What Is Organisational Development? | Nicole Le Maire | Skillshare
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3 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Welcome To Your Organisational Development Class

    • 2. What Is Organisational Development?

    • 3. Organisational Development Planning


Project Description

Rethinking of OD facilitates a shift away from traditional principles of values, towards a greater reliance on common processes and shared skills that allow OD practioners [like yourself :)] new principles and values to sustain a generative dialogue.

It is about the ability to read and understand basic financial and performance data from the organisation; sufficient knowledge of the sector, industry, or organisational environment to be credible as a partner, advisor, or consultant to senior management; the ability to make a contribution to the leadership and management decision making of the organization; knowledgeable about the demand system of the environment and external system, and the dynamics of the internal system to be viewed as a "trusted advisor” to the senior leadership of the organisation.

What are the key considerations for you?

A few tips:

• Identify or reconfirm the mission, objectives and strategy of the organisation
• Analyse the external environment including stakeholder analysis – with a future focus
• Identify key business processes and improve them where possible
• Understand the current culture and working practices
• Identify and define new/revised roles and responsibilities and staffing numbers
• Derive appropriate performance indicators on which to measure the new organisation

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