What Motivates You? Answer Three Questions to Discover What Drives You to Do Your Best Every Day

Craig Forgrave, Project Manager, Writer, Consultant

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9 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Course and Myself

    • 2. First Question: What is FUN for you?

    • 3. Second Question: What Options do you have?

    • 4. Third Question: What REASONS drive your actions?

    • 5. Overview of Motivation Template

    • 6. Completing the FUN Section of Template

    • 7. Completing the OPTIONS & REASONS Sections

    • 8. Writing your Motivation Statement

    • 9. Conclusion


Project Description

Discover YOUR personal Motivation statement by asking 3 questions that define YOU at your very best.


The assignment is to complete a template questionnaire that captures a conversation with a "future you" that is motivated and happy every day. Explore the question of fun, as in what excites you and makes you smile or laugh? Be honest and define where you feel trapped and what options can set you free? Finally, dig deep and articulate the reasons why you do what you do every day. What drives you to improve your life? What makes you happy? Where do you find joy? What challenges excite and motivate you?

Don't accept every day as being the same, feeling locked into a routine without questioning where and what changes you could make to improve your well being. This is your chance to define a new "future you" that has more fun, more freedom and more drive to accomplish what is truly important to you.

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