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What Makes Great Advertising? Creating Effective Ads

teacher avatar Lindsay Marsh, Over 300,000 Design Students & Counting!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Class Preview

    • 2. Effective Headlines

    • 3. Unique Selling Proposition

    • 4. Solid Design and Layout

    • 5. Simplicity and Authenticity

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About This Class


Creating Effective Advertising 

Have you ever had a piece of advertising speak to you? Whether it was from the emotional photo, or a simple phrase on a black background that made you look and take notice. 

I doubt it was from that large product photo, or the many lines of copy that describe what this amazing product did or how this service can change your life. 

Creating an effective ad that motivates people to act with a response has 3 main qualities. 

Authenticity, Solid Design and Simplicity. 

In this quick class, we will review those qualities and how they contribute to making a GREAT ad! 


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Lindsay Marsh

Over 300,000 Design Students & Counting!


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1. Class Preview: Have you ever had a piece of advertising speak to you to the beautiful work of illustration , maybe photo, always with a combination of colors that brought you to a stop. I doubt it was from that large product boat. Many lines of copy and described with amazing product did hard. The service can change your life, creating an effective ad that motivates people to act with. The response has three qualities. Authenticity, solid design and simplicity. And we're going to review all three of these class, So let's learn what makes great abs. 2. Effective Headlines: My 12 plus years is a freelance designer. I've developed campaigns for clients that spanned multiple advertising platforms. There is one thing I constantly battle with my clients, and that's the amount of copy that would include in there. It is always way too much. I would ask them to cut, cut, cut. Some small print was necessary. But a large part of the campaign was tarnished because of the overwhelming amount of messages they were wanting to communicate on this tiny lad space. So how effective is this, Dad? How effective is it now? Clean, simple messaging. It's so important to increasing the effectiveness of your ad. We live in a cluttered, information heavy world and are constantly barraged by advertising messages that fall short of promises. It may seem obvious, but the last thing we need is more information to break down and digest. So making our ads of one clear message wins every time. In our subconscious, we desire this simple, already digested data. I strive to keep main headlines under two phrases or sentences. With a few exceptions, it should be easy to find and pair well with other visuals that may exist in the ad using high contrast colors helps to bring out headlines, make a new start. Whites with strong blacks in some cases, strong blacks with settle graze can have another impact but can easily be understood in scene with the simple, clean presentation, headlines should drive the called action and not be a separate thought. Headlines and photos could work together in an ad, and they don't have to be treated as separate elements. Photos that play with the headlines are always a treat visually and maybe even emotionally . Think of headlines not so much as headlines, but our main idea, thought or motivator. Thinking of it that way changes the way you write our copy. Copy writings at the heart of every effective, advertised quick operators. No one to stop. They know how to say more with the lower word, and they know how to write copy that seems authentic in relation to its target audience. Sometimes the best headlines of the 90 s spring ad are thought up within seconds. We're spending more than 10 minutes coming up with your main headline thought phrase or idea you were thinking way too hard. It should come naturally. Sometimes the most simple thoughts can end up being the most effective 3. Unique Selling Proposition : your product or service is U S P R. Unique selling propositions as an incredibly valuable asset that most products or services do not have. If your product or service it's the top of its field, fastest the strongest or has the most potential you cannot nor this in your advertised. Not everyone has an obvious, unique selling proposition, so it's your job to create. This is where becomes critical with the marketing team. Develop in the has some connection with the business operations side of things. Have a dialogue with other people on your team, even if that teams just herself asked herself and where your team is, thus a possibility of making a unique selling proposition to help angle and sell your product to your target audience. A proper advertising campaign cannot exist without the involvement of the operations side, the people who are involved in pricing placement product design for even customer service. Maybe your unique selling proposition exists in the customer service side. Well, they need to be involved in your campaign, even if it's only being available to answer your questions. To help craft your coffee. How is your customer service the best if your ad over promises and the company under delivers. You disappoint customers, and they will make it known on social media with negative reviews. Matching expectations with reality is a thing that is missed by most ads today. You make it the viewer to your landing page. But in the end, missing the mark on expectations could do more damage than good, so be careful. 4. Solid Design and Layout : I started out my career in graphic design, and I continue to practice that discipline and advertising designed not only brings a piece of advertising together as one beautifully crafted unit, but helps communicate complicated information in the most simple way. An event poster full of important information can be made irrelevant and enticing and provide detailed information that would otherwise seem very overwhelming. Are fought choices, communicates everything in design. Some paan Singh angry if they're all caps while lower case seems we're inviting and softer angle text leaves us intrigued and makes us stop even for a moment. Which in advertising is all we need is a moment. Colors communicate a broad range of emotions. Warm colors, excite, happiness, anger, strength, cooler colors, communicate, columnist trust and serenity. The overall layout in an advertisement is critical and managing which items air seen first in which comes out as the most important. As mentioned before our headlines and call the action work together and because of your intentional with their layout design, we can make sure that viewer knows it. Photos can make someone stop in their tracks. That copy in the photo work together to provide a deeply emotional reaction. Voters can change the entire emotional direction of ad. And it's no wonder some of the most effective ad campaigns whose photos is the main attraction. Modern advertising. Here's his colorful illustration than custom hand lettering to soften so they say, more approach of it in function as art rather than just another piece of advertising. Thinking about the design is a whole layout. Photos, color type treatments is essential part of ad building. Most of the time ad copy is written and then sent to a graphic designer. For the finishing touches. Try something a little different involved the designer in at a much earlier stage in the ad creation journey, a designer will add valuable input as what works of what does not, even when it comes to copyright. They know what is too long Oven ad copy for certain ad space. They know what color skin does not match your intended emotion You want to create for the ad, and Baldwin is a critical member in the success of your ad campaign. 5. Simplicity and Authenticity : simplicity is at the heart of a successful ad campaign. They say every pixel or inch oven add is valuable space were paying good money for these spaces, but that does not mean you have to fill every pick sort niche With information. Copier photos Simple campaigns can be parable with news of just typography or a photo with a small headline. Short phrases can work beautifully on large posters or spaces. One photo may work better, or maybe no photo at all. Sometimes even how we spend our ad budgets can be simple. What have we focus just on a Facebook campaign focused around a certain time frame? Not only can we focus on a few simple, well crafted, ineffective adds, we can find out, works best and tweak it. Simplicity goes into our copy creation as well. Rarely do you come up with that golden idea or came paying being on the 100 idea so many times it comes back to the first few ideas. Why is this because there was a thought First they were simple. They were easy to recall. Do you think someone will conduct with something that is hard to come up with? No because they only have a few seconds to connect with them, and they only have a few seconds to connect with what you come up with. We try to come up with his clever themes or phrases, but I think it's to the detriment of reviewers. The last thing we need is another clever pun. What people really need is openness, inauthenticity. They want to see an ad that it's flu, aware of its culture, surroundings and placement. So many PR disasters have happened because of poor placement of a clever, provocative ad. If our target market is 20 something females who are college bound, then please seek the opinion of a 20 something female who is also college bound, they can phrase things in ways we're not aware of, because we have never may have never been in their situation. I think large ad agencies and in house marketing departments make this mistake all the time . They think they're hitting their target market with their company by the race right placement, but their ad copy is off. Their mood is off. Their photo might be off. Maybe the colors True authenticity can only come from the target market itself. you can get this through. Research are directly involving them. They are your customer, right? You should have close contact with them, right? Seek their opinion. I see a missed opportunity when it comes to show authenticity when people use stock photography with small budgets. Sometimes that may be all you can afford, but sometimes a photo you take yourself on your iPhone may seem more authentic than a highly polished product shot. Think about Instagram. How many people are making a huge sales on ads that seem like they will put together in minutes? Because it's not about looking like a $1,000,000 company. It's about being really authentic, genuine and relatable. That is how you sell today way. Need to pay special attention to our ad campaign will run and Instagram ad will be written differently than a Facebook ad. So make sure when you're creating the next at that, being authentic is at the top of your list.