What is the f-stop? Digital Photography Basics | Michelle Storm | Skillshare

What is the f-stop? Digital Photography Basics

Michelle Storm, Seeing beauty in the everyday ordinary

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6 Videos (20m)
    • What is the F-stop? Easy way to master the f-stop

    • Eye vs Camera: This simple comparison will help you understand what an f-stop is.

    • F-stop Numbering System. How to work our your f-2's from your f-22's.

    • Golf Balls to Eyeballs: It's all about the F-stop

    • F-stop numbers on lenses & camera menus

    • F-stop: Depth of field, bokeh & clarity


About This Class

By comparing the human eye to a camera I will help you understand what f-stops are in a simple easy to understand way. You will learn how to use f-stops correctly. How to decide which f-stop to use for different lighting conditions, and which f-stop to use to create crystal clear images or beautiful blurry backgrounds and foregrounds aka 'bokeh'. You will never be baffled by the f-stop again. I promise!!

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Thank you so much! I literally had a light bulb moment when you compared the F-Stop to the eye!! Your class was so helpful!!
excellent analogy with eye and easy to understand





Michelle Storm

Seeing beauty in the everyday ordinary

I'm Michelle Storm of StormFresh Photogaphy Video and Website Design.

My first love is photography and whilst I currently spend a lot of time filming client testimonials and creating promotional business videos I also teach photography in adult education.

I'm now creating bitesize classes on Skillshare on visual media concentrating predominantly on photography. Please add your feedback and follow me for new classes.

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