app and running as you possibly can before we continue with the rest of this course. Because I think it'll really help you to unpack what exactly the functionality is a one-sample business and how you can use it for your unique business need.