What is the f-stop? Digital Photography Basics | Michelle Storm | Skillshare

What is the f-stop? Digital Photography Basics

Michelle Storm, Fresh photography tutorials

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6 Videos (20m)
    • What is the F-stop? Easy way to master the f-stop

    • Eye vs Camera: This simple comparison will help you understand what an f-stop is.

    • F-stop Numbering System. How to work our your f-2's from your f-22's.

    • Golf Balls to Eyeballs: It's all about the F-stop

    • F-stop numbers on lenses & camera menus

    • F-stop: Depth of field, bokeh & clarity


About This Class

By comparing the human eye to a camera I will help you understand what f-stops are in a simple easy to understand way. You will learn how to use f-stops correctly. How to decide which f-stop to use for different lighting conditions, and which f-stop to use to create crystal clear images or beautiful blurry backgrounds and foregrounds aka 'bokeh'. You will never be baffled by the f-stop again. I promise!!





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Michelle Storm

Fresh photography tutorials

I'm Michelle Storm of Stormfresh Photogaphy.

I work as a freelance photographer for businesses, creatives and professionals and when time permits I give provide photography tuition for small groups and colleges.

My bitesize classes on Skillshare have been created to help new photography enthusiasts understand their cameras and move away from the automatic mode. Feel free to add your feedback and follow me for new classes.

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