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What Should You Write A Book About?

teacher avatar Rob Cubbon, An entrepreneur who wants to help you

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Self Publishing Links and Resources – Everything's Here!

    • 2. What Should You Write A Book About?

    • 3. Your Book Title and Amazon Kindle SEO

    • 4. Conclusion

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About This Class

Writing a book will help you get Amazon customers on to your website. Give a free offer at the beginning of the book. Encourage people to sign up to your email list.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rob Cubbon

An entrepreneur who wants to help you


I have over 20 years experience in graphic design and marketing. I have run my own company Rob Cubbon since 2005.

I am also a bestselling Amazon author with books on web design, entrepreneurship and passive income.

I have sold over a quarter of a million dollars of products online - mostly video courses.

I provide creative design and effective marketing services. I love blogging and I love helping people with their businesses.

Being your own boss is an incredibly liberating experience but it can be difficult as well. There never seems to be enough time for what we want to do.

I'm driven to help people experience the positive side of entrepreneurship, not the negative.

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1. Self Publishing Links and Resources – Everything's Here!: coven a lot off resources out there about self publishing, and maybe there's too much information. And maybe that's why people get overwhelmed and don't end up writing books and getting self published, and I hope I'm gonna help you simplify everything here on. I've doing this video just to include all helpful links and resources for anything related to self publishing that I've mentioned in other videos. So, first of all, important stuff. How to publish your books For the book The e Book, go to kdp dot amazon dot com for the paperback go to create space dot com. Remember, you can actually do the paper back through the previous KDP link now, but I am still sticking with create space. It does exactly the same thing on the audiobook. Goto a c x dot com Now all of these three resources are all linked to Amazon, and once you've uploaded the files at these three places, they will collect on the same listing Amazon. So a couple of really important links here. First of all, there's a Facebook group. You don't have to join it, but I find it very useful, and I've been contributing. Andi also I'm an admin there on. I've been doing that for two or three years now, Andi, if you go to the link Pats first book dot com there that will redirect fruit the Facebook group and you can ask to join and you'll be let in within 24 hours. And you can ask any question you like about self publishing, and you will get a good answer. Secondly, another website that's linked to Amazon is also central or central. Dot com is where you set up your author page at amazon dot com. So when you've written a book and you've uploaded it on Amazon and you want people to buy it, you're going to be posting the link everywhere in social media and in emails and in other places. And there are many, many different ways of doing this. Andi, in order to show you the full your r l on the short you are l I'm going to go over to the Amazon website. So here's one of my books, New Freedom. You see, I've got a Kindle here and a paperback that I uploaded it create space and an audible book that I uploaded at a c X Also, you can also buy that at audible dot com, of course, but the listing really starts with the Kindle on. This is the link that I tend to share. But if you look at the top here, you can get rid of the bit at the end there and just share that the long link. But you could also, if you wanted to shorten the link, you could get rid of all these words here and just have the DP slash followed by the A S i n. And that's a unique number for any Amazon product. So that link goes to the same place. So you have a full UL on a short. You are next up. You can have on you r l with a keyword. Now I need to explain what I mean by this, and I'll show you on the Amazon site. Sits searching the Kindle store for cell video courses online. And when you've done this, you will find one of my books coming up first in the results. Very important that you get your books ranking very well for popular keywords. But of course, that's all about Kindle s CEO and I'll be talking about that in another video. However, if you click through to that book and have a look in the link at the end, you'll see the keywords that I types in just now. And that's all in the link through to my book. Now, why is this relevant to us? Why do we need to know about this? Well, if somebody has searched for certain keywords on Amazon and then makes a purchase, the Amazon algorithm notes that, and we'll make sure that the product the customer purchased will rank better for those keywords in future. It stands to reason they can see they've made a sale with this particular product from those particular keywords, so they're going to encourage that in future. So a way of getting your products ranking better for certain keywords is to give out these you RL's with keywords in them to buyers. So this is what I mean by a key word. Your L and you get a key word your URL by searching for your book with a good keyword, finding the book and then clicking on it. And then that's your key word. Your L. You share that with people who want to buy it on. Hopefully, that will mean you rank better for that keyword in future. Now I must say that it is against Alison's terms of service to try to manipulate the rankings on Amazon. However, this is something that everybody does, going back to the short you RL's. There's another issue with Amazon that you probably already know about, and that is that everyone shops in their own local Amazon store. I'm from the UK, so when I go to Amazon and buy things, I buy things that amazon dot co dot UK. I don't buy them amazon dot com, because my account is at amazon dot co dot UK. So there's a problem here. When you give someone from outside the United States a dot com link, they won't be able to buy the book. Let's go back here. Here's one of my books were on amazon dot com, and I can't buy it. There's no buy button. There is a link here to continue shopping on the Kindle store as amazon dot co dot UK. I click that and there is the buy button, But no, everybody notices this, and it's an issue Every time I have a book and I post links, I get people from all over the world writing to me, saying they can't buy the book really is amazing when you think about it. The Amazon is such a successful site, but a lot of people actually won't be able to buy your book. One of the solutions to this is to give out country specific links. So if you're from Canada, click this link. If you're from Australia, click this link, but that still has its problems. There is another solution, and that is to go to a site called Book Linker. Andi. There you can make up your own link that's meant to take people to their relevant Amazon store so they can buy the book easily. And another great thing about it is that the link looks quite nice. Aziz, you can see my book, The New Freedom. I made up the link to say my book dot to slash the new freedom. It looks it looks quite nice, and hopefully it takes you to the correct page on Amazon. You can test this out if you want. I think it works sometimes. I don't think it works all the time on this is just a knish you, but I've been struggling with for three years. But I hope this some advice there that will help you make sure that everyone around the world who wants to buy your book is able to with one click. So now I want to talk about services, and there's a lot to talk about, because when you're writing and publishing a book, you need a nice cover. You need it edited, and you need the correct formats for the E book and the paperback, so they're not too dio. I would recommend you if you're starting out and you don't have a lot of money to invest in this project. At first I would suggest you try and do as much as you can yourself, but you will need help. And there are a lot of services out there on five on up work that will help you with Ed Issing and formatting and cover design. But I want to recommend a few services 1st 1st is by my friend, and this is an affiliate link. So if you go to happy self publishing and they do everything they do book cover design, editing formatting the lots. If you go there through this link, rob cabin dot com slash go slash h s p. Then I will receive a commission of 10%. However, if you're not happy with that, then of course, you can just go toe happy self publishing dot com. But there is a link. If you want to have a look at the site through my affiliate link rob coven dot com slash go slash HSP. And here is the site, and this is my friend Jot SNA, who I've known a long time through Pats Group on Facebook, and you can get happy self publishing to do as little or as much as you like. Now the first thing I would look at his book cover a design. I have used them for book cover design before. And as you can see, I think they're designers. Very good, of course. Johnson A lives in India, and she has years and years of experience of outsourcing to India. And of course, the prices are very reasonable, given she uses outsources from that part of the world. But you can also do editing formatting on just about anything else at this service. If you're interesting, then I would recommend happy self publishing. But there are plenty other places you can go. Here's some ideas for book cover design. E book launch dot com Has a good book cover designers. There's a very good guy at five or dot com, so this will be quite cheap. More like $20. I think it's not $5 but is very cheap on his name is Mohamed Mustapha. If you spell it like that at five a dot com, you'll find him his actual. Your l is five a dot com slash Mohammed mustapha up work dot com Of course, they have lows and nose and nose of designers. You have to write a good brief for what you want, and this would be the same for formatting and editing as well. And then you have to sift through the various freelances that apply to your request and spends a bit of time there making sure you find the freelance said that you're happy with or you go to 99 designs. Now again, if you do want to go through my affiliate link on, if you do make a purchase through this link, Then I will receive a commission. Then you can go to rob coven dot com slash go slash 99 designs. However, if you don't want to do that, of course, it's 99 designs dot com. And when you're 99 designs, I would advise you not to do a competition. Many people do competitions on 99 designs. Personally, I think they're very bad. It's never worked for. May I find all the designers? Spend a few minutes on each design and you never get anything that's any good. But what I do think 99 designs is good for is just finding designers. Okay, so if you're going to 99 designs, if you want to lose my affiliate link, then there it is. Rob coven dot com slash go slash 99 designs. I would suggest you look for a designer that has done nonfiction book cover designs and you don't go for the competitions, so editing again. Everything is very frustrating. You need to get your book read by another set of eyes and corrected, and I would advise you if you're writing in English to make sure the editor edits in us English, and so it's all consistent, and there are as few spelling mistakes as possible, said fact of the matter is, doesn't matter how good the editor is. There will always be errors in the final text I have found, I'm afraid so. Get it edited. But don't spend too much money. And if you can find a friend that will do it for you for free, so much the better. Use up work to search for editors, but there's also a very good resource at kindle preneurs dot com. So if you go to kindle preneurs dot com slash book editors, and if you scroll down, you see a list off approved book editors with their prices and lastly, marketing and promotion, this is a huge subject. You've got lots to do here. And, of course, there's book promotions. When you're giving your book away for free, you're giving the Kindle away for free on the KDP to amazon dot com, and there's book promotions. When your book is only $1 you're selling your book at a cheaper price, the normal for a particular time, and when you do this, you should go to all sorts of places, and there are very, very many places you can do this to list your book when it is free or reduced price on. And the first couple of links actually are people that will go around to all the relevant sites for you and a list Your book on the 1st 1 is a guy called Holger, whose pen name is James H. Mayfield. I've been using him for years. Very reliable guy on very reasonable prices. For $5 or $10 he'll go around all the sights. Onda. Make sure your book is scheduled in to show on those sites on the relevance Dates for your promotion and be Nights at Fiver does the same sort of thing. And there are even more at Kendall preneurs dot com. Ah, list of top book promotion sites free and paid. So some of these you have to pay for like I did on my recent $1 launch, and some are free. You just go to the sights and you schedule in your book and say it's free on these days or its $1 on these days. And so there's lots of sites here, however, that isn't nearly it. I have lists of many, many other sites that I will include with this video and, lastly, Kindle S CEO. So, as I said earlier, and I will be doing another video on this, getting your book to rank for popular keywords is the best way to get your book sold on Amazon in order to find out good keywords that you might rank for. Then I found the best site to do that is merchant words dot com. If you go to rob coming dot com slash go slash merchant words, then you'll only pay $9 a month. Otherwise, you'll you'll pay $30 a month. And this isn't of an affiliate link. It's just a link where you gets the service cheaper. So in merchant words, you can put your keywords here and you can search in Amazon, us and in the Kindle store on. Then it will show you how many searches a month on Amazon or in the Kindle store that these keywords get, so this is very valuable information, and I do think it's quite accurate as well. So if we scroll down a bit, you know, off. Obviously these search terms that are searched hundreds of thousands of times will be very competitive. But if you look for example, photo Shop, where designed gets 3000 searches every month, that is quite a lot of searches. Andi. It may not be that competitive. So that would be an example off good keyword to include in your book's title and for Kendall S E. A. Of course, you have to put it in other places. The back end keywords, the subtitle, the description and, of course, in the text of the book. So Kendall s CEO is a very important side off self publishing. And here are a couple of links. Rob coming dot com go merchant words, of course, to get that cheaply. And if you want a standalone software that will give you great information about keywords and their competition, then go to road cabin dot com KDP rockets from Kindle preneurs. So I hope I didn't bombard you were too many links and resources. These are all mentioned in other videos about self publishing, but I wanted to put the links all in one place, s so you have easy access to them. My name's Rob Coven. I'll see you in another video 2. What Should You Write A Book About?: Hi, My name's rock covered. So what do you write your book about? Well, the first thing to say is you need to write about what you know about so very important in this way of building your brand that you start writing you about your business that you're passionate about. First book I wrote was running a Web design business. I was passionate that I was able to work for clients doing graphic and Web designer home. So the first book I wrote was that title. I knew that title was going to be fairly successful because whenever I wrote a block post in the area, it did well. Blogging is very useful. If you want to learn about your audience, what works for them and what doesn't work for them, it also improves your ability to write. So the first thing is right about what you know. The second point is, don't write about everything you know. Not in your first book is very important that you don't only write one book. I've written eight on each book. I try to make them better and better and better. The quality, the quantity, the images, this subject matter on the way the book flows in the editing and everything, I try to get it better. So you're gonna need a lot of titles, so you're gonna have to compartmentalize all your knowledge. So if you have a lot of great ideas, probably best to start with the easiest. Remember, you only need to start writing about 27,000 words for your first book. It's not a lot so compartmentalized your knowledge, Aunt. Try to pick on easy on a range of subjects or just a tiny sub subject to start with. So that's the second point. The third point is Teoh right within a title. Now, this is something I get wrong every time. To be honest with you, I don't often start writing a book with a title in mind. However it I've learned that this is probably the best way. If you can think of a good title and that you think is going to really sell, the idea is gonna pop out on the Web page, and people are gonna say, Yeah, I want to buy that book and we'll be talking about titles in other videos. But think of a great title and then write the book is a good idea, but lastly, and this is a very important point throughout the range of activities that you do involving self publishing on that's marketing. So you must be asking people what they think right at the fast moment. Now, in fact, get onto social media. Get onto A with the groups that you are active in. Ask your friends and your colleagues and anyone you know What's your? You think you're going to write your book on on DSI What they say. I'm thinking of writing a book about X or why. What do you think? And they'll go? Oh, that's a good idea or, yeah, whatever. They may give you some suggestions about content you can put into it. They may give you some suggestions for content that is completely different and is another idea in make of you some ideas about the title as well. But it's an important practice to get in to doing because it starts a buzz about your book . It engages people into the project Andi. That will be very beneficial when it comes to marketing when the actual book is published, so I hope that helps you gives you some ideas about what you should write your book on. My name's Rob Coven I'll see in the next video. 3. Your Book Title and Amazon Kindle SEO: I think this is Rob Carbon. When you are thinking of your idea for your book, it's very important to consider Amazon Kindle S E O and optimize your book title and other meta elements of your book for the Amazon search engine. Now I have to confess that I'm probably not the best person to talk about Amazon S CEO because the best people would be the specialists who write special niche books about subjects that are in high demand with low competition. S CEO is all about getting subjects or keywords that are in higher demand with low competition. Whereas when I'm trying to write a book, I just want to write a book about a topic I'm passionate about. However, you've got to put a nod towards S CEO because it will help get your book in front of more people than otherwise, and I'll explain how to do that. But here's a couple of links for Kindle s CEO. The 1st 1 will give you a discount for merchant words and merchant words tells you how many times certain keywords are search for on the Amazon Kindle platform and the KDP Rockets software gives you more information about keywords in competition on the Amazon Kindle platform, and I'll show you how to use those two tools. But first of all, let's show you what I bean mean by Amazon s CEO cause people that shopping on Amazon, how did they find the products? Will they go into the top here and they search? Maybe they search in this Kindle store. Maybe they search in books. Or maybe they just searching all departments. But whatever title you are thinking over whatever subject you're thinking off writing a book about, you need to think about the keywords that people will use to find this sort of subject. So maybe you're interested in buying a book about passive income. You would search for passive income in the Kindle store on This is what you get. A lot of books on passive income. Note that the 1st 2 words in the title are always passive income. Of course, in order to rank for certain phases, there are many things you should do. Putting the keyword in the title, of course, is one of the most important. But you also need to put it in the description In the subtitle In your author bio in the reviews, not suggesting that you get people to write reviews and you write them for them. But it's a factor. And of course, there are the seven back end keywords that you put in when you're uploading your book at kdp dot amazon dot com. I've shown you that in another video, but how do you decide on the keywords? I find the best place, and I know it's a paid for service, but it's only $9 a month, and you could just use it for one month. So lonely be $9 if you want. I'm not suggesting you should, but Merchant words, I think, is the best way to find keywords, as you might even find keywords that you hadn't thought off, Which is why S CEO is so important when you are thinking of a subject of a book to write. So here I've searched for Web design in the Kindle store in Amazon. US. And Web design gets six million searches every month. Amazing number of searches there, but what you want to do is look down into the less search for keywords because you will find there will be less competition, but still a lot of customers. 1000 searches a month is a lot of customers. If you find a niche here that is not very competitive, you might find you do quite well. For example, first Shop Web Design 3000 searches every month. This is a hell of a lot, so let's put it in the search there. Photo shop, Web design. And I've chosen this because the books that are returned for that search aren't about first shot Web design. They are about photo shop and they about Web design. But there's only one that has Web design and photo shopped in the title, and 3000 people search for this every month, according to merchant words. So there's a an example off a niche that you may want to write a book on. And if you get 3000 customers a month, then I suggest you will do quite well. If the book is very good, let's have a look at KDP Rocket and just to show you on this software, which does cost a lot of money, but it's less than $100 to get a lifetime's license, and you have ah one months. A money back guarantee on this give you more information on keywords and competitors. Here. We've got Photoshopped Web design. We're actually getting a different number. KDP Rocket would suggest is less than 100 searches a month? Course I can't tell you which is right, the merchant words saying It's more like 3000 or KTB rockets saying it's 100 but the competitive score there is 14. That's 14 out of 100 so it's not very competitive. You can click on Chek Competition there, and KDP Rocket will do a competition search. And all that does is pulling information from the page where you search for photo shop. Web design on Amazon is this page that we just looked at. But KDP Rocket then shows you the average review. The number of U reviews, the price, Andi, the monthly sales as well as other information about the titles. Also, you can search for other seed keywords, and KDP Rocket will give you ideas of other keywords. Ah, low with an estimation of how much money those keywords would be making how much their search for and the competitive score out of 100. So the score. Being very low means there's not much competition, so you can use KDP Rocket again to find keywords that our search for regularly but have low competition. So finally, this is all about finding a subject or a title for your book. Make sure it's a subject you know a lot about your passionate about you can write a good book about. However, once you've made that decision, you should then have a look at the S E O and see what words you can put in the title or see what keywords you want to rank for once you've written and published the book, and then you need to put them in the title and other areas when you're uploading the book. Now let's have a look at this one as an example. It's doing very well. It's number four in the main entrepreneurship category, and it's a book about minimalism, and you can see that the author is going for many popular keywords. Minimalism, middle missed or minimalist. There twice. Minimalist lifestyle, save money. Spend less budgets. There's about four or five key words that you can imagine many people searching for every day on Amazon to buy Kindle books. Remember that all these words need to be repeated in the description. I remember it. Should they should be in your author bio. Remember, they should be in the reviews and remember, they should be in the back end. Keywords. So that's a little bit about Amazon Kindle CEO. I hope that helped you. My name's Rob Coven. I'll see you in the next video. 4. Conclusion: Hello. My name's Rod Coven. Thank you so much for taking my course on skill share. Please, please, please. If you enjoyed this course, could you leave me a review or give me a thumbs up on this course? I would really appreciate that. A couple more things if you go so, rob coven dot com slash free. There you can download some e books and some free MP threes on starting your own online business. I also have six free courses. There are rob coven dot com slash free courses. There you can get free courses about WordPress about email, marketing, about passive income. So thank you very much for watching my name's Rob Coven. I'll see you in another course, huh?