What's in your Lettering Toolbox? Know Your Hand Lettering Tools Like a Pro!

Ciarra Rouwhorst, Fine Art Calligrapher & Designer

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8 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. What's in your lettering toolbox?

    • 2. Modern Calligraphy Tools

    • 3. Create a Calligraphy Nib Guide

    • 4. Brush Lettering Tools

    • 5. Creative a Brush Lettering Reference

    • 6. Handlettering tools

    • 7. Create a Hand Lettering Tool Reference

    • 8. Conclusion


Project Description

So, what's in your lettering toolbox? For this class, your project is to share your favorite hand lettering tools with us! Get out your brushes or nibs, and create a reference sheet, then share that reference with us in your class project. Make a note of anything new that your learned about your tools. 

You can also reference the supplies list to find links to all of the tools mentioned in this class and more! This is helpful if you realized there is something else you need, or want to widen your variety to pens and brushes.  This list is just a starting point, so be sure to browse the websites I've linked to for endless options!

Extra Credit: Share your tools on Social Media! Tag me on Instagram (@silverfoxcalligraphy) so I can share them with others! 

Student Projects