What's New In Procreate 5: The Complete Guide | Leo Mateus | Skillshare

What's New In Procreate 5: The Complete Guide

Leo Mateus, Illustrator | Content Creator | Mentor

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12 Lessons (1h 48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What You Will Learn

    • 3. The New Canvas Section in Procreate 5

    • 4. CMYK Support: Understanding RGB vs CMYK

    • 5. Adjustment Menu: The New Clone Tool

    • 6. UI Changes In Procreate 5

    • 7. The New Color Harmony Tool: Creating Smart Color Palettes

    • 8. The New Powerful Brush Studio

    • 9. How to Import Photoshop Brushes Into Procreate 5

    • 10. Animation Assist Tool: Create Stunning Animation In Procreate 5

    • 11. References For Your Class Assignment

    • 12. Conclusion And Graduation Day


About This Class

Welcome to the start of your Digital Illustration journey with Procreate 5! Join this special class from artist and illustrator Ghost Paper and learn all of the ins and outs of this latest update - including the re-designed Brush Studio and the amazing Animation Assist Tool. Plus, dive into new adjustment effects, CMYK support and many other amazing features to help you create your own art while using the iPad. Make sure to go through all the lessons and we can't wait to see what you can create!

Love digital illustration? Learn how to use Procreate, the best drawing & digital illustration app for the iPad, with this special class from from artist and illustrator Ghostpaper!

Important: Please keep in mind that this class is fully dedicated to the updates on Procreate 5 - and intended for those of you in all levels who had a little bit of time with previous versions of Procreate (4 and older). In other words, this class only covers what's new and improved in this latest update. If you do want to start learning from the beginning, please refer to my other class below:

Here's a few key things you'll learn:

  • New Custom Canvas options
  • CMYK Support - and a comparison to the RGB color work space
  • The Clone Tool 
  • An Overview of the re-designed Brush Studio
  • A Guide on the New Animation Assist Tool
  • and more!

Plus, Ghostpaper will show you how to make animation in Procreate 5 with the new Animation Assist tool and help you with references and ideas for your class assignment.

Whether you’re new to digital art or curious about Procreate, you’ll gain an arsenal of tips, tricks and tools you can use to start creating right away. After this class, you'll never be far from your iPad and your favourite creations on Procreate, wherever you happen to be.