What's in your Lettering Toolbox? Know Your Hand Lettering Tools Like a Pro!

Ciarra Rouwhorst, Fine Art Calligrapher & Designer

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8 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. What's in your lettering toolbox?

    • 2. Modern Calligraphy Tools

    • 3. Create a Calligraphy Nib Guide

    • 4. Brush Lettering Tools

    • 5. Creative a Brush Lettering Reference

    • 6. Handlettering tools

    • 7. Create a Hand Lettering Tool Reference

    • 8. Conclusion


About This Class

This class is all about Hand Lettering tools! We will discuss the basic tools you need to get started, as well as some helpful resources to add to your arsenal along the way. We will cover Modern Calligraphy, Brush Lettering, and Illustrated Hand Lettering Tools. You will also learn how to make references to take the guess work out of your creative process. By the end of this class you will know your tools, and have guides to refer back to when you reach for that perfect brush or pen.