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What is Cloud Computing?

teacher avatar Shane Kluiter, Knowledge is Power

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is the cloud?

    • 3. Why use the cloud?

    • 4. When not to use the cloud.

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About This Class

This course explains cloud computing in basic terms so that anyone can have a base understanding of the cloud. Understanding the power of cloud computing is an essential part of sourcing and using technologies in the modern world. After learning the basics you will be able to better understand how the software running your business operates.

What is the cloud?

Lets discuss it!

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Shane Kluiter

Knowledge is Power


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1. Introduction: hi. In this course, we're going to cover cloud computing what it is kind of how it works and why you would want to use cloud computing in your business. We're also going to go over reasons why you wouldn't want to use clock competing in your business so you could make the right decision when choosing applications to run your business, such as accounting software, CRM software or even general workflow management rather than Tory software. 2. What is the cloud?: So what is the cloud? Cloud computing enables companies to consume a compute resource such as virtual machines, storage or an application such as a utility, without having to build them. Maintain the computing infrastructures. So if you think about it, it's kind of like I built a program on my computer and I'm allowing you to access it from your computer to use it without you having to save the files for this onto your computer. So say, I built a program on Miley my laptop that says, If you push, if you enter this data, it will store the data, and it's used for hosing housing all of your customer data issue. Have a database of customers listed. You don't want to actually have to host it. Manage that because you're afraid if you drop your laptop into the ocean on accident were traveling, you could lose all that data. So instead you pay somebody else to host it. They run regular copies, and they maintain it across the database so that there's always going to be that data. But it's in safe. It's very easy to understand if you think of cloud computing kind of electricity so the data is stored in what we call the power station. Now a power station for your home. Well, generate electricity that your home pulls from. Is he conversation now? All the homes here, we're gonna do the same thing. They're all gonna pull from power station, not pulling the exact same power as each other. We're pulling your portion of it. So if you think about a server in the available space on it for memory, you're pulling that memory for your computer use or your point. A portion of the computing power for program that your computer lost to you. This is instead of in this, uh, analogy he started having. You have to have an actual power station built at your house. Just have power. Would you be super intermedia? You'd have to maintain it. You'd have to insure that powers and you're in it and rubber the power out. You have to fix it. So how you have to have a larger skill. Set it take a lot more maintenance in just having electricity delivered. It's the same thing with sass product or anything in the cloud. We're also gonna pay for it somewhere to utility bills you pay on a monthly basis, typically for cloud drugs sold in the software as a service model with software services. 1/3 party involved. It's not just union Internet provider anymore to your Internet provider and whatever company, or paying the host your data or one of the company to paint, have access to their program and have the whole street. So, for instance, QuickBooks online do your accounting off zero Same thing. Dropbox Hosting files online. Six people Googled up. Doctors are sending out a form for someone to sign, tracking all that done by 1/3 party online. You have access to it, you have your account, you have a portion of their database that yours that is access from a data center. It's operative of third party. So if you think about it, this data is going to be held all separately. The software what runs it is held separately, so your computer doesn't physically have to be able to do as much work, so you can get a lot more done with a lot less computing power Is that actual energy. That power that's being done is being done by a server. You're just accessing the data. You're just accessing the results. Is it safe? That's a big question a lot of people ask. I've been so obsessed software for years. It's the number one question that comes up people who have never used an online service support. It's very safe. SAS providers update their software so often that you're always gonna be on the new addition. You're always gonna be operating with the best possible safety because you're on the newest edition. You're not going to have to run a frequent update, download a whole bunch of files and make sure those files patched correctly to make sure update you're just going to be updated when you log in. The host provider updates their security files relevant with the changing times. This means instead of you having to make checks to make sure you're safe and secure, a lot of that safety check is put on the provider. There's a lot less to worry about. You have to worry about if you dropped a laptop and it breaks and you lose data, you don't have to worry about. One of your staff were accidentally deleting an entire database. Typically because there's backups, we need more I T infrastructure for on premise solution. You have to actually find the space for it. You have to hire staff to do it or 1/3 party. I T infrastructure is extraordinarily expensive to set up. You have to set up servers and the wiring and then make sure you have enough cooling system to keep those servers cold. And it doesn't even guarantee you access to that data everywhere. It's been a brief overview of the cloud. If you have any questions, make sure to leave those in the comments. Of course, I'm happy to answer those and shed a little bit more light on the cloud. Hopeful. It was a nice and it's simple overview for you to get a good idea of how the cloud works hunting, and it's very simple. Essentially, there's another computer somewhere else that you're accessing in that computer or server farm has the data. It has the files in your basically just virtually accessing it, and there's going to be backups for those across the country or in other locations to ensure security 3. Why use the cloud?: Why would you want to move to the clock number one? You want to move flexibility? Cloud based services are ideal for businesses with growing or fluctuating family demands. That means that if from January to March, you have a slow month, you have very few staff there. Actually, accessing this you might not need the amount of infrastructure that you need from July to September. That might be your busy season when you have to hire a bunch of times that come in and ask us data, really? Push it a lot of computing power or say you were in accounting agency, right? So you're doing your accounting tax season is only a few months of the year. You might bring an extra staff for that. They're gonna do a lot of that nowadays on a computer process. All the data to store all that data has a lot toe have on hand at all times and maintain. So instead, you use a cloud based solution. So throughout the year when you don't need all that extra infrastructure, you don't have to worry up. Hang for it, just like you don't worry about paying for it when you actually would have needed it in the busy time of year. Cloud programs typically come with adults that are better to stream on your business. So what that means is APS. If you think about your phone, your phone has APS. You could go in, you could get a game, or you can go in and you can add it. After help you take notes. You can go and get an app that helps you block calls or gives you another phone number. Cloud applications typically have an APP store where other outside developers are able to take. Make a solution specific foreign industry. So take QuickBooks. For instance. QuickBooks Online has a very big app store. It's because people realize online an online solution it's gonna use by so many companies needs a variety of solutions. So if you want to go in and find a C around to manager, resort your customers. You can go in, pick from a variety of solutions and attach that to your actual counting software. So it's all kind of looking here pieces disaster. Security is huge for the cloud. Where might not seem likely, but we never know when one might happen in your business. What if there's a lightning strike without your backups and on prime solution could be toast their opponents of situations out there, where small businesses are essentially ruined because their financial data, the customer data all their inventory data. It's all gone because a fire or a flood or some natural disaster, you don't know that maybe you run a machine shop in your your employees. Excellent starts a fire The end of the dam Friday just seven was leaving No realize it until halfway through the night when the smoke is building and somebody calls the cops. And finally the fires go out. All of your daddy could be lost. Another big reason to software updates. He tired of buying the new versions of software I do. You started buying new versions of phones or having to a lot of times. There's companies that well released products. For instance, if you look at the dynamics syriza products from Microsoft does the accounting products who used to run your company there in the RPI system. So if you have dynamics a X 2016 you're gonna need that to get features for Microsoft. But say you have dynamics a X 20 working. You don't get the same features there in 2016. You have to buy it all over, and it's a very expensive product. So why invest all of that from in something that we all know with changing technology and our changing world, we're gonna have to buy a newer version, have all the bells and whistles because any add ons are gonna be built for the newest thing that's gonna have the most users, possibly the best part of SAS software. Anything in the cloud is that your ableto update it. It gets security updates to that. Contrary data is secure as quickly as possible, instead of hoping you have time to download and patch an on premise software that has a new safety solution for it for making sure in updates fixed. So there's a backdoor they didn't know was open when they lost it six months ago that they fixed. Instead of having to download a patch and hope you do it right, you're actually just gonna automatically have it and never even have to know about, but also to call, able to collaborate. So with cloud products, you get more collaboration and This is partially because if you think about it, if you can excel sheet and I emailed it to six people told them all. Here's a list of your customers and get a highlight the ones that are most likely not going to continue doing business with us within the next year because they seem to be going with another vendor or just because they're scaling down the production. You need to know why that's happening. And you know what? We need to replace them or toe earn their business again. What can we do but the manager on that sales team? I'm going to get back sass and the fire up. Some get back five different files. I have to put the other so I could formulate a plan. Alternatively, I could create one document something like Google Docks. I could send that out. So Aaron, give everyone editing privileges in the cloud so they can go in access it from a Web browser. Make those changes and I can't see them in real time. Alternatively, who could have a situation where we're organizing a plan and we have mobile parts of the planet? One document that we wanna have workers able to contribute you together. We can then put that document the cloud and be able to have multiple people working on it once to form a document that we all know is the newest version of today. So no one has ever Luke get more freedom to work from anywhere is an Internet connection. Instead of hiring staff just like your local area around you, if you're using cloud computing and someone should be doing the best route, you were able to actually just open up that hiring area and say Great. This person doesn't really need to interact with their coworkers. They're gonna be doing data entry. Where can I get someone who's in good at data entry has a lower paid in the area. I met Sam in a high income area where it's really expensive for me, a higher one other person because the competitive job market just do data entry would say it's a $10 our job. I might be able to find someone online, do that for me for a lot less. So people hire a virtual assistant because I wanted a $10 an hour but say in my area It cost me $20 to have that person do it just because of the cost of living. Able to take that, find someone who could actually afford that child. It happened. Do it. So you're gonna get more security losing your laptop. He's a problem. Corporate America. Stored data can easily be lost. You ever had a thumb drive that you lost? You know that pain? You know that struggle. It's really You don't want to ever have that happen again. If you have having once Dad is extremely expensive. You lose it, you have to recreate it. We have to go by it again. And by having your data stored online in the cloud, you're able to ensure that somebody else keeping that safe because they're also in charge of keeping everybody else's dad is safe. So it's way more costly for them to lose all that data. That would be for you to lose that death. They're gonna have a lot more devoted. Resource is to keeping that data safe that you will, especially if you're a small business. You've got control over documents. All documents are instantly updated to the most recent version. So this real time financial that there's real time incoming data into your system so you could make real time decisions. You're not sending over a PDF and hope if somebody takes a look at it in time to make a decision because you got it done at midnight and they have a meeting at eight AM and you're hoping to check their email so they can see in the new data. Now the guy going into the meeting can know immediately when before the meeting. I'm not the real data helping up this push. This bunion runs a report. Boom. Have the data cloud computing access from everywhere real time data? You'll be competing with the big boys. It was larger companies. Big businesses are utilising cloud software. Why less infrastructure? More updated all a razor talked about. Also, small businesses are using small business. They're using it because as a lower cost of entry. So it's a lot cheaper for the small business. Now to get a sales order processing sweet a accounting sweet stuff to help them grow their business and make analytical decisions. Make tactical financial decisions for their company. It posed to having to by worst products, house them on the computer. It make sure they use them for 10 years to make sure they got the their dollar value out of it. Instead, they can go in. They could test a few different ones, make sure they have the right one for their business and make a small upfront costs each year to ensure they're using the correct one. It's going to use less. Paper printing is a huge and communities that most companies sort of having to go through in print things instead of having to send invoices and shipping documents. You could give all that digitally in many cases just with cloud computing, instead of having to make your organization one that relies on the printer. And when they inevitably go down, you're one that's saving money. They're helping save time. And there's now many companies that are going fully paperless simply because he had been to cloud computing 4. When not to use the cloud.: hi. Just like there are plenty of reasons to stay, um, a cloud solution or start using a club a solution. There's also serious where you're gonna want to use an on premise solution, especially when you're looking at AARP, which is enterprise resource planning. So the main difference between a club solution and a on prom solution is that the on premise software is still locally. Probably. Solution is access to a Web browser. The pricing for a on premise solution is actually more expensive To start, there's more infrastructure to build out. You need a bigger team. You need specialists typically out I t side Teoh build and maintain that I t infrastructure or any dye or 1/3 party that gives you an added multi month expense. A lot of times, there's a one time price. It's a lot more up front on a per user basis or a pro per block of users bases for the data or software you're going to be using. Sometimes this will also come with a support or general enhancement feet. A lot of large Softwares are going to come with a yearly enhancement p. That's kind of actually just give you access to updates? Yes, you have to pay continually to get updates with most software. So even if you pay all front, you're not doing the subscription pays Molly and I'm doing cloud, you're still going to incur some expenses going forward, just with updates and enhancements. Enhancement is a few pages software vendors to keep yourself work today. New additions, new features. They're typically not included when you buy it. So if you think if you bought a video game in the nineties, you had that the union that we're not updates that came out for it. You typically bought the video game, and that's what you had. Nowadays, you buy the game and you immediately have a update for data security. Data security is in your in your hands. You have 100% control of it. So, actually, if you're using data this very specialized, very risky. You're gonna wanna have that data may be on your own servers. So, for instance, if you're dealing with government agencies, some government agencies are going to be using on promise solutions because they're not actually allowed to have certain data sets actually attached to the Internet with a club a solution. You're not frosting another company with your data. So if you have a company that has had some trust problems in the past, a lot of times you'll see that leaning more towards not prone solution. Customization is really the biggest reason for why companies want in on a private solution . And that's because with customization reveal the build software specifically of processes. Cloud based solutions are increasingly getting more customizable, especially as our understanding of how to probably build out Hoppus solutions evolves and the addition of APP stores to most cloud services where you can do Adams that fulfill things that the cloud software generally wouldn't. However, with a on premise solution a lot of times will happen is you'll have a, well, the vendor that actually comes in and they will build specialized solutions that alter the way that's Ah, that solution works for you. That's where you have a truly customized solution that you're utilizing specifically for your business. Still, in many cases, it is better to go with a online solution simply for ease of access, ongoing maintenance and the security of your data.