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What makes a character consistent?

teacher avatar Gabriel Ortolan, Illustrator & Animator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Intro - what this class is about

    • 2. Intro

    • 3. Good examples

    • 4. Problematic ones

    • 5. Comparing

    • 6. Review

    • 7. Summing it up

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About This Class

This class is about the points that make a character consistent. It basically means that he/she, at the same time, must stay relevant to the plot and able to draw attention to his/her visual. This can be applied to any character whatsoever, but in this class, we are going to be talking specifically about the game Final Fantasy X, and exploit the good examples as well as the bad ones from it. For last, we are having a review of those points. Let's see what those are!

Meet Your Teacher

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Gabriel Ortolan

Illustrator & Animator


I graduated in Technology in Graphic Arts (almost the same as Graphic Design) by the Federal Technological University of Paraná (Brazil) and also completed a Post Graduate on Comics and a Post Graduate on Game Design. Right now I'm trying to improve my drawing skills. It's not only something I believe I'm good at, but also my passion, although still have a lot to learn. And by doing that I discovered another thing I love: animation. Well, in fact, tradicional animation. Check out my Youtube channel for more videos.

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1. Intro - what this class is about: do you? Hi, everybody. I'm Gabriel, and I hope you're having a wonderful day. Owns Project. I will discuss with you what makes character consistent. The objective here is to a sturdy characteristic is in coming off. What, this make character memorable. On the other hand, I'll give you a few bedzyk Simple along the way as well. This video is for all the people that get interested in creating characters, whether they are artists, writers or anything that gets a longer wait. So shall we begin? 2. Intro: so true. Start off. I picked one off my favorite games Final frenzy 10 and I plan to give the good examples as well. The Batic samples from it. Don't get me wrong. I think this game is wonderful. But as nothing's perfect eaters have, it's lost to I will not talk about every character, but I will talk enough for you. Don't know what the game's about. To understand how that specific characteristic is related to judge, whether the character is a good or a bad example. And I try my best, not just by anything related to the story. If you plan Sunday, play the game and in the end off my project, I plan to compare fine offensively, 10 to its successor. Final frenzy. 10 to, well, at least to the labour characters. Then I will compare the romantic couple off this game and they won't find a friend. Is he ate for nest? A quick kiss that are prepared for you 3. Good examples: I would like to begin talking about a room first of all his clothes. He appears to be wearing some sort off kimono, but with a special protection took over up his neck, which contributes to to the mystery, even through that character, since we barely see his mouth, including here, where he's more on planet. As for the rest, it's nothing out off the ordinary. It's simple. When you make one thing stands out from the rest, that's okay. But as there is more than one thing that stands out, nothing and everything stents out because the ice don't know where to look and having their attention divided, he carries as a weapon password that is apparently so heavy that he has to use his shoulder to support it. And when he attacks, you confuse its weight. ISS is not, many people know, due to the effort that arrow makes to rising from the ground, and it makes sense as this character is specifically used to lower the defense off the enemy. The dark glasses head to the mysterious don't off character. But if we could close early, we will notice that his right eye is always closed and it feels like he's trying to hide it with the glasses, perhaps bees blamed, perhaps, due to his car right here, eat damage. The I permanently. No, I don't know the story that off this came that well to remember if by some point it's explain it how he got his card but assumed that it does not mention it and we will never know. He has a fairly common gray hair. It suits him very well. No, he's the only character that, when there is not a really except to fight, changes his stance. As we can see here, he pulls back his live and review his left arm but leaving the arm with stored still dressed own. I think it's pretty badass just for this scene alone. And when the action is over, he puts this leave back on, but not entirely as if he waas resting his arm for the time when he needs to be using once more pretty bad ass he might. Opinion devices chosen to him also fits the character very comb most of the time, but energetic when he needs to be. Then again, it's the character that you just know about his best revealed should player only when it's needed. But until then, it remains a mystery. And what do you do with characters that need to remain mysterious? Take your time to think That's right. Usually make him where Ah hoat probably covering up his ice. This is what I love about their own. Someone had the idea off growing up the region around his neck not only make the lip sync easier, because he gets to see his mouth very seldom, but also contributes to the mysterious aspect off the character. And one last thing about arrow. At first I always wondered, Why does carry a what appears to be a water bottle with him at out types? Finally, the explanation waas that he utilizes on two off his over drives a more powerful skewed. In the first, he drinks a little off the water bottle and speeds out and then continues with the overdrive, and in the second he toss it in a tornado generated by himself and the tornado catches fire . Probably just show off. But Arrow is truly betters and one off my favorite characters off our times. No, you talk about no, As usual, we'll talk about the clothes off the character. First, what she appear stupid wearing is, um, it looks like a dress made out off belts. That's a finding mixture, as we don't get to see her fit, because Teoh dress goes, hold the way to the bottom. But she reviews way too much, at least in my opinion, due to the cleavage. And what's most interesting is that they created a character the same time sexy and mysterious. Her dress is great, a perfect choice off color, at least in my pinyon, because any other color would look weird because off the belts, her hair is also interesting. As she leaves, part of it took over up one night, and the rest she ties up with chopsticks and he goes down into a tree breaks. We don't get to see many hairs like hers. Creative, simple and due to the brakes very conducive for animation. Her weapon is dough that she puts on the ground every time she attacks, and the it appears dead. Dough comes to life and performance magic, along with her owner for the physical Tex just release Is it on the ground, then the attacks and comes back to her. But it's not just an ordinary Dole. They are characters that became famous in different choice, like the Mogul or D character. Very creative, as any other designer would probably put my staff on her hand and see here is the black Midge. So she's gotta have a staff, her makeup. It's not out off the ordinary as well, but indicates that maybe between all the other females in the party she is the oldest. Her voice also feats the character and extremely well, by the way. And it's possibly more calm even than our roles for what to remember. Human teens, always the same tone, very close to a room. Lulu is one off my favorite characters off all times and a pretty than creative for a black midge. And for last, I like to talk about, you know, as usual, we're going to start by talking about her clothes and, as usual again, I think really feeds her character. Una is the white major off the party, and she is very sweet and thankful, and I don't remember one time that she complains, even though their task ahead it's not simple. Their clothes have very light tones. The upper clothes are white, with a tendency for the pink, her skirt, his blue or purple as you like. Possibly the one that is the darkest off demo and she wears are very dedicated. Tie in the back that is yellow, nothing fancy on her hair or her boots. And here weapon is indeed I staff with a circular shape on the upper point of it, and it is very light and easy to use. How do we know that trying my best not spoil anything related to the story? The mission off a cylinder is to defeat sin you're not. He's assume it, er and seem is a very powerful and gigantic most room, and one off her other missions is to perform a dance that allows those killed by sin to enter the fire plane, this city off the debt and during dense. She manages this stuff very well, including with one and only. My point is that everything matches, you know, personality, her hair, her clothes, even her weapon. Everything about her is just great, and so is she, again, on good example off. How to make a character, every decision about her Waas successful 4. Problematic ones: the time has come for me to point out the bad examples and the main character titles. He's unfortunately, one off those examples honestly, I don't know with depreciation is titles or tea does because you can rename it. But nevertheless, nothing wrong with work. Simple. He's hair or his boots. Even his voice is kind of OK, but I've never seen so much a symmetry on a character's clothes before. It's like the designers that creator did on purpose. They clearly could have made. For example, he's shorts to sing length for both legs. Instead, they did the right one longer. Just put some symbol in it. I'm sure this symbol has a meaning, though, because it also appears home his pennant. But looking more closely. The feeling is that they took off the part that it's missing because we can see zippers on both sides. It's like they needed to show off his knee for something. And they did even worse with his arms, in my opinion, like there's nothing that justify didn't meet for him. Tour such protection own just one arm, maybe if he had a robotic arm. But that's not the case as we can see his elbow right here, and that's a key for the part off the charts you can were then, even if that the length there's a match. But how are you supposed to wear this for what they can tell? It appears that the beginning off these leave glute is buying through the jacket, and there is no other way for him to somehow open it. So my question is this. He worried all the time. This he is with its own. Maybe you're thinking Relax, man is just a character. But that is exactly what we are analyzing. If something doesn't have a meaning, a purpose, a reason to be there, my advice is, don't use it, because if you do, you are doing just for visual and that's not reason enough. Also, you can see. But there's a needless hood on his back, since titles not even once get to use it again. If you are including something off, use your character, make him use it or the rice. It's pointless in Lastly, I will be talking about walking, which I try to contain myself, to point out ISF loss. Nothing wrong with his clothes as we will soon find out he's part off the team off its ball , a kind off wonder order sport, and that fits in almost if this part off the river in his voice is also very competent. I mean, Net made me nervous every time he opened his mouth to speak, because I know that he would include the word Yeah, in the majority off his lines. But that doesn't take you away. The credibility off the voice actor they chose for work. Only this time again, I will ask, What is this? What does he use? It's for? I played the game and I couldn't find the answer as he is skeptical off he's team off Blitz Bull. This may be and put a huge maybe on that indicates that he's the indeed the captain. But that does not give him any advantage whatsoever on its ball. Then I thought, Maybe it's like the water bottle, my room. Maybe he uses it, whatever it may be on his over drives, But no, he never uses. So by now you all know what I think off the stuff that works only for the visual. If it has no use, there is no need to put it there. And for last I would like to talk about his hair. No, this is just a game and that word that happens. This story is completely different than ours. But nevertheless, it's needed a lot off effort, 20 hair looking like this. I mean, when Walker it's leaps, Does he wake up with you, sir? Are really looking like this? Does it always stay like this? Because that would be ridiculous with the French falling forward and even when he's playing Blitz Bow does he never move? It's like the creative see? Well, we got a character that is going to be the captain off histamine and a member off the very as well. So how can you make him stand out? And another person say, I know we just put some own realistic hair on it, or if they started just by the hair and needed to greet the rest, we will never know. It remains a mystery. So that's it for diabetics, symbols 5. Comparing: So in his video, I would start by comparing two characters that remain owned. The sequel Final Fantasy. 10. True, Let's Start with You Know No, I ask What did happen? How on earth did they change it from Jesus? Shoot this. It doesn't make any sense. The changes that mostly state limit to her clothes otherwise hardly could see. You know, there didn't affect thankfully, her personality. She remained the same sweet and thankful una as we always knew. But her clothes see for yourself. She even change it poses like before. She was a newbie, some owner that waas in the beginning off her pilgrimage. And now she's like, Do you want to mess with me? I was defeated, seem and live to tell the story. So, yes, it is acceptable that they change it. Her posts But a minimum change off clothes, not all of it. Let's see her arms are now uncovered. She is wearing a top open in the front, showing a great play vich and up many shorts that is virtually covering up only her s The rest of the legs are uncovered as well, except for the boots that I would assume are from the previous game to complete they at a pointless Holt in her swell, similar to the one that titles had. But this time it is indeed pointless, as her hair are, part of it goes all the way to the ground or almost true ground. So even if she wanted, she wouldn't be able to wear it through the hair. They did even worse to recall. See for yourself. Basically, she was wearing underwear with boots, a miniskirt that I don't know, why they even bother. Put that on her, since it covers just her heirs, just like they did with, you know, a long scarf. And some Thais unknown each arm that I honestly don't know what is their purpose and even if they have one ordered and getting the way when she's attacking, moving or doing stuff her skirt so minimal that you can see the underwear benefit and they made her hair longer is what So basically, the creators undressed them both off them more than the already work and drastically changing their quotes. The only thing that remain untouched Waas Ulis boots. I don't think that sexualized threw off your main characters Worse, I smart move first because it cheap and in my new pinyon, desperate way to attract players in second, it goes against their personality. At least. Eunice, The feeling I got when I played the game is that everything they have tribute to create both Una end recall is now wasted from the way right out off the window. And it's a shame. Has scheme had so much potential as a result, off cooperation between the romantic Campo off this game Fan funded it 10 and the one in front of 28. It's like they have opposite personalities. While titles is extravagant and full of energy and even his quotes are kind off colorful. Whoa is more like a sentence type being ever order or mission that comes from these superior in comment. Even these clothes say I only talk when necessary. I don't have any friends, and my duty is my life. You can verily seen his is my own titles. On the other hand, it's cheerful and you rarely get to see in dome or set, and almost same thing can be said boat Renova. And you know, almost because they are both often is mining and trying to see the positive sites off. Everything that happens, they're both optimistic. But why? You know, it's more like titles extravagant and fool off energy, una it's more timid and contain it. She thinks that she is a burden to all around her at first, and that troubles her. We know what it's more type. Yes, I leave freely and I don't care about what you think. The way. See it Creators got on Final fantasy. Eight. Ah, familiar protagonist that has drug May You, in Truth in Adventure and on the final fantasy 10. It happens near opposite with him, encouraging yeah into, well, her own mission. And now I would like to present three characters, well, at least tree parts off characters that you should recognize rather easily. I'll give you a few seconds for you to think. Ready? The 1st 1 is clothed from 5 27 Even if I had dropped just this word or just the hair you would by now probably got that right. The second is so easy, but either way, I have to tell you that he's making most or better. It's a silhouette that makes our brain see the resemblance between it and Mickey and 3rd 1 And last one is a little more difficult. But only if you didn't see the move It It's Georgie kid that gets ibid. Looked it by the cologne Pennywise. I chose each one then in particular because I think they were greatly created wounded. Tell you whether the hair, the weapon, the shape off their heads or glow This isn't enough for you to urinate fighting. I think you should aim for that when creating your own character. One that you should be enough. 6. Review: So every other character that we have seen so far it's true. The same question. What does make him or her consistent the first step that I find crucial create wherever character that maybe it's to define his essence, his role in the story, his purpose that he wants to achieve in life. I may start to be a little repetitive, but it's just that I ready with the first step so much. If a character doesn't have a purpose, he shouldn't be created. And finally, for the second step is true. Great options for his or her appearance. So we concluded that the consistency is that you buy both personality off the character and he's Futural. It cannot like neither. If a character has a great personality but a poor of usual, he's wasted. And if he has an amazing look but lacks personality, he's just for show shallow, hollow 7. Summing it up: So just, um, it up what we have seen in this project off How to make a character consistent. There were good examples from Final Fantasy 10 bad examples from the same game. Brief cooperation between Fine of 2010 and Phaneuf instead to yet another brief cooperation between the main characters from final fantasy 10th and Final friend Izzy eight and finally a quick kiss about gassing reach characters I presented to, So that's it.