What Motivates You? Answer Three Questions to Discover What Drives You to Do Your Best Every Day | Craig Forgrave | Skillshare

What Motivates You? Answer Three Questions to Discover What Drives You to Do Your Best Every Day

Craig Forgrave, Project Manager, Writer, Consultant

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9 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Course and Myself

    • 2. First Question: What is FUN for you?

    • 3. Second Question: What Options do you have?

    • 4. Third Question: What REASONS drive your actions?

    • 5. Overview of Motivation Template

    • 6. Completing the FUN Section of Template

    • 7. Completing the OPTIONS & REASONS Sections

    • 8. Writing your Motivation Statement

    • 9. Conclusion


About This Class


By asking yourself three questions about motivation, you will complete a template and discover what you really enjoy doing every day. This will guide you at work and at play, to focus your efforts to change what you do to better align with what you truly find enjoyable. The three questions are simple yet very revealing: 

  1. What is FUN?
  2. What OPTIONS do you need to feel free?
  3. What REASONS drive you to do your best?

By honestly answering these three questions, you will discover the type of work gives you maximum rewards. If work is not an issue, you can focus on your free time to find the best activities that bring you satisfaction and happiness. In short, by understanding yourself you can improve your future daily life. 

Three questions, one template to complete and the future is yours!

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Craig Forgrave

Project Manager, Writer, Consultant

I am a published novelist (Devil Jazz, ENC Press), award-winning playwright (Karsh Gold Medal, Can. National Playwriting Competition), screenwriter (Writer's Guild, Canada) and I have been featured/quoted in The Globe and Mail, CNBC, CNN Entertainment and the LA Times. I am a professional project manager (PMP) with over 25 years of successful project delivery in the public and private sector. I specialize in business value discovery, creative project collaboration and strategic consultation o...

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