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What Makes an Amazing Ad on Facebook?

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Quick Facebook ads tutorial intro

    • 2. What makes an amazing ad on Facebook

    • 3. How I quickly test a new ad proven to my remarketing audience

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About This Class

Enroll in this course to see a quick tutorial created in October 2016 showing what has worked for me repeatedly to make a great ad on Facebook!  Watch as I start from a post on my page, explain why I use it for an ad, and take you through creating the ad quickly in Facebook.

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Quick Facebook ads tutorial intro: thank you very much for taking a look at this course. What I'm going to do in this course is show you quickly the newest of how I'm making Facebook ads. As of October 20th 2016 I'll show you my exact add that I make and my key first steps I take into making ads. I'll explain why I make Facebook ads like this, and I'll show you the key first step to building out a great ad campaign. This is based on my experience. My ads have reached 104,000,104 million people. That's over 1% of Earth's entire population. My ads have reached over 100 million people on Facebook. I've spent over $100,000 20 million clicks, an average cost per click of 1/2 cent each. That's the experience I have that qualifies me to teach this. So what I'm going to do is show you a live tutorial as I go through. Explain how, how and why I made this ad this way for my skill share, and then I'll show you how I quickly make a new ad to then get my feet wet. so to speak, to get me in the right place to then scale a campaign up. So thank you very much for watching this. And I hope to continue with you when you enroll in the course. 2. What makes an amazing ad on Facebook: Here's how I set my adds up on Facebook. This is the formula that's worked the very best for me to get the most people genuinely engaging with and enjoying my videos. The key is to make a meaningful impression with your Facebook ads. I'll say that again. In a different way. The objective of Facebook ads is to get someone's attention and to get their attention deeply, not just on the surface, where they quickly see her name in school passed. Not just a quick click on your website to take a look at how the competition's doing to make a meaningful connection with someone, so they want to start building a relationship with you. That is the goal of a Facebook ad. It's not just to try and make sales. If you do a good job making your ad, you'll have the ability to make money through the relationships you set up and develop with your ads. If you just set your adds up to make money, you're going to usually have a very hard time getting the awareness, making that meaningful start with someone. I designed my ads to try and begin a meaningful relationship. I do this with a quick question usually and a link and then a video. The video is the centerpiece of my ad. If nothing else, I would like for people seeing the ad to watch the video for a couple seconds, even if they don't turn the audio on with it, even if they see nothing. MAWR. I would like the video to make a meaningful impression with them, and lots of times it does. They'll click on the actual video to hear the sound and then the ones who are really enthusiastic or the people who just want to get to the point after seeing a little bit of video, will click straight on the link and take a look for themselves. Some people. Then we'll go over and click on my Facebook page and then try and decide if they should like it. If they should look at some of the other posts on it, some of the people will like the post immediately or love it. Some people will be sad or angry, and then others will comment and others will share. And some of the people, the ones when I really go for with an ad, is to hit all of those to get the ad out there for the person who has the chance to just go crazy about what I'm doing. Yes, I love this guy. He's awesome. That so I make the ads for I was listening to this book called The Art of Asking and the author, I think her name's Amanda Palmer was talking about her experience in strip clubs, and she said what most of the dancers would do was try and get a dollar out of every guy that was there to try and just dance and do what the guys expected and get a dollar, she said. What often worked much better was to try and do what one guy would absolutely lose his mind about. Go crazy, do something a little different, maybe a striptease or something. And then get that what 49 of the guys might ignore whatever was going on. But the one guy would then tip crazy like $50 that is the objective. Then get those things done that that one individual just go way over the top. About that in the 50 guys who tip a dollar aren't likely to go tell their friends how great anyone dancer was or another. They aren't likely to come back to see any one particular dancer or another. The guy that tips $50 you may have got a regular. He may come every night. Then in tip 50 2100 every single night, he may come back. Try and find out exactly when you're on work so that he can come on nights when you're there and the more people who tip big the other guys start to get interested in. So this is an analogy in a different context that I hope is useful with your Facebook ad, because a lot of these things online are hard to put in a context that kind of makes sense . What you want is to show your add to the one person who just loses it, who loves what you do. And out of all those ads I showed the 100 million that I've shown online. What I've been able to do is to reach ah, lot of people all over the world who just went crazy. Oh my God, this guy's amazing. I've also reached a lot of people who have ignored me or oh, God, this guy's ads again. I hate him. I What I look at it is that I try and go out there and get to my people, the raving fans. Oh my God, I love Jerry. Everything Jerry creates, you may be one of them. You may have watched my early YouTube videos, got a message from me. You may then have bought a course on you. To me, you may have paid for coaching. At one point, you may be on my email list, and you now just saw him on skill share. And here you are again with me. That's the kind of business that's what you want to think with your Facebook ads, a quick impression and a click, or just obsessing about these numbers. Just getting the most half cent clicks is not who wins. What you really want to do is make a huge impression with the person who's watching and video ads of the best way to do that. I've spent all this time talking about this because then this is exactly how I set my add up. My ad is ultra simple. The targeting is not strictly important either, because you don't know. Facebook doesn't have good enough data most of the time to completely accurately predict exactly who you're right person is. And if they do, you usually can figure that out. You usually can guess. Okay, should. If I want single moms for my product or grandpas, then usually can target that pretty easily. If it is really that easy to reach your audience, you can do that. I find most of the time I have to hit a huge broad audience to collect my people because my people don't all show up in the same place at the same time for the same activity. My people are all over the place doing all kinds of things all the time. FACEBOOK AD You're in the middle of people's lives while they're at the airport while they're sitting on the subway while they're at a light stopped in their car, driving the work while they're wasting time at work, you've got to make a meaningful impression, and video is almost the only chance you have to do that. I've almost never had a meaningful impression out of 11 years of being a Facebook user by just clicking on someone's text add the video ads making impression with me, and that's why do them that way. What do you put in the video, Jerry? In the video, you can put whatever it is you're doing. You can see in this video. I just basically answer this question. The videos that tend to make meaningful impressions best on Facebook tend to be kind of short of videos that answer questions, show something funny or entertaining or even inspirational. So I make the video, and that's the whole centerpiece. The entire ad is based on the video with then one call to Action Link. I've found putting a laundry list of links in the more links I put to click on the worst, my results get so one simple text line. And what about the thumbnail? The thumbnail doesn't matter on a video because it's going to auto play lots of times. So you just can put about any thumbnail in there. You don't want to waste time on the thumbnail. You make a good video, a simple add text, and then what you do? You go up here, you have a photo video, you upload the photo video and do the post And then once you do the post, you go through and put this information in on here and you go title and tagged the video. And now you've got your ad ready. Your ad is ready to go on Facebook this way. And now we'll show you the next step to get your ads running in to scale up from there. 3. How I quickly test a new ad proven to my remarketing audience: Once you've got your ad ready to go, it's a post on your page. Completely out there. Don't bother with the dark poster. Try and sneak it around somewhere. Just put the post up on your page. And don't bother with this boost post. But neither you can do that. And this could be the easiest way to make sure it gets approved. What I like to do is actually go create a new ad so that this goes in the context with all my other ads. So what I normally dio I have my last 30 days over here. And then I will zoom out here so you can see everything, although that it will be harder to see once I zoom out, try and get a good zoom here. There we go. So now what I try and do is have all my campaigns here and I'll put active. So these are the campaigns I'm running now. I try and sort all my ads sets into the same type of campaigns. So, as you can see, I have a website traffic and re marketing one here. And then I have a link. Click tutorials videos here. So this is a conversions campaign to get people actually on my website the link Click tutorials videos to get people on another website. So since and Paige likes is for Paige likes. So I've got this one here. This doesn't go to my website, so I have no conversion tracking on it. So this needs to go in the link click tutorial videos. So what I'll do for this? I'll hit, create an ad and the key thing I'm doing right here, I'm going to make the simplest fastest add possible. I'm not going to agonize over anything until the ad is approved. What I don't want to do is waste time on an ad that might get rejected. So I'm going to show you exactly what I do prior to seeing if the ads going to get approved or not. And then I'll make another class showing what I do to scale up from there. So I hit the objective to boost your post. This is the objective I use to get link click. So this isn't going to my website, so I'm not clicking website conversions. I'm going to boost post and that way, then Facebook will try and get the post boost as much as possible on Facebook will often say I should use a different objective. But this one works the best. What I'm going to do instead, Since I have my campaign set up, I'm going to use this link Click tutorials one and hit Save. So I've already got this and now I'll show you what it looks like. It says boost Post. Here's my selected objective on this campaign now. So now what I do, I go down to audience on here. What else do first is Go pick, use existing post. So I'll come up here I go pick my page out of here, and then it will load up the ads I can use for my page. Now, I've got two different ones of these. I've got this one for. Why did I switch to skill share? So I want to go down here and pick the exact post I want to use. It's easiest to do this right after you've created a new video. So I've got these down here. So it's easiest to do these right after you've made a video because then you don't have to scroll down. Look for the specific post. However, you can find the individual post idea if you need to. So I go down here and then I take instagram off as a placement. So I don't want Instagram on here as a placement so I can do that up the ad set level in a minute. So I've got I've got this selected here. And then this is how the preview looks over in the desktop news feed and then in the Facebook news feed. I've got these previews over here now and then the Facebook right hand column. It will have the video up like that. Now I can still track conversions from my Facebook pixel, even though it won't be able to track people directly going to my website. It will track if you come to my website through different area. So I loved enough People still come to my website after watching a video that sends them to skill share. So I've got used this existing post right here, and this is why this makes the process so much easier. It's kind of easy. You just put the post on your page and then the whole add texts and all this stuff is done . You just pull an existing post from here and then go over to targeting. So what I'm going to do for this one? What I almost always do for any new campaign add sets is I start off with my custom audiences. So what I do, I go through down here and I go find my website re marketing audience. So I grabbed my website re marketing audience and that this can show worldwide anyone who's been to my website wherever they're at. I grabbed my website audience over here, so I do re marketing first. That way I show my newest videos. Two people have already been to my website and if they hate them for some reason, then they'll usually they can help me avoid putting them out to a bigger audience. So I start and build a deeper relationship with my existing audience. If you don't have a website re marketing audience and you've been targeting the same audience over and over again or you want to target the same audience over and over again, then just start by putting in that audience. Just start with what you've already got. For example, I've targeted certain key words like you do me a lot on the detailed targeting. If I had no re marketing audience, I would just start off, put the country's in and put you to me in. And then what I need to do, since I don't want it on Instagram, I go down here and take off Instagram and I take off Audience Network because it's not available with the page post engagement. So I've got my placements edited down here, and then what I do is put the budget down to a dollar a day with the re marketing audience . I want to get people every day if I can, or have the chance to run my ad over a long period of time. I don't want to blow my whole budget right away and then find out people didn't like the ad . I'd like to test it gently and let it run for months after this, so that some people will see it several times. Others might not see it until the day they're ready to see it. So I put a dollar a day on almost all my starting budgets, and then I just call this whatever it is. So this is skill share, continue skill share, continue learning based on the post and then I do jerry banfield dot com. So I know I'm targeting my re marketing audience. So in the ad set name, I get the type of page post of name of page post I'm using and then with the audience targeting. So now what I do, I hit. Continue, and I've got everything finished to place this in existing campaign, and all you have to do is put the name in on a new campaign to tweak this for yourself. I've created a new ad set. I've used existing page posted an ad. Now the one thing you want to know before submitting as soon as you submit for an ad, then you can't edit it after that. So if you suddenly decide well, I'd like to rephrase that which I don't recommend playing around with the phrases unnecessarily. Just put its simple Would you like to continue learning with me and my newest video courses ? That and click the link to make sure it works? Does it go to skill share? Yes, Good. It goes to skill share. Everything looks good keep it simple and do it repeatedly and find which one works the best . So then you hit place Order. Now with this one, I actually have used Skill stirs affiliate ad which with Facebook guys can be tricky sometimes. So the URL I click on it goes toe a slightly different you, Earl. I click I go skill share dot com slash r slash jury Banfield and it forwards it to just skill share dot coms. Last Jerry Band filled with tracking code. So what I do, I'm not sure how this will work with facebook ads. You see the ads in review Now, you might be tempted to go click, create a similar ad right now. You really don't want to do that? I don't do anything with my ads. I I can leave her stack and just click Continue right here. I don't do anything with my ads until they go live. So now, thankfully, Facebook's pretty fast with it. This has been immediately approved. So now I know I'm clear. To test out mawr targeting options test out different ways of doing this exact post that my link should work well on this 1st 1 So Then I contest out a different video, a video that's 38 minutes long instead of six minutes long. The idea is from here I start out, make a quick ad at a low budget and then I just continue to reiterate I keep testing and testing and see which one works better. So then, when I'm able to go into my account, I've got my eye. Nice custom reports here. I can see exactly what the cost I'm getting on. Everything is I've got the cost per page, like cost per post share link clicks. I've got the cost for a post engagement, a website action and an email list. Sign off. The idea is that my adds among them all are well rounded, low cost page likes lots of then shares link, click some a lower, some higher, and then post engagement in website actions. This is how, uh, I set up everything and I hope this is useful for you to see this in action to see how you quickly set up an ad that after making a bunch of ads in different formats, this is the format I find most effective. Thank you very much for enjoying this course. I would love your help. Would you help me out with this course? Since you've got all the way to the end of it, would you help me out by and help yourself? Oh, post a screenshot of the ad you created after watching this. That is a big help for me. It's a big help to skill share to let skill share know that this prompted you to actually do something. And then once you've done that, then I'm able to take a look at the exact photos you post of your ad. Also, if you enjoy this, would you please leave a good review on it? So the other people know it's good, And if you hated it, tell me in a discussion. Say what I could do to make better tutorials in the future. So I'm going to do right now is do this project along with you. Go over to the link, click tutorials in here and I'll click on this one and then I can go see a preview of the ad right here. So I've got the add on what it looks like over here. And then if I click on the click it over again here, I can get a nice preview of it. And then this is the anti main. So then I'll just take a screenshot over here. Screen shop. There we go. And then I can save this. I'll save it. My Screenshots Fuller Facebook ad finished October 24th Gil share. And then I'll put that in the course project so that you can see I'm doing what I've asked you to do. Thank you very much for watching this. I hope you've enjoyed the course.