What to Post on Facebook (for Service Providers) | Jen Phillips | Skillshare

What to Post on Facebook (for Service Providers)

Jen Phillips, Blogger, Copywriter at Write Words Marketing

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5 Videos (23m)
    • Welcome & Introduction

    • Choose Your Content "Buckets"

    • What Does Your Audience Crave?

    • Plan Your Posts

    • 3 Types of Posts That Get Engagement


About This Class

If you're a designer, coach, or consultant, you've probably stared at Facebook with glazed eyes wondering what to post. 

This class will help you: 

Define your broad content topics 
Brainstorm a month's worth (or more!) of content for your social media 
Break them down into "bite-size" portions
Plan your content calendar





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Jen Phillips

Blogger, Copywriter at Write Words Marketing

Hi! My name is Jen Phillips April and I'm a location independent writer and marketer. These days, I call Playa del Carmen, Mexico home. It's a far cry from the South Carolina farm town I grew up in :-) 

I've been a yacht "stewie", bartender, art dealer, museum curator, and all around interested in life, business, and fun. 

But back to blogging. 

I got started online in 2004. Working full-time as a Director of Education at a small historic house ou...

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