What ... are you? Filter for Instagram / Spark AR tutorial | Ekaterina Usova | Skillshare

What ... are you? Filter for Instagram / Spark AR tutorial

Ekaterina Usova, Artist

What ... are you? Filter for Instagram / Spark AR tutorial

Ekaterina Usova, Artist

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5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting started: images

    • 3. Locate and Animate the images

    • 4. Logic: work with patches

    • 5. Let's test it!

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About This Class

Have you seen " What Disney character are you" effects (masks) on Instagram?

Let's make your own!

In today's lesson, I'm going to show you guys how to make this effect. But instead of characters, I use "prediction" or answers. I want a user to see the image with a question when he chooses my effect and then the animation and one of the random answers when he starts recording a video.

It's fun and easy! 

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Ekaterina Usova



I am a designer and photographer from Russia. I have a passion for teaching people and creating amazing things. 

Do you want to learn new skills that are in demand right now? Do you choose to create, to be an artist in the modern world? Welcome to my courses!

My courses are designed for such an enthusiast people as me, who always want to learn more! 

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1. Introduction: test quiz FX for Instagram became so popular like what Disney character are you? What track character are you? They can be silly sometimes, but it's still a lot of fun. I think you all guys see some with, um, so in today's lesson, I'm going to show you how to do the same. 2. Getting started: images: I decided to make a test prediction. A user asks a question like, Should I go to school today, for example, on the test answers. So the first half was to prepare the images, the answers? I did eight. But there is no limit if you need to. You create 10 20 characters, for example, can do it. Um, And I have created this, uh, another cloud with a question. So I wanted to appear when the user chooses my affect and then disappear. Remember that your image should be in a P and G format so that the background is transparent. All right, so, uh, let's ggo to you our spark on and create a new project. 3. Locate and Animate the images: the next step is to you at a face. Stryker and a smash. Okay, So what I'd like to do is I'd like to add on new material here and and touching What? Touching. Okay. All right. So next step is no object and playing object for this new object, all right? But right now, my plan object, and my new object, they don't move with, ah, users with the users had. So I need Teoh put the no object on my face record. Okay, The next step is to you Move my plan. Object getting this check. All right, good. But I think it's too short. So I want Teoh Ah, change its size. So to do it, we can either go to the inspector panel here or use this, um bottoms, bottoms. So I'd rather use Tom. He's like this. Okay, nice. Love it. So the next step is to select my plan, object and create new material. Let's rename it Teoh test. Okay, a latte. And I need t to go to the access panel and add a new asset, which is animation sequence that now I need to choose a texture. So I simply select all my clouds from 1 to 8. Besides this one. Okay, now it click on run demise and I correct their frames per second. Okay, let's go back to other material test and select our animation sequence as a texture. As you might see, our animation works. But of course, we don't want it to work like this. Um, so toe, add some logic. We need patch editor. 4. Logic: work with patches: view patch editor. My first patch iss runtime that's in next patch is upset. The offset patch has value the base value on the current value. The base value is the first value it gets. In our case, it is the first value it gets from runtime. That means that the first value is zero. All other values, our current values and the opposite patch compares these two values and represents their offset off the current value from the base value. At any given moment, the next patch ease equal equals patch. This patch checks ive to values equal within the tolerance. Here we have one bill, you and here is another value. So the first value here is the value of that, that this patch gets from the offset patch. And here is the value that we can manage. In my case, I choose five on the tolerance ISS three and since we started from the runtime, that means that five and three are seconds. So all these values are seconds. So this patch compares Ah, five seconds and this current value within the tolerance I will add animation patches here . But whatever is here, it starts from two seconds. Five minus three and lost up to you. Eight seconds. Five lost three. And that's OK. Because in most cases, user opens the gallery, select your effect and starts recording within 13 seconds almost immediately. And I want you to pay your attention that the counter starts when a user select your effect . Not when he starts recording. But that's okay for me. So my next patch is looped animation patch. Look when Imation. Okay, so here we have duration and I choose something really small. This is okay. So now when the equals patch says that this current value is equal to you the ah, this value within this tolerance, then this patch activates. Okay? And we can even test it where I click on the restart. And here you have. Here we have. Ah, here we see that our looped animation is activated on now It's not expect active again because the counter is more than eight seconds. Let's go ahead and take this looped output and add another patch. Brendan patch. So here we have start value and and value. I have eight pictures in my sequence. So my and value is eight. The next patch ISS floor. This patch rounds numbers and this patch is important because if we don't round number off picture, we may get for example, 7.2 and we will see that sevenths picture and a piece of the next one. And the last patch is I go to my animation sequence and creative patch from current frame can necked. Okay, that's right. Start. Okay, so here we have our prediction. Our answer. But now I see only my Onley, the clouds with answers. I'd like to add another cloud with a question to do that, I create. I duplicate my plan. Object, Rename it to question. Okay, Next I go to the inspector panel. Creepy material rename it T. What? Sure. Okay, it's flat. And now need Teoh to choose my texture. New texture. All right, here it is. So my idea iss I want my user Teoh, See this question cloud when he selects my affect. And then when he starts recording, he should see the animation and then the answer. So I created patch from my camera Simply Dragon, Drop it to my patch editor here we have video recording output, so I go to my question playing object created patch from visible on. Do the same for my first plan Object then Now I need another patch. So from video recording another patch not connected with my question cloud and from video recording t my plan zero object. So video recording Not. Then this plane object is visible. And when I start recording, then I see this plan object and all these animation. 5. Let's test it!: and that's pretty it. So let's test it.