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What is Consciousness? - Spirituality meets Quantum Physics

teacher avatar Peter Torok, Lucid Dreaming Expert | Author

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (1h 52m)
    • 1. What is Consciousness Trailer

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. The Purpose of Life: New Age and Buddhist interpretations of Evolution

    • 4. Attraction via Psychology and Neuroscience

    • 5. We are All Connected: Entangelement

    • 6. Do We Live in a Dream? - The Holographic Universe

    • 7. Consciousness Creates Matter + Changes the Past: Double Slit Experiments

    • 8. The Quantum Field and Parallel Worlds

    • 9. Consciousness is the Ground of Being

    • 10. Everything is Vibration - The Effects of Energy-waves on Matter

    • 11. Spiritual and Scientific Concepts of Consciousness

    • 12. Paranormal Research: E.g.: Telepathy and Publication Bias

    • 13. Our Point of Attraction?

    • 14. What Do We Attract? - Core Beliefs and Ego

    • 15. Releasing Resistance and Allowing The Flow

    • 16. The Power of Positive Focus - The Universe Reflects Our Vibrations

    • 17. How to Visualise the Correct Way? Manifestation Tools

    • 18. The Origins of Prayer - How did Jesus Teach it?

    • 19. Visualisation for Attracting What I Want

    • 20. The 5 Point Mastery of the Law of Attraction

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About This Class

A Journey through the Purpose of Life, Psychology & Spiritual Wisdom: You Control your Vibration!

" It makes me very glad that through some `coincidence` I clicked here, because well... the feeling I had while listening was like putting on a rarely worn coat…you put your hand in its pocket and you find something there, that you`ve been looking for for ages...or some similar feeling. THANK YOU!"  - Rita

This course has been ranked Best Seller and Highest Rated on Udemy in Self-development.

What you`ll learn:

  • Watch scientific experiments about how consciousness manifests matter from vibrating energy
  • Learn key facts about manifesting, which have been left out of the movie `The Secret`
  • Attract synchronicities, meetings, opportunities and happiness with a 5 point step-by-step guide
  • Learn how to maintain alignment with our higher self, the flow and our passion
  • Take part in a philosophical enquiry about the birth of the universe and the purpose of life: compare the findings of science and ancient philosophies
  • Learn how we can attract and change via neural pathways, mirror neurons and core beliefs
  • Investigate concepts of quantum physics, for example parallel universes and time travel
  • Visualisation techniques: how to release resistance & how to focus. Meditation: how to find my purpose
  • Learn how the New Age and Buddhism see Karma differently


Please check out the trailer!

My name is Peter Torok and I would like to welcome you to my Law of Attraction course. This training was designed to show us how we can align with our Higher self and how to move into the vibration, which is most conducive for success and positive synchronicities.

A mysterious connection to the universe

A few months after I first started meditating, someone told me that I should really try to go on a retreat. So, I went. On the retreat, I had to do 9 hours of meditation and visualisation every day. On the third day, something happened to me, which wasn`t like anything else that I have experienced in my life before. I suddenly felt that my mind had become silent. I had no thoughts in me, only blissful presence. I looked around me, and I saw other people on the retreat going about their business. As I looked at them, I felt unconditional love towards them and it seemed like no negativity existed in the world; that everything was perfect and purposeful. This feeling is not something that I can explain. It doesn`t compare to physical or emotional or any kind of mental love - it was something infinitely powerful and integrative.

I couldn`t make sense of loving these strangers in this inexpressible way. As I sat there just observing myself and them, I realised something. It wasn`t really me who was doing the `loving`. Instead, love was just there, pre-existing… and somehow I managed to go beyond my ordinary thinking mind! Beyond that, there was this unconditionally existing love, to which everyone and everything is connected…I was in this specific state for half an hour and it took three weeks until it completely wore off.  It has changed my life. I began researching consciousness, which led me through a life of study, teaching, meditation and lucid dreaming.

The power of our mind

This course is both philosophical and practical in nature. Its purpose is to really think deeply about our place in the universe and to draw attention to the shocking discovery that our `mind` actually has some unknown power, which effects subatomic particles… which can manifest! We can find many ideas in the New Age, Buddhism and other Shamanic linages, which show a surprising similarity with the results of Quantum Physics experiments. I took the time to collect these experiments. In this course anyone can look at these video demonstrations, then listen to me compare their results to the wisdom of the ancient traditions. After the comparison you can decide what to think and how you`re going to apply this in your life!

You will find detailed explanations about our place in the universe and our connection with our `higher self`. By the end of the course, you will know exactly how to use the power of your mind, to focus, allow, visualise, release resistance and get into the flow... to manifest the things you seek.


Why learn from me?

Personal - I share the summary of my spiritual journey in one big philosophical lecture. As always, I aim to focus on how we can use the information and teachings in practical ways.

Expertise - Given my background in maths & economics, I think it`s fair to say that I like to I approach spirituality with an analytical mind. I talk about logical explanations and practical applications.

Experience - What I teach mostly comes from my own altered states of consciousness experiences. Apart from that, I also visited Hindu and Buddhist masters in India and Nepal. I am also a qualified teacher.

Mindfulness - I have witnessed the results of meditation and the power of the mind over and over. This lecture is intended to be a real eye-opener to what may await us beyond this life.

Community - You can join our Facebook group and discuss your progression with other practitioners. If you need to talk to me, I am available via e-mail and Skype.

Did you know? - Lucid Dreaming is an excellent way to practice manifestation because in the dream world, we manifest instantly.

Applying the techniques in this course may lead to a new type of awareness in our dreams. I have achieved the following in Lucid Dreaming:

-Over 500 lucid dreams since 2010, and corresponding experience to interpret dreams

-Experienced use of the `WILD` technique and the `Astral Projection/OBE` technique

-The ability to enter lucid dreams from meditation in the form of conscious transition

-Clear light lucid dreams, in which one may manifest freely in the absence of subconscious projections


I'm confident that you'll love the course and that once you take action, you will revolutionise your self-development practice!

I hope to see you soon,



What my students said:

“You are describing complicated phenomena in a clear way, therefore it is easy to understand your lecture. Secondly, I enjoyed the loose, mixed composition of topics, which gave a comprehensive understanding about known and new things” - Judit. G 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who are looking to reconnect with their higher self.
  • Anyone who would like a comprehensive tool for the Law of Attraction.
  • Anyone who would like to attract positive people into their life and have more rewarding, feel-good relationships.
  • Anyone who would like to instil positive, empowering thoughts and beliefs.
  • Anyone who is interested in learning how to be mindful and how to relieve suffering.
  • Anyone who wants to develop new habits, or change old ones.
  • Therapists, mentors, counsellors, healthcare workers who want to broaden their skill set

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peter Torok

Lucid Dreaming Expert | Author


Achievements in Lucid Dreaming

-Over 500 lucid dreams since 2010, and corresponding experience to interpret dreams

-Experienced use of the `WILD` technique and the `Astral Projection/OBE` technique

-The ability to enter lucid dreams from meditation in the form of conscious transition

-Clear light lucid dreams, in which one may manifest freely in the absence of subconscious projections

-Dream yoga practice, e.g.: thoughtless meditation inside the conscious dream state

-Dream control skills, e.g.: summoning anyone, going through walls, flying, creating objects, communing with the subconscious mind

-Thorough knowledge of lucidity increasing herbal supplements, & dealing with nightmares and sleep paralysis

-Completion of the Phowa Budd... See full profile

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1. What is Consciousness Trailer: Hi. My name is Peter Tork. A few months after I first started meditating, someone told me that I should really try to go on a retreat. So I went when this retreats, we had to meditate for nine hours every day on something happened on the third day, which was entirely new to me. I suddenly for just that my mind had become silent. There were absolutely no thoughts in me, only a blissful presence. So I looked around me, I saw the others, and as I looked at them, I felt unexplainable love towards them. And at the same time, it felt like no negativity existed in the world because everything was purpose. For his feeling is not something that I can easily explain because it doesn't compare to the kind of love I knew it was something infinitely more powerful and integrative. I couldn't make sense of loving these strangers in this way. And as I said, they're just observing them and myself. I realized something. It wasn't really me who was doing the loving, but somehow I managed to go beyond my ordinary thinking mind and beyond it. There was this pre existing unconditional love to which everyone was connected. For me, this was a life changing moment. And it's one of the reasons why I put together this material about the power of our consciousness, the purpose of these courses to make us really thing deeply about our place in the universe and to draw attention to the shocking discovery that our mind actually has some sort of power which even effects subatomic particles. We can find many ideas in the New Age philosophy, Buddhism and in the shamanic traditions, which are surprisingly similar to the findings of modern physics. In this course, anyone can watch actual quantum experiments in which our consciousness materializes physically from energy. After I compared these findings to the ancient spiritual traditions, you can decide what to think and how you're going to apply this in your own life. I've made this course, especially for those who want to understand the layers off what we call manifestation, psychology, spirituality and the quantum. Aram and I go into detail about attracting things on multiple levels, like our core beliefs and neuro pathways, using our emotions in visualization over the idea off parallel universes. What is our individual purpose in the universe and how can we experience that unconditional love meditators off and speak off in this course? I'm looking for answers to such questions, and I also designed a few guided meditations to bring us closer to this mysterious higher aspect of us. Lastly, about me, I specialize in teaching a type of dream your garbage. Let's one remain conscious while crossing over from the Wake State directly into the dream state. I also have a best selling video series about the mind. So if you'd like to explode a hidden power of our consciousness or looking for alignment video higher, self, then take a look for the course description. I look forward to seeing you inside. 2. Introduction: Hi, I am Peter to rock. In this course, I invite you to explore the power of consciousness with me. This lecture is part of a Siris in which I dive into different aspects off the mind, such as psychology and mindfulness, lucid, dreaming and more. Today we're going to study the law of Attraction. What is the law of attraction? Really? What is the spiritual meaning of it? And what is the psychological meaning behind it? After that, we look into the subatomic world through quantum physics to learn about how to manifest what we want. We're gonna go through some examples of cutting edge research which yield fascinating insights about how we're connected to the universe. The aim of this lecture is the link Spiritual ideas to science. Are those two approaches compatible or opposite? We'll find out soon. 3. The Purpose of Life: New Age and Buddhist interpretations of Evolution: the purpose of life. What does the New Age movement tell us about it? The big question of both philosophy and sciences. How the universe came to be, what created the big bank? What is the purpose off life? What is our individual purpose? Let me summarize the New Age philosophies. Answer. After that, we can discuss how it relates to psychology or science. According to the New Age. Before the Big Bang there was oneness and there was an all encompassing consciousness. This feels, Office says that's what triggered a big bank. They call this consciousness sore. So all that is the source is not a kind of God that is described by religion, but more like the collection off all information, experience, energy and perspective, which is inseparable from the rest of creation. It is basically life for existence. So in the beginning there is universal oneness, and this fundamental existence desires to know itself. When you're I look into the mirror, we get an idea about ourselves, right? So for source to know itself, it requires a separate perspective. The idea off otherness, something that can reflect mirror. But it really is. Therefore it splits itself into different facets. This desire for knowing itself to become or the desire for expansion creates the big bank which leads to the physical expansion of the universe is a consequence. After a series of splitting, my mentions are created and pieces of consciousness end up as individual entities, which can be called a spirits. The spirits have individual perspectives, yet they remain part of source. Always connected. Creation continues as spirits also desire to know themselves. They begin their journey and physical reality because it is in the contrast of physical reality in which they can explore what is wanted and what is unwanted. There is joy and suffering, which gives rise to further desires, knowing and experience. For this physical life, the spirits expand and grow. The spirits are eternal, part off source consciousness, which remain in some kind of higher dimension and the only project part of themselves into physical beings. They do this as long as it serves their expansion, leading to each spirit having multiple physical lives, which is known as reincarnation. The spirit remains in the higher dimension. Observing these physical lives like the way we watch a movie. We see the movie as an Observer. Let's say we are watching a romantic touching film, and we get really lost in the story. In such a case, we really enjoy the movie because we are tuned in the identify with the characters and you make their positive emotions our own. But what happens if we are watching a horror film again if we tune in, if we go with the story and live it from the perspective of the character, we're going to get scared and short we become participate, er's. In contrast to this, the spirit in the higher dimension is aware that each of its physical life is temporary. It's like a character. The spirit does not union. It doesn't identify with its human lives. However, we as physical beings are in kind of an amnesia in regards to this, because if we could remember, it will be the same as watching a movie without immersing into the story. A movie gives us something when we are engaged in it, right? We going to the cinema for two hours to forget ourselves and move into the shoes of a character and go through that joyful, scary experience and so on. What would be the point of me watching a horror film, meanwhile, thinking about Oh, I know that it's just a show and I'm really Peter, who is not really being chased by anyone. We wouldn't take such a movie seriously. It wouldn't be a lot of fun or much of a learning moving on. When we die, we re emerge with spirit perspective, which is analog ASUs two waking up from a dream and suddenly understanding who we really are and that our physical life was a role in a movie in which we identified with the rule completely. So our real identity is this spirit, and we come down to participate in physical reality for the purpose of joy and learning to expand. Depending on where we're looking the Newedge literature, we find slightly different interpretations. For example, half of the literature says that the spirit is a developing consciousness when it is created, it is somewhat unaware of itself, and universal forces cause it to incarnate into specific physical lives. Starting at the bottom as simpler life forms like minerals, plants and then animals, self awareness is slowly being awakened through the many incarnations. Reaching a human incarnation signifies a stage of development because that is the first life home which is able to self reflect, thus take its fate into its own hands to being attracts the contrast and suffering the comma based on its past experiences, actions and unconscious reactions. As we evolved through many lives, we become more and more surf over recognizing our unconscious reactions which are creating our comma, and eventually we can stop the cycle. He also slowly begin to realize that our physical lives are temporary roars and we begin to identify with our spirit. We can become more self over and accelerate this evolution by introspection, meditation and by service to others. Other literature says that the spirit creates the physical Selves, birth and life circumstances intentionally for a carefully designed life purpose and the great part off any contrast and suffering. Any comma is selected to teach us something to inspire fire us, and it is also intentional that the physical self doesn't remember any off this. The rest is identical. We can stop creating our comma by becoming more and more circle, where recognizing our unconscious reactions and beginning to reconnect without high yourself carrying on when we begin to remember that we are spirit in human form. Eventually, the physical playground want offer anything new to teach us, and then the spirits exploration continues in higher dimensions in different worlds. So according to the New Age philosophy, the universe is constantly expanding through us. We are telling you what to become by our desires and experiences. This period, the higher self remains in its detached perspective and from above, it sees multiple viewpoints all of its lives and therefore it sees all source of negativity , sees the limitations physical beings have does. It remains unconditionally loving without any judgment connected to source. This philosophy centers around the fact of physics that everything in the universe is made of vibrating energy. According to the New Age. Our consciousness also has a specific vibration of frequency we know from science. That's the higher the frequency of our brain waves. The higher the brain activity in the new age, the higher the frequency of consciousness, the higher the perspective that we have, which means being able to understand patterns in our reactions in others and in the world. It is seeing the truth when a more expanded and objective level, it also means being more compassionate. Ah, higher mentality called perspective thinking, not giving into our negative emotions. So in general a life of freedom, the benefits of the spiritual evolution and the same as what we can find in psychological mindfulness practices, The New Age just goes one step. Beyond that, back to vibrations source has the ultimate highest frequency. How would the ultimate consciousness perceive a human being? Everything a person is is a collective off immensely large number off different vibrations . We are made of vibrations regarding how they look, have a feel, our subconscious beliefs everything like a vibrational cocktail. The evolution is about raising the vibration of our consciousness by gaining perspective and living our excitement. Another aspect of this vibration is described by our emotional state. The higher our vibration, the better we feel because it more closely resembles the state of our higher self. Imagine sitting in a boat floating down a river. When we are in the flow and movement is easy, it carries us downstream. But if you go against the current by trying to live and act in ways that are not our excitement and passion by acting according to the expectation off others. We go against the flow, we go against the current. We go against our higher self. That way life becomes more difficult. Meditation allows us to seize paddling against the flow and it allows the river's current to simply turn us into the right direction. The representative feeling of our higher self is our excitement and passion. The reason our thing excite us because it is aligned with the idea of who we really are. The indication off, What should we be doing? Our lives purpose and we are in alignment. It will be the most effortless creation we will ever do. Creation becomes joyful, acting on the most exciting option every moment to the best of our ability real et all the answers and insides and signals that you need to know because when we are acting our passion, we are in the floor. They allow more information and energy to flow into us from the higher self, the universe. We provide everything we need in the right order in the form off meaningful coincidences. These curious coincidences are called synchronicity ease. This can happen in many forms, like meeting the right person, being somewhere in the right time hearing the right information just when we need it on opportunity, showing up or simply stumbling across just the thing we needed. Matching qualities or vibrations attract each other. Because of that, we attract people and situations into our lives who are in some way a vibrational match. To us, we can be a match based on what we focus on, like having similar interests. We can be a maj. Fruit unconscious, focused to like having similar core beliefs and where use patterns. On the other hand, we can be a match to something we have great resistance to, because when a strong opposition off fair is active inside of us, that is also focus a negative one. The only thing which keeps us from acting on our highest excitement is the content off the subconscious mind believes, patterns limitations that we have bought into. We can let go of resisting our true self and leave our passion by doing introspection, and we can release resistance by meditation. So what do you think? So far, this is my brief New Age interpretation of the Law of Attraction. In the next section, I will explore how we can interpret it by up psychology, and after that we will look at what quantum physics has to say about consciousness 4. Attraction via Psychology and Neuroscience: the law of attraction in psychology. I believe all of us are equipped with the abilities which enable us to fulfill our individual purpose. One of the reasons is that when we're acting on our passion, the brain steps into super creative mode. It begins to produce the so called gamma brainwaves, which don't occur on their own. They're more like supporting waves, the end of fastest brainwaves. The fact is that we rarely produced ease. The gamma state corresponds with special brain activity. All of the brain says communicate with each other. At the same time, it is like an orchestra being led by a conductor. Everything falls into sync. You may imagine it like so from the middle of the brain, activity or information is being sent out throughout the brain into every part simultaneously. And then this information comes back and gets processed again simultaneously. Operating from this frequency allows the brain to link and process information from multiple parts of the brain all at the same time, which leads to increased attention learning, creativity and intuition. Also, we can re program the brain access memories, create associations. We can get rid of old habits or establish new ones. On top of that, the gamma waves send signals to activate the frontal lobe, which is the human part of the brain responsible for intellect and control. Also, the gamma waves deactivate the emotional centers of the brain, so we're more likely to react to situations with reason, compassion and understanding, provident, becoming upset, taking offense or being controlled by negative emotions. Interestingly, studies have shown that Buddhist monks who have been meditating for many years exhibit large amount of gamma waves in contrast to beginning meditators who show more offer waves. It has been also found that gamma waves are highly active in states of universal love, altruism and other higher virtues. We can also enter Gamma when we go through an experience of awesomeness, like looking in the stars or via Lucy dreaming. The points to take away is that according to research, when we are acting out of passions, we are indeed ing kind of ah superhuman mode, and we are acting on our highest excitement. It puts us in a biological state, which is super conducive or success, and we spot opportunities easier. The second point is that when we're acting on our passion when we are confident barriers seem to fall down when we're doing something which at most excitement, we tend to be good at it. We're enjoying ourselves and the overflow with joy. Have you met such people before when you felt that you were being uplifted and inspired in their presence because of the way they are Freising at what they do? Excitement is infectious, and when others noticed that we're inflow, they are naturally drawn to us. They feel like connecting. Whether it's a friendship, a business partnership or a romantic relationship, that's psychology. Confirmed the love attraction. Then, to some extent, it definitely does. Being in alignment without true self by living our passion puts us in gamma state into the flow, which enhances creativity, intellect, Sappho, Anna's and it seems to attract people opportunities and support. How else can we attract for three ones? Have you ever wondered, why do we seem to attract recurring or similar situations into our lives? How about neuroscience? Our brain contains virtually unlimited number of neural pathways. They look like this whenever we think of thought. It travels through a certain path in the structure, in the form of an electrochemical charge, thinking the same thought strengthens that particular path. Similarly, off how people walk in the field of grass, the more they walked down a certain path, the more dominant and easy that particular path becomes. Every experience we have every thought and emotion causes the neurons to organize themselves into networks like this. Every thought you have is shaping your network. So if you have the same habit, emotion thought a reaction regularly, that means you're creating and reinforcing the pathway for that habit in your brain, your thoughts are constantly changing your brain. Physically. This is great for many practical reasons. For example, we can talk and drive at the same time, and the body takes care of shifting gears and pressing the pedals without thinking. Thanks to the new network, we have no awareness of certain thoughts as they have become automatic, because we have thought them so many times. However, when you worry repeatedly and keep thinking the same negative thoughts, what happens and we go for a walk in most cases were taking the established powerful, dramatically right, so every time you worry it's strengthening the worry pathway, and in the future it will be more likely that your brain chooses that path for, ah, thought it will become easier, more automatic to think the same negative thoughts. So imagine how strong and dominant a specific path becomes after someone has spent years or decades worrying about the same thing. After so much time, the reaction or emotion becomes kind of automatic. Do you ever see old people carrying out the same thing over and over and not being able to step out of their routine? They do it because certainly, true Parvaiz have become so hard wired that in their brain the information has a difficult time traveling on any other pathway. The actions of such people really become automatic again. An estimated 90 to 95% of our behavior is memorized actions, perceptions, reactions in one word schemers which are physically stored in the mind in the form of these neural pathways. If we want to address our problems, we have to become conscious off these patterns. Talk about your blessings more than you talk about your burdens. This saying is not a cliche. It has a neurological significance. We can use a neuro plasticity to our advantage because thinking positive thoughts will create specific pathways, which will help us to think more positively in the future. Moreover, there are neural transmitters in the immune system to which communicate for the neurotransmitters in the brain. Dopamine, the happiness hormone, is being sent from the brain to the immune system, and it motivates the immune cells for producing antibodies. That is one reason my emotional stress and the lack of dopamine leads to so many diseases on, by surprising or even unexplainable healings can be achieved by a strong positive attitude . So the conclusion is that when we're in the flow, our mind is much more expanded, the notice opportunities easier, and we are in a negative state like fear. We have a very narrow focus. By linking is back to the law of attraction. We can see that whatever we focus on the reinforce it we attracted, we seem to get more of it from the universe according to the law of Attraction. If we visualize what we desire, if we are in the vibration off already having what we want, the universe will deliver it. How does this visualization relate to psychology? We know from neuroscience that the brain doesn't know the difference between a real event and ah visualized event. Imagining a happy memory releases dopamine, which makes us feel good. If we have trained to visualize well, it can make us feel as good as the original event. I know for a fact that enemy air in a negative emotional state we can focus ourselves out of it by visually amassing ourselves into the amazing things they're going to do in the future. There has been a study where people had to pull a string with their finger for a few hours each day over four weeks. At the end of the study, a 30% increase was measured in the force they could exert. At the same time, a different group was asked to only imagine the same muscle training and guess what they measure. The 22% increase visualizing the training has caused the mind to send messages to the muscles. This is how powerful visualization is. So as we have seen from neuro plasticity, the more often we do something the stronger that habit becomes. Visualizing certain situations can train the body chemistry over time to put the body in the idea of state for example, visualizing doing a speech over and over rehearsing mentally turns on the same chemicals and activates the same neural pathways as a fever. Doing it for real. We can turn on certain genes that way to. Therefore, we can certainly train the mind and body to feel and act as if we already had something, and that can lead to increased confidence, healing, a winning attitude or opportunities. In my own experience, visualization often leads to a lot of inspiring and creative ideas. So it is safe to say that visualization has amazing effects. No matter how we look at the low attraction, I would go into the details of visualization in the second half of the course, attracting people into our life, the power off mirror neurons. Whenever we fear something or perform in action, specific neurons fire in our brain. But when we observe someone as performing the same action, many of our same neurons will fire again as if river performing the action ourselves. This can happen because we have so called empathetic mirror neurons which connect us to other people, allowing us to feel what they feel because of the mirror neurons. We can be easily affected by others. This process gives us an intuitive impression. We can detect the intentions of others according to the law of attraction. The vibration off others can influence us, or we can attract certain people based on our vibration. The mirror neurons are a good explanation of this phenomenon. It shows why and how we tune into the vibration of others into their men to emotional state . Also, we tend to make friends with others similar to us. We can say with people who are Nero chemically aligned with us, which can explain the attraction off certain people. We must be careful, though, if we do not share the same patterns, experiences, values and beliefs, etcetera, then it is possible that our mirror neurons misunderstand some people, or we may be unable to relate at all. This can lead to taking things the wrong way or accidentally taking something personally, as we can see so far are psychological stage definitely effects what we seem to attract into our life. Our biology also has a great effect. What else? Let's look at quantum physics and see what mystical influence you may have 5. We are All Connected: Entangelement: RV or connected quantum physics meets Eastern philosophies. I'd like to make sure that you know that these are not my interpretations. I really did my best and took my time to find you. Demonstrations which come from proper, credible, mainstream science ready for something powerful entanglement. A long time ago, Albert Einstein made a prediction that tiny pieces of matter called subatomic particles have a very special connection. Even when they are separated by huge distances, it turns out he was right. So what is this connection that's watched? His few minutes clip about it well, objects two electrons created together are entangled. Send one to the other side of the universe. Now do something to one other. Responds instantly. So either information is traveling infinite fast or in reality, they are still connected. They are entangled. And since everything was entangled at the moment of the Big Bang, that means everything. It's still touching. Space is just a construct that gives the illusion that there are separate objects. So what do you make of this? David Boom was one of the more significant theoretical physicist of the 20th century whose research has been used in creating the atomic bomb, for example, he believed the reason subatomic particles, tiny pieces of matter are able to remain in contact regardless of the distance separating them is because they're separation is an illusion. According to him, there is a deeper level of reality that we cannot see, but only a portion of it. He said that such particles are not separate parts, but facets of a deeper underlying unity on extension off the same fundamental something. Imagine dipping two fingers into the fish tank to the residents off the fish tank. Those two fingers appear as two separate entities. But if they could see beyond their word the water, they would realize that the two fingers are facets of an underlying unity. The day are part of the same thing. This entanglement is being used in our technology. For example, in one of the most prestigious scientific magazine called Nature, you can read about how this interconnectedness is being used to teleport information over vast distances. So according to quantum physics, all things in the universe seems somehow connected. You, me, physical matter, everything 6. Do We Live in a Dream? - The Holographic Universe: do we live in a dream? The holographic universe theory. David Boom also predicted that the universe could be like a giant projection. Ah, hologram. And it turns out that 50 years later, now, the latest research seems to confirm this again. A study has been published in nature simulations Back up the theory that the universe is a hologram, since that there have been other studies with the same results. Now the reason we don't hear about things like this very often is that scientists themselves are shocked by it and don't really know what to do with this information. Holograms are free dimension with photographs. If you cut Afridi hologram in half, each half will contain the entire original image. If you keep cutting the haves again, each snippet of the photo will hallways contain the original image. So in holograms, each atom contains the whole picture, and scientists are predicting that our whole universe could be some kind of a projected hologram. What does this mean? What does this say about us? That all of us are contained in one atom in source? Oh, we have source. Contained in all of us is our vision of reality. here in the third dimension is a projected war to world. It is food for thought, for sure. We know from neuroscience that everything we perceive about reality is in fact, different signals interpreted by the brain. We don't actually perceive anything directly. Therefore, all of our experiences our ah kind off brain constructed guests off reality. 7. Consciousness Creates Matter + Changes the Past: Double Slit Experiments: does the mind creates reality being famous. Double slit experiment. The experiment in the next video clip has shocked the whole scientific community. Not even scientists understand the results. It is pretty mind boggling. I definitely had to watch it more than a few times to wrap my mind around effects. Understand this experiment way first, need to see how particles or little balls of matter if we randomly shoot a small object, say, a marble at the screen way see a pattern on the back wall where they went through the slip and hit. Now, if we add a second slit way would expect to see a second band duplicated to the right. Now let's look at waves. The waves hit the slit and radiate out. Striking the back wall with the most intensity directly in line with the slip line of brightness on the back screen shows that intensity. This is similar to the line of the marbles make. When we add the second slip. Something different happens. If the top of one wave meets the bottom of another wave, they cancel each other out. So now there is an interference pattern on the back wall, places where the two Topps meat are the highest intensity, bright lines and where they cancel there is nothing. So when we throw things that is matter through two slits way. Get this two bands of hits and with waves we get an interference pattern off many bands. Good So far. Now let's go. Quantum. Yeah, Electron is a tiny, tiny bit of matter, like a tiny marble. Let's fire a stream through one slit. It behaves just like the marble single band. So way shoot these tiny bits through two slits Way should get like the marbles. Two bands. What an interference pattern. We fired electrons, tiny bits of matter through, but we get a pattern like waves, not like little marbles. How? How could pieces of matter create an interference pattern like a wave? It doesn't make sense a lot. Physicists or clever, they thought. Maybe those little balls are bouncing off each other and creating that pattern so they assigned to shoot electrons through one of the time. There is no way they could interfere with each other, but after an hour of this, the same interference pattern seemed to emerge. The conclusion is inescapable. Single electron leaves as a particle becomes a wave of potentials, goes through both slits and interferes with itself to get the wall like a particle. But mathematically, it's even stranger. It goes through both slits and it goes through neither, and it goes through just one, and it goes through just the other. All of these possibilities are in superposition with each other, but physicists were completely baffled by this, so they decided to pee and see which slit actually goes through. They put a measuring device by one slip, see which one it went through and let it fly. But the quantum world is far more mysterious than they could have imagined. When they observed, electron went back to behaving like a little marble. It produced a pattern of two bands, not an interference pattern of many. The very act of measuring or observing which slit it went through meant it only went through one. Not both the electron decided toe act differently, so it was aware it was being watched. It was here that physicists stepped forever into the strange never world of quantum events . What is matter? Marbles or waves and waves of what and what does observer have to do with any of this. The observer collapsed the wave function simply by observing. When did you think bizarre to summarize the experiment? Every piece off matter, including the sows in you and me and the chair you're sitting on are both a tangible piece of matter on the spread out wave off potential energy. The physical reality of a particle depends on how we choose to look at it. Of course, about big objects like you and me, it is impossible to demonstrate this yet. We're made off those same particles. What's even more fascinating? That's according to a study again published in Nature. The greater the amount of observation, the greater the influence on how the particles behave in the experiment. It is incredible that are potential knowledge of the outcome changes how the particles behave. Can we change the past? This fact is even better explained by a variation of the double slit experiment called Delayed Choice, or Quantum a Razor, which is even more mind boggling, showing that our knowledge of the outcome actually changes the past off the particle. If you're interested, you can check out this video explanation about it. The Observer collapsed the wave function simply by observing. However, the double whole experiments, mind boggling conclusions don't end there. In recent years, technology has allowed scientists to perform a fascinating variation of the test. Its results call into question our perception of time itself. This is like a high tech version of the double whole experiment. Electrons air being fired toward a barrier with two holes in it. But the scientists can delay their decision about whether to observe the electrons until after they've passed through the holes. But before they hit the screen, it says, though, I'm on the baseball field and there's a baseball being pitched toward the barrier with the holes in it. But my eyes were closed, so it goes through and it behaves like a wave. But then, at the last second, before it hits the screen, I open my eyes and decide to observe it. At that moment, the electrons, in essence, become particles and seemingly always were particles from the time they left the electron gun. So it's a zoo, though they went back in time to before they went through the holes and decided to go through one or the other, not through both as they would have had they been behaving like waves. That's really crazy. That's the signal that our choice of what experiment to do determines the prior stay of the electron somehow or other. We've had an influence on it, which appears to travel backwards in time. If you've watched the video while crazy, isn't it? Now? I really don't want to make conclusions. But did you hear about the Buddhist saying that reality exists where the mind creates focus ? That's rap of this topic is what John Wheeler said, a very important physicist who coined the terms black hole and wormhole, useful as it is under everyday circumstances, to say that the world exists out there independent of us that you can no longer be up had. There is a strange sense in Rich. This is a participate every universe. 8. The Quantum Field and Parallel Worlds: Perella Waas and a zero point field. Is everything possible? The double slit experiment has showed us that the particles were in superposition in all potential locations. At the same time, the wording is important. Before the observation takes place, the particles behave like energy of a function. It is like a wave off potentials. Their existence is abstract, so to speak. We can't really tell where they are, so that could they be. The leading theory about the base of the universe is the superstring theory, which talks about many dimensions. The theory describes a so called zero point field on ever present energy field, which is everywhere around us and everything is made off this field. So if the particle is in every potential location than everything that could possibly happen already has a real existence as a potentiality in this energy field and things which we experience is one of these potentials manifesting. How can subatomic particle was bean? Many places at once again, no one really knows. But one interpretation is the parallel worlds theory. The famous scientist Stephen Hawking supports this theory. According to him, if we wish to track the past of the universe, we have an infinite amount of possible histories to choose from 9. Consciousness is the Ground of Being: so far, we have the fear readers. There is a field off, all encompassing potentiality which everything is made off. Then we have the confirmed experiments that observing the subatomic world actually effects . What resorts we get are meant to focus, interacts with energy and matter the act of measurement and even our expectation somehow collapses the wave function. It manifests the physical particle out of this abstract see off potential energy. Everything is made of these subatomic particles, you and me. What does this mean? Even scientists use the expression. Now that it is consciousness that collapses the wave function, it is consciousness that makes the potential energy become a piece of matter. This has led some scientists to theorize that without consciousness, the universe would exist in determinedly as ah see off quantum potentiality. In other words, physical reality cannot first exist without consciousness. According to Dr John Villa, consciousness is therefore the ground of being and must have existed prior to the physical universe. Consciousness literally creates the physical world 10. Everything is Vibration - The Effects of Energy-waves on Matter: the vibrational universe. In this last science clip, I would like to show you something about vibrating waves about energy. Take a look at what specific sound frequencies due to matter. - Okay . As you could see, different frequency waves which were sound waves in the our case, organized matter to adopt specific geometrical forms. There are so many waves we already use. We know the effect of electromagnetic waves, X rays, lasers, radio waves and so on. Each of them affect matter in different ways. And what are waves made off? Well vibrating energy and the frequency of a wave shows its intensity. Everything in the universe vibrates. If you look deep enough, Our emotions and thoughts in their physical aspect are the firings of neurons in our brain , biochemical and electric impulses. These molecules and electrons are made of quantum particles, which are also vibrating Waves of energy, different thoughts and emotions lead to the production off different chemicals. Thus different vibrations the brain, the heart both amid different electromagnetic waves. Depending on our mental emotional state, we are emitting a package of vibrations all the time. So what does our vibration effect? It is a philosophical question, but we have seen that consciousness effects the particles in the double slit experiment, and we have seen that everything is connected via entanglement and everything is energy. Max Plank, Nobel Prize winning originator of quantum theory, said. I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing postulates consciousness. 11. Spiritual and Scientific Concepts of Consciousness: how the spirituality connect with science. Thank you for listening. So far, I know that all of this information can be overwhelming. But now that we know about the scientific thoughts about consciousness, we ready to move into philosophy and spirituality. Let's compare the conclusions of 21st century quantum physics 2000 years old Eastern philosophies actually not only Eastern but also the various ancient philosophies on the globe, like a Myron's Egyptians, African shamanism or pretty much talk about the same thing. Our first point is that, according to science, there exists a universal interconnectedness. We are all connected by a mysterious field made off energy and potentiality. Apparently, separateness is an illusion. This is gold entanglement. Now, if you take a look at these ancient philosophies, they say that all beings are one and we are all connected. 0.2 is that, according to science, it appears that we live in a holographic universe, A projection. What do the philosophies say? The world is like a dream. A projection. The third point is, according to science, we never actually touch anything. Physically, subatomic particles are 99.99% made up off empty space occupied by energy by waves, realities not made off tiny physical pieces but vibrating strings of energy. You are not touching the chair. You're sitting all right. Now the atoms don't actually touch. There is a force that keeps you hovering above your chair. It is the electromagnetic field that you feel by touching the only thing we ever physically touches. Perhaps our mother's egg, which we are made off. If we got rid off all the debts space inside our atoms, the entire human race would fit into a sugar cube. One. Do the philosophies tell us there exists a fundamental emptiness in physical reality? Point number four Science says the physical reality of a quantum object depends on how we choose to look at it. Consciousness can decide whether things remain as waves off potentialities in a mysterious field of energy or whether they manifest as physical matter. This is called the Wave Particle Duality. What is the response off philosophy? The mind creates matter from energy. Our fifth point is that according to science, everything including matter, is fundamentally vibrating. Waves of energy. The philosophies say everything in the world is energy. Our last point is that we know from science that our thoughts and feelings are related to up psychological state by a gene expression, the new system and in other ways the brain can't differentiate between visualizing and activity and during it physically, BofA lead to almost the same bodily processes, and philosophy says that the use of our intention and visualization affect our body and the world around us. Additionally, we have seen that sound waves organized matter into specific geometrical patterns and philosophy talks about the use of mantra as the EU's off specific sounds on their power. So now that I've done this comparison, does it seem like that there is some kind of correlation? Does it sound like our consciousness may have some sort off power? 12. Paranormal Research: E.g.: Telepathy and Publication Bias: I have also selected a few examples are very interesting. Controversial research. As far as I know, mainstream science is skeptical bodies. However many scientists approve. For example, Dr Robert Lanza said biologist voted the third most important scientist alive by The New York Times claims that it is life that created the universe and not the other way around. His theory and research is gored by a centrism. Dr. Luke Mangane has received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2000 and eight for discovering HIV. In his research, he's claiming that DNA may be able to send electromagnetic imprints of itself into distance cells, which can then be used to create copies of the original DNA. This kind of means teleportation. A scientist called Dr Vladimir Poppen in claimed that DNA separated from its donor reacts to their donors. Emotional changes, insinuating telepathy. Edgar Mitchell, The famous Austra note is a co founder of the Institute of Pneumatic Sciences. The institute claims to have done studies which show that focusing mentally on the double slit, not actually looking, still collapses. The wave function. They say the distance doesn't matter. On the communication happens instantaneously. Talkto Jacobo Greenberg's a bear boom and later Peter Fenwick reported on their experiments that two people were placed in individual Faraday cages. Electro magnetically impervious chambers on both off their brains were wired up to an E E G machine. One subject was shown a series of light flashes which produced on electrical activity in their brain. This was recorded in the E G. The task of the subjects was to meditate on their connection with one another on their unity for 20 minutes prior to the measurement than the brain we resort off, subject to who didn't have any light flared into their eyes, showed the same resort as Subject one, demonstrating a mysterious connection between the two subjects, suggesting telepathy. Lastly, there is the Global Consciousness Project. The researchers claim that a random number generators installed by them throughout the world are being affected by important world events like the 9 11 attacks. If you're interested, you could dive into this field. There are many studies about metaphysics and the paranormal. There is an interesting thing called publication bias door. We only know that organizations choose to fund research is which are profitable for them in some way. Additionally, mainstream scientists have to protect their prestige to. If an unscientific sounding claim arises many times, it would not be taken seriously. Respected journals wouldn't publish it because they have to protect their credibility. This probably effects by data about metaphysical claims cannot get out there or by not money. Proper studies are being done. I have personally seen documentaries about experiments in which there were very significant resorts about unexplained phenomena. Yet the researchers said that the results were not statistically significant. And to me it seemed very clear that they did that because admitting that something there are no more happened would have been against a currently accepted view off science. And that was not something they could openly, except on television. They would be labeled bad scientists. They could lose their career. This is similar to how politicians distort the facts or avoid answering. When an interviewer poses an uncomfortable question, people and institutions always protect their position. Many scientists claim that certain metaphysical results are even being prevented from being presented by authorities 13. Our Point of Attraction?: mastering the power off the lover direction. We have proved that our psychological when biological state influences what we seem to attract. After seeing the findings of quantum physics, we can also say for effect that our consciousness directly influences the world around us. Science says that everything, including matter, is fundamentally vibrating waves of energy. This energetic universe is the basis for the law of attraction. Different vibrations lead to different experiences. For example, when you're listening to FM 100 on the radio, the frequency of 100 that vibration will bring you the corresponding radio channel. But what about the rest of the radio channels? Every single other channel is broadcasting at the same time as well, but you don't hear them were not part of your experience. You cannot perceive them because your radio is tuned to FN 100. Similarly, the subatomic particle exists in many potential positions. At the same time, if we take a consciousness based vibrational universe, we can say that we are like a radio. We receive different vibrations based on our own, depending on what we are tuned into our life experiences are similar to tuning into a certain frequency channel. We will receive the corresponding experience, while all the other experiences remain optional, a potential the only experience one at a time, though the radio channels represent different parallel universes, perhaps with slight differences, which we shift fruit many times every moment, depending on what we are tuned into what our vibration is, the law of Attraction is organizing the exact reflection of our thoughts by matching vibrations. Based on this, we are continuously shifting into different parallel worlds. So according to this, the love attraction is not a mystical thing or not some higher entity who puts things into our life. But it is the mechanics of the universe, which is designed to constantly reflect our thoughts and believes back at us for our learning. And we're always shifting into the particular parallel universe, which is most reflecting of our current vibrational state, which represents the closest mirroring of our attitudes, opinions and beliefs of ourselves. Others in the world. The outcome of our life events matches our mental emotional focus and core believes in one word. Our vibration. The universe is reflecting whatever our beliefs, foods expectations and perspectives are, it will always prove us right if we are convinced of these schemers, the universe will bring more evidence off them. We have seen how this works psychologically. And now we're seeing hide works Vibrational e According to the New Age, I wanted to give you a really good example about this. And I was thinking and thinking. And then I decided that you know what? There is a person who was much better at telling stories. I am more analytical. So why don't I just use her material for showing you a great example? Please listen to the short clip from after Hicks. When you were young, you were in the playground. There was a merry go round. Remember it? You wanted to get on it, but sometimes the other kids were on it. They had it going really fast. You couldn't get on. You tried just spun you off in the bushes. Too much momentum. And you weren't up to speed with it. And so you didn't get all So we've been offering that analogy in order to help you to feel the vibrational differences between what you want and where you are. Because sometimes you're just bouncing right off from the things that you want because you've been practicing the vibration that's not up to speed with them. So recently, Esther has been envisioning this whirling disc up to speed with who she is really up to speed with, who she is really up to speed with, who she is as she realizes that if she's managed to already get on it, if she's on it, if she's on that disk and feeling good, if she's spinning in that high flying vibration, anything that might attempt to approach her in this very sometimes seeming congested world can't get on her wheel. Her momentum is such that it's got to be pretty high flying before it gets on with her. You see what we're getting out. You see what we're getting at. You get your frequency up there where you belong and Onley things that match who you are can be part of your experience on Lee. Those people who are ready for you on Lee, those experiences that are ready for you, the traffic that you want, the life experience that you want, all things that you want, the conversations from people, people who could meet you on any level off this spinning wheel you could be on a wheel. Not feeling good. Felt bad when you went to bed. Felt bad when you got up. Complained about this, Complained about that. You're justified. You're not making it up. Life sucks. So you're focused upon it. You don't feel good. You're not feeling very good. Who gets on your wheel? These guys, they're up there having a good time with somebody else. You know who's getting on your wheel and when they get on, You don't like it, do you? But there they are. I didn't expect to see you there should have There they are mucking around with you. Oh, no, not you too. You're the last person I wanted to see today. So what do you do when you recognize that you're not on a vibrational frequency that feels good to you? And how do you know it? Two ways doesn't feel good. And what's manifesting stinks? In other words, there's two ways to know what you're doing. Vibrational e. You can tell by the way you feel and you can tell by what you're realizing. You can tell by what your tune to, and we're going to be pretty heavy on that word realizing because we want so much for you by the time you leave this gathering today, to know for sure for sure for sure for sure for sure that nobody is doing anything to you. Everything is about your vibrational awareness, your vibrational preparation. It's about what you're doing with your grid, and it's about where you're greet is now your grid. We're going to spin your grid, so it's a spinning wheel. Where is your grid spinning? Who you picking up? Who is getting on the wheel with you? Who's getting on? Who's bouncing off? If you feel terrible, everyone wonderful bounces off. If you feel awful, everyone awful gets on. If you feel better, they'll meet you at your level if you are high flying. If you are high flying, most of the world will not have access to you. But those who do will make a world that is delicious to you. You see your point of attraction, your grid, your vibrational grid. You create your own reality. You are vibrational being your emanated signal all day, every day. What you emanated before even yesterday doesn't matter at all. But it's likely that today signal is gonna be sort of like yesterday signal, because love attraction keeps helping you keep the momentum going through such a good word . The momentum going of where you are, doesn't it? If you're really in a bad mood, isn't it easier to stay there than to pull out of it? That's because of momentum. So what do you do to slow the momentum? What do you do to change the momentum? What do you do to get off of a wheel that you don't want to be on and get on another one? What do you do? Well, first, you have to accept that you are a vibrational frequency. First, you have to accept that you have the ability to focus yourself into a better feeling place . And next, you have to understand what your emotions are really telling you, that your emotions are telling you all day every day. What your frequency is not in relationship to those other guys who may or may not be climbing onto your wheel with you. What is your vibrational relationship to your vortex toe? Everything that you've put their toe, all that you have become to the source within you, the only question that you really want to ask yourself is Am I up to speed with the further most expansion of that, which I am. So you're source energy Before you came into this physical body and here you are, exploring the contrast that surrounds you, knowing what you don't want, knowing what you do want and adding to this more text of creation, it becomes more and more and more and more and more. And when you have that, what you call your death experience, we like to call it cracking because there is no such thing as dead. You will re emerge immediately into that high flying vibration of who you are. We just want you to know you don't have to croak to do that. There are so many ways of bringing yourself vibrational e up to speak, to summarize according to the New Age, whenever we want something to change, but we need to focus on is activating a higher vibrational feeling, a better feeling, thought, get a positive momentum, and the universe were deliver more of it. As long as we think that there is something or someone more powerful than us and we don't realize that we create our own reality with your thing, that we are victims. If we commit to having better feeling foods, for example by mindfulness techniques, by directing our thoughts than our reality, we change. For example, if we begin to love ourselves our vibration, we change enough that our reality will begin to reflect that new state of being and others were suddenly show their love towards us too. If we want something to be different, he must ask ourselves every time is my perception serving me so I want to see it proven. The moment we begin to act on a new attitude, a new outlook, a new expectation, our life will become the representative of it. The law of attraction will reflect it. 14. What Do We Attract? - Core Beliefs and Ego: what to be attract. Know thy self. The responsibility that we create our reality means that we can take control over things. This leads to mindfulness practice, which is the most important aspect of the lower direction. In my opinion, whether we look at it from up psychological perspective or from a vibration or viewpoint, we know from psychology that most of our reactions and habits are decided by the subconscious mind. Therefore, we must explore what is in our subconscious mind because everything in their influences Buffy attract in some cases even determine it. Do we have positive expectations from the world? Do we have positive judgements about ourselves and others? Just how where do we control our reactions to things which are uncomfortable to us? Please take a moment. To think about this sentence. Uncomfortable can mean a range of things like when people tell us something we don't like and there's a situation we don't like or any kind of negative emotional state we are stuck in. How well do we control our reactions? Think of a time and someone was mean to You are pretty good. You Can you say that you can react with compassion and openness every single time. Can you say that he always react positively? Think of a time and something happened, which resorted in prolonged or recurring bad feelings. Perhaps something in the past that still influences you today. Can you say that you decide about your mood if you don't always react or feel of a you'd like to or how it would be ideal. Why is it is it not us who control our lives? It is because there is a sense off self that is part of us, which reacts automatically. Let's go lead the subconscious self. For now, as we have seen from neuroscience, finding our limiting beliefs is our number one priority When it comes to making full use of the law of attraction. When we are thinking about why we attracted something, we can ask ourselves questions like which patterns may have led to the negative experience . Make the association between what you are thinking and how you are feeling and how things are turning out on a psychological level. Our emotions had a feedback or what narrow path base we are reinforcing what habits and reactions we are going to have in the future our recurring reactions to things determine what kind of situations we attract on a vibrational level. Our emotions are the feedback or what we're tuning into. But we have created until now off what we are manifesting right now and what we are likely to manifest in the future. For example, if we don't have confidence, if we are not trusting that we can get what you want, we can ask what experiences have trained me to not expect what I want. If we are going through a negative experience, we can analyze our attitude and actions that left to the negative synchronicity. Why am I a vibrational match? What is being reflected? Theo Venice, of being a match is already increasing our vibration. It means accepting responsibility and releasing resistance, observing else of changes our experience. Have you observed the problems of others before? Like a friends, for example. In such cases, we can often give advice which they couldn't see themselves. Positive ideas are available to us because we are detached, but those are not necessarily available for them and they are engaged in a problem. Emotionally, it is much harder to see the lights family are in defensive mode because the brain focuses on worst case scenarios to protect us. Wouldn't it be good if we could observe our own challenges with the same detached mindset with mindfulness practice, we can associate from our reactions and problems. We can move into observing mode, which is a blissful and constructive way of being. With mindfulness practice, we can take control of our focus. We begin to see alternative interpretations of situations. Which truth do I choose? Which one is more constructive In observing mode, many positive options become available to us, which are not visible in family. In mindfulness practice, we can launch an emotional momentum and feel ourselves into better vibration, which then leads to achieving what we want. This practice offers us the ability to move up the emotional scale, step by step, to summarize. It is easy to see that our automatic reactions and the recurring thoughts determine a great deal of what we create for ourselves in our life. This is the psychological level, what we call comma mindfulness practice is so important, and I can speak of the tons of benefits of it in my own life. If you're interested, you may check out my comprehensive mindfulness course in which I bring together psychology with Eastern traditions, how to let go of limiting beliefs, step by step, introspection, meditations, and I talk about how to achieve instance change by understanding our mind. 15. Releasing Resistance and Allowing The Flow: release your resistance and allow the flow any kind of limiting belief we have about ourselves, others all the world is resistance. It is resisting the higher self, and it stops the things we want from flowing into our life. The love a direction is always active, and it is constantly working to bring us what we want. All the opportunities, the people that synchronicity ease. What is resistance, consciously thinking that we cannot achieve something or unconsciously feeling that we don't deserve it in one word, not believing that our desire can be fulfilled. For some reason, all of these believes mean that our focus is on lack. So what were the lower traction mirror? This kind of lack? What else is resistance boring. If you put everything on one steak and we are desperate to receive it again, our focus is on. What if I won't get it? The focus is on lack worries, resistance. It is focused on what we do not want. That is why having a Plan B to fall back on. It's such a great thing to have in place, no matter what the situation is. Having doubts about something to come indicates that We are not a vibrational match. We deserve everything. The desire. It is our birthright. If you feel otherwise, that is because of a belief he probably developed when we were Children and with introspection, we can approved it. If you look at nature really contemplated, we see competition, a cycle of life and death. However, ultimately it is such a perfect, harmonious creation which, full of beauty and joy. And if you exist, that means you have a role to play. You have a reason to be. You have something to express. You are part of the show, the universe, which means you have inherent worth and you deserve what you want. Being in the state of unconditional love or pure appreciation is the vibration off the higher self showing unconditional love to our service, sometimes the hardest, because we have picked up judgment about ourselves as we were growing up. That is why it's so important to do introspection. So how to be manifest something according to the New Age and some quantum physicists, because we are shifting through parallel universes many times in each moment. What we want is already a possibility. In one of those universes and better we switch into such a universe is determined by our vibration. Our vibration is determined by the beliefs we hold by our mental emotional state. Our physical actions are the expression off that wheel. It is what solidifies our vibration, which propels us into the right parallel universe. Acting on our highest excitement to the best of our ability of you bring all the synchronicity is we need the how off the manifestation is not really our job because our higher dimensional aspect sees every possibility things we couldn't seen. Our physical perspective focusing on not knowing how the solution will come is resistance. We should do everything we can to remove elements from our life which are not representative of our true self. Any resistance. This includes people who hold us back. Meditation is a short cut for releasing resistance. It takes you to a state of being which is unchallenged by war. Ian schemers which keep you from getting what you want or feeling how you want. It is like a recent button In meditation, we connect with the higher self, which is a pure, blissful vibration. And from that blissful, peaceful space you can begin launching your positive momentum, you can begin to spiral up the emotional scale and the lower direction. We'll bring you more when we dissociate from our sense off self. When we stop our thoughts, they don't block the higher self, Then the stream can flow freely. The moment we realized that we want something, it already exists in the zero point field, This energy field off potentiality be retained the vibration of the higher self within us. So the subject of our desire is being attracted every moment automatically. It is not about making something non existent, Rhea, but to realize that it is already here, believe systems make it invisible when what we need is alteration off perception and then take inspired action. 16. The Power of Positive Focus - The Universe Reflects Our Vibrations: According to science, the physical reality of an object depends on how we choose to look at it. Consciousness can decide whether things remain as a wave of potentiality in a mysterious field of energy or manifest as physical matter. This is called The Wave Particle Duality. Philosophy refers to the says the mind creates matter from energy. If he applied this phenomenon to the Lova direction, we could say that whatever we focus on it will manifest. The focus of consciousness determines what we experience. Moreover, we have seen in the quantum erase their experiments that the observation even changed the past. Therefore, it doesn't matter what happened to us in the past. Everything manifested right now is only a vibrational indicator off how we were focused before, until this very moment, we can create anything new in the new moment, regardless of the past. This is definitely true in psychology. Old neural pathways, old habits and emotions can be replaced by new ones. Our brain remains plastic our entire life. Focusing on the past means focusing on the old unwanted vibration. It is strengthening the old neural pathways, so both in psychology and in spirituality, what we focus on, we reinforce it. If there is something we do not like, something we want to change, we can let it inspire us to what we prefer instead or finding but the underlying causes. But after that, we need to focus on the solution, the desired thing. We have to strengthen new neural pathways. New vibrations that they weaken reinvent ourselves in the low of attraction. Our focus is power. That is how we become a vibrational match. Oh, what we seek and step into the parallel universe, which reflects our new vibration. We change our focus by changing our thoughts. For example, when you walk in a garden focusing on individual features like a red flower deepens the experience focusing on the cooling airs its touches. You deep ends. They experience again. The more specific you are about your focus about your thoughts, the more intensive your experience becomes. The specifics give things energy. Therefore, when you want to intensify your momentum, your mood when it is positive, you can do that by focusing on the specifics. For example, what happens when you are having a bad day? Let's say work is not going well. How would you feel if you started focusing on specifics like I'm still far from my deadline but us, I have to stay longer at work. The more you think all the specifics, the deeper the experience. So when we are in a negative focus when we are in the middle of a negative momentum, we can try to be more general about all foods and we can try to distract ourselves. Don't spend your valuable focus, which has power on the specifics when you don't want your experience emphasized mindfulness practice and meditation can help you do that. If we contemplate the universe with the love attraction mirroring what we focus on, then we have to make the absence of what we want irrelevant to be a vibrational match. We must focus on what we want. The sign that we have changed is that we feel the desired state regenerated. We focus on it and we are holding a vibration in our self regardless of what is happening physically, externally, when we have decided to change and at the same time we do not pay attention, do not can't do not try to verify whether the physical reality around us has changed yet when we don't need to look for external proof, but instead inside, we have become the desire state that is the state in which the physical reality will reflect our change. Only then can the external world become our desired state. If we react for disappointment to what is physically happening to us, or if we are expecting the change and our focus is on, it still has not happened yet. Our focus is on what we do not want when the lack of change therefore very enforced the fact that we have not changed, then we are still in the vibration. That is one step before the change in the pre manifestation of vibration, the signs of being a vibrational match. Our feeling inspired, high, accelerated, wonderful, ready, eager, tuned in joint motivation, passion and appreciation. There are many tools for us to develop positive focus. There is mindfulness practice, visualization, a lifestyle change, creating an action plan, socializing, acting on our passion and so on. According to science, it appears that we live in a holographic universe. A projection and philosophy says that the world is like a dream, a projection so if be applied is to the law of Attraction. What is it that we focus on that is being projected around us? Interestingly, we can easily get hints of our current vibrations, which are our points of attraction from our dreams. If we have recurring dreams in which fear aggressive, for example, it tells us about something which is active in our subconscious, most likely some repressed angle frustration. Our dreams show us many things which we are consciously and unconsciously focused on. Quite often, we can get an indication that if we don't deal with those emotions, if you see some kind of presentation off them in our physical lives, too, I am personally very interested in dreams. I have learned so much about my stuff from my lucid dreaming practice and conscious dreaming off are so much fun. We can do literally anything when we control our dreams. The manifestation in the dream state happens in an instant. They can experience any desire we have. We can look into our subconscious, and it is the space from which we can attempt to explore other worlds. If this sounds like something you'd like to try, I have courses in Lucy dreaming and out of what experience 17. How to Visualise the Correct Way? Manifestation Tools: visualize and materialize. We know from science that our thoughts and feelings are related to our physiological state . Like the immune system are gene expression and our mood. The neural pathways are constantly changing our brain, our reactions and habits. For example, the visualization off training our muscles will make those muscles grow because the brain can't tell the difference between a physical and an imagined movement. On the quantum level, our thoughts and emotions are related to our vibration. The Eastern philosophy say the use of intention, focus and visualization effects ourselves on the world we experience. But how should we visualize? Visualization is about generating the mantle emotional state or what it feels like to already have what we want. He must convince the brain off that, and I'm going to show you how first they must generate the feeling off having what we want . The emphasis is not on how we visualize the specific images, serve as a tool. Whatever we imagine, it should put us into the state of what it would feel like to have what we want. It is not about what we see, but how did it makes us feel. That is why the length of visualization is off less importance. You know that it's taking effect when we feel the acceleration when we feel the subject of our desire. We all got lost in daydreams before, right? Those can feel really real. Therefore, when visualising the details, it's not the accuracy what's important, but the fact that the details can make the visualization more real. We can really tune into it and perceive it as riel, generating the same feeling as if we were already having or doing what we want. As I said before, focusing on the details deep and whatever they experience, it depends the feeling state we need to evoke our excitement, our passion. How would it feel then? You achieve your desire. We should hold gratitude by visualizing and having no resistance. We should be in a deserving in an allowing state, trusting our power and trusting that in that moment we are manifesting trusting that this is how the universe works. Yes, a side note. We shouldn't get attached to the specifics of our desire. Sometimes we think we know what we want specifically, but in the bigger picture, maybe for our development, it is better to experience something in a slightly different way. Our sense off self always has a limited perspective compared to our higher self last, the higher self is more capable of knowing that how the arrangement off synchronicity ease and the opportunities therefore we shouldn't limit ourselves by expecting something exclusively. Fruit on venue abundance can come in many forms, sometimes in unexpected ways. The high yourself is arranging the path which best suits us in order to experience our desire in the fullest way so we can appreciate it in the best way. 18. The Origins of Prayer - How did Jesus Teach it?: I came across a very interesting book about Pereira. I'm not a religious, so I never prayed in a classical sense. In the book Prayer Off the Cosmos. Meditations on the Aramaic words of Jesus. The awful looks for the meaning in the original language of Jesus because, as we know, the teaching of Jesus was first translated to Hebrew than to Greek tend to Latin and then to English. So over the course off 2000 years. What we have today is an approximation off the original words. The Aramaic word for the prayer is slow. The and it's meaning has to do it. Setting a trap, adjusting, focusing or to incline Jesus is instructions for doing. Slava is all things that you ask, sprightly and directly from inside my name, you shall be given. So far, you have not done this asked without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer, be enveloped by what you desire that your gladness be full. It is interesting that this very closely resembles the kind of visualisation we are talking about. Let's break down the meaning, all things that you ask, sprightly and directly from inside my name for this price Lee mean full of energy and passion. Excitement? What does it mean to ask from inside someone's name? I think it means to ask, as if river Jesus, that quality the quality of Jesus represents the knowing off the connection with spirit, knowing one's own power, trusting in it, showing gratitude and deserving. Maybe unconditional love. What about ask without hidden motive? In my eyes, this means that we should ask without holding conflicting thoughts. So basically without resistance and perhaps we should ask what we honestly want be enveloped by what you desire. How do we envelope ourselves by what we want when we don't actually have it? Physically, it seems very clear that we imagine it. We visualize it that you're glad, Nesby full meaning that our desire fear be fulfilled. I found this very interesting, so I thought that share it. But of course, how you interpret it is up to you 19. Visualisation for Attracting What I Want: to finish off the topic of visualization. I'm going to tell you how I've been visualising the things I wanted when I was a child. Much before I began reading about Eastern philosophies, I close my eyes and I imagined holding an energy bubble in my hand into which I intended to store my desire. Then I thought very intensively over what I wanted. I kept it for a few minutes. In my mind, I imagined how I would act. I imagined coincidences, which would bring me what I wanted. When I thought of everything what I wanted, I imagined that I suddenly make the bubble rapidly expand from my location, expanding steadily until it's so big that the whole country's enveloped in it. I did that with the intention that now I have sent out my desire, and in a sense it would find the right soil. It would find whatever it needs to find in order for me to receive it in some way at some point. So I did this when I was very little. Then, a few years ago, I came across some new age material about quantum physics and visualization, and when I read it I was a bit shocked. I'm just going to read this as I found it. And I've unless you decide if there is a connection, allow yourself to have high intensity. Focus on your highest passion As you concentrate. It brings things to a pinpoint to raise the frequency of your energy as you focus and concentrate and expand your energy bubble. You are containing or probable ways of manifestation that are best for you that could occur . You are expanding your probability net, and as soon as you surrender and let it go, the energy bubble collapses back down to your immediate reality. Similar as to collapsing the wave function, you're allowing the bubble to automatically choose the highest probabilities that will actually help you bring the manifestation into your awareness. It would collapse to the paths of most likely least resistant ways. That will bring the synchronicity that allows the manifestation In the most effort list. Fastest way 20. The 5 Point Mastery of the Law of Attraction: we have looked at some curious correlations between physics and the love attraction. Today there is something about consciousness which until recently we were unable to research why the classical scientific grace? But now that has changed for the emergence of quantum physics. Now we can test things in the lab, and after listening today, you can test the lower attraction yourself. I have put together the five main points of the Law of Attraction, the way to use our consciousness to manifest what we want. We have to release any resistance to what we want. We can do this by making a firm decision off finding are limiting beliefs and patterns by introspection and disengaging the internal monologue we're doing via meditation. If we act on our highest excitement and passion to the best of our ability at any given moment, without any insistence on the outcome that will align us with the flow of creation, we were shifting to the parallel world, which is most representative of what we want. We have to move into positive focus, and they know the current state of things. He must not let it affect our mood, and we shouldn't insist on expectations Hold the desired state inside of you. Act as it is already yours. If it complete openness, trusting and receptivity. We can amplify our vibration by taking inspired action and by doing visualization. And lastly, you just have to allow the universe to reflect this vibration and enjoy the synchronicity, ease and let the events. And Ford, seeing the discoveries of quantum physics and comparing it with ancient teachings, could be states that we have some kind of power. And we're not just victims of the circumstances using psychology and the knowledge that we can re vier our brains gives us massive control over our experiences. According to the New Age, mastery over physical reality comes when we can choose how we feel. Then we can choose our vibration regarding any situation we face. And when we understand that everything that happens to us is attracted by us on a quantum level, the more we learn to control our reactions, feelings and vibrations, the easier we attained freedom and power. Ultimately, we have to examine our experiences and see what works for us. Thank you for listening. It really means a lot to me because I really put my heart into this material. If you like the introspective practice that I briefly touched on, then it might be interesting for you to check out my comprehensive mindfulness course. And if you'd like to experience what it's like to Matty, realize things instantly, I recommend you check out my Lucy dreaming courses. Also, you may check out my website for my blogging, my YouTube channel for other content in practical psychology meditations and more. Oh, and do join the Facebook group. It gives us great opportunity for discussions on guy. Also share interesting new development in your science, psychology, mindfulness and other spiritually content. Again, Thank you for listening. I created this course to give rise to further speculation, to give rise to further intention, to do more research into consciousness and to give you some inspiration that there is something about us which has a profound effect on the world.