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What To Say When Doing Interviews With Experts or Authoritative Figures

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What To Say When Doing Interviews With Experts or Authoritative Figures

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About This Class

If you've ever wanted to get an interview with an expert or authoritative figure but you weren't sure what you'd say, then this is the perfect course for you. After completing this video slideshow presentation, you'll have a 3 step process and template to walk you through the process from A to Z. Even better? I'll show you how you can leverage your interview so that it's a win-win situation both for you and the expert. Sounds pretty cool, right? Then be sure to enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

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1. Introduction: Hey, it's James. Can smell and welcome to my course where I'm gonna be telling you what to say. I'm interviews with experts and authoritative figure. So if you've ever wanted to do an interview, our podcast, or maybe just message someone about doing an interview, whatever it's going to be, this is going to help you with kind of a template in a step by step process not only what to do, but what to say. But most importantly, there's actually one really big golden nugget in this that you can get out of. However, I can tell you what it is, all right, So, aside from the obvious about what you're gonna be saying, the template say how to go about doing it could be that one big surprise for And if you want to know what it is, you're gonna have to enroll right now. So go ahead and do that. I look forward to seeing you on the other side 2. What To Say When Doing Interviews With Experts or Authoritative Figures: Hey, what's up? It's James cans and all, and welcome to my course what to say when doing interviews with experts or authoritative figures. It's really cool. The happy here and an extra little note. This isn't just going to be for interviews. This could be for podcast. This could be for heck. Facebook message talks may be planned to have some type of talk with someone. Let's just say it was an interview. Even if it's not through audio or video could be Tax River. It's going to be This is going to be a very simple process that I've used in the past multiple times and aside from that, actually has a really, really awesome benefit for which I kind of want to keep it. It just so to make sure you watch it, and it could be something really cool. It helps out a lot of people when it comes, though it's later new and you're going into a specific niche, it's really gonna help you out. That's all I'm going to say. You're going to find out. So with that introduction out of the way, let's continue. Okay, so the process is very simple. I'm gonna be walking you through kind of the whole, all three steps of it, so to speak. The first step is going to be the introduction. The next step is going to be the SPS process, which I'll explain and tell you what it is. And last but not least, we have the grand finale, okay? And with end each of those steps, there's going to be a few smaller steps and I'll tell you about those as well. So let's start off with the introduction, which is very important when you're doing an interview. When you're talking to someone who is an expert in authority, it is all about them. Okay, I don't care if you met Tony Robbins and Gandhi yesterday, okay? It's gonna be all about them, okay? And their benefits and what they do and the type of value that they deliver because they're the expert there, the authority, they're taken time out of their on a very busy schedule to talk with you. Okay, so make sure it's all about them. I can't say that enough. So important aspects. Guess what? It's all about them. Okay, I'll probably say that a few more times just in case you missed it the 1st 30 times. Okay, It's cool to have a no paddle. Right? So if you're doing an interview, maybe it's going to be like a screen share. Skype or Google hang out. Maybe it's just gonna be audio or podcasts. So what I recommend you doing is just opening up a no pad in your screen and having notes there so you can kind of walk through it. You're never gonna be like, Oh, what do I say next? It's not like you have to type out the whole thing and be like, OK, I gotta ask this specifically in this exact order, but just leave like a few cliff notes. Right That way, you'll never be like whom I forgot what I was gonna ask this person, which that's that's not good. All right, so sad from that. Make sure you did your research. OK, if you're getting some expert, obviously you have to know a little bit about them. What companies do they run? What businesses do they run? Or maybe they're not like businesses. Whatever is going to be, maybe they're in tow. Weight loss. What's their main way of losing weight alright. How have they helped people do it? Whatever the niche is going to be, make sure you know about them. Do their products coming out do that? Books coming out? Do they have any books currently out? OK, do they have any products? Currently I Do. You have any webinars? Have they had any amazing success? Whatever it's going to be, it's going to be your job to do that. And it's pretty easy nowadays, with social media and websites and Webinars and everything else going on. So those are the important aspects before you start, right? So an introduction is very simple. Hey, it's James Kansan L. A. Welcome to the whatever show I'm gonna be doing. And today we have an amazing guest for you. That's it. All right. You can do a little more, do a little less. That's just, you know, one of the steps, right? Next is going to be the accolades moving on to number two, moving right across the screen. And this person has been responsible for saving the whales, catching jaws and actually resurrecting Darth Vader from Star Wars. Okay, whatever their accolades are, make sure you dropped the biggest accolades that remember, it's all about them. OK? People love talking about themselves. And as the person doing the interview, you got to talk about your expert. Okay? Plus, it's gonna build some nice reporting. Not going to get this person did nothing. Okay, that's not good. Don't do that. So this person has been responsible for X y Z. Maybe it's gonna be a few more things drop a very, very good, Very big, very juicy accolades and benefits there. So the audience knows, like, Wow, I'm going to be getting a lot out of this interview because this dude killed Jaws and he saved like everyone at the beach. That's pretty awesome, Kate, Let's continue. So number three, please. Welcome. I'd like to give a warm welcome today to James Kansan. Ella James Kinsey. Hello. How you doing today? I'm talking to myself. But either way, that's just the way of welcoming your guest on the show. You're gonna be doing all the talking up until that point, we say, like, Hey, how you doing today then? The lance? I'm doing great. Thanks for having me. It's cool to be here. You know all that normal chit chat. OK, that's gonna take out all minute to minute unless they have an accolade that reads like a Santa Claus wish list. OK, then you're going to dive deeper into the living nightmare. Okay, this is going to be their story. Okay, Ask about the struggles and what happened on the way to where they are right now, and I've done this many times before. I remember I did this once, and the person just kept going and going and going, and it was like, 30 minutes long is like, holy crap. But, you know, it was a really great story. I wish I had the stats on toe. See if, like, you know, people watched it all, read it all. Whatever is going to be either way, what you want to do is ask about their struggles. Let's say they have an online business where they struggled the most, because this is very important, because this is going to build the most report with the audience. The majority of people who are going to be listening are gonna be able to kind of relate to that. All right, so if someone comes on there like, yeah, you know, I struggled horribly last month. Normally, I do two million a month. Last month I did a 1,000,000. You know, man, it sucks, all right? People aren't going to be able to relate to that. Okay, Like the 1% of the 1% of 1% might. They're probably not listening in the first place. They're busy doing the things. So always talk about the struggles, the mistakes, the failures they had very easy to do in this. Let them talk. Alright. Unlike that one time I talked about what the person went on for, like, 30 minutes or so, right? Usually it's not gonna happen that way. But what you can do is before you actually get this person on the interview before you go live, let them know this is how it's gonna go down, right? There's gonna be an introduction. I'm going to talk about your benefits and accolades and welcome. You were gonna talk back and forth for a few seconds that I'm gonna ask you about your story and just basically tell me where you feel the most. You struggled the most and he had the most mistakes. Because people can relate to that Very simple right. Okay. So after they go through that, you can say something like awesome. Thank you for sharing. I'm sure there's a lot of people can relate to that. Okay, now we're here because you are the expert of creating Facebook fan pages. An affiliate marketing. Let's just used as an example, like I use for an example for everything I talk about just cause it's an easy example, right? That's gonna be the pivot into the next big step. Okay, so let's continue the SPS process, which is actually the step by step process. They put step by step day by day. It actually didn't put day, but Dad Okay, that should be day by day. And if you know what show, that's from give yourself a high five. And if you're in public, do it twice just to make sure everyone looks at you Funny. Either way, the SPS process. Okay, so here's a golden Nugget. This is what I was talking about in the intro. If he made it this fire into seven minutes and you're good, okay, But either way, this is how you create a product without being an expert or having any knowledge whatsoever . Okay, I can go out there and literally make a product and sell it for whatever price I want about , I don't know, playing croquet in your underwear at 11 p.m. At night. Okay? And I can find an expert who does that package it up and sell it. Okay, Serum again. Now about this. Talk to them about what they're comfortable giving away before you talk. Not every if someone has a product out there like, Hey, let's run through your product on this interview. They're probably not gonna want to do that. If it's just a normal interview, then you know what if they don't have a product coming out, they're going to be more acceptable of doing this, right? So talk to them previously say, in the middle of this, I'm going to be asking you as if I wanted to do Facebook ads and creating a Facebook fan page. How much of that would you be comfortable sharing and about, I don't know, 15 20 minutes. You say I'll say whatever you want. That will be great. That's exactly what you want. And before hand, you can actually talk to them and say, like, Hey, at the end. If you want, we can wrap this up is ah package it up and sell it if you want, so it can either go live, you can go public or you can give it away for free. Those are things you have to talk to with the accident. But either way, so let's start with the series of questions we pivoted. Now we're gonna be talking about Facebook ads, getting light campaigns and obviously building up your Facebook fan page to promote any type of offer. So what I recommend you do Let's pretend someone was listening and they were a 100% newbie when it comes to this, but they wanted to learn it. So what you would do is you would create a step by step process of questions, and you would walk them through everything they needed to do. And I'm telling you, right here all you need. I have about five questions listed. That's probably all you would need in your no pad. You would just ask some of these very basic questions, and the expert would go from there. So starting off, I would say so if I was a newbie What's the first thing I would do when it comes to creating a feast book light campaign so that I can build up my fan page and build a list and promote offers, and they would tell you Okay, that's okay. You gotta You got to create your facebook fan page. You got to get a cover. You got to get a picture. You got to pick a niche. Okay? They tell you and then aside from that, you could sell a cape. Do you have any recommended? Do you have a new recommendations when it comes to niches? Okay, maybe the answer that maybe they didn't. But you can always stem off of an ask more questions off of the information they give you. They talk about that, That they go into the face. Mcad you could say like, Hey, what's your best tip? When it comes to running? FB adds to get likes. Okay, They say, like, hey, go to the audience manager And you can see some of the best audiences compared to the pages that people like. Awesome. So the next thing you could say something like, what would someone do next? After setting up a campaign. Well, obviously you have your Facebook fan page. You got to find pictures. Where do it How often the post. Where to get your Philly links. How to build a list. Squeeze page. I'm just giving off random examples as if the expert was saying then last you could say something like automation. Awesome. So how often does someone post today? All right, Like I said before, have up a no pad with just a few questions that are going to be important. So if you run out of something to say in the context of things, you can go look over and said, Hey, I got this awesome question for you and the great thing about it. If it's an interview and it's an audio recording, you can always go back and just edit it up. So even if you make a mistake like I do many times when I'm creating a course like this one , go back, edit it, and then it's as if it never happened. So that's the SPS process. You're literally asking them questions in order to get from someone. Get someone from point A to B. Does that make sense? Okay, it's literally a product within an interview. And like I said, if it's cool with the person you're interviewing, you can actually sell it. Okay, so that's the SPS process. Very important. Now we have the grand finale, and there's no fireworks necessary. Okay, so you don't need to worry about, like, blowing off your hand or something. So either way, wrapping it up. All right. Thank them for coming on. Remember, it's all about them. They're taking their time, which is very precious to them. I'll tell you what the more successful people are, the more valuable their time is and the more valuable they realize their time is. All right. So really thank them for coming on. It's always a great privilege for someone to, ah, take time out of the day and basically talk to you in your audience. Okay, so you have X questions for them. I put X necks. That could be, like 345 This is where you're gonna want to probably type thes down actual word for word because these are gonna be more well thought off and these air going to be a little bit more important. Kind of a cool way to end the interview or product or whatever it's going to be. Maybe something they forgot. But either way, no them ahead of time. So questions. I'm just throwing out a bunch of these that you can possibly use. Feel free to mix, match and use different ones. So biggest mistake you've made. It's always cool to Ah, and this is kind of a tough one to think of because, like, right now, I know I made a lot of mistakes, but what's the biggest one? Or it really puts them in the spotlight. They got to come up with something either way, biggest failure. OK, that could be different from a mistake, depending on you know what happened and how it happened. Embarrassing moment. Everyone loves embarrassing moments. Maybe they don't want to answer. Maybe they don't have one either way. Favorite expert in the field there in. Okay, A lot of people always curious. Who do you follow like, Who are some of the experts that you follow? Okay. Questions to the right. When does X y Z come out? Now? These were going to be if the person has a product coming out. If they have a book coming out or if they already have something coming out. All right, so this X Y z come with bonuses, right? This could be an interview. Maybe where your entire interview is for prepping for an affiliate product coming out. And if the audience is liking and enjoying it, you can ask them if they have any bonuses. So if they buy through their link, they'll get free bonuses. Or if you really want to be awesome. Okay. Let's say you were going to be promoting their offer as an affiliate, Talked to the expert beforehand and say like, Hey, I won't even promote it as an affiliate. Just give me your links. You get 100% of the profits. How awesome would that be for them? All right. They'd be extremely thankful you're literally making them money and you're making nothing as a percentage. Okay, I'm sure they'd have no problem coming back later. Or in fact, if you perhaps needed something, they'd be much more happy to help you out. Right? So, beside for that. Who is X Y Z four. Okay. It's mostly like kind of Ah, you don't have to ask this one. This is just another question in terms of if they have a product, the book, a weapon or whatever it's going to be. Just so they know it's a good fit because I know a lot of people that products, but it's sometimes it's not for everyone, okay? And they want to make that clear. So not the most important question the world. But it could be OK. That's why I put it there. And second toe last we have C T A's. Okay, where can my audience find and reach out to you? Okay, this is going to be a free interview. This is going to be a good one if it's in a product. Okay, you could probably put that, too, But there's usually support to say, like, Hey, check on Facebook. Check my website www dot my website dot com. OK, do you have a link for your X? Y Z could be a webinar. It could be your support desk. It could be your Facebook page. It could be a Twitter page. It could be instagram profile, whatever is going to be and last but not least, wrapping it up once again. Thank them for coming on. It's a big deal. The final see today If there is a c t a for anything, right, everyone thinks we're watching. I really hope you enjoyed this interview and last but not least, be sure to click the link down below. You can check out their new book. It's forwarded by Anthony Robinson. You're Gonna Love It's on Amazon. It's actually in a discount now, so go ahead, click the link below and check it out. Once again. I am GM scans. And Ellen, I'd like to thank our guest, Darth Vader, for hopping on in such short time. I know he's busy trying to take over the world through the way. Thanks for watching this interview and I'll talk to you soon. Okay, that would be wrapping it up. Okay, And just like I'm going to do very shortly, I'll be wrapping it up a swell. So there was kind of a few main takeaways from this, and one thing you might have not realized, aside from the fact that this could be used to turn almost anything into a product, it's very similar to a V SL. Okay via Cell is a video sales letter, and it follows a similar pattern. Toe one. All right, if you go back to the beginning. The introduction, who this person is. And we talked about the nightmare story. Remember if you ever seen a via cell People always talked about kind of when they hit rock bottom, their struggles, the mistakes, they made the transition okay and then into kind of the the meat of the V sl. In terms of the value, it's very similar to a weapon. Our giving tips, step by step stuff. And aside from that, at the end, you're talking about what they might have to offer and giving a call. The action. I mean, how different is that to a V S? L not by much. Okay. Obviously it's not automated or whatever, unless you're watching a replay. But it's very similar to via cell, and that's why this is very powerful. It's like a template. You can use it to sell a product. You can use it to create a product. You can use it just for free content, whatever you want to dio Pretty cool, right? So that's the entire course. If you learned anything new, if you got at least one golden nugget out of it. Give it a thumb's up, give it a high five. Get have given a fist bump. Give it a light saber swipe. I don't know. I'm talking about Star Wars that I'm not even a big fan of Star Wars. If you like Star Wars, give it a high five of thumbs up a star, a comet, whatever, it's going to be able greatly appreciate it. With that being said, I am James Kansan. Ella, thank you for watching and I'll talk to you soon.