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What is Web Hosting? Domain Names, Hosting & Publishing Your Website!

teacher avatar Jeremiah Ford

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. WebHosting Squared 101

    • 2. Understanding what Linux is

    • 3. WebHosting Squared basics

    • 4. Understanding CPanel, bandwidth & diskspace. How they work.

    • 5. How-to: Get a .COM web address for your website.

    • 6. Create a CPanel Hosting Account.

    • 7. Installing Wordpress with No Coding Experience needed!

    • 8. Code a HTML & CSS Webpage!

    • 9. Publish A Website: WebHosting Squared tutorial.

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About This Class

Learn About:

- Web Hosting

- Domain Names

- HTML / CSS Front-End Web Page Development

- Wordpress Hosting / Installation

- Cpanel

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1. WebHosting Squared 101: Hey, what's up? My name's Jeremiah. I've been a Web developer for more than 12 years now, and today I'm going to show you and teach you about Web hosting. Web hosting, if you would don't know already, is how you publish your website to the Internet. So if you need to learn how to get a dot com for your website, make your website accessible to people across the world. Or if you want to just be able to email it to your grandma, this video courses for you. What we're gonna learn today if you take a look at the syllabus, are five major things in this course, the first being What is Lennox, the second being shared Web hosting? Third House to get a domain name, which is your dot com dot net or dot org's Web address for creating a Web hosting Squared C panel hosting account and five installing WordPress on that hosting account. I'll see you in the future videos 2. Understanding what Linux is: Hey, thanks for learning with me. Welcome back to this course on Web posting. I'm your instructor, Jeremiah. And in this part of the syllabus, we're gonna learn what Lennox is. Lennox is an operating system that powers over 90% of the Internet, according to some studies that powers more than 99% of the Internet. In 1991 it was released by its developer, Linus. Torvalds has hundreds upon hundreds of versions called destro's, or distributions, that runs on desktop mobile devices and, most importantly for this course Web servers. Companies that use lyrics include Google, Amazon, Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup and even the NBA's website runs off of linen. In the future videos, we're gonna go ahead and dive deeper into Howlin X is used for Web hosting, and what exactly is shared Web hosting? 3. WebHosting Squared basics: Hi, Thanks for learning with me. Welcome back to the Web hosting course. My name is Jeremiah. I'm your instructor. In the last part of the Siri's, I showed you what Lennox is. Lennix, as we learned, is an operating system that powers more than 90% of the Internet. It has many versions called destro's or distributions, and it runs on desktop mobile phones and, most importantly for this course Web servers. Companies that use legs include Google, Facebook, Campbell Soup and Amazon. Lennox is very powerful, and it has many uses in this part of the series. I'm going to show you and explain what shared Web hosting this now in the past, when someone would want to build a website, Not only would they have to code it or hire someone to coat it with HTML and CSS, but they would also have to get a very high maintenance, high price computer called a Web server. These Web servers have very vast amounts of resource is built into them. They have large amounts of storage and memory built into them. They have great processors and their custom built to serve Web pages to the Internet. The problem with Web servers, obviously, is that they're very expensive and the require around the clock eyes, keeping a look at him, making sure they're never turned off, never go down and they never get hacked into. It's very frustrating, and it requires a lot of technical skills. The solution to that is shared Web posting. Shared Web hosting is when someone else purchases the Web service and they maintain it for you in a data center. And you can lease space on Web server for your website. It's very quick and easy requires low technical skills. It's effective to put a website online. You typically get a free dot com and dot net Web address, and it's very affordable. I'm talking less than $100 per year in the majority of cases for the average website. Even if you're serving thousands of visitors per day as depicted in the right side of the screen, you can see that one Web server could potentially serve multiple websites across the Internet to the world for you and other customers. In the next video, we're going to go ahead and give you a look at the type of software that's typically included with shared Web hosting 4. Understanding CPanel, bandwidth & diskspace. How they work.: Hey, thanks for learning with me. Welcome back to the Web hosting course. I'm your instructor, Jeremiah. In the last part of the Siri's, we went over. What What posting is what Lennox is and how it powers more than 90% of the Internet. And how shared what posting works in this part of the series. We're going over sea panel storage and bandwidth. Three very important things you need to know about Web hosting now it's important to note that see, panel in and of itself is not Web hosting. See Panelist software that integrates with your shared Web hosting account that allows you to easily manage website files, databases, WordPress, installation, email and so much more. This is C panel. At first, it may be a lot to take in, but if we go over things one by one, you'll see that it's actually quite simple. If you look over here to the left, you'll see that See Panel allows me to easily manage files FTP accounts, images, directory privacy, my SQL databases, my school users PHP, my admin. Add on domains, sub domain's DNS records, email accounts, mailing lists, site metrics and site security among so many other helpful features. See, Panel takes away the need for advanced technical skills in the Lenox terminal or ssh! Now, if you're wondering how to get a C panel of hosting account, I would suggest that you go to a Web hosting squared dot com Web hosting. Squared helps you publisher website to the Internet, and it's the shared Web hosting service provider that I personally use for my projects. If you take a look here, you'll see that one posting squared offers of free dot com with your website packages built annually. We have pretty good reviews, and they're also allowing you to get started for less than five bucks per month. What Posting squared allows you to host up to two websites. They provide a free dot com free SSL certificate, WordPress installation software about a gigabyte of SST storage unneeded band with five databases and five email addresses, which is more than what you need to get started. Storage is the total combined final size being used on your Web hosting account. I would suggest that you only use Web hosting services that offer and advertise SST storage . This is much, much faster than traditional hard drives that you might find in your laptop or your mom's computer. Also, bandwidth is the total amount of data allowed to be accessed through your Web hosting account. This essentially means how many people can visit your website. I would Onley suggest that you use Web hosting services that offer and advertise unlimited bandwidth. This is very important because you don't want people to be denied access to your Web site should it grow in visitors in traffic. In the upcoming videos of this series, we're going to go over choosing a domain name, creating a C panel Web hosting account and installing WordPress. I'll see you there. 5. How-to: Get a .COM web address for your website.: Hi, Thanks for learning with me. Welcome back to the Web hosting course. I'm Jeremiah, your instructor. In the previous videos, we went over Web hosting clinics and how shared what posting works. Then we learned about the software and features you should look for when choosing a good Web hosting service. The Web hosting service I use and suggests that you do, too, is called Web Hosting squared. You can find their website at Web hosting square dot com. In this part of the Siri's, I'm going to show you how to pick a good domain name. Here I am on the posting Squared will scroll down to where it says, Get your dot com free With what posting here. I can search for domain name availability. So when picking a domain name, I suggest that you keep it descriptive and accurate to your website, but also short and effective. Don't use numbers underscores or hyphens. I would also suggest that you keep it as relatable. It's possible to whatever the websites for. So, for example, if I'm making a website for Chicago plumbing company called Five Star Chicago Plumbing, my first choice for a domain name will be five star Chicago plumbing dot com. Hear What I'll do is I'll type it in here, but I don't want a number that might confuse people, so I'll do five star spells out Chicago plumbing dot com and then click Search. This will bring us to the Choose a domain name page. Here we can register a domain name, transfer domain name or use an existing domain name that we already own elsewhere. What I'm going to do is keep the default option and register a new domain. All we do to do that is make sure that the domain name that we want is here. The extension that we want is selected and click the blue check button. Then it will automatically check below, and we see that five start Chicago plumbing dot com is available. But we accidentally typed it wrong. It's always good to double check, so let's check your five star Chicago plumbing dot com is available, and we see that that is available to Great. Now, in the next video, I'm gonna go ahead and show you how to set up a Web hosting account. I love hosting Squared, which see panel and your new domain name, which will be included for free. With your package, you won't have to pay this $13 for your feet, see when the next one. 6. Create a CPanel Hosting Account.: Hi. Thanks for learning with me. Welcome back to the Web hosting course. I'm your instructor, Jeremiah. In this part of the Siri's, we're going to show you how to create a Web hosting account online posting square dot com so that your website can be accessible to the world. So now that we found a domain name for a website, all we have to do is come down here and click this blue continue button with an arrow pointing right. This will bring us to the order summary page. The order summary page shows us what we're ordering along with the price $8 per month is obviously the monthly parts. We want the 12 month price because it includes a free domain name and saves us some money, then could continue here. We'll see our CART page to review and check out on our order. You'll see that our unlimited gold subscription is only $54 per year, which is fantastic for SST were posting. And then we also get domain name registration included for free with the unlimited gold Web hosting Click check out here you'll come to the check out page. This is the last step in our process. All you have to do to sign up has put in your name. So for me, Jeremiah, in my last name and then my email address. Then we can put in my phone number company Bill Street. Address your city. So, Chicago, I'm keeping some information out of here and intentionally so that I can get him arrest, put in your state, the zip code, some other information and then, most importantly, choose a good password that you will remember. I would suggest that you write it down somewhere on paper and keep it someplace secure that you will always have access to, but only you have access to. Then PayPal will be selected as your default payment option. You do not need a PayPal account to continue or pay with PayPal. It's very simple and takes about 15 seconds. Scroll down, then click. I agree to the terms of service and complete order. This will direct you to PayPal if you weren't like me and you put in all the information. So give me one second to fill out all of the information, and then I'm going to go ahead and show you what Pape out. Looks like Now, if you look here, I'm being directed to pay pale. So check out with PayPal. You can either subscribe using a debit card or credit card or log in to subscribe using your PayPal account. If you're familiar with PayPal, just click here if you already have an account. Otherwise, you can sign up here or click here to subscribe with a debit card or credit card. Give it just a few seconds to load and your credit card details can come here. I put in some dummy information, seeing as I didn't want anyone knowing my location. So I'm gonna go ahead and continue with this, then show you how to use, see panel and install WordPress in the next video. See you there. 7. Installing Wordpress with No Coding Experience needed!: Hi. Thanks for learning with me. Welcome back to the final video in the web hosting 101 course. I'm Geremi, your instructor in this part of the Siri's. We're gonna go ahead and show you how to access, see, panel and install WordPress. So when you first make your web hosting account on posting square dot com, as we did in the previous video, you should receive it in now with details to log in to see panel. If you go to a web hosting square dot com slash c panel, you should find this page into your user name and password if you look here, I've already done that and I'm in C panel. So now once you're in C panel, all you do is scroll down where you see WordPress now in the section where it says absence , dollar. You should see scripts and work press. If you click on WordPress, they should bring you to a page like this. This is your wordpress installer. They should do everything automatically for you and does most of the heavy lifting. After you install WordPress. You may want to take some additional steps to secure WordPress. This is often referred to us hardening WordPress. So let's go to this steps one by one. The first option is to choose the version you want to install. I'm going to stick with the latest version as it should be the most secure one yet. Then it says Choose protocol. I'll leave that as the fault she was. Domain name. I'll make sure it's proper in here and directory. We want this to be in the root directory, so we're gonna get rid of WP and keep that empty, then scroll down to site settings for a site name. We're going to put five star Chicago Plumbing Insight description were going to say the best plumbing service in the Chicago land area We're not hosting multiple sites will keep this unchecked, and then this is a very important step in the short process. Admin account. Please do not use to the full admin user name and password, as that will make it very easy for hackers to access your website. So what I'm going to do is change my user name. I'm going to place this as Chicago five star plumbing than underscore some random letters. So will do that, and then we'll change the password for my password. I'll put teaching. Web hosting is awesome with an exclamation point, some random numbers and then maybe something funny or silly, like Xbox won over PS four, which no one will ever guess. Because I prefer PS four over Xbox, even though I own both, then for admin. You know we'll keep that is the fault. I'll keep the language said at English. Believe this empty. And then we select a theme here. Some suggested themes. So when you search Google, you can find some more advanced names. But for now, we'll go ahead and go with this thing right here by clicking. Select and then we'll click install, and there you have it. It'll install WordPress for you and you'll be able to access your website on your domain. A few things to keep in mind is your domain name may take about 24 hours to 48 hours to do what's called propagating. This is so that your domain name can update its name servers throughout the Internet for everyone to see. And that's it. You have successfully installed WordPress with Web hosting squared, we can take a look at our website. So here we are on our new WORDPRESS website. You can scroll down and see these features and then if you go back to this link right year , so your domain name slash WP hyphen admin. You'll be able to access your admin area with the user name and password answered previously on the install page that change the look, settings, feel and images on your WordPress website Again. My name is Jeremiah. I've had an awesome time teaching you. 8. Code a HTML & CSS Webpage!: Okay, so you've learned HTML and CSS, but you want to start making money by creating websites for local businesses around the area. To get started in freelance Web design, they're going to need a personal Web site that showcases your work. Hi, I'm Jeremiah. I've been a Web developer for about 12 years, and in this course I'm going to show you the fundamentals of creating a Web page for your portfolio website. If you take a look here, you'll see that I've already created a mock up, which shows what our finished product will look like. It includes three major portions. The top portion for the top section has a logo for navigation links in a full screen background image. If you scroll down a bit, we'll see that the second section, which is lower, hasn't about me section. And then the third section is a footer, which has a copyright statement. So let's get started. If you take a look here, let's see that I've already got my document structure laid out, my file structure laid out and everything we need to get going. I'm working in a folder called Portfolio, and in it we have two Subdirectories. The 1st 1 is CSS, which has themed at CSS, and the 2nd 1 is Images. This has Hero, which is our background image, our favor icon and the logo we're working with. Then here all I want to do is begin coding this right here. What you're looking at. The HTML document structure will be available for download down below. So let's take a look at our mock up and we'll see. Come here. That has three main sections. So let's start with the top section. To do that, we'll just create a section tag who will give it the class of top. Since it's a top section, then in it, we probably want a div called a line actually wanted if called contents. And inside of that we want another DIV that will give the class of alignments. You'll see why we do this all later. Now we'll add a image to this, which is our logo. The sources, images and logo PNG lt equals Jeremiah develops. Next, we'll put a link. I'll just leave these blank. Since the purpose of this course is just to show you how to make the webpage, we'll put Web developments duplicated a few times, actually. What we can do. I'm sorry. One second. What? We can actually do speed up this process a bit by putting all tax. Okay, so come here. Web developments, user experience. Design my work and contacts. All I'm doing to use the two cursors is holding down control when I click. So what development user experience design my work in contact. Then you see, we have an about section and a copyright section so we could make those now section class about me. Close it off, div class contents. Then we just needed each one tag and a pair of draft tag. Hello there about me. And then that's it for about me section. I'll put some filler text in there later, then we just need a footer. This doesn't need a class, so we'll put copyright 10% copy semi colon. This creates the copyright simple 2019. All rights reserved. I would highly suggest that you watch my beginner are learn html Siri's and learned CSS Siri's. If you're having a hard time following along as this will help you more understand what html is. Yes, this is how to code it and how it all works. Moving pretty at an intermediate speed here just so you can get the gist of how we can put things together with HTML and CSS. So now when I come here and save it and then I open up Google Firefox will see that we have everything here. So let's come here and do a couple things first. I want to change the funds so google dot com slash wants brings us toe funds like google dot com. We're going to select Roboto. Click this here Import, Copy this import code right here. But first, we're also gonna want robots a light So 304 100 then come back. Highlight copy. Let's open up our team CSS Just paste that in. Then we'll target the body and html tags And this would kind of be our basic CSS reset margin. Zero patting zero. Then we're just styles the document So body back on color of background whites color dark, great fonds family Roboto in single quotes comma Ariel Bounce wait 400 by defaults Line height 1.5 am on little girl Both font size Sorry. 1.2 am That should be it for body. Then we can come here close this refresh. It's already looking good. Then we'll get some filler text. So Scott's any of one of these websites? I don't suggest anyone specific as long as it gets what we need. Copy this year should be good. Come to our code editor and then type that in and it's looking good. Nice. So now we have to get that top portion. So let's start by adding the background image. You do that by finding our section tag classes top. So we come to hear you say section dot top background your we're gonna have to go up a directory. So say a directory images hero dot jp g. No repeat, I think that spell backgrounds wrong. Fix that nice background size 100% auto background position center. Um and then you have to add a height of about 550 pixels. Um, we can go with about 650 pixels. Whatever your liking is, come here. Refresh. It's starting to look good. Now let's create that content, dude, CSS with this, this is gonna line everything on our page. So content give it a width of 1000 pictures. The margin of zero auto. Nice. Now you see, everything's starting to line, and then we'll do the same for footer. He will put her fix the line sensor and then, well, uh, come up here, give us a padding of 80 pixels and then zero. So 80 pictures on top, 80 pixels on the bottom, and then zero patting on each side. This is starting to look good. Then for about me section about me, we can come down here and target that. That's good. Um, it's one paragraph. Save that for later and will focus on the header STO. So we have to get this alignment. So alignments is I believe what I called it. And what we'll do is we'll give this with a 400 pixels textile line. Right? If you look here at the mock up, we'll see that everything's kind of lying to the right. So do that. Look at that works. Great. Come back here. Alignment A. I'm a link, by the way. I'm holding down control shift D to duplicate lines. So every time I do that duplicates my line. Um, I'm a get these display block padding of 10 pixels on top, 10 pickles on bottom and a margin 15 pixels on top. No pixels anywhere else. No margin. Lending rose. It's looking pretty good. Give us a color of a slightly darker gray than the body texts. Font size 1.5 p. M. Text decoration. None. Then we can go with finally 300. Take a look at how that looks. You're saying that it's starting to look very similar to our example. Now what I want to do is come here and I put some spacing. If you look at the mock up, there's a bit of spacing between the logo and then have you don't really have that here. So come here. Alignments! Image margin zero on top. They're on the right. 25 pixels on the bottom, there on the left. Fresh. Now that's looking a bit better. Now, what I'd like to do you say alignments. However, state text decoration underline. I'm here. Refresh. You see that when we have Rover links, the lot of airline. So now let's just finish the last part of this Web page, which is our about me section, so we'll start here for about me what we'll do. This will go ahead and say that line height should be two PM Refresh. That looks a bit better. Then we'll target the H one. Tag font size three e m. Margin. 25 pixels. Zero Take a look at how that looks. Nice. Then we'll just change the front weight to the lighter Roboto 300. I'm really liking what? This is going 50 pixels zero. I had somewhere to the bottom and it's all coming together pretty neatly. So we need this blue color right here, which is 089 So just go ahead and say color zero nine. Great. And then you can probably scale this down just a bit. Onda paragraph a text the line of Justify so it looks a bit more uniform. So if you look, this is going to scale down a bit and these words will be uniform on the side. All right. So that is how you make a web page for your personal portfolio website. My name is Jeremiah. Thanks for learning with me. 9. Publish A Website: WebHosting Squared tutorial.: So now that we've created our web posting squared accounts, as you can see here and we've got a website ready to be put online. As you can see here, it's time to look into see panel on what? Posting squared and upload our website. To do that, you go to Web hosting square dot com slash c panel. This will redirect you to the C panel. Log in page on what? Posting squared. And then once you're logged in, you'll see something that looks like this under files at the top. Quick file manager, then DoubleClick public html. Then click upload. This will allow us to upload files to the root directory of our website. Now what you want to do is click Select File. As you can see here, I'm in my documents folder where I have my portfolio folder, which is the folder where I have made the website. I have all my files here. Now What I did is I made it into a compressed zip file. To do that just right. Click send to compress Zip file folder. Don't look like that. It should upload in just a few seconds. Nice. Now you can click go back to your seat. Ah, see, Panel file manager, Or just close the tab. Once you're back here, click Reload. Great. I see my portfolio folder. What I want to do is right. Click it and click extract. Then we'll click extract files. Then we can go ahead and click this right click again and delete our zip file. Now, what we want to do is move all of these files to the root folder. To do that, I'm going to click one by one while holding down control. And then I'm going to go to move. Then I'm going to backspace folders words until I get to the public. Underscore html for its nice holder. Then click move files. Now I can go back to my home directory. Public html. We can delete this folder right here because there's nothing in it. There's no sense in having it. And then our website is uploaded online. Let's take a look. Okay, Now, as you can see here, we've got a website uploaded and online all through the sea panel file manager. My name is Jeremiah. Thanks for learning with me.