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What's your creative identity ? 4 Exercises to brainstorm and composition

teacher avatar Mehreen Hashmi, Curator/Visual Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Visual and conceptual artworks

    • 3. Lets play a game of name, place, thing and animal.

    • 4. What fruit, place, animal and thing are you?

    • 5. Find out our awesome compositions

    • 6. Choose and draw

    • 7. Final thoughts

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About This Class

Throughout these years of curating and exhibiting internationally as a multidisciplinary artist and being creating some provocative as well as highly conceptual art, I am sharing the start of my creative process so you can also have an awesome career as an artist or a curator or any other creative professional. 

Visit my website http://www.mehreenhashmi.com . You can watch videos of my on-going projects on my channel https://www.youtube.com/c/MehreenHashmiMH/ 

Some artists, choose the visual approach whereas others want to go for the conceptual approach. There are several artists thriving in their careers while producing high-end Avant grade art.

But Do you wonder about how do they find out the wow factor in their work? Or how to start your brainstorming?

How to find out your own style of work which can mesmerize the audience by your creative process?

You have got all the skills to paint and draw but are you yearning to be a creative genius?

In this class you will be learning ;

Start brainstorming and finding your own muse. 

Begin with your very own conceptual approach while creating a unique composition.

Learn to be a creative genius. 

Create awesome compositions for your audience. 

So, if you are ready to be that, join in



See you in class. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mehreen Hashmi

Curator/Visual Artist


Mehreen Hashmi, residing and working in Karachi, Pakistan is founder and curator of MH Initiatives, and MH Online curated art gallery featuring renowned artists of Pakistan and international artists.  In 2019, She has curated a traveling project called 'Kabutar; which is a cultural exchange between Italy, Turkey, Netherlands and Pakistan. She has curated Pakistan's first art summit, Karachi Art Summit' in 2017. She has been exhibiting her multidisciplinary artwork based on art activism globally and have been part of several projects in Europe. Her work has been reviewed several times by pioneer art critics. She has taught for International Baccalaureate  and Cambridge systems and have worked as Head of Department for four years. 

About her work as an artist ; ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: My name is Manoj me and I'm an art curator in our guns and dens, visual artist or Multidisciplinary artist, and also running my online art gallery. I also have been teaching since last ten years for different levels of art education. I also have a NGO. Odd channels behind the art scene is a CDs were I am educating the masses in my country, Pakistan and MYCIN eager algae about artsy, how R works out of the market, how to make an artwork for the weekend, subscribe and watch all about my projects. I have curated grass yard somewhere into the 117, and I have been meeting since last year's rewarding young, young artist work and taking their work to another level. It's a lot of work, right? So I've been doing it since last ten years. Do we exactly. I started as a fine artist in 2009 and now I am internationally acclaimed as a multidisciplinary arts that you can see on my website, the UHD 4K, two ohm orange. Just check out my profile. And so about all of those experiences combined my skills, might want them to approach my brainstorming, my browsers work, my criticism, I have been writing instrument as an entrepreneur, cooking oil, those experiences and skills, if it leaving is here free, invite losses. You can learn a great deal of tuning period of skills means to eat your portfolio as an artist or any very professionally. And another limited. A lot of us know about How do beans I'll do draw, how to sculpt or how to illustrate what we need is logs and why should we do it. There are a lot of artists who are doing high and avant-garde art work and they are going towards international marketing. That's why there is a reason that some of us know how do beta equity work? Some of us know that how do Benin alpha2 in awesome ways of composition and the audience rootsy law when they look at your work. So out of these skills and exceedances combine, I'm here to improve your creative thinking process, as well as our composition. Which meant improve a non-art of cuny, which about a five is doing share our IV user to start our process where phi numbering mules or inspiration and involve our conceptual approach. My glasses are also good for creative professionals who are in the works of art are ingredient, nursery for drug designing, logo designing all of dyes, running campaigns, graphic designing. How ever you have to improve your conceptual approaches? I'm shooting my own exercises which I have designed three. So you can also enter and thrive in your career as an artist or a creator, good professional or in industry, or are the oil probably for hours every week. So let's get let's get started. 2. Visual and conceptual artworks: You must get watched my introduction. If you are watching this video, I will sort out in our gallery and I have benediction of local artist with me. I am residing in Karachi in Pakistan, but I am exhibiting and curating and different countries including Europe and Asia. I have access to words, good, OK, works which I am going to show you in these galaxies is ad as an example. And that's the best part of or quite gorgeous engine alsos, I'm not sure you, we imagers Bart and asked you wouldn't talk work. So here is one. This is a visually based artwork. And I have another one for bone structure work. 3. Lets play a game of name, place, thing and animal. : I personally love this exercise because it is very basic. And I created this exercise from a game that we used to play in our childhood mean plus take an animal so we can go for name tank, plays animal. A place. Which table are a fruit. Okay. So, right, just your name for the sake of fun that it's you and you're figuring out yourself anywhere, figuring out that what you are and me again, hulking, will have to start yourself, express yourself and enjoying. How would you do that? So 14, I am, I can say if I'm like a bird because I love to organize everything and I have a lot of globe, so I love everything in a box and four day then unorganized and labor then. So I think I am like Albert channel, if you'll open my plug, everything is enough about George. I am getting a lot of stuff right? Normal these days, mosques in them to advertisers. We all intrude me getting that stuff. And otherwise, unimodal in my animal. It's not supposed to be a favorite animal, but it has to be resonating and relating with your personality traits. So think of yourself. I have done this exercise with a lot of students of different ages and delivers and backgrounds. I've done some non-profit work as well. So everybody has loved this exercise and believe me, you have figured out something. I will tell you why I am spider, right? Organizers. So I remember what I do. Powdered dried these in words because words are like a one complete victory is spiders are independent. I'm very independent and I am living by myself since I was drinking three yes or very late age. But in Karachi, Pakistan where I belong to, it's, it's, it's totally not acceptable to do that. So that's another story I will tell you some other course. You can find it on my website. So let's come back to the exercise. It spiders are strong. They are creative because they agreed a web in John Lennon or VD and they live on there. They can also hunt as well if they meet. So these three roots are my thing. And I think I must butter plays is, again, we are safe place as well. It doesn't have to be where I spiders spiders are living. It can be any place. So for me, places room where I am always by. My, my new series is about spaces and how we you, your energies, your winds, and how you organize your things. And every room has a personality, please room or it can be a Beach as well. But this is something my safe space, my comfort zone. And I have this welcoming treat as one that I am a good war Stan, I have an order of people, friends dumbing lower-end any or all fit in one room. And we have a lot of memories here and Saturday nights, it doesn't look big, but it has everything that I have. So excited that you have your bite. I work in my studio and I sleep. I have like a small bed in MySpace. So, you know, I have this habit of sleeping in my job. I know it sounds weird, but that's how I like it. And I work and stay in studio where I live in works or, you know, it's everything for me. I'm working on difference minus b x1 Ezra, you sleep, you eat, you, you change yourself, you get dressed you with this as you know, in your safest space, it can be anything. It can be the Git can be outdoors old, so it can be a tree as well. It can be another Gobert Israel, you have to take off your place that What is connected with you, what's your safe space or where do you want to be or something like, you know, you plan to roll or things like that. Which table I would go for. I'm a Lady Finger. Bart lie Lady Finger because VR 3D picky with the Lady Finger doesn't goal with everything in every which IED was with very particular. Which other rich tables. So if solo, I come from Indian cuisine, so I come from Asia. And Lady Fingers are made when most of these solo and became good friends. And be worried would say I'm at MV word person, not extra word or not intrude award. It goes with the leading finger, doesn't move with everyone. But if it wants to go into was well like for example, legal get either unknown or buses then does or things like that. But, you know, it doesn't work with everything. So food, I can say I am BoolMin grenades. He figured out this spelling for granted as a lie. As I've said that I am a Lady. Finger and pomegranates are plane upside. It has a crown on the top, so it shows some of their jom to people. They are MPI word, I'm a speaker is row four, bug Leica speaker. I do share my stories and everything, but when it comes to personal life, I have three or four friends. So I am there and everybody doesn't get to see what's inside. You know, hidden charm. I would say that, you know, when you didn't need days, I would say or let's be nice with yourself. I wonder we nicely, but so far, no. So let's say hidden charm, so therapy but more fun than everything, but they don't like to be out there with everyone. That's me. So very if I am the Eagles to someone, I like to get connected and I show my flaws and weaknesses and what bards and everything to that person. But if I am not friends, review them, you won't see a North above me. I'm already Brahmin person. I don't share details to every one of so that's how it is for IP woman going, It is mine. I am a woman going. So you know the odds, the details are there. And if you see that woman gradients are also organized by nature inside the I-V and show you that the nation with all of that, that how does it make sense organized by nature if we gotten so you know, what is this organized diploma greener, disorganized. The Gobert is organized. So you don't know enough to organize. And you'll see that these two connections, spider independent. They are kind of loners as well because they survive alone. I have the same issue as relatively myself, so are independent. And then solo Lady Finger is also Solo and clean and hidden enemy and organized. And again, it's a one on one. It's kind of the word quantity as real, again in poor man, grenade because then they're not open to everybody. You know, you have to come close to it and then open it in a way and it takes time and then you get to see all the details of a booming Bernard. And if you put it on a person, I'm the scene kind of version that, you know, if some people have to my friend's half to figure it out and then, you know, I'm not so proud of it, but then that's how I know. So MV word and organized and independent organize, cupboard, solo Lady Finger. So we don't have to draw bought James Lady Finger and boom in red. And because these two are organic things, you can choose either pomegranate and Lady Finger. I'm a Jewish woman granted because it's easy to compose for Mondrian it, and it's a lot of, you know, there's a lot of variety in the shear as with Lady Fingers goals your street. And you know, it's not so much a good idea of drawing Lady Finger or compositions in Lady Finger. You again try that if you want dual, It's up to you, but I'm going very basic so everybody can understand room is the safe space. So this is my safe space. I don't have to show the one room. I can just draw and hint off my room, which can, for example, a sulfur or something or a chair or things like that. So it just shows are just Scholar of my walk. I have paintings around me because I'm a curator. So I can just show that one painting or had order book should show that rule. So we are going to have, I'm going to leave some notes for this. This is my main chart. So now you need some recycled paper, so just good for the environment. I use a lot of recycled papers. I don't like to waste papers. That's why I'm using a board to show you. So this is a now we are going to short listing things. 4. What fruit, place, animal and thing are you?: We have three words for our visuals, pomegranate, spider and a room. So I am choosing Pullman Grant as my focal point and aspire to do the balance and create some movement in my composition, focal point has to be something which is solid, which is a big chunky shape. And then you can add more details to it. It's a very basic exercise and it's a very, very basic visual example. It goes further and further and more advanced when you go ahead and choose difficult visuals for your drawing. But this is how it is. Just simple thing, but it signifies a large pomegranate also signifies depicts royalty as well. You know, it's the fruit which has jews inside. That's how we got it. We were every concept you need to do your background research that if it's not personal, if you're designing a logo for our company or any product designing or poster or anything like that. So you have to do your research and your homework as width. But it comes to you when you are symbol. Understanding of symbol is strong and that's how you do these exercises to, you know, put your mind into creative flow and to be able to take, this is all about thinking. So aspire again, it creates a movement and both of these things can be placed in the room. And other thing is you, spider will be MAD. That's my football going balance. And then, you know, background, this is the background does is to fill the negative it again, we create balance or a spider can create rhythm, we can go the other way around as well. So pomegranate is going to be in my composition. And the thing is that what we are going to do is that first day first is do you need to learn about how to compose your pomegranate or any object. You cannot just oven make. This is an exercise you have to make three compositions. There is another force as well, which explains more focal point movement, balance and rhythm. Dale, and that force is free. You can, you know, I view this course and watch that for all of these in detail as well. It will help you a lot and it's free. So it's, you know, it will be vinyl and just go for a visa. So I would make a small box here. This is a don't don't put your, anything in your do not do that. You do not put your composition or your image in the center because everybody can draw on an end pomegranate in the center or anything in the center, you have to go somewhere. Rich. Other people are not expecting you to go. So first you make some three boxes and then you learn to compose or you just do your mind making me mapping, then how are you going to place your bombing running? So I am going to do this. You know, there's one way of doing drawing, a pomegranate. It can be, you can see the booming. Other things can compose, decompose, but I'm just showing you how to compose your drawing or I can do it this way as well. I'm just showing a little bit of shooting so you can see how it can incoming here. You can also gather their, their friend in front side ways of going with decomposition because it matters a lot. You are drawing or executing anything or I can just do the weekend go upside down as this is the one way of doing it. Chewing is either Chrome or I can just use its grown as I'm not showing the inside part of when we grant because it will not balance out with the spider. Spider has a lot of small, tiny details and drawing of our spider is based on lines. So you know, what you need to do is think of your object wisely that how, whatever you are drawing, how will it look good? So that's why I am choosing to draw the pomegranate and the whole chunky outer space. And then the spider is going to create the rhythm of it. If I do it bullet, then it will become too much. And a simple composition. And it's more and more sometimes too much in a composition, it's not effective. They're artists who are working in a lot of complicated compositions when it's not necessary. So what I can do, I can exaggerate as well. And you'll take that if I'm drawing the whole thing upside, makes sense that, you know, it's just reissuing one part of this and limits. Ok, so we can do this with right? And other one is going to be an exaggerated, more nullclines will make him and figuring our different compositions and null because as you go further and further, it gives you more creative process. So I can just use this. Okay, so this is not a joint gorge. Otherwise I would be teaching you the drawing skills as well. That's how I draw being a fine artist, you know, the greatest sketches and everything gone doing. I'm going to go with this one because it is giving me a lot of negative space for other things to go inside. I can make up a spider hanging from here. I can just camouflage mode of the things that I get and go for this one is real. I can make a spider sitting on it, but I don't know which needs to be convincing for people is a bombing run. If I spider and, uh, you know, the background could be the room or just a mall or color of a war. Room is water-based there because when you weren't making a still lifes or it is in a room, so we don't have to focus on that as well. We can just go with these two things and then use a gun or wise v in the background. So I'm going to go for this one. And now we have 36 compositions. You can do more, do stayed in New York compositions and I. 5. Find out our awesome compositions: Now behalf streets six compositions about how should I go for the omega naught and how should I start my drawing? There's one process work. I am going to act as Fighter Now. This is the composition I'm choosing because this is different than usual amine. So I'm going to choose a couple of and I can start my Spire and UK integral for aspires for you can choose a spider's or you don't. References, you need to involve a few draw more of you will make your energy and your object and inspires with differences when you get figured out for more undoes and different compositions as this is done, one basic way of going for above position is stark. Your brushes barge. There are several intelligence ways of going further with your compositions. And the more you schedule more you practice, the more you make compost, and the more you get a bigger off. That's how our School of about the work. That's why we have process worked from each, every painting. So I again, just show a spider here. And I don't have to draw the whole thing. I can just draw the dynein benefit. I'm just showing line so we can move further and began, you know, go for underlings. I am covering my I can cover my entire federal analyst choice spider has six minutes, so it get down here like that and it's going to think, who had this one. So you are starting with double mic earnings going towards your spire. That's how you can do about it. Or I can just do something as now we know how to compose ourselves. We can start with this spider is well, I don't have to debilitating, I can just do a bit of a bit of it. I'm not going into details of how to draw it because this is not enjoying floors. It's we're about, if I go for how to draw the d does not mean everything that we wouldn't be having dying for, you know, anyhow, tool where do draw double physicians and aliasing for example. So I am going to, I wanted to read here. And he can go there because there is when there is a room nearest buyers and their namespace in some houses or you get bad. So moiety days to it. You can just draw lines. Yeah, something like that. So that's how you feel about it. I mean, if you go for a nursery and now you can see that there's a spider, it's sitting on a lab and there isn't blooming their head or something like that. It doesn't have to make sense of dv because this is we are learning how to start your process. And as distance already, I'm beginner level wars. So that's how you start to just draw and the bulge and place your visuals on any dynasty paper. There are many ways of doing it. I find gold more and more you get and go more and more Eigen. In fact, I can go back and then look at my biggest drawing and saying, Okay, let's try this one maybe. So I can do that is what I am going to do is just, you know, hanging a spider. I cannot itsy-bitsy spider. You can do this way as well and then tolerate bright raid however you want to draw it and then colored the blues and everything. And it's a, and into its undoing itself. It's a complete drawing. It's a, it doesn't need anything anywhere. So this is, let me draw, gives you a drawing. In next exercise, I'm showing you the whole drawing and the company is scared. So you would know that how does it feel? How does it look like to go further? So this is, you know, you can handle VO Spider, you don't have to do AB deal drawing as well. It can be simple or something. There's fighter is coming into the crown of the bombing granted. Again, depict anything which can relate to yourself. If this is u, you know, up omega in it and there is a crown of royalty, then something is connecting in-between with, you know, something legit is strong and solo and royalty is connected with the, you know, the Anxur alone and things like that. So that's D we have one gig in the Dang of any country. There are a lot of concepts that you can connect over there. It depends on the concept. That's how you will for a very simple, basic, everyday objects. And then you can dig deeper levels for your work as well. Let's go, let's go for it. 6. Choose and draw : How we should go, please, over elements and visuals in a composition. So I'm going to do the drawing on the for this one you can use you can either use water gatherers or only was intrigued gutters, others. So I like to use acrylics because of the impact. I want you to do the spider in the end and I wanted to show you, I'm going to just mark it here and not do anything else. So this is how a composition looks like this article being joined. Please mind that it's not a complete drawing, it's just an exercise. Start your concept and you, and all your plot process for any kind of painting or a drawing. So I am not doing anything is skill-based. I'm just showing you very basic coloring and just filling it up. And then, you know, it looks like in our composition when you adding dollar store, because scholars also have a way of expressing for a lot of things, right? It's, y'know, you will see a lot of contrast here. Spider is going to be low and omega and it's going to be reg. So that also creates an impact on audience how you are using others. If you see my work, I have used a lot of blues and purples in my work because, I mean, when I was a kid, I had these imaginary friends were coming from the blue planet, as I have explained in the picture. So you can just I am just putting colors there. I'm just placing my things. It's suppose to be the drilling off anything. Sky another brush. Your print volumes. Okay, so this is aboriginal focal points. And you know, when you are looking at a whole migrated, I'm big and get out of it. When you are looking at Duflo migraine, it's re it and everything. But you are not expecting a spider in the corner. And I chose to do ADA into because I wanted to make it very warm and Pb, like my other being things are fun. You can use any other Governor, we're just not there. You can combine Guam dollars as well in your work together. And it is an uncomfortable growing as lamin, we want our spider on a pomegranate. Nobody want to spiders or their food. Am I right or wrong? Just quickly, quickly, quickly filling the colors so you can see you can have uneven composition. This is a demo drawing. Let's just finish. I quick peek. I don't like painting. Drawing in small-scale. Mysql is large, so it's feels like you're stuck in a box, the VIM right now. So there's one composition and extract, join more and Milos, et cetera, arbitrary. You'll log based if you pressures in water when you are meeting with acrylics. So otherwise, I will show you something of an height, the other face of other joints. So you get C. She barely have a composition here. So it says space is Gambia whom you can add more details, joy, you can, I DO a spider web. You cannot read it more disturbing as well like the yellow dry orange try and, you know, we can try here as you can do a lot of things. Do you are got position, depends on you, how much work you want to do and what they know. Skied are you choosing what going to golf position or medium? Are you choosing? It cools for it. You know, bigger, larger gotten wishes. So you know, I want to just do the lines of I spiderweb here. If you want to add more drama, enjoyed. So again, all you need to have a sense of a space, as in this composition, I would insert a drawing or EPI thing because history composition, it's a process worth, it's an order to finally obtain experimental skills or anything. It's just an image on your paper actually, when you are going forward, we're gotten a search query or a bigger picture and everything, you'll learn more about it. So that's what you can keep on exploring. 7. Final thoughts: I hope you've enjoyed the doses and every exercise and have discovered your own approach and found art something surprising for her. So I also love that you'd like to create some amazing, awesome compositions while using my exercises, you will feel free to share your compositions. Am you're brainstorming in a, enough to give you feedback and give you outer Athenian's about this Rick, you know what we do with this august strike e-readers internationally, I'm connected with different August inhibitors as was big enough to discuss and show our process work. And, you know, show whatever's going to happen due just to get the feedback person. Because we create what we needed to feel and how we feel. But he had commuting for an audience and you need to know a thing about the vocals. I'm not seeing the shari'a work became anybody Bart. That's how artists and curators start and cool and evolve for what ends before. Fearful, anxious for you. I'm here Green and I'm here to help you thrive in your article. There is a class project and if you are interested in learning about the pieces of triple point to them and balance, there's another force here. You can find those glasses on microfinance and give to you more about the basics of art and bringing them. You will then shrink in their News. How'd you like and what is the learn from me, from my experience of exhibiting any speeding OK Work. You can find the resources and these glasses and I get this soon in another class.