What Great Managers Do Differently

Melissa Guller, Manager on a Mission

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12 Videos (49m)
    • Introduction: Management vs. Leadership

    • Transitioning from Contributor to Manager

    • Influence: Why Do People Follow You?

    • Motivation: Understanding Your Team

    • Creating a ROADMAP: Setting Goals & Hitting Them

    • Develop Your People with Management Mirroring

    • When and How to Delegate

    • Performance Management: Feedback & Tough Conversations

    • What To Do When Things Go Wrong (Or Right!)

    • Meetings with a Purpose

    • How to Run an Awesome Team That Scales

    • Conclusion: The Manager's Purpose


About This Class

Think about your favorite manager of all time. What was their secret? Which skills separated them from the bosses, teachers, or even coaches you couldn’t stand? And how can you quickly master those skills to become the manager employees are clamoring to work for?

You're about to find out.

Join Melissa Guller (Senior Manager, Sales Operations at IWT & 5-Star General Assembly Instructor) for a hands-on course about what great managers do differently.

In this short video training, you'll discover:

  • Why being a top individual contributor doesn't automatically make you a good manager (and how to transition like a pro)
  • Melissa's 7-point ROADMAP framework for achieving - not just setting - your biggest goals
  • The Management Mirroring technique to develop your people and unlock each team member's full potential
  • The right way to share feedback with your team (including the type hardly any managers use correctly)
  • The meetings and systems you need to run a successful, energized team that can scale
  • The secret to building influence and getting huge results, and the ultimate goal that all managers share

Whether you're a new manager or a seasoned vet, you’ll walk away with a clear action plan for managing a happy, top-performing team. If that seems intimidating, don’t worry. We’ll walk you through everything step by step.


Let's get started!

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This past December I was promoted to my first management position within my small non-profit organization. Over the course of a week I went from being a frontline worker to directly supervising a staff of six, all of whom were older and had more tenure than me, and one of whom I had initially been subordinate to. Since that time I've been seeking all the training opportunities I can get my hands on, and virtually everything I've accessed so far has been presented through the lens of older, male managers. While I greatly appreciate the perspective and wisdom of those seasoned professionals, I've struggled at times with the feeling that they can't fully grasp my position and some of the difficulties I feel as a young woman within my industry. After sitting through a variety of conferences and seminars hosted by my professional organization and recommended to me from others, I have to say that this SkillShare course blows them all out of the water. The topics are relevant, the learning materials are focused and to the point, and the information is clear, concrete, and concise. I've gained more confidence and more tips for practical application through this course than through any of the half-dozen or so trainings I've sat through up to this point. I would highly, highly recommend this content and hope that the teacher expands and creates further courses focusing on management and leadership.
short but consistent!! I wold like to have the ppt of the class
Great Job. Applying these principles in a manager training soon. Really well done.





Melissa Guller

Manager on a Mission

Kind Words

“Melissa is one of the best managers I've ever had, if not the best. She is great at giving me the support I need to succeed in my role, as well as communicating the vision and needs of the company. Her management style allows me to drive my own projects and push the business forward." - Erik L, Marketing Automation Specialist, Direct Report

“A brief list of Melissa’s attributes would have to include: bright as they come, a great team player, dedicated to excellence in her own and in her team's performance, a very quick learner and a patient mentor. Melissa is creative, kind and has great interpersonal skills. Melissa made an immediate and very significant impact on our effectiveness. She embodied all the best in being a disruptor - willing to depart from "the way we do it" and suggest the better way develop advocates and adherents.” - Fred B, Sales & Communications Executive

Hi there! I’m Melissa, and I’m a manager on a mission.

My goal is to clear the runway for great people to do great work, and I'm passionate about empowering others to succeed. I have a keen eye for problem solving and creating efficient, replicable systems, and I enjoy thinking creatively and trying new things to best support my clients and my team. Empathy and listening are my secret weapons, and I’ve become a go-to woman in every job I’ve held because I care not only about the right solution, but the right processes for the right people.

I currently work as the Senior Sales Ops Manager at an e-learning company called IWT, where I manage an incredible team of 5 direct reports and 10 total writers, creative strategists, designer, developer, video producer and QA analysts. Together we partner with internal Product, Customer Service, and technical teams as well as external affiliate partners to build monthly digital marketing campaigns for two brands (IWT and GrowthLab) and a growing suite of 12 products. At different points in my career I’ve managed budgets over $1M, project teams of 30+ people, change management programs across 4 offices, and 300 projects (events) in a single quarter.

In addition to teaching Management courses, I also teach Excel and Data Analytics courses at General Assembly and consult independently. 

I live in Brooklyn, NY and go out of my way to find the most unusual ice cream flavors in town. I'm always looking for both ice cream and book recommendations. (My current picks: Van Leeuwen and Ready Player One, respectively.) 

Learn more or get in touch at melissaguller.com.