What You Can Learn About Life, Sales, and Marketing from Selling to a Blind Man | Stan Hustad | Skillshare

What You Can Learn About Life, Sales, and Marketing from Selling to a Blind Man

Stan Hustad, What it Takes with Stan Husted

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    • 1. What You Can Learn From a Blind Man What It Takes Stan Hustad2


About This Class

I am often known by one of my signature lines, "Storytelling is the only effective means of communication."   For many years I have also been teaching good folks who want to make a postive contribution to their world, and to the customers and clients they serve, on how to sell and market themselves.

In this short storyelling video tutorial i will tell you a story that illustrates the truth of my claims, and demonstrate the power of my suggested solutions as to how to best market and sell yourself and the services you provide.

And of course I do that by telling you a story.  It's a story of a young salesman who had the opportunity to "show" all that he was; and what his company and products could do, but then discovered that he could not "show" the prospective client anything.  He was blind.  So now you know the setting of the tale, and now take a few minutes to hear the rest of the story.  Then tell me what the story might mean to you, and how you might do your life and your "selling" differently.

I am grateful for your time and attention, and all the best to you!






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Stan Hustad

What it Takes with Stan Husted

I am a teacher, broadcaster, and mentor and iI delight in helping folks improve thier lives, do work that matters, and become more fully alive ans they serve others.

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