What is a Plant-Based Lifestyle? 7 Step Introductory Course

Laura Del Carmen, Plant-Based Nutrition and Wellness Coach

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9 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction

    • What is a Plant-Based Lifestyle?

    • Benefits

    • Reality vs Expectation

    • Plant-based Nutrition vs Restrictive Dieting

    • Plant-Based Lifestyle: Sustainable Living

    • Your Health is Your #1 Priority

    • The Mindset Twist

    • Resources + Conclusion


About This Class

Have you ever heard or read about the Plant-Based Lifestyle but still don't know what it is about?

Are you one to think it is a hipster lifestyle trend where all you get to eat is... plants?

If your answer was yes...

I invite you to take 15 minutes of your day to take this 7 step introductory course so you get to see with a different perspective what a Plant Based Lifestyle is about.

By taking this introductory course you will:

- Understand what is a plant based nutrition and lifestyle and its benefits

- Know the difference between plant based nutrition and restrictive eating

- Understand how plant based living is a sustainable living

- Know why your health is your #1 priority and how healthy living is not a luxury

- See the expectation versus the reality of plant based foods

- Apply the mindset twist for a happy, healthy and thriving plant based lifestyle

This course is also for you if:

- You are interested in learning about the plant based lifestyle

- You want to be healthy but no longer want diet

- You want to make a positive impact

- You are willing to see healthy living in a different perspective

- You want to feel more energized, have mental clarity, a better digestion and healthier skin 

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LOVED this course! Simple, short, explanatory and inspiring!





Laura Del Carmen

Plant-Based Nutrition and Wellness Coach

As a plant-based nutrition and wellness coach, I love to help young women unlock their inner confidence + find balance and health through a plant based lifestyle.

My mission is to help 50,000 women by 2019 around the world to own their self-confidence and be the healthiest version of themselves – without restrictive dieting.

I help you learn to love and nourish your body, from the inside out.

My purpose in the world is important to me, because I have my own personal journey I have overcome, and I want to help others from my experience.

In 2012, I became self-conscious and insecure about my body. I struggled with a restrictive eating disorder, where I measured my meals, over-exercised and didn’t eat enough because of the fear of gaining weight.

In a matter of just a month, I lost 30 pounds and felt so incredibly unhappy and lost.

It wasn’t until I became physically sick and depressed that I decided to get my life back.

I started researching healthy ways to recover and stumbled upon the Plant Based Lifestyle. I was amazed at how different I started to feel within a matter of days.

I had more energy, mental clarity, better skin, better digestion and most importantly, a better relationship with food.

Deciding to be my healthiest self was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Not only did I become healthier, my self-confidence also sky-rocketed – and I want this for you too.

I went from feeling that I wasn’t enough, to knowing that I’m worth anything I want to accomplish in life.

The same goes for you too – you are worth your goals and dreams, and I’m here to support you and empower you to achieve them.

If you’ve been neglecting your health for a little too long now, and you feel you could have a better relationship with food and yourself, then I’m right here to support you.